Nick sat in the cafe, deeply sighing to himself. He had been thinking of this for a while. It all started when he and Judy became police officers. As soon as he walked in and saw her in the station, he knew that she was the one. She was smart, persistent, and beautiful. The more they worked together, the more he got to know these qualities, and many other great ones. They had been working together for two years now, and he knew that now was the right time to tell her how he felt. He sat there in the cafe and looked at his watch. He saw it was a few minutes after 5:00, the time he and Judy were supposed to meet. He was shocked. Judy was never late, unless she was sick. That's when a terrible thought entered Nick's head. What if Judy was sick... of him. He hung down his head in shame and started to walk out of the cafe, until he bumped into a familiar rabbit.

"Oh, Nick, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there. Sorry I was late, when I was walking I saw someone shoplifting, and I gotta say he was pretty fast" Judy said.

"It's fine Carrots, I'm just glad you're here." Nick said. "Speaking of which..."

Nick pulled out a small box, which opened up to reveal a diamond ring.

"Judith Hopps, will you make me the happiest mammal in Zootopia and marry me?" Nick asked.

"Oh Nick" Judy replied with tears in her eyes. "Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!"

"Bring it in Carrots" Nick said before bringing Judy into a hug.

Mammals all around the cafe cheered, and Judy and Nick smiled, both with tears in their eyes, as they knew they had found the one.