If anyone is reading this, yes, I'm an Ori fan and I love the game but wish to get the first game on Switch.

This fan sequel to Will of the Wisps shall make you laugh, cry and smile~! And if you're wondering about music, I'm sure those playlists of both games' soundtracks can help.

For now, at least read this trailer while first hearing the theme music for the first or second game and then, "Escaping the Sandworm" from Ori and the Will of the Wisps or just solely use "Kings and Queens" from 30 Seconds to Mars.

Well, enjoy~!

We shall always remember the day... When new life came to Nibel.

I embraced the light... When my name was Ori.

It was the Will of the Wisps... That life begin anew.

There was a giant grey barn owl who was reading to a young Guardian Spirit the story of the Niwen's Spirit Tree. "And that was how Niwen's light was reborn."

"Really...?" The young Guardian Spirit asked. "So, Ori just gave up his free will to become a tree? W-What about his family, Solum? Couldn't he had just... I dunno, find a more experienced Guardian Spirit to take Niwen's place?"

The barn owl called Solum sighed and shook his head lightly. "Every character in every story have different endings. Some that are happy, others that aren't. But all told, 'tis how we call it as a bittersweet ending... Iro."

A New Story Begins...

Iro was sitting around a branch, eating a red apple-like fruit before seeing a female Guardian Spirit about his age. She looked up and waved at him. "Hey! What's a Guardian Spirit like you doing up there?"

This surprised Iro to see another like him as he jumped down. "Who are you?"

"My name is Seren." She introduced herself as she slowly moves her paw around as she points it open. "I come from the forest of Lux in search of the knowledge of the land~!"

"Nice to meet you, Seren. My name is Iro." He introduced himself. "I came from Niwen."

"Wait, NIWEN!?" Seren exclaimed in shock.

The Legacy Continues...

"Huh?" Iro asks when a light blue Light Spirit flown around the them.

"I am Sieg." She introduced with a female voice. "I am the light that is born in these woods."

"Your father is Ori the Spirit Tree of Niwen!" Sieg says as she draws for him and Solum on big leaf papers with drawings of Ori restoring the light of Niwen. "The light from over there means he is calling you, Iro." She said, directing them at the direction where the light shone skyward from afar.

"But I don't know how to get there..." Iro protested.

"Follow me." Solum offered. "I've known Niwen ever since. Memory's a little hazy though."

A New Legend Starts...

Iro, Seren and Sieg soon bumps into a group of young children consisting a female bear-like creature with a white face, a male owlet, a male Gumon, and two Spirit Guardian twins (one male and one female).

"Oh, g'day mate! My name's Ro." The young owlet introduced himself before introducing the white-faced bear creature, Gumon and Spirit Guardian twins respectively. "This is Runa the Nibear, Mogu the Gumon and these two are Kibo and Jani the-Hey~! They're like you two!"

"Uh... Hi." Iro greeted awkwardly. But then they are interrupted by a Rammer Beetle. Iro dodged while his friends ran. Solum tries to defend him, but everyone was surprised when Iro unconsciously formed a blade of light from his hands and finished off the Rammer which dissipated into sparks of light.

"Whoa~...! How d'you do that!?" Ro and his friends were amazed.

"I-I don't know!" Iro stuttered out as he was amazed himself.

They soon traveled together and next was a scene with Iro and Solum sitting next to each other in the night sky. "I wish I could fly like you. Then I could go anywhere whenever~!"

Solum smiled warmly at his adopted son and patted his wing on his shoulder. "If you're brave and strong enough, anything is possible."

Next shot shows everyone finally making it to Niwen. "Whoa~...!" Iro said in awe. "This is... My home."

A lot of Spirit Guardians of different shapes and sizes born from the Spirit Tree of Niwen then heard Ori's voice and they came rushing in with words such as. "It's Iro~!" "The first new child of Niwen!" "Niwen's new first Spirit Guardian has returned!" Iro is then surrounded by his brothers and sisters as well as his new friends and adoptive father before they get to see his biological father.

"You have grown, my son." The Spirit Tree Ori said to him. "You even resemble myself around your age."

And a New Hero is Born...

"Iro!" Seren said as she shows him some of Niwen turning grey and rotted. "Something's happening to Niwen!"

"Wh-What do we do!?" Iro asks as he panics. "I-I don't know anything on how to save the forest!"

"You have the power to do it for they are inherited from your father." Sieg advised. "We believe in you, Iro." Hearing that made Iro's eyes glow bright.

The next scene shows Iro growing translucent light blue cape-like wings around his arms and hips like a flying squirrel.

An Epic Tale Unfolds...

Iro flies with Seren on board him and Sieg following by his side. "Whoaaa hohohooo~!" He cheered out in the joy of flying.

Ro was having a hard time catching up as he had to carry Kibo and Jani around his shoulders and Mogu holding onto his legs with his front arms while trying to hold onto Runa with his back legs. "Huff! Huff! Stop gliding so fast, guys!" The young owl panted. "I can't keep up while I'm carrying everyone!"

The next scene shows Iro getting mad and charged up with white flames around himself before exploding it around while echoing out. "Nooo!" He then let out a powerful Charge Flame around a swarm of Mantises who were threatening his friends.

Then the next scene shows Iro placing a paw on the Spirit Tree of his father before closing his eyes.

"If one were to ask me... Had I allowed Iro to fly off because of the will of the wisps or was it fate?" Ori asks himself that question before answering. "Truth be told, I am unsure... But I do know, Iro can make his own choice through his own will."

Scenes of Iro being with his loved ones are then flashed. "Life began anew by the will of the wisps... But through my own will, life will go on." Then Iro shows a determined look as he flies through the stormy skies with a spear of light in his paw.

"Haha~! That's my boy!" Solum shouts out proudly as he sees his adopted son flew.

Iro is then shown battling against a giant skeletal owl resembling Shriek.

"IRO!" Seren shouts for him in echoes.

The trailer ends with the title showing and Solum speaking. "This is your story, my son."

Iro and the Light of the Forest

The last scenes for the trailer shows Iro walking with Sieg floating and following. "So, how did you shoot white flames out of yourself?"

"It's magic." Sieg bluntly answered.

"Okay, but how am I able to make white flames explode out of me?" He asks that to her.

"It's magic." Sieg repeated with a bored tone.

Iro then shows her materializing his Spirit Edge. "But how am I able to-" He tries to answer, but Sieg interrupts him.

"It's MAGIC!" She raised her voice a bit with a annoyed tone. "If you have any other questions, please don't let it involve our powers!"

Iro looked down for a second before looking at Sieg once more and literally asks a question not involving their powers. "A-Alright, umm... How are you able to talk if you're a floating ball of light?"

Sieg then turns away, groaning.

Great trailer, huh~?! It had adventure, heartwarming family friendship, and movie-timed comedy~! I'll publish this story one day and it is gonna be epic like those two Ori games~!

BTW, "Iro" is not only "Ori" backwards, it also means "Color" in Japanese. "Solum" means "Alone" in Latin. And "Seren" means "Star" in Welsh. "Kibo" is "Hope" in Japanese, and "Jani" is "Leaf" in Swahili. "Sieg" means "Victory" in German.