So this was my first attempt at writing fanfic after YEARS of not writing. It's obviously rough and I've definitely improved since but I figured I would upload it again with minor editing. It was originally uploaded as a multi-chapter story but instead I've decided I'll upload as a long two shot ish thing with the stuff I had written. Enjoy this steaming heap of trash! :)))

"Willa! Get your butt out here, let's go!"

With a sigh, Willa turned off the water to the shower and stepped out, wrapping herself in a fluffy beige towel. She turned to the mirror, grabbing her makeup bag from the counter and unzipping it. Letting her towel fall to the ground, she got to work messily applying the bare essentials to the best of her ability. A little bit of cover-up here and there, some lip balm, and then cat wing eyeliner before finishing with some mascara. Hastily shoving everything back into its bag, she left the bathroom while towelling her long red hair. Walking into the rest of her apartment, she grinned at Neela sitting on her bed.

"Will, the least you could do is put some clothes on. What if I had brought Takashi with me?" Neela laughed while ignoring looking at her naked best friend. Letting out a short laugh, Willa simply turned to her dresser and started digging for some clothes.

"I'm sure Takashi would have begun complaining the moment he walked in. He hates how small my flat is" Willa mumbled, finally finding the short dress she was looking for. Standing up straight, Willa quickly slipped on underwear before shimmying into the satin dress.

"Go into my purse, I have some heels in there that would look good on you" Neela spoke from her position on the bed. Willa buckled the strappy sandals before slipping her cell phone into Neela's purse.

"Okay, Neels. Let's get this show on the road" Neela happily jumped up from her spot on the bed, pulling her skirt down her long legs. "Do I look okay?" She asked Willa, who simply gave her a nod and a smile. Walking out of the small apartment, the two girls headed down to Neela's waiting Mazda RX-8.

Pulling up to the races always left Willa with a bubbly, excited feeling. The cheering of the crowds, the eccentric colours of the cars, and especially the drifting cars that flew past left Willa breathless from excitement. Neela put her blue Mazda into park next to Takashi's own car, where he and a group of men were leaning on the hood talking. Letting out a sigh and pasting a fake smile on her lips, Willa slowly climbed out of the car. Adjusting her dress to cover her slim figure, Willa strutted over to the group of men at Neela's side. Upon seeing his girlfriend, Takashi gave a serpentine smile and dismissed the men gathered around him. Neela gave her boyfriend a kiss as Willa faked a gag, turning her head away. As her head turned, she saw Han leaning on the hood of Mona Lisa, his Nissan Silvia, surrounded by a horde of stick-thin models. Willa threw him a glare, as Han casually threw a snack in his mouth, smirking at her. Willa watched as one of the models stuck her tongue in Han's mouth, all while he maintained the eye contact. Feeling uncomfortable, Willa turned back to Takashi and Neela who were laughing at Morimoto trying to flirt with one of the models hanging around Han. The model stormed away from Morimoto, her face red in anger.

"What did you say to ruin her day, Mori?" Willa giggled as the man sauntered back over to the small group. Morimoto glowered at Willa as he mumbled an excuse and crossed his arms, standing next to her. The two girls quickly went back to joking with each other, throwing playful insults around. Willa couldn't keep her eyes from drifting to Han, and she wanted nothing more than to approach the man she hardly knew and jump his bones. The attraction and pull she felt to him was undeniable, and she was not willing to hold it back anymore. It had been months of secret glances, flirty momentary encounters, and subtle touches shared between the two and Willa was not ready to keep going that way. She wanted in his bed, and she wanted it now.

Willa grinned at Neela from the sidelines, as the younger girl stood in front of the two cars at the starting line. "Ichini tsuite" Neela pointed at Takashi, sitting in the car on the left. The engine of his black Nissan 350Z roared. "Youi", she pointed at the car on the right, some boy who had previously lost to the D.K. but insisted he had upgraded his motor. "Don!" Neela yelled, dropping both arms. The cars were off, with D.K. in the lead only marginally. In all the excitement of rushing to the elevators, Willa lost Neela in the crowd. She stopped and looked around, trying her hardest to find the small Australian. Remembering that her phone was in Neela's purse, Willa resorted to her last option. Willas small stature left her hopping on her toes, trying to see over the heads of the crowds. Hearing a deep chuckle behind her, Willa froze and spun around only to come face to face with Han. Willa gave the tall man a glare, her meager five feet and four inches doing nothing to intimidate the man.

"You're cute when you're angry, sweetheart" Han quipped, smirking down at the redhead. He admired the smattering of freckles across her nose and leaned forward the slightest bit to get a closer look at her plush pink lips. Willas breath caught in her throat, as she looked up into Han's dark eyes, She knew the man was getting closer to her again, and it would be only moments before one of them stepped over the line and made the first move. Willa nibbled on her lower lip, trying to decide between shoving her tongue down Han's throat and joining the rest of the crowd upstairs where the race was inevitably finished. Deciding on the latter, Willa stepped back immediately feeling cold from the loss of contact.

"We better head up before someone gets suspicious" Willa murmured, turning towards the elevators. Han grabbed her wrist, spinning the small woman towards him. She shot him a surprised look, stumbling slightly in the heels she was wearing.

"You better be at the club tonight, Will" Han smirked at her. In a state of shock, Willa mutely nodded, breathless. Han let her wrist go, letting Willa hurry to the elevators. Once she was in, Han smiled to himself before pulling a bag of sweets from his pocket and traipsing over to Mona Lisa.

Upon pulling up to the club, Willa shot Neela a bewildered look. There were way more cars there than usual.

"It's probably because Takashi raced tonight and everyone is excited" Neela shrugged, pulling into a parking spot. Looking into the rearview mirror, the girls touched up their makeup quickly before climbing out of the blue Mazda. Letting out a sigh, Willa encouraged herself before following Neela into the loud, booming night club.

The moment the fiery redhead walked in, Han was acutely aware of her presence. Having spent the last few weeks with her interrupting his thoughts, Han wanted nothing more than for her to walk over to him and get rid of the gaggle of models that usually surrounded him. Han took a sip of his beer as the fake blonde on his left began whispering in his ear, causing him to smirk. Remaining quiet, Han listened as the model began telling him hotly what she wanted him to do to her. Han couldn't help but imagine everything she was saying, except it wasn't with the blonde. His fantasies heavily featured the tiny little redhead who was currently grinding on the dance floor with Neela, Morimoto and D.K. Han stood up, gently pushing the models away from him and made his way towards the bar across the room. With one more glance at the dance floor, Han ordered a round of shots and began hammering them back.

"Damn Han! Can't imagine you're having that bad of a night" Twinkie exclaimed as he approached the older man. Han glowered at the young teen and threw back another shot, causing Twinkie to laugh.

"I seem to be having lady troubles," Han said, running a hand through his long hair.

"Well… I can definitely help you with that" Twinkie smirked, licking his lips. He shot a look at the models that waited anxiously for Han's return. Han let out a laugh and shook his head.

"I don't think so, kid. This is a little more complicated than just a couple of models." With that, Han threw back his last shot. Looking out over the dance floor, the man leaned back against the bar.

Suddenly, his eyes made contact with a set of green ones. Willa shot the man a smirk and decided to put on a little show. The small woman turned her back to Han and shot him a flirty smile over her shoulder as she began grinding up against her best friend. From the corner of her eye, Willa spotted Morimoto and Takashi standing a few feet away from Han at the bar. They were glowering at the two girls, evidently having caught on to the show they were putting on in the crowded club.

"I see two very angry boys watching us" Willa giggled. Neela glanced at the two boys glaring at them and laughed.

"Lets really surprise them" the tall girl winked at Willa. Turning around to face her best friend, Willa shot one last look at the three men watching them before leaning in and slowly kissing Neela. The two girls made out and ground on each other, much to the surprise of Morimoto and Takashi. Pulling apart, the two girls burst out laughing upon seeing the shocked faces of the people surrounding them. "What the fuck was that" Takashi spat out as he reached the girls, forcefully grabbing Neela's elbow and pulling her away from the redhead.

"You can't really be mad D.K. That was hot!" Morimoto laughed. Willa glanced over Takashi's shoulder and saw the perplexed look on Han's face. She noticed the tight grip he had on his beer bottle and shot him a cheeky smile.

"I'm not ready to go home yet, but I'll catch a cab when I am. Don't worry about me Neels, go have fun with your man!" Willa pushed her friend towards Takashi, who was waiting impatiently by the door. Morimoto stood near him, rambling on about a model he had spent most of the night with. The club was emptying out rapidly, with only a few clusters of people scattered throughout. As her friends left the club, Willa made her way back over to the bar.

"Can I get a Corona please?" The redhead asked the bartender, leaning on the bar. Willa felt someone lean on the bar next to her, and glancing over she was surprised to be met with the warm smile of Han.

"Put it on my tab, Yuuto," the man said, not breaking eye contact. Willa laughed softly as two Corona's were put in between the pair.

"Thank you, you didn't have to do that" Willa said with a smile.

"Yes I did" Han's confidence shocked her and Willa bit her lip, looking up at him through her lashes. Being this close to Han was leaving her flustered and breathless. Willa couldn't help but wonder if she had the same effect on him.

Han usually wasn't in the club this late, but he felt the need to stay and make sure the small redhead was safe. Once he saw D.K. and his crew leave, he was ready to retire to the loft and go to bed. Then he saw Willa make her way across the floor to the bar. Han made his way over and leaned against the bar next to the redhead. He felt the warmth radiating from her against his side, and a shiver ran up his spine. Han racked his brain on how he wanted to get closer to this woman, not used to having to work for a woman. Usually he was fighting them off. He figured he could use the cliche idea of buying her a drink.

"Put it on my tab, Yuuto," he said, glancing quickly at the woman. The beers were put in between them, and Han's mind went fuzzy as Willa laughed. He felt differently about this woman than any other before, and he wasn't sure how to deal with it. What he was sure about, was his undeniable attraction to her.

The pair stood at the bar and sipped their drinks, speaking idly about whatever came up until the bartender, Yuuto, shot Han an exasperated look. Han looked behind him and noticed that the club was empty. He pulled out his phone and checked the time. It was well past closing, and Han could sense Yuuto's desire to close up and go home. Turning to Willa, Han asked her if she wanted to head to the loft and continue their conversation. The woman's face turned the colour of her hair, and she nodded her head with a dumbfounded look on her face. Han let out a laugh before leading the redhead through the hallway connecting the club to the garage. Upon entering the large garage, Willa let out a small gasp.

"Hey, am I dreaming?" the woman mumbled, and Han chuckled at the amazed tone in her voice. Willa blushed and glanced up at him "did I say that out loud?". Han nodded at the woman and led her farther into the garage.

"You into cars?" He asked, picking up a rag from the floor and placing it on a workbench.

"I can handle myself under a hood, but I'm not really a grease monkey. I did paint both Neela's and Takashi's cars." Willas face lit up as she thought of the work she had done over the years.

"That was you?" Willa could hear the surprise in Han's voice and giggled.

Willa walked over to an Evo sitting in the corner and ran her hand along the white paint. In her mind, she was already imagining the possibilities that the unpainted canvas held. Han walked to the front of the Evo, watching as the redhead quietly mumbled to herself.

With fascination, Han pulled Willa to him suddenly and pinned her against the hood of the car. "Finding out that you paint that well, and can handle yourself in a garage has made you a million times sexier" Han mumbled as he looked down at Willa. The redhead blushed and tucked her hair behind her ears before resting her hands on Han's chest. Biting her lip, Willa contemplated her options before leaning forward and kissing Han firmly. He kissed back hungrily and felt Willa wrap her arms around the back of his neck. Willa deepened the kiss before slipping Hans overshirt off his shoulders. He shrugged the shirt off and started walking backwards, pulling Willa with him towards the stairs of the loft. With their lips still attached, Willa undid Hans belt and pulled it from the loops, discarding it on the floor haphazardly. The couple separated briefly, only to make it up the stairs safely, laughing as they went. Once in the loft, Willa feverishly kissed Han and unbuttoned his loose jeans, pushing them down his legs as they made their way towards the bedroom. Han laughed as he stepped out of the jeans, only for Willa to trip over them. He caught her easily and settled her before trailing sloppy kisses along her jawline, slipping her dress off her shoulders. With the satin material pooled at her feet, Willa felt naked in just her underwear. With her breasts exposed, the cold air was making her nipples hard. She tried feebly to cover herself, but Han grabbed her wrist and stopped her. He bit his lip and let his excitement get the best of him, he pulled the redhead to his bedroom quickly. As soon as the door was shut, Han had Willa pinned against it. He trailed kisses down her neck and suckled the spot where her neck met her shoulder. Willa let out a soft moan and tilted her head to allow him better access. Both Willa and Han couldn't believe what was happening, it was like all their fantasies from the past few months coming together. The hormones racing through them, and the hot kisses being exchanged allowed their minds go blank and have only one focus; each other.

Willa pushed Han back so he was sitting on the bed, and she straddled his lap. Between sloppy kisses and quiet laughter, Willa pulled Han's shirt off before leaning back and taking a moment to appreciate what was hidden underneath. The young woman ran her hands down his stomach, kissing his lips feverishly. As her hands rested on the waistband of his underwear, Han stopped her.

"Willa I don't think we should keep going" He whispered. Willa couldn't help but feel a little hurt, she had been wanting this for so long and right when it was in reach it was gone again. Upon seeing the hurt flash across the woman's face, Han hurried to explain himself,

"You had a lot to drink tonight. I don't want to take advantage of you." Willa unwillingly let out a frustrated sigh.

"You're too sweet, you know that?" The small woman climbed off his lap and placed a peck on his cheek. She gave him a small smile before turning and walking towards the door. She had barely made it three steps before a hand was gripping her wrist and pulling her back.

"Just because I'm not going to sleep with you, doesn't mean I want you to leave" Han murmured before kissing the palm of the wrist he was holding. Standing up from the bed, Han handed Willa the shirt that she had stripped him of not two minutes earlier. The redhead slipped the shirt on and gave Han a small grin. Han let out a playful groan,

"I regret that immediately. You look sexy as hell in my shirt." At that, Willa grinned "You're such a goof". With that, the couple landed on the bed in a fit of laughter and kisses.

Willa woke up to sunlight in her eyes, and let out a soft groan. She tried to roll over in the soft bed and froze when she realized there was an arm pinning her waist down. Opening one eye, Willa was met with the sleeping face of Han. Momentarily confused, Willa rubbed a hand over her face. That's when she remembered everything that had happened last night. After she and Han had made it to his room, they had spent the entire night joking around between shared kisses and soft touches. They finally passed out around 4, a mess of tangled limbs and sheets.

Willa gently moved Han's arm from around her waist and slid out of the bed. She quietly shuffled around the bed towards the door, picking up any clothing of hers scattered around the room. With a final glance at the man resting peacefully in the bed, Willa slipped out of the room, shutting the door behind her quietly. Tiptoeing down the hall, the short redhead picked up any clothing of hers thrown haphazardly during the venture through the loft the night before. Once Willa found her dress, she quickly slipped out of the plain white shirt Han had given her. Newly dressed in last night's outfit, Willa quickly walked out into the garage.

"Hey, Ma! You the girl who owns these?" Willa heard as she reached the stairs down to the garage. Turning around, Willa was met with a dark-skinned boy wearing baggy clothes and a durag. In his hand he held the shoes Willa had borrowed from Neela the night before.

"Oh! Thank you. I totally forgot about those." She said walking over and grabbing them from the boy, before continuing, "Neela would have killed me if I lost these." The boy grinned at her.

"So was that your clothing all over the loft, Ma?" Willa's face must have turned the same colour as her hair, and she was lost for words. This boy was bold as hell, and Willa was left stammering for a response. The younger boy started laughing, "I'm just teasing. Names Twinkie" he said, nodding at her. Willa smiled and nodded.

"Willa. Sorry to end this, but I really should be going." And with that, Willa turned and ran down the cold, metal staircase down to the garage. She rushed past the white Evo in the corner and out the first door she saw, grateful that it led outside. Once she was out of the garage, Willa leaned down and slipped on the heels in her hand. The slim redhead straightened up and headed into town in search of the nearest subway station.

Being a red headed mixed girl in Tokyo meant that Willa was pretty used to stares. Nothing compared to the stares she was getting nowon the crowded subway, dressed in last night's clothes with smudged makeup and messy hair. Feeling like she was doing the walk of shame, Willa had a permanent blush as she rode the subway to the stop a block away from her flat. She hastily walked down the crowded sidewalk and into her building, rushing up to her small apartment. Using her spare hidden key, Willa slipped into her flat and let out the breath she was holding. The small woman quickly shed her clothing, feeling absolutely disgusting and slipped into the bathroom to take a shower. After a long hot shower, Willa slipped into a pair of sweats and a hoodie and settled onto her bed, grabbing her laptop from the bedside table. Opening her work email, the small redhead scanned for any new emails from her boss. As she filtered through the array of emails, Willa spotted one from Kamata's second in command. Opening the email Willa realized that once again she was being ordered to use her software programming knowledge to hack something for the Yakuza. This wasn't a regular occurance for the small girl, but it happened frequently enough that Willa was on a regular payroll for them.

Working as a software programmer for one of Japan's up and coming tech startups was something Willa quite enjoyed. The mundane task of an office job, sitting at a computer and configuring her assignment for the current project was something that Willa liked. She used it to distance herself from the sketchy things that her friends associated themselves with, even for a few hours. This job also meant that the Yakuza liked to use her skills to their advantage, getting the girl to hack her way into databases and private servers. The additional income wasn't bad. The young girl lived well within her means and took the time to indulge her desires. She spent her free time working on her car, a 2000 Mazda RX-7 RZ, which she herself had painted a shiny gunmetal grey fading into black and upgraded well beyond the factory model.

Setting to work for Kamata, Willa made quick work of getting into the Tokyo police database and altering the selected profiles of the Yakuza members. Willa yelled as she hit a few speed bumps, having to completely reconfigure a few profiles altogether. Altogether, she spent way longer than planned on the menial task, something she was not happy about. Responding to the original email, Willa told the second in command what she had done even though she knew the information was lost on the Yakuza. Their job wasn't to know exactly what the words meant, it was to know it was being done by Willa who was, in their opinion, the best programmer and hacker in all of Japan.

Upon completing this task, Willa felt some pent up frustration. She needed to get out of the house and do something else. She needed to feel something, to feel release. She needed to go drifting in the mountains.

Willa didn't even do so much as change, she just grabbed her keys and made her way down to her car. Settling into the driver's seat, Willa double checked to make sure everything was the same as usual. The small redhead realized that she had left her phone with Neela the night before, and decided to make a pit stop at Takashi's grandmothers on her way to the mountains.

"Neela! Neels! Neela, Neela, Neelaaaa!" Willa sang as she knocked loudly on the wooden door. A moment later, the door opened revealing the grumpy looking girl.

"What do you want? You woke me up" The younger girl practically growled at the redhead. Stepping back, Neela allowed Willa to saunter inside.

"I'm here for a few reasons. First being how your night went with Takashi" Willa wiggled her eyebrows at her best friend. "And the next being that I really need my cell phone, and to return your shoes" The slim redhead handed over the strappy sandals. Neela rubbed her hand down her face and grabbed the shoes before replying,

"Nothing happened last night with Takashi. He was all mad about the dance floor thing still so we had a huge argument and I walked home from his place". Willas eyes widened, and she grabbed her friend's hand.

"You walked? He lives like half an hour away! It was super late! What were you thinking?" Willa rambled on as her grip on Neela's hand tightened. Neela yanked her hand from the redhead's tight grip and let out a wry laugh.

"Why would I want to stay around someone who was calling me a cheap whore? So I walked" Neela shrugged, and walked to her small kitchen.

"Tea?" The brunette asked, filling the kettle at the faucet. Willa shook her head.

"Actually I was going to go drifting. Not planning on staying long" she shrugged. Neela nodded and let out a hum of affirmation.

"Well then your phone is plugged in over there" Neela pointed to the counter next to the stove. Willa smiled and grabbed her phone, shoving it into her pocket and turning back to her best friend.

"You know Neels, you can do way better than Takashi. If you chose to leave him, I would support you one hundred percent." Willa said, giving a lazy shrug as she walked to the door. Neela let out a sigh and placed the kettle on the counter.

"You know I can't do that Will"