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Han had been unable to get Willa off his mind, which is how he found himself sitting on the hood of his Mazda at the top of the mountain. He had spent all morning trying to work on the EVO sitting in his garage but every thought in his mind was of the slim redhead he was so enamoured with. After a few hours of trying his best to focus on the car in front of him. Han's frustrations eventually overcame him and he just had to get away from the garage and clear his mind.

After a few trips up and down the mountain, Han felt a little more in control of his thoughts. He parked up near the top of the mountain, with a nice view overlooking the city below. As Han stared at the bright lights below, he thought about what he was going to do to distance himself from the woman plaguing his mind.

As it was, Han quite enjoyed his 'manwhore' ways. There were no emotions involved when he slept with the models who cling to him. However, Willa was like a drug that he was addicted to. Ever since he had first been introduced to her by DK, Han had been hooked and he needed a fix- badly. Of course, Han was aware of the dangers of the situation. DK was a selfish, greedy boy; even if he was dating Willa's best friend, he still had laid a claim on the woman. By becoming friends with DK, Willa had inadvertently allowed him to control who hung around her. With things as tense as they were between Han and DK, Han knew he could not pursue Willa even if he wanted nothing more.

With thoughts racing through his head, weighing the pros and cons of the situation, Han heard the steady thrum of a finely tuned engine approaching. Glancing over his shoulder, Han watched as a familiar gunmetal RX-7 came around the corner. Han felt an excitement come over him. Part of him was highly doubting ever escaping this woman - and he was very sure he was willing to risk everything for the redhead woman approaching him. Han let out a soft groan as he watched the casual swing of Willa's hips in the baggy sweatpants loosely hanging off her. With a smirk plastered on his face, Han turned to her and asked
"Are you following me, little girl?"

Calm, exhilarated, peace, relaxed. Those were all the feelings Willa felt wash over her as she made her way up to the top of the mountain. It was the middle of the day, and so Willa wasn't expecting to encounter anyone. As Willa turned the corner to the top, she spotted the distinct yellow and blue car immediately. Willa inhaled deeply, quickly catching the soft scent of the trees surrounding her. Nervously, she pulled up next to Han and took a moment to collect herself before climbing from her car.

Willa had recognized the man's long hair immediately and felt guilt wash over her for pulling a disappearing act on him that morning. She walked over to Han and leaned against the car next to him.

"Are you following me, little girl?" Han asked, with a smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth.

Willa felt her legs quiver at the teasing nickname and gave Han a playful glare.

"If I'm a little girl, does that make you an old man?" Willa raised an eyebrow.

At 24, Willa had been called "little girl" one too many times for her liking, and she was not willing to let Han turn it into a recurring name.

The pair sat in amiable silence, and Willa could feel her nerves melting away as she scooched closer to Han on the hood of the car.

"So you're not from around here, yeah?" Willa broke the silence, glancing sideways at Han. She didn't miss the wince that went across his face but decided not to press the matter.

"Nah, I'm from Southern California. Grew up in a suburban nightmare with Korean immigrant parents" Han laughed a little, making a mental note to call his parents soon. Willa smiled at his dramatics.

"I'm from Vegas. I got a lot of flack growing up for being mixed." Han raised an eyebrow in question at this. Willa was a natural redhead, how could she be mixed?

"I know, I know. My mom is Japanese and my dad is Irish. It's the only explanation for my hair colour." Willa smiled and Han nodded in understanding.

"Is that how you ended up in Tokyo? Your mom?" Han asked, wondering if she was running like he was. He was hesitant to ask in fear of Willa asking the same but was too interested.

"My obaasan lived here. She died and I volunteered to be the one to clean out her apartment. I fell in love with the city and the cars" Willas face lit up as she thought of all the cars she first saw after coming to Tokyo, "So, I decided to take over her lease and move to Tokyo. It was as fast-paced as Vegas, but with better people."

Han smiled at hearing the joy in Willas voice as she talked of the city. He felt the same way.

"Tokyo does that to people. It makes you fall in love" Han said, smiling out at the city.

Willa felt her heart jump as Han said the double-entendre and she grabbed Hans hand from where it rested on the hood between them. Placing a kiss on the back of his hand, Willa entangled her fingers with his, and softly spoke,

"I hope one day you trust me enough to tell me how you ended up in Tokyo"

The pair had spent all afternoon sitting at the top of the mountain, talking about their pasts and all of their 'firsts'. Their first loves, their first kiss, their first jobs, their first cars, and so many more- with a few kisses squeezed in. It was approaching dinner time, and Willa blushed as her stomach let out a loud growl.

"Hungry?" Han smiled down at her. Willa nodded sheepishly with a nervous smile.

"Okay, follow me," Han said as he pulled out his car keys and climbed into his Nissan.

"Even better, I'll race ya!" Willa called before Han shut his door. She jumped off the hood and climbed into her own Mazda. As Willa pulled up next to Han, she glanced over to see him laughing. They both rolled down their windows, and Han smirked at her.

"If I win, you have to let me take you on another date"

"Another?" Willa asked, puzzled.

"I don't know about you, but I'm counting dinner after this as a date." Han winked at her, and Willa revved her engine in response. Rolling up their windows, they both counted to three before shooting off like a bullet.

With a slight lead, Willa rounded the first bend. Han managed to catch up and the pair went around the next bend in sync with one another. If she had a moment to spare, Willa would have taken the time to appreciate the beauty in the simplicity of the cars moving together. Han was better than Willa had expected him to be, and she was expecting him to be great. The next few bends were taken with both cars in annoying synchronicity. Willa was getting frustrated with the situation - no one was in the lead, they were perfectly matched. It was only nearing the bottom that Willa felt her anger peak, and her competitive edge took ahold of her. She slammed her foot on the gas, and shifted gears, and finally managed to take the lead. Even if the lead was only by a tiny margin. The cars sailed across where the typical finish line was at the bottom of the mountain,

and Willa had miraculously managed to beat Han by a few feet.

"If I find out that you let me win, I will demand a rematch" Willa pouted at Han from across the table. They were sitting in a small restaurant that Han had insisted they go to. It was cramped and absolutely full of people, but they had managed to snag a small table. They were squeezed into the front corner of the shop, at a table so small that it barely held the two bowls of noodles in front of them.

"Don't worry little girl, I wouldn't let you win so easily" Han smirked down at her. Willa felt a blush creep up her neck at the nickname, and tried to hide it behind a mouthful of noodles. Han grinned at the red flush on the woman's face and took a long, slow sip from his drink.

"So, I have a proposition for you," Han said. Willa raised an eyebrow at the man as she chewed her food. "The other night in my garage, I saw the look in your eyes when you saw the EVO. I want your help fixing it up. And then you're painting it. However, you want to." Willa choked on her food in surprise.

"You want me to help you fix the EVO? You don't even know if I'm any good with cars. All you know is that I can paint them" Willa was stunned, and she wasn't trying to hide the look of shock on her face.

"I have my suspicions that you're better with tools then you let everyone think you are," Han said confidently, as he finished off his food.

It had been days since Willa had been to dinner with Han, and as she entered Hans garage a blush hit her like a wave. Her mind immediately went to the things they had done as they made their way to Han's bedroom. Walking up the cold metal stairs in search of Han, Willa blushed a deeper red with embarrassment as she thought of her interaction with the dark-skinned teenage boy who had caught her sneaking out.

Willa had been at work all day at the software startup she programmed for. She was carrying a backpack holding a change of clothes so she didn't ruin her work clothes. Willa looked around the loft area and couldn't see anyone around the wide-open space.

"Han?" Willa called, as she wandered through the loft.

"In here!" Willa heard Han's voice coming from the bedroom, and she made her way into the large room. Han was facing the wall of windows, and Willa stood in the doorway silently watching him. He was shirtless and wearing only a pair of low-slung jeans as he towelled his wet hair. Willas breath caught in her throat as she watched his back muscles ripple under the caramel skin.

"Are you going to come in, or just stand there, little girl?" Han murmured as he turned to his dresser. He began rifling through the drawers, presumably in search of a shirt. Shocked, Willa walked into the room and placed her backpack of clothes on Han's large bed. Willa quickly stripped down to her underwear and began changing into her spare clothes from her bag.

"Hey, um, do you have a shirt I could borrow? I forgot one", Willa asked Han sheepishly as she turned to look at him. He had been watching her, finally dressed in a plain white shirt of his own. Han nodded and grabbed a shirt from his dresser. He crossed the room and placed the shirt in Willa's outstretched hands.

"If it were my choice, you wouldn't need clothes around here. But the kids get back from school soon" Han said, before pressing a peck on Willa's lips. Han grabbed his cellphone from the bedside table behind Willa and left her standing stunned in the room. The redhead looked down at the shirt in her hands and realized that it was the same one that she had worn of his the other night. Willa slipped into the shirt and smiled softly as the scent of Han enveloped her like a hug. Willa quickly shoved her work clothes into her backpack before walking out into the open loft area.

"You always seem to end up in my clothes when you're here" Han smiled from the toolbox by the Evo.

Descending the metal staircase, Willa laughed lightly.

"Are you complaining about that?"

"Not at all. I might have to destroy all your shirts just so I can see you in mine more" Han smirked as a blush enveloped Willa's freckled skin.

"Now get over here and help me with the carb on this thing" Han smiled as he popped the hood.

A few hours had passed, and the pair had made a lot of progress on the little Evo. They were currently lying on the floor in front of the car surrounded by tools and covered in grease. Willa had one earphone, and Han had the other as they listened to the music on Willa's small little iPod.

"Well, this is just cute as shit" Twinkie announced as he approached Willa and Han, Reiko and Earl trailing closely behind. Han and Willa shot up, surprised at their presence. Neither had heard the door open over the music.

"Don't you have homework or something, kid?" Han raised an eyebrow at the dark-skinned boy.

"Nah, didn't do anything fun today. Peddled a WalkMan though" Twinkie grinned. Reiko rolled her eyes and disappeared into the loft. Earl hung back for a second before following after the girl.

"How you been, girl? It's been a few days" Twinkie asked Willa as she stood up from the ground. She started brushing herself off before she began picking up some of the tools lying on the ground.

"I've been okay. Busy at work" Willa responded casually, not noticing the glare Han was sending at the lingering boy. Willa started putting tools back in their drawers and smiled at the younger boy.

"I don't mean to be rude, but I forgot your name kid" Willa smiled at Twinkie sheepishly. Han let out a laugh from his spot on the ground behind her.

"Oh, you're not being rude Ma. Everybody calls me Twinkie" He winked, sidling up to Willa against the toolbox. Willa tried her hardest not to laugh at his attempt to flirt with her.

"Okay, time to leave the nice lady alone now Twink" Han muttered as he stood up. He playfully shoved the kid away. Twinkie miraculously took the hint and disappeared into the loft. Willa smiled at Han and pulled him to stand next to her.

"How'd you end up with three high schoolers?" Willa asked, she hadn't realized there was more than just the one she had met the other morning.

"I don't even know anymore" Han laughed lightly at the idea. He wrapped an arm around Willa's small shoulders and pulled her into his side. "The kids just seem to find me, what can I say" Han grinned.

"I still can't believe it" Willa groaned, "How do we do all that work and we can't even see our work because the alternators fucked and it won't start?" Willa frustratedly threw the rag onto the workbench she was huddled over. Reiko and Earl laughed at the woman's misery before approaching her hesitantly.

"We can probably fix it, or at least figure out what's wrong with it" Earl smiled softly at Willa.

"Yeah! I'll go do a full electrical scan of the Evo" Reiko grinned, grabbing her laptop and getting right to work. Willa was thankful for the pair, as she had spent the last few hours working on the Evo by herself. Han was out running some errands, Neela was busy with Takashi and Willa had been bored alone in her apartment.

She had decided on bugging Han to go do something with her, but when she arrived he wasn't there. The three teenagers who frequented the garage had been upstairs watching some movie that Willa had no interest in. But informed her that Han was out running errands, and she was free to join them to watch the movie. So with no other choice to soothe her boredom, she began working on the white Evo alone.

"Everything else seems to be good with the electrical" Reiko called from her place across the garage.

"Yeah, the wiring on this alternator is really bad. Let me go see if we have a spare lying around" Earl wandered off in search of the spare part. Reiko quickly crossed the garage to sit on the stool next to Willa. The redhead gave Reiko a questioning look and turned towards her.

"What is going on with you and Han?" Reiko blurted out after a moment of silence. Willa was surprised at the quiet girl's outburst. Willa took a deep breath.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Reiko"

Reiko laughed lightly and brushed her bangs out of her face. Willa watched the teenager's movements skeptically.

"There's no reason to be nervous, I just know you're friends with D.K. and it's only a matter of time before he wants you back" Reiko smiled softly in an effort to calm the redhead. Willa hadn't thought of what Takashi would think of her spending so much time around his colleague. She thought about Reiko's words and realized that Takashi had been acting weird the last time they saw each other.

"Takashi has no say over who I spend my time with. He doesn't own me" Willa said. She knew that no matter what, Takashi would still try and have some kind of say in her life. Reiko picked up on this and gave Willa a pitiful look.

"I hate to be the one to say it, but D.K. definitely thinks he owns you," Reiko said softly, placing a comforting hand on Willa's shoulder. Willa gave a sigh before nodding her head in agreement.

Upon Han's return, it was near dinner time and Willa and the teenagers were sat in the loft watching a game show on the large TV.

"I'm back!" Han called upon entering the garage. He could hear the sound of the TV coming down from the loft.

"We ordered pizza! It should be here soon" Twinkie answered. The sound of Han climbing up the metal stairs echoed through the garage.

"Oh. Didn't realize you were here, Will" Han muttered as he reached the group. Reiko sat in the armchair typing away on her laptop, Earl and Twinkie were sharing the loveseat, and Willa was sitting in front of them on the ground. Willa smiled at him as he approached, noticing his hair was ruffled and his clothes dishevelled.

"I came by around noon, but you weren't here. I did some work on the Evo but we have to get our hands on an alternator before it'll start" Willa stood up and smiled at him. "Come on, I'll show you what I got done today". Willa grabbed Han's hand in her much smaller one and began pulling him back down the stairs. Han instinctually slotted their fingers together and Willa smiled at how well their hands fit together.

They approached the Evo as Willa started explaining all the work she had done that day and what she thought would be the next steps. Han nodded, making a mental note of everything she was saying. Once Willa was done with her explanation, she turned towards Han with a wide grin. Looking down at the absolute joy on her face, Han felt his body fill with desire for the slim redhead.

"Earl and Reiko are help-" Willa was interrupted mid-sentence by Han smashing his lips down on her own. She swallowed her words and kissed Han back just as feverishly, tangling her hands in his already messy hair. Han brushed his tongue along her bottom lip, and Willa pulled back briefly.

"We should probably move before one of the kids catches us" Willa whispered. Han nodded quickly and pulled her by the wrist into his small office. Willa giggled as he shut the door behind them, and she pushed him up against the door gently.

"Why are you suddenly acting like this?" Willa asked softly before adding, "I'm not complaining though," she chuckled.

Han responded by flipping them around, pinning Willa to the door and trailing hot kisses down her neck. Willa left out a soft gasp as he suckled lightly on the spot where her neck met her shoulder. She felt Han smirk against her skin as he began an assault on the delicate spot. Willa tangled her fingers in his hair as she moaned softly. With a slight tug, Willa pulled Hans face back up to hers. She placed a firm kiss on his swollen lips before pulling her shirt over her head. Han smirked at her shirtless form and moved over to the chair behind the desk. He sat down and motioned for Willa to come closer. Willa climbed onto Han's lap and began tugging his shirt off his body. Han obliged and sat forward in order for Willa to slip his shirt over his head. Willa tossed the shirt behind her, not caring where the clothing ended up.

Willa sat slumped against Han's chest, spent and satisfied with how they had chosen to spend their evening. They were both panting heavily, skin sticky with sweat.

"That was…" Willa trailed off, she couldn't even think of a word for what she was feeling. There was a sense of pride in her chest as she thought about how long it had taken to get to this point. She had pined over Han from a distance for almost a year before she finally spoke to him almost five months ago. Now here they were, hiding in his office from a group of teenagers who were watching a game show in the loft.

"Yeah. I know" Han sounded almost as breathless as she did, making Willa giggle. She gently pressed a kiss to his lips before nimbly climbing off his lap. She gathered up her clothes, tossing Han his stuff when she came across it. Han mumbled thanks before the pair got dressed in silence. Once dressed the pair made their way out into the garage, both adjusting their hair in a feeble attempt to cure themselves of sex hair.

"Have fun?" Twinkie asked the moment they stepped out of the office. There was a smirk on the face of each of the teenagers as they leaned over the railing of the loft. Willa blushed as deep as her hair, and Han shot the three a glare.

Willa somehow blushed deeper as the teasing continued, even when they made it upstairs and Han had smacked each of them playfully scolding them. Reiko was the worst of them all, in Willa's opinion.

"I thought you said there was nothing going on between you two" Reiko teased the older woman, a smirk plastered on her face.

"I don't know what you're talking about" Willa muttered sheepishly.

After 20 more minutes of teasing, Han finally snapped at the kids to stop before he kicked them out. The teasing stopped immediately, and Willa was thankful for it. The group now sat watching another game show on the tv, Willa and Han having kicked Earl and Twinkie to the ground so they could sit on the couch themselves. Han had his arm around Willa's shoulders, holding her to his side. Reiko kept shooting them a sideways glance, something that Willa did not miss.

"You did what?" Neela hissed as she sat across the table from Willa in the quiet little cafe. The redhead was blushing like mad, trying to hide behind her tea cup. Neela took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself and rubbed her temples.

"You heard what I said, Neels. Don't make me repeat it" Willa murmured behind her cup. She had taken a few days before deciding that even with the risk of Takashi finding out, Willa needed her best friend to know what had happened with Han. What Willa hadn't been expecting was Neela to react in hostility and anger.

"You slept with him?" Neela was speaking in harsh whispers, making Willa flinch at her tone. With a feeble nod, Willa sipped her tea to hide the smile that threatened to come across her face. Suddenly, Neela's expression changed to a more happy one.

"How was it? Is he as fit as he looks under those shirts? Do you agree with the models who chase after him? Is he worth it?" Neela's questions shot out rapid fire, shocking Willa.

"I'm not going to answer those, Neel" Willa blushed even darker.

With a scandalized gasp, Neela leaned across the table to whisper to her best friend.

"Did he make you so dick drunk that you won't even divulge your best friend?" Neela asked in mock hurt. Willa giggled at her ridiculous mate.

"Before we continue, what is dick drunk?" Willa asked on a chuckle.

"Dick drunk is when you get laid so good that you can't even think. When your brain goes fuzzy" Neela was giggling as she explained to the dumbstruck redhead. Willa was shocked at the description that had earned the attention of the two ladies at the table next to them. The two old ladies gave scandalized glances at the young women, and moved to the next table over to get away from them.

Willa shot Neela a glare.

"Keep your voice down!" Willa giggled as she berated the Australian.

After leaving the small cafe, the two women had decided to head over to the bath house in search of their friends. They walked through the crowded bath house, ignoring the whistles and winks from the naked old men, before reaching the back room Takashi used as an office. With a soft knock on the door, Willa peeked her head into the office to be met with three hostile sets of eyes. Upon seeing the two young women, their eyes softened and Takashi motioned for them to enter the room.

Glancing around, Willa noticed that the only empty spot was on the couch in between Han and Morimoto. Neela walked over to her boyfriend and placed a soft kiss on his lips as Willa plopped onto the couch in between the two men. She glanced at Han, finding his intense stare on her, before turning to Morimoto.

"How have you been, Mori? I haven't seen you in a while" Willa smiled softly, ignoring Hans hot palm settle on her denim-clad thigh.

"I've been good. Busy with school," he chuckled, "You know Kamata is pressuring me to graduate"

"If you need any help, let me know. I'm always willing to help you study" Willa grinned, trying to hide the grimace from her face as Han's fingers trailed a little too high. Morimoto smiled and nodded before standing.

"Gonna go for a smoke, wanna join?" he asked, glancing at Willa. She smiled before standing to join him. Hans hand fell from her thigh and onto the couch beside him and Willa saw Takashi's eyes narrow at Han.

Before the door shut behind Willa, she heard the bitter anger in Takashi's voice as he confronted Han.

"Why were you touching her like that? Keep your hands off Will" D.K. spat angrily, gripping at Neela who was perched in his lap.

"I don't know what you're talking about, D.K. I'm gonna join them for that smoke" Han shut the door behind him and noticed that Willa had lingered to eavesdrop on the conversation through the door. Morimoto was nowhere in sight, presumably gone outside for that smoke.

Stepping quickly to her, Han trapped her in between his arms against the wall. Willa blushed as she felt his hot breath across her face. Licking her lips, Willa watched as Han's eyes flickered with emotions. It had been almost a week since she had slept with Han, making her escape in the early hours of the morning as everyone in the loft slept. She knew her disappearing act would mess with the man's head, but she had to get to work that morning. The tension between them could be cut with a knife.

"I've missed you, Will" Han whispered before crashing his lips onto hers. Willa felt her chest fill and her body quickly bound into a tight coil. She kissed back hungrily, their mouths a clash of teeth and tongue. He had her pinned to the wall like a painting, placing open mouthed kisses down her neck.

"Han" Willa gasped, "Sorry for disappearing on you everytime" she panted, fingers tangled in his long hair. Han smirked against her neck, nipping playfully at her.

"As long as you make it a regular occurance, it's good" Han smirked.

"What are you saying?" Willa asked, confusion evident in her voice.

"What do the kids call it these days? Going steady? Dating?" Han mused jokingly. Willa grinned at him, pulling him into another hot kiss.

"You still owe me a second date, goof" Willa mumbled against his lips.

"I'll make good on that promise" Han smirked, attacking her neck with his lips again.