Guardian Angel

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"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday Fred and George! Happy birthday to you!"

Everyone at the large gathering laughed and cheered as the pair of pranksters blew out the candles on their individual cakes. Their mum had gone all out on their birthday this year, giving them their own cake for the first time ever.

It had been 11 months since the final battle in the fight against Voldemort. Their family had been so lucky. They still have everyone around them, alive and kicking. There had been a super close call where a brick wall had almost fallen on Fred. But an angel saved him, in just the nick of time. An angel who just happened to be best friends with their little brother and the Savior of the wizarding world himself.

"What did you wish for?" Ron asked, looking lovingly at the cakes.

"We could tell you that, darling little brother," Fred started.

"But then we would have to kill you," George informed him.

"Because if we tell you, then our wish won't come true," Fred added.

"And trust me dear brother, we really," George said.

"Really want our wish to come true." They finished together.

"All right, all right," Molly said, coming over with a stack of plates following behind her. "Let me cut the cakes." The matriarch of the Weasley clan raised her wand and cut both cakes in equal sizes. "Here George, here Fred. Go find a seat at the table, love. If you want a piece of chocolate, line up here. If you want a piece of George's strawberry cake, line up here," she ordered,the guest following directions.

"Do you need help?" Hermione Potter-Granger asked from behind the table.

Molly turned toward the brightest witch of the age and smiled.

"No Dear, but thank you so much for asking." The older witch put a piece of both cakes on a plate and reached around the table that held the cake and presents and smiled. "Here you go."

"May I have two pieces of cake too, Mum?" Ron asked, giving her his most charming smile.

"No. Pick one or the other," she said in no uncertain terms, turning and giving a very pregnant Fleur two pieces of chocolate.

"Well, I like that!" Ron exclaimed, moving to sit at the table where Hermione sat near the twins. He took the empty seat beside Harry and slammed his plate down. "Why do they get two pieces of cake and I only get one?"

"Fleur is giving mum her first grandbaby," Ginny said from her place down the table. "At this point I think she would make you wear a dress and dance a jig if it made her happy."

Ron grumbled, shoving a bite of his chocolate cake into his mouth. "But why did she give Mione extra cake, then? She's not carrying a future Weasley," he added, causing Hermione to choke.

"Arms up, Love," Harry said, quickly reaching out and patting his sisters back, glaring at his best friend.

A few weeks after the final battle, Harry had asked Hermione if she would legally become his sister. After finding out that her parents never made it to Australia, the young witch had been so upset. Harry had said since they were both orphans and neither of them had a family that they could be each other's family. She had always been there for him, no matter what had happened. It was an honor to be her brother. They had a legal blood adoption and she was now known as Hermione Potter-Granger.

"Really Ron?" George asked,rushing over with a glass of pumpkin juice.

Hermione took the drink grateful, smiling at the twin. "Thank you George."

"Anytime, Angel. Anytime," he assured her.

"And to answer your question, little brother," Fred started, kneeling beside him. "She gave her two pieces of cake because she saved my life eleven months ago so that we could have moments like this. It's your best friend who saved me. So as long as I have breath and I'm sure Georgie feels the same way, she will always get extra cake at any event I have."

Ron turned red, but nodded at his normally playful brother. Fred wasn't playing at all.

"Sorry Mione," he mumbled, looking over to where Hermione sat between George and Harry.

"You're forgiven, Ronald. I know how you like cake, but for Merlin's sake, don't go around talking about future Weasley's or future anyone's for that matter. I'm not ready to be a mother."

"Do you vant to have the baby's von day, 'Ermione?" Fleur asked, leaning against her husband as she fed herself chocolate cake.

"One day, yes. I would love kids, when I'm in loving relationship with someone I absolutely adore. And I want more than one, I think. I was dreadfully bored growing up without any brothers or sisters and I don't want my kids to feel that way," Hermione answered.

"I would have loved some boring and quiet," Ginny said, causing her brothers to laugh.

"What? I would have," she said, throwing her hair over her shoulder.

"I hate to break it to you, little sister, but you were just as loud and crazy as we were," Fred said, grinning.

"You gave us just as much hell as we gave you," George added, smirking.

"I have no clue what you are talking about," she insisted, trying not to grin herself.

"All I know is that Mrs. Weasley is a saint, having to put up with the lot of you all these years," Harry declared, putting his fork on his empty plate.

"Harry, dear. You are too kind. Would you like another piece of cake?" Molly asked, smiling down at the dark haired wizard.

"For the love of Merlin," Ron yelled, causing everyone to laugh.

"Alright everyone! We have an announcement to make," the twins yelled later that night, trying to get everyone's attention.

"We want to thank you all for coming to this celebration," George started.

"Of the most amazing life of two of the most amazing people," Fred said, causing the group to laugh.

"We have a surprise for all of you, if you would follow us," They said together, leading the large group towards the pond that was on the Weasley's property.

There were quilts laid out all over, for people to take seats on. There were fairy lights dancing in most of the trees, lighting the meadow so people could the quilt with their name on it.

"Please sit on your assigned quilt and we will be right back," the twins instructed as the group went from quilt to quilt looking for their names.

Hermione walked along the path of quilts, looking for her name. She walked past the quilt that said Mum and Dad, seeing several pillows lined along the quilt for their parents comfort. She smiled at the thoughtfulness and love that the large family had for one another and the respect they showed their parents. Not many families worked the way this group of redheads did, but she loved them.

She walked past a quilt that read Harry and Ginny, causing her to laugh loudly. The pair had tried to date after the final battle, but realized that they weren't compatible at all. Ginny looked too much like Harry's mum, which was weird in itself. Harry also believed that he needed to do things that he would like to do for himself before settling down into a serious relationship. And Ginny was fine with it, as she had her new career as a Quidditch star and seemed to love it. The pair were still friends, but Hermione found it amusing that the twins would pair the two of them to share a quilt under a starry night and romantic fairy lights.

There was a quilt for Fleur and Bill, as well as once for Percy to share with Charlie.

"Don't get any ideas, little brother," Charlie teased Percy, causing the most series of the bunch to sigh haughtily at the dragon tamer.

Hermione hid a smile as she walked past the quilt that read Ron and Luna, with a big heart drawn around the pair's name. They weren't a couple yet, but she knew that it wasn't far off before the pair was official. Luna had told her that she was waiting for the Warkshanks to get away from Ron so that he could see that she was his forever. Even though the young Gryffindor witch had no clue what a Warkshank was, if Luna said it was going to happen, Hermione wasn't going to question it. She always seemed to know things.

She followed along the path,until she came to the last quilt in the bunch. It was the biggest of the quilts set out, sporting a large Gryffindor Lion. There were big pillows and a bottle of wine, as well as a sign that said, George, Hermione and Fred. She blushed, but decided to take a seat on the quilt. She didn't know why the two pranksters had decided to share a space with her, but she wasn't complaining. In the last eleven months, she had grown closer to the pair. They had been a staple in her life since she was a first year, but in the last few months, they had grown almost as close to her as Harry and Ron. Except she had never felt for her boys the way she felt for the both of them. And that fact terrified her.

"Hello there, Angel," a voice said beside her right ear, startling her.

"We're glad that you found our quilt," another voice declared to her left.

Before she could say anything to the pair of pranksters, there was a loud explosion that erupted in the sky, causing her to gasp and look up. There before the gathered crowd was a beautiful display of fireworks.

"Oh,I love fireworks!" she exclaimed, leaning back on one of the pillows to settle down and enjoy the show.

"We know," they replied together, causing Hermione to blush.

Fred and George grinned at one another as the both laid down on their own pillows, moving just a bit closer to the witch that laid between them.

Hermione was very much aware of the two handsome wizards that lay beside her. As much as she was enjoying the show, the very fact that they were laying with her was quite distracting to the young witch. The last few months the pair had proven that they were so much more than the pranksters she had always known. She had seen what amazingly brilliant things that they could create in their shop. They had an amazing business eye that always made her want to learn more for the pair. When she had been studying to take her NEWTS, they had been a very valuable study guide of knowledge. They knew things that she had never read about.

"Hermione?" Fred asked, as a series of red and gold fireworks displayed in the sky above them.

"Hmm?" she said, a little distracted by her own thoughts.

"We have a question to ask you, Angel," George said, looking over at the beautiful witch.

"What's that?" she wondered, taking her eyes off of the sky and looking between the pair.

"Have you ever read much about magical twins?" they asked together, startling Hermione. They usually worked up to speaking in unison. Unless they really, really wanted to know something.

She propped herself up on her arms, so that she could look at them better. "I've read a little, yes. But what are you wondering if I know?"

Fred looked at George, who nodded at his brother. "Have you read about the relationships that magical twins have?"

"You mean to each other?" she asked nodding. "Yes, I've read that the relationship between a set of magical twins can be much more close then twins in the muggle world. Magical twins can listen to each other's thoughts, if they meditate and focus on one another."

"No not that, but yes that is true," George said, sitting up and turning to look at Hermione. "What we are wanting to know, Angel, is if you have ever read about romantic relationships that magical twins have?"

Hermione blushed heavily, because she most certainly had taken the time to read about such relationships. When she first became aware of the growing feelings she had for both twins, Luna had shown up to Grimmauld Place with several books on the subject. The Ravenclaw witch had then told Hermione, "When we are sisters, our babies will be best friends," and had wondered to the kitchen to give Ron the massive cake she had brought just for him.

"Brother, I believe she has read about magical twins," Fred said, grinning at his brother, sitting up and turning himself to look at Hermione.

"I believe you are correct," George agreed, smiling, as the blush on Hermione's family grew.

Hermione sighed and looked up at the sky, where a firework of a lion and a firework of an eagle were swarming around each other. She looked over to the quilt where Ron and Luna had been sitting, to see Ron snogging a very happy looking Luna. Hermione gave the pair a small smile, before turning to the grinning pair.

"Okay, so yes. I've read that magical twins usually like to date and sometimes even marry the same witch or wizard. Even though it is looked down upon in the muggle world, here in our world a triad that includes a set of magical twins is said to be blessed by Merlin himself," she informed them, repeating verbatim what she had read. "What about it?"

"Well, we were wondering if you," Fred said, taking one of her hands.

"Would like to go out with us on a date, Angel." George asked,taking her other hand.

"We would be very pleased if you would consider it," they said together.

Hermione looked down at the hands that held hers, taking a deep breath. Their hands were calloused from the work that they did day after day. These hands were proof that everything that they did, they put their whole heart into it. She knew for a fact that they never did anything that they didn't see through. They had never dated the same women before, so she knew that they must really be serious.

She looked up at the pair, meeting each of their eyes before nodding. "Yes, I will go on a date with the pair of you."

"Brilliant!" Fred exclaimed, bringing the hand he held to his lips to kiss.

"Outstanding!" George added, kissing the hand he held.

Fred and George then grabbed their wands and aimed them at the spot on the pond that they had set the fireworks. They did several wand movements and then grinned, pulling Hermione back down to lay between them on the quilt.

She raised an eyebrow at them, but knew they wouldn't give her any spoilers, so she snuggled down, holding both of their hands.

A moment later, several load bangs went off, lighting the sky with several colors. Gryffindor lions danced around the sky happily, as if celebrating their greatest victory. After a few minutes of the dancing lions, another load bang erupted, forming several words to light up the sky causing Hermione to giggle and blush. Sounds of laughter and clapping could be heard from all of the quilts that surrounded the trio.

"Our wish came true! Our Guardian Angel, Hermione Potter-Granger agreed to go out on a date with us!" The sky read.

"If they do that when you agree to just go out on a date with them, what will they do at the wedding?" Harry teased from his quilt, causing the whole crowd to laugh.

This was a little one shot that I dreamed the other night. I know that I am 5 days late for their birthday, but Happy Birthday George and Fred! This was not Beta read. I just wanted to type it out and get it on here to share with ya'll. Hope you like it. Stay safe, wash your hands and stay home! Oh, and Happy Reading.