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"So, is there a particular reason you called me, instead of Ino, Sakura, or just about anyone else in the world?"

Tenten is frowning at the man sitting in front of her, and though she knows she should at least look pleased that he just saved her closest friend's life, Tenten has never been good at masking her emotions. She is the one person of their generation who has never forgiven Sasuke Uchiha - even Kiba, who used to hate Sasuke as much, if not more than she does, has mellowed out. It isn't that she hates Sasuke, more that she could never trust him again. It certainly doesn't help that he is now trying to get in bed with one of her dear friends.

She has to admit, though, that he has his uses. For one, if it weren't for his careful work stitching her back together, and his knowledge of medical ninjutsu - not great, but better than Tenten's - to deal with the loss of blood, Temari would be dead.

"You're the only person who doesn't care enough to tell anyone about this," Tenten answers instead, because she refuses to give him a compliment. Sasuke's expression furrows.

"You aren't taking her to a hospital? She needs better treatment and a psych evaluation."

Tenten's frown deepens and she crosses her arms. "Funny that you should say someone else needs a psych evaluation."

She's pushing her luck. Sasuke glares, his dark eyes shining. She is powerful and no one can tell her otherwise, but she's never fought the last Uchiha and has no intention of doing it now. She tries to soften her expression. She contemplates apologizing, but she won't give him the satisfaction.

"I can't."

He doesn't respond, but confusion is painted on his face. Tenten sits up from where she is leaning against the bookcase. She leaves the room and returns with the sleeping baby in her arms.

"Holy fuck."

Tenten just nods, hovering over Sasuke as she stares down at the baby. It's so at peace, completely unaware that its mother just tried to kill herself, completely unaware of the trouble it's causing Tenten. Sasuke is right - Temari needs to go to the hospital, for more reasons than just the childbirth. Tenten has seen a lot of movies, quite a few about children, and never in any of them did a mother attempt suicide right after having her kid. Aren't children supposed to be joyous things? Aren't they supposed to make problems go away?

"Who's the father? Nara?" Sasuke asks, breaking Tenten from her thoughts. She nods and sits down next to him - he seems transfixed by the baby, never taking his eyes off the child. He looks surprisingly tender, and Tenten almost forgets that he tried to murder a number of her friends on several occasions.

"Temari's going to kill me for telling you about this," Tenten sighs.

"Not if she kills herself first," Sasuke says without thinking. He has the nerve to look guilty about this quip, glancing away from the baby for the first time since Tenten carried it in, shooting her an apologetic glance.

Tenten surprises him by laughing. That's the kind of morbid humor she would normally get from Temari, though lately the Suna kunoichi did very little joking. It's a pleasant change of pace from the shit she's currently dealing with. Sasuke, surprised that Tenten isn't nearly as sensitive as either of their teammates, smiles.

The unlikely trio, Tenten, Sasuke, and the baby, fall into a calm silence. Sasuke thinks of himself, his childhood. How easy he thought it would be, to avenge his clan then restore it by having children. He's nearing twenty, he's only had sex a couple of times, and there's no girl he's interested in enough to make children with - no girl unimportant and interesting enough for him to make children with. Karin is out somewhere "finding herself", and, anyway, she's of the Uzumaki clan. If they had children together, she might not be willing to accept that she and her child would have to give up the Uzumaki name for the sake of Sasuke's clan. He doesn't love Karin, or anyone, but that isn't important to him. He knows that she would marry him if he asked, but even she has her limits. As does Ino, also from a powerful clan. She would not give up her name or allow her child to be an Uchiha. Maybe Sakura would be willing, she isn't from an important clan, and surely she would marry him with little effort on his part…

"Would you like to hold it?" Tenten asks, forcing Sasuke out of his solitary mind and back into reality. Despite himself, he smirks. Tenten continues. "You've been staring at it for some time, I thought you might want to but didn't know how to ask. It's getting creepy."

"It? Don't you know the kid's gender?"

Tenten rolls her eyes. "Who am I to assign this thing a gender based on its body parts, when it doesn't even have a name yet? Do you want to hold the kid or not?"

Sasuke nods slowly. Tenten leans closer to him and he takes the baby from her arms, cradling it in his own. Tenten lets out a breath of relief and stretches her arms high above her head, yawning.

"Shit, I've been holding that thing for so long the past couple of hours that my arms are sore as hell," she says, leaning backwards until she is lying down on the couch. Sasuke moves to the other end, slowly, allowing her to stretch her legs. She watches him with the baby and smiles. "I think you've got it covered. I'm gonna take a light nap, wake me up in like forty minutes, cool?"

She sleeps for more than forty minutes because Sasuke does not wake her up. He dozes off soon after she does, worn out from his long-day and having to perform impromptu surgery at two in the morning. The house falls silent and all its inhabitants are in such deep, fatigued sleep that they do not stir when an even quieter presence enters the home.

Neji Hyuuga senses something is amiss as soon as he enters his new house. The smell of blood nearly overwhelms him. Silently, his Byakugan is activated and he searches through the house. Tenten's chakra signature, in the family room, is the first that he registers, then Sasuke, then Temari in the guest bedroom. An unknown, yet strangely familiar, signature overlaps with Sasuke, but given that Tenten is asleep, it must not be hostile. Temari is weak, injured, but Tenten seems fine, if a little exhausted. It's Sasuke's presence that is unusual - neither Tenten nor Temari are particularly keen on the Uchiha, yet there he is, in Neji's home, sleeping beside Neji's girlfriend. If he were a lesser man, Neji might be jealous.

He makes his way into the house stealthily, not wanting to arouse any of the sleeping individuals. He places his keys into the bowl on the kitchen table, removes his anbu mask and places it beside the bowl and walks toward the family room.

Tenten lies on her side on the couch, her arms tucked under her head and her feet in Sasuke's lap. Sasuke's head is resting on the back of the couch, and there is a dark-haired, dark-skinned baby on his chest. Sasuke has one hand on the baby's back. His mouth is slightly agape and he snores lightly.

Neji, confused, shakes Tenten's shoulder lightly. She awakens immediately, sitting up abruptly. This makes Sasuke wake up, and he reflexively puts both arms around the baby who, unsurprisingly, remains asleep. Tenten and Sasuke both look up at Neji - Tenten looking a mix of worried and frustrated, Sasuke impassively. Neji, eyebrows furrowed in confusion, ignores Sasuke.

"Tenten...what is going on here?"

I know, right, Sasuke, of all people? I wasn't even planning to put him in it but here he is. Please apologize any out-of-character portrayals, especially for Sasuke...I only just started re-watching Naruto (from the beginning) for the first time in YEARS, and I never actually finished it when it was originally airing so not all of the character portrayals will be 100% accurate. I'm trying my best, though, and I hope you enjoy!