Here is another new story, the follow up to my story A New Chapter.

I own nothing and no money is being made from writing, we're all quarantined right now. I work in medical and had contractedthevirus and am blessed to finally be doing better after three weeks.

Autumn was the time of hugs, evenings with warm drinks and warmer smiles. But not right now, Megan and I are in my apartment only having been home two days but we both knew we wouldn't be staying long.

My father hand tossed a fit when he arrived days ago to find out I had been pursud by madmen, but he was protective and made sure my rent was paid so that I could rest. Got me a few months off school to boot. He adored Megan, I asked her. "You get the papers?"

She tossed them on the table, "Yeah, time to hunt," we had been shopping, she was smart creating a secret compartment in my Mustang, we concealed the guns and ammo. "You know, they hide their killings," she handed me a glass of orange juice and some prenatal vitamins.

"Yeah, but how well,"

I knew this was stupid, both knocked up and alone, we had no fighting skill. But I was having a child and that child was in danger now, this undead bitch had to go. I sighed taking the same medication as her, "A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. Megan," she smiles, she could hide away here and be safe, but she was going with me, we spoke and I told her it be best if she stayed away but she said family sticks together as we did for her.

Going over the last week's news reports and now the actual newspapers. She was good at this over the course of three days, she was isolating deaths. I had pulled a good amount of cash from my bank not wanting to leave my family a paper trail when we bounced. Gayla and Becca had just left, Gayla was worried about Sean, I just explained he needed time after what we had been through. I plated her eggs and toast, "Here you go," but she was smiling.

"Lakewood, Washington,"

We sit eating as she spoke again, "All seven of these deaths are considered accidents, a hitchhiker who was torn up by the train, an animal attack but can't locate an escaped tiger, not but thirty minutes away and a two days later, a woman was found naked in a burning car, now how doesn't that seem fishy,"

"Think maybe, he has minions like the nurse who helped Nick. Maybe not all are on his side. But Pack we leave now," tossing my plate in the trash. "Like we don't have bags packed," she was right, I just used a moving box to place all of my fridge and freezer food into, last was the cabinets. I kept the snacks though.

We together lugged our duffle bags into the trunk of the Mustang, last we put the boxes in front of a door of a single mother, she was in college and young. I dropped forty in the box as Megan rang the bell, a mad dash for the hall to watch and make sure she took the food. The pale blue door opened, and she looked down in surprise, it was a decent amount of food and just a little cash. I felt better though seeing her crying in happiness, I would try and make friends with her when we returned.

"Come on, I mapped it out for the best time frame,"

With one last look we drive off heading to the I-5 N, it was still early morning so I was stopping for a coffee at Dutch Bros because, well because I can. Megan spoke she looked like a perfect Cali girl with the round sunglasses on, she left her old life behind and started new here. "Should be sixteen hours and forty-five minutes with no stops, so factoring into this gas we could be there by two in the morning," she was right no time to waste, the boys have three weeks on us.

I smiled, "Hey, so you want a girl or boy?"

It was crazy we are both pregnant, and our due dates match, so she slept with Sean the same night I slept with Nick. "I will be happy with either, just hope I am a better mother than my own. And you?" sipping our coffee, the roads are not as packed yet, we're just above the curve of the rush hour here in California where the freeways blow majorly.

I never really thought about it, "I think either is cool, I just don't want the baby to be sick because the venom is lingering in Nick and now the baby,"

Onward, up the picturesque and foggy West Coast Highway 1-5 N. Passed over another mountain range, jagged peaks and chill air. The music blared we are both smiling while possibly driving to our doom and death, This road would lead us the entire way, we figured she nap and drive the remainder of the way so that I could rest.

Keep left to stay on I-5 N, follow signs for Interstate 5/Woodland/Redding. Our second stop and we're now entering Oregon. She was going to take over the driving for a little so my ass could rest.

We had another six hours until we reached Lakewood, but we decided to get a hotel in Seattle and talk after sleeping. "I feel good, sorry you drove for so long. I'll grab snacks," I was at the pump it was crazy two lone females out in rural Oregon, but here we're rocking it. Megan was normally shy but being around me was making her more and more outgoing, maybe it was because we went on a vampire killing spree only to win and fail at the same time.


It was full as I placed the gas nozzle back on the slot after I screwed the cap on, I was in the passenger seat when she walked our a bag in hand, we drank water and stopped to pee. I knew pop was bad for the baby, so I dialed it down and added more water. I mean she and I are only six weeks in but starting healthy habits was vital to our growing spawn. She just winked and drove off into the night, I, on the other hand, was rifling through the bag seeing fruit, chips, plastic spoons and two pints of ice cream, how are we having the same cravings.

"Oh yes," taking the pint of birthday cake Serendipity and started in, in my honest view it was the best. I have had my fair share of birthday cake ice cream and this was top-notch, the flavor was better than an actual cake, she had a Strawberry fields Serendipity between her legs, I pointed to a Burger King. "Need warm food,"

She pulled into the drive-through, "Ill take a number six no sauce, with onion rings and medium coke," she got the very same, the bacon king was bigger than we anticipated though. I finished half and the full pint, she made better headway, but in the end, our trash was in a trash bag and she was driving through the night, my body was sideways.

The conversation was never lacking, we talked of school and how she thought it be best for her to attend Nursing school, she wanted to help people. I said she could have my old notes since I was nearly finished, that I could help her and make sure she would be top in her class. How life could be, painting pictures for each other but in the end, I never knew how Nick would react to finding out I was with his child. "Sean, he going to flip, Meg, he will want to get married right then and there. He loves you," beaming her face turned redder and redder.

She sighed, "I want him to marry me for love, not the baby. Doubt either boy is going to be thrilled seeing us, that's even if they're together," she was right, Sean was looking for Nick.

"We deal with that when the time comes, for now, we try and take him out before them," she agrees, doubt the guy thought two dainty ladies would be heading for him.

By three in the morning are we standing in our room at The Maxwell hotel, "There are Pineapples on our pillows," she was right? "Let's sleep we have time to contemplate d├ęcor tomorrow,"

We had two beds but in the end, we end up sharing one, it was easy to be scared but being scared and not alone made all the difference right now. I feel this blackness come over me. Like a blanket, but not a blanket of warmth but a blanket of coldness making me shiver. But somehow it's making my eyes feel heavier and heavier. I finally close my eyes sending me into a dreamless sleep.

I wake suddenly, every thought in high definition. My eyes take in every ray of light and without a doubt I know I've slept too long. The noises are of a day in full swing, traffic-heavy. "Megan up," it was ten we had enough sleepy time. I was dressed in blue jeans, my vans, and a red lifeguard hoodie, with a black tank under it in case it somehow got hot. My hair was brushed and up in a messy bun, she looked nearly the same but her sweater was a baby blue, with black words scribbled on it. "Eat," she groaned.

"Yea, grab the pills too," keeping on top of taking our daily prenatal care pills.

The lobby was not very busy, "No housekeeping, please," the man nodded and penciled us in for none. We sit in the dining area of a local diner, "Water with lemon please, and mm that looks yummy. The Monterey Quesadilla but no onion,"

Megan ordered, the Steak and eggs platter, I was still tired as she pointed at a small article, nothing flashy about it. "A homeless couple attacked by another animal, the only way to explain the tearing of the flesh,"

"He might not be alone, Kit wasn't. I wish we knew how many we're up against," we might find out but when it was too late to care.

But he was on the move, this was in a small town called Tillicum, we scoff at the name. "He isn't going to stay in one location for long," she mused her fork coming to her mouth, we talked calmly keeping it low.

I was reading the article and trying to think of the timeline of the others and the locations. "No, he moves every time he kills. But the numbers grow, I don't think he travels alone, has a day driver too. I guessed he hit Seattle soon, he is moving,"

"Well here we're, we wait," knowing now we be out at night in his element. I looked over things, these people were killed in one place, but were seen another place, "Notice nearly half of these people were at clubs before, and then ended up in another location where their bodies are found,"

She groaned her fork hitting the platter, "We are clubbing aren't we,"

"Might be,"

Yeah. I finished puking and so did Megan the third club was our undoing, morning sickness kicked in.

We leave and head to the hotel, morning is coming. But I needed water or some ginger ale, so we stop at the bar across the street. "I need a ginger ale to help soothe the belly," she was game as long as we stopped vomiting. The bar is hundreds of conversations told in loud voices, all of them competing with the rock music that dominates the atmosphere. The crowd is young, students from the university for the most part. We wind our way through the warm bodies to order a ginger ale - the bartender grins. "Coming right up ladies," Before the drink is poured, I feel someone melting their body to mine from behind the feel of hands braced on my tiny belly.

His words are whispered, Megan is pale her eyes wide. "Now Now, two little girls trying to hunt me. I could kill you both and be done with it, but I have morals believe it or not, both with a child. I can smell the fetus, if you keep this up, I will have to kill you both. My name is Nico," I hated feeling his breath on my neck, hot and alluring.

I spun, "You," the guy from the gas station in Arizona.

"Hello again,"

I spat, "You tainted fuck, kill me now while you have the chance. I will not give up until you're dead," his hand was still on my womb. "Oh, one of my tainted ones. The guy pumping gas knocked you up and now my venom is in your unborn," he was handsome, and his words are alluring.

Fighting the fogginess in my brain, he chuckled. "I can't wait to see this outcome," I stabbed him, a gun was not needed but daddies hunting knife was. I was hilt deep when I whispered. "Fuck you," Megan caused a scene like this guy was violating us, so the crowd closed in on him. This was not holy ground and there had to be ways to make them as such.

We escaped through the door seeing another handsome guy waiting at the door, he was perched in front of a Dodge Charger. I saw this car before, in the chaos, the one named Nico was able to get into the Charger, all we could do was watch.

I yakked again, "We need to see a priest, there has to be a way to make any ground Holy. I mean how many people are buried under our feet,"

"I never thought of that, but Nico is gone and will be watching for us. Doubt he will be in this state by tomorrow,"

I just sling my arm over her shoulders, "I know, but let's get some more allies," it was odd I could feel those who are tainted, I felt him and knew not to move.

I knew where to go we are safe for now, he was bailing and leaving town, not due to us, we didn't scare him.

She hands me a napkin and I cleaned my face. "Come on, we have tomorrow to locate a priest," she was right.

For now, we gain information.

Good choices are made not on the journey, but in a moment, at a fork in the road. This is how the brain is; it is how we are. The forward motion comes best when the primitive drive and the higher social brain agree on a path.