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I was bothered by every little aspect of life these days, Fable and Wyatt returned home and this meant sitting them down to alert them of the surprise we both had faced.

Fable and Wyatt agreed they needed time; I did say if Fable wanted, she was old enough to have a relationship with her father. That in his defense he thought we all died, and that none knew how fast they would grow. But she was just hurt, Wyatt gave me a look knowing it was my cousin that was his father. I had said, "Don't worry about your mother or me, you both do what is right for you. I am sure your father and mother will be firmly together soon enough," but Fable gave me a look, but Megan bless her touched Fable's shoulder while I walked from the room.

I was not as forgiving…One time I thought my emotional scars were as a net that promised to drown me in briny depths. No more. Now I stand on the rock and those scars became bright sparks in the sunlight, golden fireworks giving light back into the dawn.

So here I stand a few weeks later with Megan, Wyatt, and Fable stand with Nico and Kyle. The air was so tense, I sighed "Out with it," I knew it would happen just surprised it was taking them so long. Each glanced at the other before Fable just shook her long hair a smirk placed on her angelic face then her eyes turned to lock with my crimson eyes.

Her tone was soft, she was such a caring girl. "We would like to hear about them, but we also want to meet them. Nothing may happen after that, but we need you and Auntie there. It would be too hard on us to do alone," Megan gave her son a soft look. Her tone was floating and musical, "I understand, you have never met them and this is very new and foreign to you both. I have been talking to your father Wyatt, he does want to meet you very much the both of you," she gave me a side-eye, but for all of us in this room, nothing was missed. We smelled their fear, their hurt, their worry even.

I snorted, a very human trait we never seemed to lose. "I know Megan, and don't care you live your life as you wish. As for you two, I was surprised you are just only asking and it seems your two uncles came to support you two. As your mothers of course we will be there to offer what support we can, I am not sure how much that is though. But Fable and Wyatt what do you want to hear?" I was sure they knew things, so this was about certain information since Nick's parents told her and her father to certain degrees.

Wyatt beamed planting his ass on my countertop, "How you met her dad, how mom met mine," well this has not been covered that much I do know. So, I began since Megan had to tell her part of this. But I guess that's the point of talking, to get what's in your head out there, to start new lines of thought and hope they ripple out into our collective "pond. Here it goes, "Your father Wyatt asked me to drive with him to his sister's wedding, I was going to fly thinking his old boss would never give him the time off since he was a fucking bastard about that stuff. But off we went it was fun the entire time and fate worked however it chose to, after our tire blew, we had to stay in this shithole with hundreds of missing people posted on the shop walls. Well, we were already being stalked, I never knew Kit's reason for and don't personally care," I didn't need to breathe, but a pause always made for a good story.

They all looked so interested, but three already knew the story and every other detail but not the two who so desperately wanted to know. Continuing, "Nick was sitting in my seat when I walked from the shop, I knew then he was off in a way but not as in he was going to murder Sean and me," I spoke and they listened with watching eyes and open ears, never had I painted their fathers bad, but some things were bad. Finishing the tale, "I rushed Kit, my weight was nothing as you see but it was the surprise that I would go against him to save Nick. Well, it was a hard fall, but the table at least saved me from even more damage, than your mom pulled me from it right as Sean came baling in slamming the rust bucket into Kit as the sun came up. It was all very dramatic, but when I woke days later he was gone, they both were and we were pregnant. And I know Nico and Kyle told you the second half of this, great bedtime stories you two," but neither looked worried that I was mad, they could smell the humor.

Megan had a harder time with her half, but they gave her the same focus they did to us. Wyatt spoke next, "We all know mom is still in love with my "father", " his air quotes around father, he was more stern and not laid back. " But do you still have any feelings for her dad?" he finished looking sheepish for a first.

I wanted to swat him into next week, but I adored him so much. "I don't think I have a choice but to, you both have a mate roaming, and one day you might have to face the fact they're human and will need to be turned. For your mother it will always be your father, it was from first sight even as humans, and yes, for me even as a human it was Fable's father," pain washed over me without permission as Nico braced his body around mine.

His words would have made anyone male or female drop to their knees for him, do his bidding no matter the price. "Others would have emotional scars, not you, you're still bleeding because your heart is so strong. The thing is, you do not need a new bond, you'll be fine, you'll be as good as new, still independent and strong. Love is as the blood in our veins, it needs to flow. You need to let things go, but in your own time my darling demon," hearing Megan or myself being called demons made the kids laugh, bedtime stories of how we hunted him and got him so many times, it was such a feat for two pregnant humans.

Fable looked worried, "I can't put you through that, I can have either one of my Uncles or Auntie come with me. I don't like some things that I heard, but Grandma and Grandpa say their boy loved you and me, that you made him into a better man," I figured Nick needed to go home and see his parents before their time was at an end.

So this was my choice, a week later Fable was at Bucks a diner waiting with Wyatt and Megan for Sean and Nick, but I walked in first they knew I was here a little ago but it was Fable, if she could cry she would be it meant more to her that I came. Her arms come around me, "I wouldn't let you do this alone," Meg just winked while we waited for the other two to arrive.

Wyatt was showing Fable something on his cell when we four turned smelling and hearing them coming, I would guess another five minutes of human time than this night was going to get odd. I offered, "Still time to just leave," I was hit, and the kids laughed at us. Megan answered, "No, Sean has been dying to see you again, "I bite back a retort, smelling them coming through the door and smelling the arousal of some men, and every female in the diner.

Megan was not smiling at this, but I shrugged "it's in our DNA now," was all that anyone could offer the pissy vampire. I can hear my cousin chuckling, but Nick was scared, scared of what was not something I knew.

I intentionally had our seats changed to a table in the back, it offered a better seating arrangement, I wanted Nick and Sean together and the two kids in front of them with Megan and I flanking Fable and Wyatt. Meg beamed, "Hello, have a seat," but she was hugging Sean, both looked so in love and happy.

But the hug was lasting a tad too long as I cut in, "Sit so we can get this over with, you two have time but not right now," was offered in a clipped tone of voice, this was not about Meg and Sean this was for Fable and Wyatt. I was not making eye contact with Fable's father, keeping my eyes on anything or anyone but him. I felt painfully out of place, like a pepperoni that had mistakenly made its way onto a vegetarian pizza.

I can feel the fear in my chest waiting to take over. Perhaps it only wants to protect me but there isn't any danger. It sits there like an angry ball propelling me towards anxiety I just don't need. "Hello Noel," it was my cousin, so my eyes flickered to Wyatt's father.

Inclining my head when Megan kicked me under the table, it bothered me but didn't hurt in the least. Her eyes like daggers snapping at me in their way to speak to his moody ass. So, I do, "Hello Sean, a pleasure to see you. So how about we get this gathering started, they wanted to meet you. Wyatt this is your father and my cousin Sean, Sean this is Wyatt Morgan your son,"

Megan the whore got with the program, "Fable my darling girl, this is your father, Nick. Nick this is Fable, I understand how tense everyone is but looked around we are scaring the rest," our vibes give off strong emotions, so I noticed the scents changing to more relaxed and calm, all but mine nothing would change them until I was away from him.

I tried to focus on the music playing light jazz, "Hello to you both, I thought this day was far beyond me. For years we thought you four died and then well the look on my cousin's face tells me much more. Noel, we thought you died, in no way would I have stayed away from any of you,"

"Enough, this is not what you two came for. Get to know Wyatt and Fable, they're what matters," Wyatt nodded at me when he spoke, "I mean come on, let me get this straight. You thought we all died because Uncle Nico told you as such, but you never came to ensure it or to find our graves to pay your respects. I understand so much when information is freely given," more tension came until Fable touched Wyatt's arm, once Sean and I had the same reactions.

"He is right, we should have come. Sean and I know how fucked we made things, how fucked I made things. But we all the time in this world to overcome those issues. One at a time to help build trust, I see so much of Noel in Wyatt,"

Fable snapped her eyes like daggers, "Of course, it was not only Auntie helping mother with me, but momma helping Auntie with Wyatt. They were a team, now let us just relax and talk before we scare the entire place into leaving," so Megan spoke, Sean and Nick, and the kids but I just watched. My body was leaned back like I was apart of the group but wanted to observe as well. My eyes scanning the diner, but hearing every word making sure Fable and Wyatt had the support they needed.

But it was wrapping up…finally.

Nick spoke, "Noel, please. Talk to me, Megan is talking to Sean and they're working out their issues. I love you; so much it is physically painful, nothing has changed for me it has been you and will always be you," I was up with Fable next to me.

I spat out, "You once told me you could smell me states away, yet you just believed I died. Megan forgives far too easy, you made your bed now fucking lye in it," but seeing him, our eyes on each other old emotions still rise another reason I never should have come. He still looked perfect to me, flashbacks of every moment we shared from human years and even after haunt me, I never an escape them.

Before I leave the area, I know they're still close and hear me just fine. "Might want to head back to Marble Falls and see your parents, they will not be around forever like us. They don't have time," I heard his agreement before I took to the woods …