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Ergo, I introduce to you A Certain Unfortunate Trainer! A Certain Magical Index/Pokemon Crossover that I've been developing for a long time. It was a fan project that was born while I was writing my current ToAru story when Generation 8 was announced. As my mind tends to do far too often to my liking, it began to mesh ideas, concepts, and plots together against my will. It became too much and I had to start writing how such a fusion could work. I had to rewrite a lot of stuff to fit the world, rework characters, think deeply about how Espers could work and Magic and religion, and think of how this story could work without it being a simple rewrite of the story with Pokemon just added in without any impact.

Hell, it wasn't until this quarantine came up that I could fine-tune everything and pump out three completed chapters when I only had two done. Even during times of hardship, good things may sprout. I've had plenty of time to write my stories and also work on my projects in the making.

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Chapter 1: The Trainer Cursed With Misfortune.


The World of Pokemon.

In this world, unlike many others, it's inhabitants were made up of two unique species of life. There were humans, beings with immense capabilities for knowledge, creativity, and potential. They were dominant species who ruled over the world to create cities, education, arts, technology, religion, and so much more. Though they were a weak species, they made up for it with numbers and a sense of creativity that allowed them to adapt to the ever-changing world. Then there was the other unique species, one much more powerful and adapting than humans.

Pokemon. Creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colors. These fascinating beasts were capable of unimaginable feats. From creating fire out of thin air, shooting bolts of lightning, creating storms with a flick of a tail, and changing the landscape with a touch; Pokemon were creatures of fantasy come to life. And unlike humans, they were capable of living on every corner of the world and could create great miracles, and bring destruction by themselves.

Humans and Pokemon; two species of life that shared one earth, one sea, and one sky. Long ago, it was said that the two forms of life were at odds with another. Great wars ripped the earth into new shapes that would later be known as regions, and at a time, they two were separated from the other in isolation.

Times passed, wounds healed. And harmony between the two had been born once again. Pokemon and Humans would learn to live among one another as they did long ago. With the changing times, new traditions would be born and a new culture would rise by the union.

Pokemon Trainers and Pokemon Battles would become a common tradition among all the regions of the world. No longer did humans and Pokemon fight another, but fight alongside the other in sport to prove the strength of their bonds. It was a fun and addicting culture that showed no signs of dying down no matter the age. It marked the permanent peace between the two. It was safe to say this world was an exciting and spectacle world for all those who inhabited it, filled with countless stories for all to tell.

One story would tell of a young boy named after a certain fiery primary color, journeying the region of Kanto to become the very best while battling a mafia of criminals.

Another would speak of a golden named youth who followed after that fiery boy, challenging to overcome the great shadow left behind by that talented Trainer.

And similar stories after would speak of boys and girls who faced ill-meaning organizations who planned to change the world by means of Legendary Pokemon.

But there was one story, one tale, of your average, ordinary, 'normal' high school boy in a world of Pokemon that was unlike those stories of heroism and dreams to be the very best. There was a story of a boy born with utter misfortune, who's very life was dictated to be full of rotten luck from the second he was brought into the world without a god's blessing. There was a story of a boy whose right hand defied all logic and opposed beings that stood on a higher plain than any other.

This was the story of neither a Hero or a Villian.

This was the story of an unfortunate high school Trainer, and his daily life cursed with misfortune.

If there was one word to perfectly summarize Kamijou Touma's life it would be; Unfortunate.





And several other words he had in mind that went along with describing his rather shitty luck. Honestly, it sometimes felt like his life was completely devoid of any kind of fortune. It certainly helped to explain the reason for his current dilemma.

"Remedial lessons?" Kamijou Touma, a rather plain-faced teen wearing a white button-up shirt and orange undershirt, sputtered miserably. Compared to the many other students passing him by, he was as normal as you could get with the exception of his dark spiky hair and gloomy aura at the moment. Standing outside his classroom, the normal high school boy with a negative air about him was slumped over as he spoke with his teacher.

The teacher in question was far from what you would expect from the common appearance of an adult. She was of short stature with both pink short hair and eyes wearing a similarly colored dress. If one were to pass her by without knowing her name and occupation, they would immediately crouch down to her level and ask her if she was lost or missing her parents. They would then get a cute frustrated pout and then a lecture that would prove her age.

Komoe was indeed an adult. How else would she be able to smoke and drink like some thirty-year-old tow truck driver? Truly, she was one of the Seven Wonders of Academy City.

Towering over the small form of Touma's teacher, stood a yellow and red-colored bipedal Pokemon that seemed to be made of magma flames with sharp claws, black metal rings cuffed on its ankles and neck, and a duckbill for a mouth. In this honest Kamijou's opinion, the Pokemon reminded him of a burning duck, but comments like that usually earned the spit firing ire of Komoe's trusty partner. The Pokemon, Magmar, nodded certainly to Touma's question as its master smiled innocently at her despairing student.

"Correct! Due to your low test scores in your Esper Development, it's been decided that you will have to take Remedial Lessons this summer! Otherwise, you will have to repeat a grade, and I would really hate it if my precious little student had to suffer the embarrassment of being left behind while his friends went on ahead of him." Komoe explained gently as she could.

Unfortunately, all Touma heard was;

'Sorry, but due to the fact that you're an idiot, you'll have to take summer classes to make up your stupidity! If you don't, your friends are going to go on ahead, laughing at your failure to progress while calling you a dumb-ass.'

"Not to mention your reluctance to pick a Pokemon has also been brought up. At this rate, you will continue to fall behind the others without a partner to help you develop an Ability." Komoe said with worry.

In the halls of A Certain High School, you would find students walking to class with a unique item on their person. On their belts, the students held white and red-colored balls the size of Super Balls; they were known as Pokeballs. These balls helped to contain creatures known as Pokemon, protecting them from harm and allowing their owners to take them anywhere they desired. A few of the students went as far as to go about their way with one of their Pokemon either beside them or on their person. Every student in Academy City was the same, carrying a Pokemon with them as they went about their daily lives to become Espers.

All except for one high schoolboy.

At the mention of a lack of Pokemon, Touma grew uncomfortable. His eyes glanced away from his teacher as he scratched the back of his head out of habit.

The subject of Pokemon was a sensitive one for Touma. One he really didn't feel like talking about with anyone at the moment due to his rather...rotten past. There was a history there, one he would rather move past.

"What can I say? None of the Pokemon that have picked out for me have really made a connection with me." Touma chuckled awkwardly.

Komoe sighed, knowing there wasn't much she could do to get her beloved student past the rather touchy subject. She had known the spiky-haired boy for a long time now, having met him in his youth after a series of mishaps between them. Kamijou Touma was a precious student of hers, one she wanted to see succeed no matter what.

But the boy was troublesome. His test scores concerning his status as an Esper were the lowest she had ever seen, he was late half the time to class, and the other half he wouldn't show up, not to mention his pension for getting into trouble. And the less said about his troubles with woman, the better.

Still, despite how he was now resembling a no-good delinquent, Komoe knew that her troubled student could do better.

"I know you're capable of so much more, Kamijou-chan! Your Sensei hasn't given up hope! With my help, you'll ace your Remedial Lessons, make it to the next year, gain your first Pokemon, and even discover your own Personal Reality! No matter how many games of Blind Poker we have to play, we'll make a proper Esper and Trainer out of you!" she proudly proclaimed with hope in her heart.

While she basked in her own positive energy to make an excellent student out of him, both Touma and Komoe's Magmar looked up at another with faces of doubt. The flame designed human duck burped a small ember of fire, almost as if scoffing at the very notion of the spiky-haired boy it had known for the year actually improving even a small margin. Touma felt his eye twitch at Magmar in annoyance. The damn, smug flame bastard. Unlike Komoe, it was anything but encouraging.

To describe it, Magmar's face said;

'Pfft! Him? Become a proper student? I have a better chance of evolving into a Wailord with a Water Stone!'

What an asshole.

Knowing there was nothing to stop the inevitable, Touma could only nod his head with a withering sigh. He guessed he was just going to have to suck it in and endure the extra lessons during his break. It wasn't like this was the first time. Events like this were a common thing for this rotten lucked Kamijou.

"What time do I have to come at this time?"

After getting a detailed schedule for his extra lessons, Touma decided it was time to leave. The school day was over with now and after hearing about his summer vacation being filled with more lessons, he thought it would be best to forget about it for today. He had to try and at least relax.

Turning on his foot, he was ready to wave good-bye to his adorable teacher with a promise to see her in the morning, when IT struck.

Unknown to him, Touma's shoelaces had come undone. The laces of his shoe tangled themselves over his feet; one step was all it had taken for his famous brand of bad luck to strike a direct hit.

Eyes flung wide open as he tripped, Touma had made a sound of surprise while Komoe watched everything happen in slow motion. The small child-sized teacher had moved to try and stop his fall, forgetting her stature would only hinder them both. As she gripped his open hand, she found herself pulled along with Touma in his descent with the floor.

Touma wanted to groan once his back hit the floor with an audible smack. Typical, this was the seventh time this week that his shoes had tripped him over. And he was sure he had them tied as tightly as humanly possible. He flinched while trying to get back on his feet, only for his face to freeze. Only now did he realize the position he was in.

As Komoe tried to hold on and pull him back up in his clumsy step, she had found herself falling onto his chest. The pink-haired teacher who could have been mistaken for a minor supported herself with her arms on his chest, her face grimacing slightly before finding her eyes locked onto her student's dark eyes at very close proximity. She gasped lightly, her breath washing over his face before a red flush painted her cheeks.


"That bastard! He's doing it again!"

"In the middle of the halls too?! The balls, the sheer balls!"

"She may be legal, but even you shouldn't try to capture her, ya sick bastard!"

"Are you sure he's a Level 0? Because I'm pretty sure his ability is Attract!"

"At this rate, humanity as a species is doomed! Curse this damned Kami-yan Disease!"

The death threats flew over this sweating Kamijou's head. He gulped staring at the true danger behind the blushing and stuttering child teacher.

Komoe's Magmar glared at Touma with red burning it its eyes, hotter than any fire it could ever produce naturally. A flare of flames blew out its nose as it cracked its knuckled menacingly, its billed mouth stretching into an evil grin. Those clawed fists soon burned with flames that could only be found in the center of an active volcano.


'At again, you punk ass!? I'm sure you know what comes next, bitch!'

Times like this, Touma wondered why the voice in his head that he associated with Komoe's Magmar sounded like some street punk.

It wouldn't be the first time Touma cursed his luck as he soon found the Spitfire Pokemon's Flame Fist flying his way.

"Such Misfortune!"

Academy City. A human-made landmass off the west of Kanto and Johto that had been developed three decades ago by an unknown party. In such a short time span, a metropolis was created with the aid of Pokemon and humans that prided itself on the advancement of science and technology. It was the only region in the world made unnaturally by human and Pokemon hands with the image of a city like structure similar to Unova. It was also a landlocked region that was strict with allowing visitors in and allowing its inhabitants to leave without the proper forms signed. When compared to the many other lands around it, it was almost alien.

It was a city that was heavily focused on all matters of research in both technology and Pokemon. One could say that it was a dreamland for scientists of all classifications. Matters concerning Pokemon Evolutions, Abilities, Natures, Types, Form Changes, Mega Evolution, Z-Crystals, and Gigantmax/Dynamax were all topics that were studied by different research labs. Among those studies into the wonderful beings known as Pokemon, discoveries in robotics, medicine, mental health, AI, and agriculture were being born. A major chunk of the world's technology was outsourced from Academy City, with a strange rumor floating about that it was because of them that the Pokeball had been created by them. This city of science was heavily influenced by all matters of research and technology, but there was another side to it.

The Power Curriculum Program.

Unlike any region, Academy City was entirely comprised of students, with a populace of 2.3 million. The city housed schools from kindergarten to universities, allowing all the students who resided to attain the highest level of education possible. The populace was unlike any other region, comprised of 80% of students and the remainder as teachers, researchers, law enforcement, staff, and regular adults. And those students were expected to learn one sole achievement as they attended Academy City. These students' daily lives revolved on attaining the status of Esper; humans who have gained psychic abilities that allowed them to gain what was known as a Personal Reality. What that Personal Reality did to a human was mind-boggling.

A student who had gone through the program would ascend their basic humanity and gain a micro-verse that gained them the status of Pokemon. Almost like a hybrid, this phenomenon allowed an Esper to perform small feats of supernatural powers like a Pokemon. The process involved a multitude of experiments that ranged from hypnosis, drugs, tests, and mental exercises.

The program was the crown jewel of Academy City. One it alone possessed. It was the entire reason such a world had been created.

It was here, in this miraculous city of science, that Kamijou Touma resided. It had been his home since he had graduated from elementary school in his home town in Johto. Due to unsavory events of his childhood, his parents had thought it would be better if he continued his studying where matters such as the supernatural weren't taken seriously. And what better place without any shred of the occult than Academy City?

With his school bag flung over his shoulder, the gloom faced high school boy walked the streets of Academy City's District 7 aimlessly in dread for the start of his make up classes tomorrow morning. He really didn't feel like going back to his dorm right now. He needed something to distract him before his despair swallowed him whole!

"Torkoal; Flamethrower!"

"Bronzor; Protect!"

In his aimless stroll, Touma's attention was suddenly caught by the shouts of two students close by. Going on ahead a bit more, he found himself by a small park where several middle school students gathered around. Unlike a normal park, this one was unique in the fact that it was designed with a large battlefield for Pokemon battles at its center. And currently, two students were battling it out with a crowd watching excitedly.

A small smile came to Touma's face as he neared the battle. Maybe a Pokemon battle would help him forget about the loss of his summer?

Joining the crowd, Touma stood by as he watched two boys battle another with their respective Pokemon. On the left stood a metal blue Pokemon shaped like a manhole cover with six studs circling its edges and two yellow eyes. It floated in the air, defying gravity as it suddenly gained an otherwordly hue of energy that quickly created an indestructible barrier around its body. The Steel/Psychic Type made it just in time to shield it from the torrent of blazing fire crashing against its defensive ability.

And on the right stood an orange-colored turtle Pokemon with fox-like eyes and a charcoal colored shell on its back that seemed to constantly exude smoke. From the fire turtles mouth, it spewed said flame torrent like a stream of gushing water until it could no longer hold its attack. Torkoal's Flamethrower proved useless against the almighty Protect move, its flames harmlessly washing over the luminescent dome of energy until only lingering embers remained. The Flame type Pokemon snorted a bellow of smoke from its nostrils in frustration, standing by at ready for it's Trainer's next command.

Torkoal's Trainer felt the same as his Pokemon, appearing frustrated as he watched Bronzor's Trainer make the next move.

"Good going, Bronzor; Now use Gyro Ball!"

" Torkoal, intercept with Rapid Spin!"

The oddly disk-shaped metal Pokemon began to spin at the command of its Trainer like a quarter spun its edge until it resembled a silver-hued metal ball. At the same time, Torkoal had withdrawn into its shell and spun flat on its stomach, spinning until it resembled a buzzing Frisbee. Once the two Pokemon were at full rotating speed, the shot forward and crashed against the other with a small shockwave erupting between the two. The collision resembled a spinning metal ball grinding against a sawing coal disk. Sparks could be seen as the Pokemon fought to overpower the other until only a victor remained.

What happened next was based on science really. Torkoal's spin was based on a disk, continuing to rotate like a sawing blade while Bronzor spun on the edge like a coin. Though Gyro Ball was a move that's Attack power was based on Speed, it's spin was interrupted by Torkoal's Rapid Spin hitting its edge at just the right angle. Gyro Ball was broken, leaving the floating metal disk Pokemon to suffer the damage. It was sent crashing back against the ground, it's eyes spinning as it found itself disoriented.

Disoriented, and wide open.

Torkoal's owner saw a chance and went with it, "Torkoal, let's try it again; Use Flamethrower!"

Cutting its spin attack, Torkoal skidded on all fours with a mouthful of fire peeking out of its mouth. With the go-ahead, it followed its Trainer's orders and unleashed the floodgates of fire, letting loose a torrent of red-orange flames to swallow the Steel Type Pokemon.

Anyone who knew of the Type Advantage System knew that the single move was devastating. The Super Effective move was all that was needed to end the fight.

Standing by at the edge of the middle of the battlefield, the student referee signaled the end of the match as Flamethrower died down to reveal a scorched up Bronzor flat on its back.

"We have a Winner!"

A round of applause followed the declaration of the winner. Touma joined in, clapping along as he watched the two Trainer's meet in the middle and shake hands in good sport.

While Academy City was heavily focused on developing Espers, it was like any other region in the world when it came to Pokemon battling. Along with teaching the students to develop supernatural abilities, the city also taught them all there was to know about Pokemon, even teaching the students how to properly battle as Trainers. It was like any other city in that regard. With one exception.

The City of Science lacked a Pokemon League of its own. Officially speaking, it wasn't recognized by the world as its own region, and its landlock policy was also at the cause. With the city landmass being only three decades old, it was still under consideration for the approval of a league of its own. If they were to be approved, then it would be up to the governing Board of Directors and the Head Chairman to allow not only a Pokemon League but the end of their Landlock policy to allow other Trainer's from the other regions to freely roam the city like landmass.

It was a city with the intent of developing supernatural abilities. In all honesty, the heads of the city could care less about such a thing as a Pokemon League. But the students that made up a large majority of the populace were all in favor of the opportunity to display their skills as no only Espers but Trainers. Academy City lacked Pokemon Gyms for challenging Trainers over battle aptitude, but it did possess what was known as Battle Facilities. These gym-like facilities were designed to monitor the growth of AIM between Esper and Pokemon through simulated battles and activities between other Espers. They were solely created as a means for the students to gain experience and Level Up. Advancing one's own Ability or Level was the true reward.

Another battle seemed to be about to start, and while Touma would have liked to stick around, the growl from his stomach said otherwise. Right, he forgot that his lunch had been crushed on his way to school by a patrolling Security Bot. Said crushed lunch had also been gobbled up by a pack of stray Poochyena, who had then turned their sights on Touma.

He wasn't sure why, but the Dark Type canine Pokemon loved nothing more than to drop whatever they were doing and chase down a random high schoolboy.

Listening to his stomach's demands for food, Touma gave one more glance back the new ensuing battle with a tinge of envy.

He too like everyone in this city wanted to battle. What kid wouldn't? It was a dream they had shared as children to become the next Pokemon Master. But unlike all those other kids, such a dream wouldn't be possible for this Kamijou.

A faint memory, the memory of a lone Pokeball, unresponsive to any of his attempts, still haunted him.


Something brought Touma out of his funk, causing his teeth to clench in fury as a shadow above his head and the cry of a bird told him all he needed to know. The moist lump sliding down his right shoulder dripped a white substance on the ground.

Circling above Touma's trembling body was a lone dark feathered bird with red eyes, a sharp yellow beak, and talons. The feathers on its head resembled a witch's hat and its tail was bushed like a broom. The Pokemon in question was a mischievous bird that was said to bring ill fortune to all it preyed on; Murkcrow.

And this damned avian bastard of misfortune was a common pest in Touma's life.

"We meet again, Zenchou-san!" Touma growled menacingly at the Dark Type Pokemon.

Murkcrow, or Zenchou as Touma had found himself referring him to, cawed back, it's caw resembling something akin to a cackle.

Touma wasn't sure when it had happened, but one day he had seemed to pick up a stalker in his everyday life. Zenchou would follow after Touma every day, picking up on his trail or hanging around his student dorm to watch the spiky-haired boy go about his daily, unfortunate life like some spectator. It would always be there to laugh at his stroke of bad luck or there to add on to it. The damn bird seemed to enjoy the gloomy aura Touma carried himself with.

As if his luck was rotten enough, he now had to deal with this joker. Noticing some liter on the street by some uncaring student, Touma didn't waste a chance to pay the ill omen Pokemon back for the bird crap on his uniform. He picked up a random empty can of experimental flavored soda, locked onto the smirking Murkcrow, and flung it at its direction like a straight baseball. Zenchou cawed in amusement as if to say;

'Ha! What do you take me for? You?! Behold! My counter attack!'

Timing its next move just right, Zenchou slapped the can right back at its target. The counter had sent the soda can back at double the speed and force.

Touma flinched and moved to dodge. If there was one thing he found that he was good at, it was at least dodging. He stepped to lean out of the way, only for his foot to step on a random sport's ball that had rolled over from the playground. So, not only did he not evade the soda can smacking into his face, but he once again fell back to the hard ground.

"Y-You cheating little b-bastard!" Touma groaned pitifully on the rough, cruel ground. He was too embarrassed to get back up after what just happened.

The sound of fluttering, beating wings brought him to find the Murkcrow flying down and landing on his chest. For a good minute or so, the two beings of misfortune glared at another, silently daring the other to make the first move. It was Zenchou who struck first, with several rapid peck strikes to the face!


Having enough of the pecks to his face, Touma swatted the Dark Type away. Zenchou seemed to have his fill of fun, cawing in amusement at the small scuffs and nicks it left the spiky-haired boy before flying off with a laughing series of caws trailing behind its flight.

That damn mocking bird! One of these days, he was going to pay that little bastard back for adding on to his crappy fortune.

With a tired sigh of the day's events so far, Touma picked himself back up and continued on his way. He was still hungry. First, though, he needed to do something about the drying bird crap on his uniform. He wasn't positive they would let him into a restaurant with the smell of crap and shame on him. Maybe it would be a good idea to stop by his dorm after all?

"Oi! Kami-yan! What took you so long getting back? Were you busy with some 'private' lessons with our sweet, innocent, Komoe-sensei; were you? Oh, what a scandal! I always knew that dreaded Kami-yan disease would strike our dear Loli-sensei!"

As Touma made his way up the stairs to his floor of the dorms that housed many of Academy City's students, he heard the ever teasing voice of his neighbor. He looked to his dorm room, finding a blond-headed teen wearing a similar summer uniform with the exception of the dark sunglasses on his face and the gold chain over his neck. The boy's name was Tsuchimikado Motoharu, a first-year and fellow Level 0 like Touma. And currently, for some odd reason, he was sitting outside his dorm with his Pokemon right beside him.

The Pokemon in question was even a foot smaller than their teacher with milk brown skin, a cream coloration over its eyes like a mask, a long pointed nose, dark wily eyes, and a leaf atop its head. The Pokemon's name was Akuto; a Nuzleaf who seemed to take after his owner's mischievous personality.

Why the two were left outside their dorm room, Touma wasn't sure he wanted to know. Anything involving Tsuchimikado spelled trouble and poor events for Touma. It was best to just continue walking as if he never even heard the blond.

"Akuto; Grass Knot."

From the concrete floor of the third floor of the dormitory, a grass knot budded from below Touma's foot and hooked itself neatly over the shoe. For the third time today, he found himself tripping, only forward this time.


Tsuchimikado grinned at the sight of the flat on his face spiky-haired teen. His buddy Akuto shared the grin.

"I knew that TM containing Grass Knot was worth it. It's certainly paid itself off and then some, don't you think, Akuto?"

Akuto nodded his head with a snicker, more than happy to follow along with his Trainer's shenanigans.

"H-Hate you, hate y-your face!"

Tsuchimikado leaned over to the still flat on his face Touma with mock curiosity.

"Hmm? You say something, Kami-yan? Can't understand ya when you're kissing the floor. Better the floor than the girls of the world, I guess?" he shrugged.

The sound of shattering glass rang out to the blond's ears. It alone told him that the supernatural knots of grass trapping his friend were gone. Soon he found the glaring eyes of his neighbor attempting to burn a hole through his face. Fat chance of that Level-0 ever being capable of that though.

"What? Who's the real bad guy here? Me? Or the guy who ignored a good friend's hello?"

In a way, Tsuchimikado was right. It was rude to ignore his friend, even if he could be a pain to deal with. But then again, he was also the cause of the adding number of bruises to his person today.

Touma sighed, deciding to return the common courtesy.

"Hey, Tsuchimikado. How are you doing?" Touma greeted flatly with no energy in his voice.

"Now that's better." Tsuchimikado grinned as he leaned further back against the back of his dorm's door, "Though you could do without the lethargic response. What do I have to do get a cheerer greeting from ya? Do I have to have tits or something for the great Kami-yan to give me something as simple as a smile?"

A female Tsuchimikado? Shivers ran down Touma's spine in both disgust and fear at such a deadly concept.

"What are you doing outside your dorm anyway?" Touma ignored the jab, deciding to get to the heart of the matter, "Did Maika finally have enough of you, ya damn Sis-con."

"You say that as is if it's a bad thing, Kami-yan! I mean, what purer love is there in this world than the love between a stepbrother and stepsister?"

The shifty Grass Pokemon at Tsuchimikado nodded his head firmly, agreeing with his partner whole heartily with a wide grin.

"See? Akuto gets it."

"You've corrupted that poor, poor Nuzleaf with your Sister fetish. It's only a matter of time before the rest of your team follows."

It wasn't right to see a Nuzleaf sharing a dirty novel centered on sister complexes with his trainer. The Grass Type never stood a chance.

"Nah, Maika needed me to step out for a bit so she could properly clean the place. Part of her assignment for the class was to fix up a dorm that's been untouched for several days; something about knowing how properly deal with accumulating dust." Tsuchimikado shrugged, "And I was gone for a few days on some special assignment that dealt with my Ability. But as always, it still falls under the Level of 0 even after all the tests. Go figure. Anyway, I just got back today, only to be kicked out by Maika's Cottonee, Hokori."

Touma nodded in understanding. Like himself, Tsuchimikado was a Level-0; One Without Power. But unlike himself, the blond actually had an Ability that could be measured. Known as Auto-Rebirth, it allowed his friend to auto regenerate from wounds. It was said that such an Ability was reminiscent of a certain Legendary Pokemon that was said to only exist in myths. The only problem was that it could only activate under severe trauma, meaning it was only useful when he was suffering from fatal wounds. With no proper way to measure such an odd Ability, Tsuchimikado's Level was left as 0.

Academy City still wished to study such a unique Ability though. It was unlike any other regenerative Ability in the city due to its high cellular regeneration that allowed him to get right back up from normally death threatening injuries. Like a fiery bird of legend, he rose from the ashes good as new. Because of that, he would disappear from class every once in a while to be examined by the researchers in hopes of increasing his Level. Tsuchimikado had actually been gone for the last four days for further testing.

That answered the why. But that still left another question.

"I get that you had to leave the room and all, but why are you sitting outside your dorm? I would have expected you to hang out with Aogami and get into another debate about Cat Girls Vs. Bunny Girls."

"A debate that has been left unfinished, I might add! That Fetish King bastard is out of his mind if he thinks that Cat Girls are better than Bunny Girls, especially Bunny Lolis!"

"You'll like anything as long as it reminds you of a Little Sister, you Sis-con Sergeant! I'm surprised Anti-Skill doesn't have you on a list yet! In fact, I can already guess why you're still here! You're probably pressing your ear against the door, grinning perversely at the sounds of your little sister cleaning your dorm while rubbing your face gleefully against the frame!" Touma accused his fellow Level 0.

"Nya!? Has the lowest of all Level-0s finally discovered his Personal Reality and gained a Telepathic Ability!"

Both Tsuchimikado and Akuto were caught red-handed by the spiky-haired boy. They showed no guilt though and went as far as returning to their earlier activity before Touma showed up; rubbing their cheeks blissfully against the dorm's door with content expressions. The sounds of the innocent hum of the adopted little sister maid in training were music to their ears.

The sight of two perverts up to no good was reason enough for Touma to raise his trembling fist. Sweet, sweet, caring and nurturing Maika. The young maid was a blessing onto Touma himself, seeing as she would often aid in his low food supplies with meals she was testing out. It was thanks to her that he had been able to care of himself! If there were such things as angel's than Maika was proof of a greater good in his miserable life. He couldn't allow such a kind, adorable, gracious soul's work to be tainted by those sick perverts getting off to the sounds of her maidly duties!

Among the arousing sounds of Maika's cleaning and pleasing humming, both Tsuchimikado and Akuto frowned at an odd noise. Like cracking stones that sent a shiver down their spines. They blinked stupidly before recalling their guest.

"Do you two idiots think it's right to dirty such kind-hearted acts with your pervy intentions? If so, then allow me to shatter those dirty illusions!"

A hand of negation found itself on Tsuchimikado's Nuzleaf, while he himself found Touma's left on the back of his golden chain. No amount of resisting could stop that spiky-haired Level-0 from pulling them away from their dorm before fists began to fly.

Later, Maika would walk out the dorm with a pleased smile on her face alongside her cotton ball Grass Type partner, only to blink at the sight of her adoptive older brother and his partner beaten into a groaning mess. She would end up gaining high marks on her next exam after learning how to clean up blood from the surrounding area and from clothes. For some reason, she would also find herself dropping off a homemade pudding cup to her favorite spiky-haired neighbor for reasons she didn't understand.

Touma winched sharply as he continued his daily routines with scratches and bruises on his face.

The duo known as Tsuchimikado and Akuto were formidable foes. A combination of Grass Type attacks and dirty street fighting was enough to put down most Level 0s, maybe even higher Levels with how in sync the two partners were. If it wasn't for Touma's own Ability, he wasn't sure he would have been able to put the two perverts down. Seemed his no good right hand had its uses here and there. It also helped that he was overly familiar with fighting with his classmates.

At the moment, Touma was making his way through District 7-a city district that was focused on schools, dormitories, and other living expenses for students in middle and high school-with plans to stop by the local supermarket for groceries. He was running low on cooking ingredients and thought it would be a good idea to stop by the supermarket while the daily sales were up. When the iron was hot, one had to be quick to strike it or go the week with only meager dinners of white rice and miso soup. And today just so happened to be the day 7 Day's Miltank Market was offering a 65% off of meat for the next 2 hours! If all went well, then he'd be well feed with delicious meat for a week!

Determined, Touma had run out the door after grabbing a few notes of Pokeyen to cover his expenses. He had learned long ago to never carry all his money on his person. He had also learned that Poochyena did, in fact, eat yen like it was homework. To them, a Bank Card was a desirable chew toy. Also, their favorite delicacy was homework. Touma's homework to be precise.

'Like hell those dark deviant bastards are munching on my wallet this time! I got to be quick, get in and get out, and dash with all my strength back to my dorm! If so much as one of those hyenas catches a whiff of good fortune on me, they'll pounce without mercy!'

Why was it always Touma that those Dark canine's favored? The hell was he?! A damn chew toy for their sadistic pleasure?!

No, no, thinking about his misfortune wouldn't do him any good. Shaking off the depressing thoughts that pictured Touma as a walking squeaky rubber hot dog, he continued on his way to restock his fridge. He had to focus on the mission ahead if he wanted to succeed! Matter's like this were far more important than even his school work.

Sadly, this was perhaps why he was always failing. Or at least some part of it.

Being only a few minutes away from his destination, Touma decided to slow down his pace. It wouldn't do to walk in a sweaty, panting, mess with a crazed look in his eyes in search of the time-based sales. He calmed his breathing and made sure his wallet was safe and secure with a pat at his pocket. As he slowed down, he couldn't help his eyes from wandering around him. He couldn't help a tinge of melancholy from growing on his face as his feet came to stop by another park.

The simple playground made up of swings, slides, sandboxes, and games drawn with chalk was full of children with their parents, siblings, and Pokemon. He couldn't help but be drawn to the peaceful sight of all those kids laughing as they played with their Pokemon partners, enjoying the fruits of their youth without a care. The sight of an eight-year-old boy building a sand fortress alongside his Oddish, with a bright smile that shone brightly as his Weed Pokemon offered him a new decoration, seemed to really strike a chord in his chest.

Those kids didn't know how lucky they had it. To be able to simply play with their Pokemon, taking the small little moments with their friends for granted, and not worry about losing that precious time to something as misfortune. Touma couldn't help but envy them.

Unlike an average Level-0 like himself, Touma didn't carry a Pokemon with him. He didn't have that bond with a supernatural creature. Someone as ridden with bad luck as he would never know that scene in front of him.

Once again, an old image of a simple red and white Pokeball came to mind. It was silent, failing to move an inch.

Since Touma had no Pokemon to bond with, he was left behind as a Level-0; One Without Power. And in Academy City, it was crucial to have at least one Pokemon in order to unlock one's Personal Reality and gain their own unique Ability. An Esper, after all, was a human who could perform psychic feats of varying degrees and functions due to an awaken state of mind that was similar to a Pokemon. By training alongside their Pokemon partner's in exams, battling, drug application, and other activities that helped to develop their own Personal Reality; An Involuntary Movement(AIM) Dispersion Field that created a micro-verse over one's being that allowed them to create their own set of rules to perform their Ability using advance calculations. There was a lot more to developing one's Level that gauged a student's progress and power ranking, but most of what he had heard from Komoe-sensei went over his head.

Honestly, Touma wasn't sure he even cared about any of that confusing material. Sure, becoming an Esper sounded cool, not to mention Academy City offered a wealth of knowledge and advancement compared to other regions. But he really didn't have any strive to be anything more than a Level 0 besides a higher stimulant check. Unlike those who came to Academy City to learn how to attain a supernatural ability, he was here for different reasons. This city was a place of science. Where things such as religion or the occult were nothing but nonsense. Where even the concept of good luck, and bad luck, were nothing but excuses.

In a way, this city was a haven for a boy like him. An escape from a world where someone, as cursed as him, was known as a plague.

Thoughts like that brought a tired sigh to Touma's lips as he turned his back to the bright park of fortunate children. Now wasn't the time to be brooding, it never did him any good. That was a lesson he had learned the hard way. Clenching his fist tightly, Touma grit his teeth and steeled his resolve for what really mattered compared to old bitter memories. Restocking his fridge with delicious meat!


'. . .No. No, no, no, no, NO!'

But, oh yes indeed! That sudden bark that sent a shiver down Touma's back was all too familiar to him. Slowly, ever so slowly, he turned his head around to a nearby trashcan that began to tremble. By now those students and adults close by had found their eyes on the trashcan as well before it tipped over.

To a normal person's eyes, they found a grey and black-furred puppy with yellow and red eyes tumbling out of the discarded, half-eaten food. The Poochyena sneezed cutely, shaking its head with a scowl at the loose banana peel sticking to its nose. They couldn't help but 'aww' at the Dark-type as it snapped its little jaw at the fruity peel before freezing perfectly still, it's eyes suddenly turning up at the spiky-haired boy a few spaces away. It titled it's head adorably in curiosity.

Now, to Touma's twitching eye, he found a bored little Dark-type sprawled out with nothing to do but chew on trash. Fed up with its snack, it suddenly grew still at the presence of its favorite past time. It looked up, its eyes sparkling with twisted mischief at the trembling spiky headed chew toy. It couldn't help but find a way to chuckle.

Unlike the many other Poochyena that roamed the alleys of Academy City, this one had it's left ear torn by a sharp object that left a faded scar close to slicing its left eye. Touma liked to think it was the leader of the ragtag gang of hyenas that had nothing better to do than cause trouble for students. And by students, he meant himself.

Touma warily moved his flexing finger's to his left pocket as he eyed the tail wagging monster that he was almost sure could be sustained by his misery.

"N-Now, let's not do a-anything we'll regret, Kizuato." Touma nervously stammered while slowly backing away.

As luck would have it, the trash can the Poochyena named by Touma, Kizuato, had spilled out numerous cans along with half-eaten meals and waste. And one had found itself rolling right behind Touma's left foot. The dark hyena pup's eyes gleamed as it watched the spiky-haired boy with an everpresent aura of misfortune shout in panic before falling back to the ground. It couldn't stop itself if it tried, which it didn't.

Touma groaned as he laid on his aching back. Well, he should have honestly seen that coming. He blinked suddenly, finding a shadow stretch over his downed body in the shape of a dog. His eyes flew open at the sight of Kizuato leaping and diving straight at him with eager pearly white teeth that were longing to chew on their favorite toy.

If this was in their typical battleground in the alleys, he would have responded to the attack with Imagine Breaker. Touching Pokemon with that cursed right hand made them feel uncomfortable to the point that it was like comparing it to an arctic cold touch. By now, he was no longer concerned with the fact he was punching an adorable pup. Not after he had been faced with a small gang of the little Dark-types that favored throwing around Bite and Tackle when they had him cornered.

But the little bastard had him in another corner in the public eye of those who watched on. Vicious the Bite Pokemon maybe, but to their eyes, they only saw an adorable pup leaping in for an embrace. If Touma were to make any motion of harming it, he was positive with his ill luck that those park patrons would turn their glares on him and form an angry mob. Again.

That tactical little punk!

Left with no other choice, Touma opted to roll out of the way as Kizuato's jaw snapped at him. A round of laughter was thrown up as the park's visitors bore witness to the spiky-haired high schooler begin to turn tail from the cute little grey-haired pup and run for his life. All while the Poochyena began to chase after him with cheerful, bright, yelps after his new friend.

It had taken nearly an hour to lose that cruel pup that was on his tail.

By the time Touma had reached the supermarket, he had been sweating, out of breath, with the occasional bite mark on his arm and face. Apparently that entry he had read about concerning Poochyena's was true; they were persistent little devils that would chase after their prey to the point of exhaustion. Though the entry had one thing wrong; they did not, in fact, run away if you fought back. At least the Poochyena known as Kizuato didn't.

Having lost his adorable attacker, he had proceeded to find whatever leftover meats were available during the last ten minutes of the sales. He couldn't help but cry small rivers from his eyes as he stepped out with only three pounds of pork. He was going to have to figure out how to make it last through the week until his parents sent over his next allowance. At least he picked up some udon noodles, sauce, and a few fresh veggies. Nothing wrong with yakisoba udon.

'I guess I can use some pork to make a broth for some pork udon later this week. I really don't feel like wasting all my effort to get here so quickly. If it hadn't been for Kizuato, I would have actually scored a great haul this time! I could be eating like an emperor for once!' Touma couldn't help but lament as he made his way back to his dorm.

The streets of District 7 appeared to be growing dim as the setting sun told of the afternoon coming to a close. Touma could already make out students hurrying their steps to get back to their dorms to avoid curfew, a matter that plagued the younger students, especially those who attended the more expensive institutes. Like a certain Electromaster who had a fondness to attack him like Kizuato.

Which meant it was time to be thinking about dinner before turning in for the night and facing the depressing reality of his summer days being tainted by extra lessons. Grumbling under his breath at the loss his fun summertime gone and replaced with more school work, Touma turned for a corner to cross through an alley on his way back to his dorms. There was one good thing about constantly having to run around Academy City to escape whatever trouble he was caught in; he now knew the alleys like the back of his hand to better navigate his way with no troubles.

'Maybe I should use some of my Pokeyen to go out for dinner tonight? I mean, when's the next time I'm going to be able to enjoy a top-quality meal again? For once, I got a little leftover to not be worrying about wasting some yen. Better to go into Remedial lessons with a happy memory.'

What a crappy start to the end of his school year.

Maneuvering his way over a large collection of trash cans that blocked his way, Touma was already making a mental list of restaurants to visit. But for a single moment, he had forgotten he lived a cursed life that drew troublesome events at every corner.

"P-Please, stop! I'm begging you! L-Leave me alone!"

"Eh? What's this? Where that high and mighty aura go, you stuck up little bitch? A Level-3 like yourself should be able to stop me anyway, right?"

Touma's feet found themselves grounded still as his ears picked up the soft, tearful whimper accompanied by a loud smug laugh in the dark alley. His eyes grew narrow as he turned a corner, spying a large green dumpster that was surrounded my multiple bags of torn open trash. Another whimper reached his ears and the sound of some clothing being gleefully ripped caused his face to twist in disgust.

"You bastard! Let go of her!"

The sound of flesh being beaten brought a snarl to Touma's lips as his feet moved without his consent. Not that he would argue.

"Shut the fuck up, Judgment Pig! Just sit there and watch. Let my good bud, Akushu take care of ya, and I promise, I'll take care of you next!"

Something foul tickled Touma's nose but did little to stop him from rounding the dumpster's corner to find an even more foul sight.

Using the large green metal dumpster as cover as the students and adults left back to their homes, a large heavyset thug wearing a leather purple jacket, a deep green bandanna tied over his bald head, pushed a short brunette haired girl against the dirty back alley wall. The girl's school uniform was torn on the front, revealing her lacy red bra to the hungry eyes of the thug who could only lick his lips even as his victim's face was streaked by tears. Blocking the exit of the alley stood a large creature made up of various pieces of mushed trash over a body that reminded Touma of a grassy green garbage bag that had come to life. Its head had no neck with two odd clumps of trash sprouting out of its skull, like ears, and its large bulbous body had two arms; one with a hand made up of three tube-like fingers, and the other resembling a hose. The Pokemon's large white eyes and small black pupils leered like upside-down curves with glee as it wrapped its left arm around the smaller body of its prey; a long brown haired girl with hazel eyes. Like the other girl, she wore a school uniform with the only difference being the green armband on her right arm. And like its owner, it was entertaining itself by allowing its left arm to slither around its prey lithe body from her waist to her chest.

With how much trash had been littering the ground, Touma's arrival onto the scene brought the heavyset thug's attention to the sound of Touma's foot crushing thrown out light bulbs. An annoyed scowl came over the thug's face as he found a spiky-haired nobody butting into the scene.

"The hell, Akushu?! You were supposed to be on watch!" the heavyset thug shouted back angrily at the Garbodor.

The Trash Heap Pokemon flinched, sweating nervously at the glare it's owner sent it. In its own fun, it had forgotten its job. It quickly stopped its groping and aimed its left arm's fingertips at the intruder.

The thug clicked his teeth. And just when he was about to have his fun. It wasn't every day that he could take a couple of Espers by surprise. It was only thanks to his Pokemon's ability to produce foul smells that he got the drop on the girls before they could fight back with whatever ability they possessed. A little known fact about odors; they had varying degrees on the human body and mind. The odor his Pokemon Garbodor, Akushu, was producing right now was a nasty stink that messed with an Esper's ability to properly think.

And without being able to perform calculations, an Esper was no better than a Level-0 like him who had to rely on tools and Pokemon to get by.

An easy smile grew on the thug's lips as he signaled his Pokemon to lower its arm. With one hand gripping the neckline of his victim, he addressed the spiky-haired boy like he would a friend.

"Look, kid; why don't you go running back to your dorm and forget you saw anything. Alright? It would be a real shame if I had to add your cold corpse to the junk mass that is my Pokemon's body. That's no way for a guy to die, right?"

Touma found that he couldn't speak, his voice stuck in his throat as his shoulder's trembled. The spiky locks on his forehead began to shadow his eyes as he turned to stare at the short-haired brunette whose tears hadn't stopped running.

The thug caught Touma's look, appearing surprised before a sleazy grin arose.

"What, like what you see? You know she's a Level-3. Didn't catch her ability, only her Level. And she was going on and on about how great she was, totally flipping my advances off as if I was beneath her! Me! A member of Skill-Out's Toxic Hazard gang! But look how the tables have turned." the thug couldn't help but chuckle gleefully as his right hand lowered from its place on her neck to a more pleasing spot.

The short-haired brunette cried as rough, vile, finger's groped a sacred spot on her upper body without any care.

"Tch, fucking higher Levels! They seem to forget that they're just as weak as Level-0s. You must understand, right? You don't look like you're some arrogant prick; you must be a Level-0 like me too! So, how about you keep your mouth shut, and we both can make these two little bitches feel what it's like to be powerless and weak for once!"

A certain right fist cracked.

"I just hope you don't mind sharing sloppy seconds with Akushu! The boy deserves a reward too!"


The member of Toxic Hazard stepped back at the furious shout bursting from the spiky-haired boy's mouth. The boy's eyes seemed to be burning with a livid expression on his common face that actually caused the heavyset thug to take a single step back. Even his Garbodor grew uneasy as it finally picked up on the odd aura that boy carried.

Something about the high school student with dark spikes unnerved the Pokemon. It didn't know what it was, but something about the intruder felt...wrong. Unnatural. Like a cursed object given life.

The grip on its captive grew loose as it found that unnatural boy's fierce gaze set on Akushu.

Touma's right fist curled, his nails threatening to pierce the skin of his palm as he took a step forward. The scene in front of him churned his stomach. Two girls were being molested by a thug and his Pokemon as well. What he was watching happening before his very eyes had been nothing short of wrong. And that was why he took another step forward with his fist clenched tightly.

"You..." Touma breathed harshly, his voice trembling with rage, "You're going to let those girls go, right now! You're going to step away, sit still, and wait for Anti-Skill or Judgment to take you in and deal with you. Or else."

The heavyset thug paused, staring dumbly at the spiky-haired boy. He forgot the sudden fear he was struck with before snorting with laughter.

Was that idiot seriously telling him to turn himself in?! What kind of dumbass did that boy take him for?

The hell was wrong with him anyway. The thug swallowed the laugh to turn his eyes back to his Pokemon. He must have been right; the high school boy was a Level 0 after all. Otherwise, the boy would have already busted out some kind of ability. The kid hadn't even bothered to call out his Pokemon; not that would be able to. That was good. It would make dealing with that idiot easy and quick. Which also meant he could go back to playing with his girls.

"Akushu, Gunk Shot this idiot."

Ignoring its own primal instinct to stay away from Touma, Akushu listened to its trainer's words and aimed its left hand. Its fingertips opened up like ducts before releasing a large amount of waste from its own body to gather into a mass of garbage, glowing with a sickly vermilion half the size of its body. The smell alone from its attack caused its captive to gag and tear up. It smelled of a rotten mix of eggs, excrement, churned milk, and possessed a tinge of sweetness.

Touma's nose picked up on the scent, grimacing at the unpleasant heap of toxic material. It wasn't known as the Trash Pokemon for nothing.

Once it gathered enough waste, Akushu released its hold and fired its Gunk Shot at the spiky-haired boy with the force of a cannonball. Garbodor's Trainer grinned viciously as he noticed their prey didn't make any move to dodge.

Gunk Shot was an attack that fired the most unpleasant and toxic materials, poison, or waste from a Pokemon. It was known for both its attack power and its high chance of Poisoning. And coming from his Akushu, who he regularly fed the most disgusting, sick, waste he could find, it was fatal.

With nothing but his right hand, Touma backhanded the mass of sick waste born of supernatural power.

The thug was ready to call him an idiot for daring to attempt to block Gunk Shot, only to choke on his words at the sound of shattering glass that echoed in the alley.

Before the Toxic Hazard member's eyes, he witnessed that powerful Poison attack with a high poisoning effect, break apart like it was glass. Nothing was left behind as the thug watched the deadly attack crumble away without a speck of filth.

"Wha-What the h-hell did you do?!"

Touma didn't answer, opting instead to stop standing around. Kicking off the dirty alley floor, he rushed forward with a roar.

Watching his Pokemon's strongest attack negated to thin air, the Toxic Hazard thug panicked. He let go of his captive and reached into his pocket with a command already going out to his Pokemon.

"Don't just stand there, you piece of garbage! Akushu, Double Slap the bastard!"

At the command of its master, the living garbage let go of the girl it was holding and shot its left hand forward. The palm of its hand was glowing brightly and aimed to swat the spiky-haired boy with immense force.

Seeing the attack heading his way, Touma dropped onto his knees, riding along with his momentum to slide underneath the slapping open palm. He quickly got back on his feet and spun around as that filthy hand-stretched like rubber to make a U-turn. Double Slap meant double slap.

The long-reaching attack that extended from Garbodor's arm was coming in faster than Touma expected. Gritting his teeth, Touma met that large palm slap with a thrusting punch. Imagine Breaker met with its hand, sounding off a negation that robbed it of its power. But even though it no longer contained its deadly attack power, it was still by all intentions a slap from a large creature.

Moist, squishy, rotten, and moldy. That was what Touma could describe the sensation of punching a Garbodor. His fist nearly sunk into the flesh as he found himself knocked back a few spaces on his feet. Even without the strength Double Slap provided, the garbage Pokemon could still pack a punch. Touma's wrist throbbed in pain that he ignored as he watched that slithering hand snap back to Akushu's side like rubber.

"The fuck did you do, you nosy little bastard!?"

The shout warned Touma to step to the left. Just in time to avoid the stabbing rush courtesy of the heavyset thug's large collapsible pocket knife.

Yup, the thug was a member of Skill-Out alright. Touma had faced plenty of their kind enough to recognize the common hidden knife they favored.

A series of wild swipes came after Touma from the sweating Toxic Hazard. They were sloppy, enough that he was sure just about anyone could avoid them with only a little sweat. And it just so happened that Touma had been under an attack like this plenty of times on regular bases.

Wasn't that just sad?

"Double Slap, Akushu!"

Mixing in attacks from a Pokemon too? Wasn't that another common play from a Skill-Out.

Like a whip, Akushu's arm had flung itself up and aimed to strike Touma down into a flat pancake. Having become accustomed to fighting under pressure from two fronts, he sidestepped the first slap that cracked the alley's pavement while moving his head to the left to avoid the knife jab that would have stabbed his eye out. Before the Garbodor's Double Slap could continue with its next hit, the spiky-haired high school boy made sure to drive his left fist deep into the Toxic Hazard thug's gut.

The thug's eyes bulged as he spat out his breath. What the hell?! How could a boy with no visible muscles throw out such a punch? It felt like hard iron had struck his lower intestines!

The hairs on the back of Touma's neck tingled. Without a second to spare, he ducked as low as possible to avoid the slapping whip that was Akushu's stinking palm slap that swung widely. He could hear the very wind being parted like a large sweeping fan.

Grunting, the thug stepped back with a hand on his stomach. He glared hatefully at Touma, panting his next order's with a snarl as he moved his knife forward, "Akushu; Body Slam!"

A physical attack like Body Slam's would not only deal heavy damage, possibly breaking several bones, but also knock the odd boy's body towards the thug. With his large knife aimed forward, the would basically be ramming the high schooler through like a pike!

Body taken on a slight clear glow, Akushu leaped forward like a steamrolling train. The wind could clearly be seen streaming past it as it rushed forward to slam its entire weight into that unnerving Level-0.

'Time it right, don't freak out. Just breathe steadily, watch its speed, and counter when the time is right!'

Years in Academy City, fighting off Espers and Pokemon capable of countless moves, attacks, and surprises, had been drilled into Touma's body. He wasn't a master fighter, not be a long shot. But he could say he knew how to properly react and counter even the deadliest of tricks.

Breath in, breath out. Ignore the cold sweat on your face. Stay calm and just let your body do the work.

Tucking his body in just before Akushu plowed into him, Touma shot Imagine Breaker forward to cancel out the destructive force that would most likely break several bones. At the sound of negation, he tackled the mass of garbage's body, digging his hands into the damp flesh, and proceeded to use all his might to swing the Pokemon's body overhead. The momentum that still followed behind Garbodor's canceled Body Slam had helped to aid in performing the maneuver that he wouldn't normally be capable of with something that weighs over 100 kg.

The thug gaped at the large shadow falling overhead. Was that a god damn judo throw?!

Snapping out of his shock, the heavy set Toxic Hazard thug jumped out of the way of his own Pokemon thrown at him like a crushing weight. The alley's pavement was shattered upon Akushu's falling slam, kicking up a cloud of dirt over its large form. The thug coughed before waving away the cloud to get a look at his Pokemon.

Swirls in place of Akushu's pupils greeted the thug.

He had lost his muscle, his only way to deal with higher Level Espers. His tool had been taken out by some random nobody.

A hysteric panic took over the thug's body. His breathing grew labored as his fingers tightened tightly on the handle of his only weapon.

A lowly Level-0 like him could only attain one Pokemon. When he had dropped out of school, the Pokemon provided to him by Academy City had been confiscated. He had only been able to swipe the Garbodor from some poor sap that had been jumped by his gang for his Pokemon. Those in Skill-Out could only get by with stealing those creatures that aided them in shutting up those arrogant Espers with Abilities.

And he had lost his only means to be an actual threat to others.

With a loathing scream, the Toxic Hazard thug ran straight at the spiky-haired boy with his gleaming knife wishing nothing more to be stained with red.


Once again, Touma took a deep, dragging breath, and steeled his eyes with a firm scowl. He stretched the fingers of his aching right hand, balled his fist, and charged ahead with an answer to that idiot of a Level-0.

"So, what?! You think it's right for you to act cruelly to others because that's how you've been treated?! Do you think that it's fair that you can cause the tears on the girls to fall because you've been there before?! To me, that sounds like an excuse to do whatever the hell you want! And if you think you can just lay your hands on girls like these out of some made-up notions of fairness, than-!"

The knife cut into flesh as the two Level-0s struck the other. Blood seeped from the blade...that only managed to cut into the left of Touma's cheek.

Imagine Breaker had far better luck for once.


Blood flew up into the air as Touma's right knuckle crushed the Toxic Hazard's nose. The thug's eyes rolled into the back of his head with a weak groan before the force of the punch slammed his large body back into the pavement with a loud thud among the trash.

Despite the foul odor created by Garbodor's knocked out form, Touma sighed in relief as minutes passed on without either of the nasty duo twitching.

Good, then they really were out cold. Less trouble for him to deal with.

Cracking his wrist from the strain it had endured in the short fight, Touma turned his attention back to the two girls who were moments away from a rather unpleasant good time with a heavyweight idiot. And even worse, his Pokemon as well.

Really? Just what kind of demented Trainer would encourage that kind of behavior with his partner? It seemed the research detailing the ingrained behavior patterns on Pokemon, passed on by their observation of their Trainers, was true after all.

Now that the long-haired ashen brunette haired girl was released from Akushu's vile hold, she had moved to take care of the shirtless short-haired girl who was sitting back against the alley's wall with sniffles.

A green armband with the numbers 177, coupled with the ashen brunette's professional handling of the other girl. She must have been a Judgment member then.

Judgment was a special task force that, unlike Anti-Skill, which was made up of teachers, was entirely comprised of students with abilities. They aided Anti-Skill with dealing with high-Level Espers who were at times too much to handle without powers and also helped to maintain order however they could with their psychic potential. And with the help of their Pokemon, they were a prominent security force that was dedicated to maintaining the order of Academy City.

Wanting to make sure that they were alright after what they had both experienced, Touma slowly made his way over to the two girls with an awkward smile as he found the short brunette grow still at the sound of footsteps. Her watery eyes looked up anxiously before widening at the sight of the spiky-haired boy that had come to her rescue. Touma was hard-pressed what to say when faced with such a vulnerable gaze that had just come down from a terrible event that no person should have surfaced. Out of habit, he scratched the back of his head as even the Judgment member turned to stare at him.

"Are you okay?" He wound up saying with worry in his voice.

He wasn't sure why, but that had broken the cracked emotional damn that was the short-haired brunette's emotions.



Not caring one bit about the fact that her simple white button-up school uniform shirt had been torn to reveal her lacy bra, the short-haired brunette pounced onto Touma with a leaping hug. He could do nothing as the poor girl's arms took him in, crushing him as they found themselves falling back as she increased the grip of her hug and dug her tear-stained face into his chest. He flinched as his back hit the ground, feeling two odd hard as rock bumps underneath his waist. It hurt, but he couldn't find it in himself to say anything back as he made out a muffled string of thanks from the sobbing girl.

"I think he gets it, Ruri-san. If you keep this up, you might be sending him the wrong message."

The ashen brunette snickered as she suddenly found the girl known as Ruri teleport off of the spiky-haired boy's body with an embarrassed blush. She quirked a brow, noting the girl had literally teleported. It must have been her ability.

Going back to eyeing the odd high school boy was laid flat on his back with a groan of discomfort, the ashen brunette girl named Yanagisako Aomi crossed her arms over her chest.

A literal nobody had come onto the scene when she had failed to apprehend her target before he played his traps. She couldn't help but beat herself up for falling for his tricks. She had taken him as some weak Level-0 who could only rely on his Pokemon to be any threat. Somehow, the Toxic Hazard member had created a foul odor that had messed with her head to the point she couldn't think clearly enough to use her ability; Pyscho Crush, a psychic power that allowed her to crush matter with the grip of her hands like they were empty soda cans, and even prevent her from calling on the aid of her Pokemon.

At the thought, Yanagisako reached for her skirt's waistline to the three Pokeballs she carried on her person. Anxious, she clicked the red and white marble superball sized device. She drew a breath of relief as it expanded to the size of a baseball and popped open to release red energy. The energy formed an odd silhouette of a small winged bird. From that light, a black and white feathered bird with a cowlick, black-tipped beak, and beady eyes, flapped its wing with a cry. On its left-wing, it too had a green armband that stated its allegiance to Judgment.

The Pokemon was known as a Starly, the Starling Pokemon.

"Shirokuro! Send these coordinates to Branch 177's office! Let them know to send Anti-Skill, and an Esper that can identify toxic substances."

The Starly nodded its head diligently with a salute of its wing. With another cry that swore to go with haste, he flew off with great speed out of the alley to his Trainer's request.

As Touma slowly got up off the ground taking note of the two odd rocks his back had been on, he locked onto something the Judgment girl had said.

"Toxic substance? Why would you need someone to identify that?"

Yanagisako responded to the question by pulling her uniform up enough to reveal her naked midriff. Touma nearly snapped his eyes shut in embarrassment at the brazen action. He could see her creamy skin and belly button like a certain know it all senior of his!

Sickly purple-green greeted his eyes before he could look away. They were like bruises that snaked around Yanagasako's and let off a sickly scent that stung Touma's eyes. It must have been the effect of the Garbodor's attack. It was only then that he noticed the bags under the Judgment' girl's eyes and her skin being paler than normal.

She must have been Poisoned.

"The bastard's Garbodor got a lucky hit in. It hit me with a Poison Gas made up of some odd sickly substance that messed with my ability. It didn't help that the pervy Pokemon's groping hands were made of waste that further spread the poison." she grunted weakly.

The sight of poison surprised even Ruri who gasped.

"Yanagisako-san! Why didn't you say you were poisoned!? Wait a moment, my Amai can cure you!"

Going for her Pokeballs, Ruri panicked as she noticed they were missing. They must have fallen off when she been attacked during the moment she had failed to bring her Pokemon out.

"Oooohhh! Where could my Pokeballs have fallen off to!?"

"Is that what's been underneath my tailbone?"

After cleaning off the muck on what he believed were rocks, Touma revealed the still dirty capturing balls to the relieved short-haired brunette. Handing the girl her Pokeballs, he began to move over to Yanagisako with a furrowed brow. Yanagisako noticed Touma's eyes on her midriff, growing curious instead of offended as his eyes then fell on his right hand.

If he remembered right, didn't he somehow negate the Garbodor's attacks with that hand?

"If you don't mind, I want to try something."

The poison that was affecting Yanagisako was related to a supernatural ability created by a Pokemon, right? Didn't that mean that Imagine Breaker could cure her?

Yanagisako wasn't sure what the spiky-haired boy was thinking but found herself nodding weakly with a dry gulp. She wasn't in a good state to be thinking clearly as some stranger's hand reached for her midriff. But that kind light in his eyes told her that she could put some trust in his actions.

As Ruri released one of her Pokeballs to call out Spritzee-a small pink colored fairy bird that carried a sweet aroma to fight off the stench of Garbodor-the sound of shattering glass was heard.

The moment Touma's Imagine Breaker made contact with the area affected by poison, he had negated the toxic substance. So, it seems he had just learned a new application of his cursed right hand. He knew he could do the same to other negative status effects; Paralysis, Burn, Confuse, and Sleep that was born from a Pokemon's attacks, but he hadn't seen if it could work with something like Poison. Neat.

Yanagisako stared at the shattered hues of purple-green vanishing into thin air with amazement. What did that spiky-haired boy do? Was that an ability? But what ability can cancel out an attack like Gunk Shot, and cure?

Questions could wait though. With the odd fog in her mind and sickly poison out of her system, the Judgment girl hurried over to the large Trash Heap Pokemon that was still knocked out. Her nose scrunched up disgust at the memory of the things moist hands gleefully roaming her body before picking up a few metal pipes that were laid around the alley.

Her ability Psycho Crush, allowed her to crush objects using a powerful telekinetic force that she created with her hands. To date with her System Scans, she could crush even a concrete block like it was a rusted tin can from five feet away. And it was all thanks to her partner.

Crushing the pipes over the Garbodor's arms to prevent it from causing any more trouble, she released one of her Pokeballs for the aid of her trusted partner. A bipedal Pokemon that appeared to be a cross between a mongoose and a cat was summoned; its fur was white with a deep red scar-like marking on its body, large gouging claws, and pink eyes. Its stern face looked back to Yanagisako after glancing at the scene, coming to understand the situation at hand without words.

Yanagisako smiled, glad to see her friend now out of his capsule ball, "Waru-kun, keep an eye on the fat guy and his Garbodor for me, 'kay? If anyone of those two makes any move, don't be afraid to give them a Crush Claw for me!" she commanded sweetly.

The cool faced mongoose/cat nodded before walking taking a hold of the large-bodied piece of filth. And his Pokemon. He would set them somewhere close by and keep a keen eye on them both with a claw ready to scar them with the same markings on its own body.

Everything was now in order. At least in Touma's eyes. Seeing as the two threats were now under control, the Judgment girl was cured of her poison, and Ruri was safe-albeit shaken-there really was no need for him to stick around anymore. Not to mention this little venture had eaten up enough time from his plans of enjoying his last night as a free man.

Taking advantage of the girl's eyes drawn to the Zangoose who began jabbing the Toxic Hazard thug's face at the sign of an unconscious twitch, he turned his back to them and began making his way out. It wasn't night just yet and he still needed to think about where he was going for dinner.

'I feel like curry right now. Something spicy with pork. And maybe some canned coffee from the convenience store when I'm done. Yeah, that sounds nice after a day like today.'

"Wait! Where are you going?!"

At the exit of the alley, Touma turned his head back to the shout from the Judgment officer. The girl Ruri also stared back, appearing upset that her hero was leaving the scene already. He offered them both a smile and a lazy wave before going back to walking away.

"Seems to me that you got things covered, Judgment-chan! You don't need some Level-0 like me sticking around; I'm sure if those two act up again, you'll make them regret ever blinking. Nothing else this Kamijou-san can do but leave it to capable hands."

There was nothing to worry about now that the Judgment girl could use her ability, and summon her Pokemon. There really was no further need for him to hang around as both Judgment and Anti-Skill arrived to the scene. A normal high school boy like him had no place here anyways.

With a simple grin on his face, Touma stepped out of the alley onto the city streets. He couldn't help but think he looked cool with his back facing the girls he had saved. For once, he wasn't some unfortunate idiot!


Touma's expression grew stone cold. Hearing the all too familiar bark, he slowly craned his neck to the left and found a smirking black and gray-haired hyena pup at the corner. His old nemesis, Kizuato, wagged its tail in glee at the sight of its prey falling into its paws.

"...Such misfortune."

Whatever image those blushing girls had of that mysterious spiky-haired boy who charged into their rescue with an odd right hand that negated powers, was shattered as they witnessed their hero run away with shouts of bad luck from the adorable Poochyena.

Yanagisako watched the boy run off with a dog on his tail-that single dog later turned into a pack of other Poochyena that popped out of the nooks and crannies of the city at the bark of their leader-with a giggle as her hand found itself wandering to her midriff. A blush dusted her cheeks.

Kamijou-san, huh? She would be sure to remember that.

To summarize Kamijou Touma's day with one world, only one word could ever be used.


The morning had begun with Touma's alarm failing to wake him up; apparently the batteries had decided to die on him. His toaster had burnt his toast and he had run out of butter and jelly, meaning he had run out to his late class with a dry, charcoal flavored, piece of bread hanging from his mouth. That very day he had also learned that he was going to be stuck with remedial lessons for the rest of the summer, got a taste of a Flame Punch from his teacher's partner, and was once again accused of trying to string his loli teacher into his nonexistent harem. His day had also involved being crapped on by an annoying bird of misfortune that loved to annoy him, getting into a brawl with his Sis-con neighbor, being chased by a sadistic Poochyena, missing a sale on meat, and stumbling onto a Skill-Out who was trying to have his way with two girls with the help of his foul-smelling Pokemon.

Sadly such events were a commodity for Touma. Since he had been enrolled in Academy City when he graduated from kindergarten, he found that his days were nothing short of chaotic. Bad luck was always to be expected. He should never hope for any kind of luck or miracle to drop onto his lap.

"W-Wait! You can't be serious! You're just messing with this poor Kamijou-san's heartstrings, right?!"

After so many years of misery plaguing his everyday life, Touma had come to accept that he would never find such gentle, warm, fortune as long as he lived. Yet, even so, his heart couldn't fight off the seedling of hope that had been planted at the moment.

After stopping by his dorm, and lamenting the horrible realization that he had dropped his meager bags of groceries in his fight with the Toxic Hazard Skill-Out, Touma had gone out to enjoy a nice dinner. No matter what kind of misfortune would probably show its face to him, he would endure it as long as he could still get a warm meal to fill his empty stomach.

Having decided on a restaurant one of his friends had recommend during class, Touma had gone in to find a booth to relax in and not think about how much his well-deserved meal would chip away at his battered wallet.

Once he had sat down, a cute waitress wearing a frilly uniform colored a tangerine orange and her reddish-brown hair curled at the ends, slender legs and stockings, with a fair chest and skirt that accented her rear, had quickly taken his order. The moment she got a good look at his face though had caused her eyes to widen in realization before the hopeful seed was planted into his core by what she said next.

The cute reddish-brown haired waitress shyly glanced away, a noticeable blush growing on her face as her hands gripped at the silver tray laid flat on her waist. She nodded, trying to act cool faced despite her suddenly anxious demeanor.

"Y-Yeah! Consider whatever you buy comped tonight. And only tonight!" she added strictly before her blush grew deeper as she found Touma's gaping expression on her.

"I mean, you did, kinda, in some way, help me out last week when I was dealing with those assholes who were harassing me."

For a moment, Touma was unsure of what the tsundere waitress was speaking about until the memory struck him like a piercing nail.

If he remembered correctly, he had stopped by here with a coupon for 30% off lunch while also working on his homework. In the middle of a tough question he couldn't wrap his head around, he heard the snickering laughs from a couple of boys on the other side of his booth. Out of curiosity, he glanced back and found a couple of school boy's who's uniforms spoke of a high-class academy, messing with one of the waitresses.

For some reason, the girl they were harassing was blushing madly with an uncomfortable expression. Apparently one of the leading schoolboys was a mental ability user that could send images and voices into their target's mind. He was abusing his ability with profane images of what he and his friends would like to do to her, going so far as making passes at her and touching her rear whenever she was close.

It had gotten to the point that the poor girl's nerves were so frazzled that she had dropped the food she was sending over to their table. She tried to apologize, even though she knew it was because of them that she had dropped everything, but found the boys threatening to tell the manager. They also added in having her pay for the dry cleaning on their very expensive uniforms.

Unless she agreed to make it up to them another way.

As usual, Touma butted his head into the matter since he had seen everything. A small fight had broken out as he came to the defense of that girl. The leader's ability failed to mess with Touma, so he called out his Pokemon to do his dirty work. Anti-Skill was called. And somehow, he had walked away without being arrested.

Turns out those boys were already in trouble for their lewd abuse of their powers. This was the final straw and they had been arrested. The only downside to all that was that Touma had decided to leave behind a large amount of Pokeyen to pay off the damaged plates and meals from the fight caused by the cute waitress.

At the memory of it all, Touma tried to wave it off with an anxious smile.

"Don't worry about it. I was just doing what any normal person would do is all. Y-You really don't h-have to repay me with a f-f-free meal."

It was physically hurting him to utter such words.

The unbelieving stare on the cute waitress's face spoke of how she didn't believe him. Even she could tell that he wasn't exactly what you would call better off to the point he could afford to reject anything free.

"Well too bad. Whatever you buy is on the house for tonight. So, just suck in your pride and stuff your bland face in! Otherwise, the cook will have to force your meals down your stubborn mouth. "

In the background of the scene, back by the serving window that the meals were being sent out to the waitresses by courtesy of the chef, a large grayish muscled humanoid Pokemon with four powerful arms, surprisingly wearing a chef hat of all things on the Fighting type's head, suddenly grinned with four thumbs up.

Even though her words were harsh, her blush had yet to die even a bit.

Touma gulped dryly as he had no choice to let what was happening, happen. A free meal? Whatever he wanted?! This...this was too good to be true!

'No! Don't think about it too deeply, Kamijou-kun! If you think about it, the beautiful illusion will shatter right before your eyes! Just go with the flow and enjoy this once in a lifetime grain of luck!'

"I, uh,...Thank you. I don't know what else to say, but to say, thank you."

Those sincere, grateful, tender words of thanks from that normal-looking high school boy caused that cool faced reddish haired girl's body to lock up. She found her eyes drawn to his own, noting the dark blue depths that stared at her like she was some kind of angel who had given him a light to ward off the darkness engulfing him. To her, it was nothing short of a loving gaze.

Steam blew out of that girl's face as her blush grew to shame even cherry's complexion. Suddenly she was very aware that her heart was very close to leaping out of her tight chest.

"W-Whatever! Just order already! And don't think about getting anything cheap neither! I'll force you to get the top quality crap if I have to! Got it!"

Nodding excitedly with a child-like grin on his face that only brought that girl to clutch at her aching chest, Touma selected a few items to start off with before watching the cute waitress run off with his order. He did grow curious as he noticed a few other waitresses gather around the one that took his order, giggling at the girl's trembling shoulders while making discreet glances at him.

'Eh, it's probably nothing important. If I dwell deep into it, I'll just be causing more trouble. Besides, it can't be anything as cliché as something Aogami would say.'

With nothing to do but wait for his order, Touma leaned back into the booth's cushy seat and stared off at the window.

Today had been troublesome. The typical norm for him really. And he was used to it. As much as he would complain about all his rotten luck, he wasn't completely miserable. Even though he was a Level-0 without even a single Pokemon to help further develop his Esper abilities, he was content.

Because at the end of the day, that was his norm. The misfortune he endured as of the last years he found himself living in Academy City without a Pokemon was better than the years he lived spreading his misery to others. This was normalcy he was happy to wake up to every day.

Even as a smile of melancholy came to his face at the sight of a few students walking the streets with their Pokemon by their side, Touma couldn't say he hated his cursed life.

"Hey there, girly. That's a cute Pikachu you got there. Almost as cute as you. Say, how's 'bout you share a nice dinner with yours truly? Eh?"

The sound of sparks, similar to that of a bug zapper cooking up flies caused his smile to drop and a groan to escape. He couldn't help but feel that he had somehow jinxed himself in some way.

A quick peek at the last set of booths at the end of the restaurant revealed to Touma a skinny, smug-faced, Esper who leaned over a solitary table. The person sitting in the booth had chestnut short hair, and he could even make out the long pointed mouse ears of Pikachu that was leaning out of the seat with a glare.

Touma sighed to himself with a dark cloud hovering over his head. He didn't want to, but he knew he would have to step in. Poor thing.

That idiot had no idea you should never tick off a human bug zapper with a short temper. Honestly, he should have just let that certain Electromaster ojou-san fry the flirt. But no one deserved to be charred to cinders. For a good minute or so, Touma argued with himself over letting the obvious delinquent suffer the wrath of not a Level-3, or even Level-4, Esper but one of the famous 7 Level-5s in all of Academy city; or saving the guy who no doubts show little to no appreciation for the save.

But Touma knew all too well the sting of that short brown haired girl's sparks. Even Imagine Breaker couldn't completely save him from the occasional shock.

It was a heavy sigh of regret that Touma slowly got up from his seat and set his sights on the slowly escalating situation at hand.

'Here we go again, I guess.'

His life really was just unlucky.

Academy City welcomed the dusk of the night with countless glimmers of the city's nightlife painting a beautiful picture of colorful beacons from overhead the tall buildings. The cool night blew a gentle breeze, one so light it almost felt like being pecked by a small bead of ice on the skin.

Too bad a certain silver-haired nun couldn't stop to enjoy it.

Over a large rooftop, a girl of fourteen with bluish silver hair, wearing a white nun habit with golden accents that was reminiscent of a teacup, and headdress, was hurriedly running across the empty roof that seemed to belong to a store. Her breathing was ragged, speaking of the long-distance she had crossed in who knows how long. Despite her size and body speaking of having no athletic ability, that out of place nun in the city of science jumped from rooftop to rooftop to evade her pursuer. In her arms, she carried a white fluffy Pokemon, a little lamb that's body began to glow brilliantly.

"Wooloo, use Flash!"

A jet of orange-red flames flew from behind, its very burning intensity felt on her skin through her clothing. Its trajectory veered off from devouring that holy Sister in hellish flames as its user was blinded by the brilliant light from her Pokemon. She tucked her arms against her chest, protecting the white fluffball that groaned lightly as she jumped off the flat roof, down into the gap that made up the space between the two buildings with her eyes still shut. Hair and headdress flapping in her descent, she tucked her body in before throwing out her hand to catch the hand railing of some student's dorm patio. Quickly, she climbed up and hid in the shadows, pressing her frame against the glass door of some sleeping child as she warily watched a much larger shadow jump over the gap.

The silver-haired nun sighed in relief, her ears picking up on her pursuer's steps fading away after some time. Good, she finally lost them. Cleaning off the sweat from her forehead, she soon spied a ladder close by that lead up to the rooftop. She noticed she was having some difficulty going up the steps, both from her own exhaustion, and her Pokemon. Smiling gently at her cooing lamb, she reached into her habit for a white and gold themed Pokeball.

"Thank you for the help, Wooloo. It's your turn to rest now. Sweet dreams, and know that god and I are watching over you, okay?"

Clicking the ball's trigger, she watched her trusted friend to return to a safer place. Which was more than she could say for herself.

Once she had made it up to the roof, the silver-haired nun wearily gazed at the brilliant lights of the city. Even though she was close to passing out from exhaustion, she couldn't help but smile at the scene of the strange city that denied her way of life. It was a pretty sight to behold.

Sadly she couldn't stick around to gaze at the beautiful city lights. She was still being chased after for what she carried with her at all times. Slowly, she began to walk away and continue seeking sanctuary in this godless city. She made it to the other side of the building and continued with more jumps across the buildings that made up this block.

Her legs had enough though. The jelly limbs gave out as she had landed on the next rooftop as she gave out a whimper. Try as she might fight off her heavy muscles, she found herself swaying forward to the edge of the building before her own consciousness followed. Eyes shutting against her will, her last sight was the beautiful array of lights of the strange city she woke up to before her body tumbled over the edge.

As luck would have it though, her body had missed going splat onto the bottom floor. Instead, she had fallen on the railing of the balcony of a certain high school boy's dorm.

What luck.

Just another typical day in the life of Kamijou Touma. A lecture from his teacher, a misunderstanding with a girl, troublesome Pokemon out to make his life more hectic, fighting thugs, and dealing with the same human bug zapper. Such a day riddled with bad luck was a blessing compared to a youth plagued with names of pestilence.

But come morning, would that normal life remain? Or would it disappear like magic?

There lays another world opposite of Science. Flames born of illogical means await beneath the moon's reflection.

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A Certain Poisonous Index.

Kamijou Touma was your average student attending a normal high school in the man-made region city known as Academy City. A Level-0 who failed to attain a psychic ability of his own. A Trainer without a Pokemon. He was just a simple high school boy who wanted to go on his days without any trouble. Except he had a problem in the form of a mysterious power in his right hand that brought him nothing but misfortune.

His life was hectic enough with missed classes, fights with thugs in alleys, dealing with arrogant Espers, wild Pokemon that attacked him, a low income, failing test scores, and a certain middle school Electromaster Esper and her Pikachu who were always looking for a fight. The last thing he needed was something else to go and complicate what he had hoped to be a normal high school experience.

It had taken one silver-haired nun with the appetite of a Snorlax for that sense of normalcy to be shattered to bits.

A lost Sister of holy faith lost in a godless city; A Magician who commanded fire without an Ability; A plot to destroy the city by those who bear venom with No Power; a beautiful swordswoman who bore the body of mythical Pokemon; 103,000 volumes of forbidden magical knowledge that would twist the rules of the world; the battle for the smile of one girl would come to change the life of one normal high school boy. Before such trials, Touma would find himself questioning the resolve of someone who wished to remain in the normal world he had created for himself.

"Would you walk the gates of hell with me?"

"God, if this story follows the rules of a system you created, than-!"

This was the story of Kamijou Touma, and his final summer in Academy City.

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