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More Powerful Than A Contract

Chapter One: Legal Bindings

Outside at 4 am on a school night. She must have been going crazy, but Bubbles would rather be crazy than sorry. All over a damn dream. But she had a hunch as to who might have been responsible.

The girl stepped down the street, keeping track of the time as she made her way to the spot. The night sky was clear and filled with light pollution concealing the stars that we all knew were above.

A mask that resembled the clown face of the oh-so infamous Powerpuff hotline, was placed tight on her features with an obsidian hood covering her yellow hair. The exact outfit she was told to wear, the mask was the gift from the thing that decided to invade her dreams, and that in itself freaked her out. But again, she had a slight idea of who was responsible.

This side of Townsville held a weird silence that sent a cold vibration through her body. And though the sixteen-year-old puff didn't doubt that she could take care of herself, the area and the sequence of events in her dreams gave her the chills. If what she saw was real…Blossom, Buttercup, the Professor...everyone.

She adjusted her necklace. Thinking over the dream or rather the nightmare and the collection of events that corresponded couldn't just be settled on a coincidence. It wasn't possible!

Bubbles stepped into the alleyway, her silhouette disappearing as twilight consumed her, the only light being that of the moon.

This was the spot, she took a few more steps into the moist alleyway, stepping over any foreign objects.

"Helllooo." She called, her voice echoing across the alleyway, before fading into the distance.

This had to be the place. It had to be! Bubbles stood, her body rigid as the wind pelted her skin bringing it to a shiver. The obsidian hoodie, black sweatpants and the black vans didn't necessarily give her much protection from the elements, the sixteen-year-old Powerpuff didn't expect fall to be so cold.

"Hello… If this is some stupid tr–"

"Hi there, Bubbles." The girl jumped, the voice sending her heart into a dance with no rhythm, she turned only to find the face of the shiny red demon, Him. "I'm sooo happy you could make it."

She knew it, but even that didn't prepare her for the aura of fear that the devil just naturally produced. She lost hold of her breathing but somehow got her words out. "That—nightmare, what was that?!"

It tilted its head "Hmmm, I almost alllll but forgot. Reboot my memory, please."

The blonde's face flexed. "Stop playing games! I know it was you and you know what you did! You were there invading my dreams, you told me to–to come and wear...this!" It sounded crazy and the girl frowned pointing to her outfit. "You said all will be explained. Now explain! Or I'm gonna—I'm gonna."

"You're gonna...? I wanna hear you say it. What?" Its voice remained sweet.

A nerve jumped and she ground her teeth.

Bubble grabbed it by the neck, and put slight pressure on its windpipe."I'll beat you senseless!" Her blond hair became free and danced in the wind.

A long smile spread across its face and the demon began to laugh. "Then maybe... you'll never know…"

It was playing games, but honestly, her curiosity peaked. "Know what?!"

It laughed, so heavily Bubbles just let go of its throat and let it, her eyes stared completely perplexed. Its laugh was like taking a knife and scraping it against a chalkboard and Him didn't stop, like he was a broken record or something, it was on a complete loop. His laughing was getting hysterical, wait...he was laughing at Bubbles...he was mocking her. What she had seen, what this beast was showing her, it was all some sort of game!

Before she knew it, her right fist slammed into Him's face sending the demon into the filthy ground. The rush of adrenaline was like a high, and Bubbles wasn't done, she was on Him like a predator. POW! Each hit came with a POW, her punches sending out literally shockwaves as the area around them experienced little tremors as the ground below her shook.

The mime mask fell to the floor.

A hand lifted the beast against the wall by its neck. "Go on... explain! I can keep going...what happens to Townsville? Is that a vision? Did you cause it?"

"Oh, pish posh. I never understood why this place was so important to you girls, hm. You remember your dream, right? Of course yooou dooo..."

She nodded her head, the image of Blossom's defeated body among the debris of the city, Buttercup's vain last stand as she took on three unseen shadows at once and the Professor's lifeless corpse hung by his leg was something she could never unsee, dream or not.

They weren't Him.

"Then you know what's coming, girl." Him's voice was suddenly low in base.

"Townsville will be destroyed."

"Precise-ly." The demon swirled a claw and then snapped it in her face, she let go of Him and Him giggled.

"How can I stop it?"

"Ohhh, I thought you'd never ask."

"How? HOW?"

"Oh, Bubbles, sweet sweet Bubbles. There's just, oh! Something within you...What's it called? Fire! That fire is what I desire..."

She actually had not one single clue as to what Him was talking about, she just wanted to save the town.

The demon snapped with a single claw and a long paper contract appeared in its hand and it rolled out and then hung in the air.


"A contract, for your soul. Just like in those novels–you're about to make a deal with the devil." It laughed, clearly the joke was something Him had been waiting to use. "I have the power to save Townsville, but it comes with...a...tax."

A contract? The blonde looked at the paper, Him gestured for her to grab and read it and she did. Bubbles looked at it.

"It's not even written in English! I can't, I'm not signing anything I don't understand!" Bubbles said, looking over the ineligible writing.

"Would you like a lawyer? Hell has the very best."

"I'm not giving my soul away, I've seen the movies and Tv shows, and yes the novels! I'm not doing it!" She explained.

"Then Townsville and everyone in it, will—die." Lightning struck and Him said nothing else, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Bubbles was going to refute and refuse. But…

"What, do I sign in blood too?"

"Oh, please...You mortals tend to accumulate all sorts of diseases. Ink is fine!" A pen appeared in Bubbles hand and she stared at the paper. What options did she have?

Signature: X_

"Do you need a lawyer?" It sang.

"No." She could do it herself. "Before I sign this… Like...how do I know you're not lying?"

"Oh, well if you must know. I will use you, to complete what I legally cannot. Demon laws, yatta yatta, really screwed myself when I made that one. But know this, a signed contract is more powerful than even myself."

"You're using me!"

"And you're doing the same to me, you wanna save Blossom and Buttercup right?"

She couldn't argue with that. Was her soul really worth more than Townsville's existence? Would Bubbles die for Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup? The question didn't need further explanation. Bubbles took that pen and scribbled in her signature.

Signature: X_B_u_b_b_l_e_s_

The blond Powerpuff finished and stared at the demon with a knowing glance. She inhaled pushing away any afterthoughts or the fear that kept creeping over her shoulder.

The contract rolled up literally by itself and then became flames before completely disappearing. Him gazed at the Powerpuff girl and smiled. "Easy. The conditions of the contract have been finalized. Let's celebrate!"

"You still didn't tell me who or what's responsible—I need answers lik—"

The demon put a claw to her mouth. "Shhhh…shhh...when the conditions of your side of the contract are met, explanations will come...slowly."

"What? You're leaving me in the dark? I–How am I supposed to know when—" That wasn't cool, Bubbles felt her blood boil.

"Calm yourself...calm yourself...you have time. Now, I'm putting you to work….wait." green eyes fell to the floor and... "That mask. That mask...ohh it looks exquisite! I forgot I gave you that...put it back on, back on!"

Before Bubbles could reply, the mask flew back to her face like a magnet, strapping itself to her face. "What the hell!" She pulled it off with ease and looked at it, flipping the item and giving it an inspection.

"It won't come off while in combat, thank me later. And the outfit, love it! That, yes we'll make this your workers uniform! Now, let's stop the chit chat, Bubbles. Okay? Okay. As stated. Contract. You must complete any task I so desire, when I so desire, how I so desire or...or I'll allow whatever force to dispose of this pitiful city. Capeesh, hmm?"

Bubbles nodded her head but continued to just stare at the mask. Was this really about to happen?

The demon tapped its chin with a red claw. "Hmmm, why wait? Bubbles, as part of your contract with the Devil, your first task is to eliminate a certain individual who has FAILED to complete their own contract. They may be familiar to you." A picture appeared to his claw and he handed it to Bubbles, she took a good look at it.

Pink. Fur. An age-old musket. "Fuzzy Lumpkins?! He didn't do anything! Nothing that he deserves to be killed for!"

"He hasn't completed ANY of the tasks I laid out for him, tsk tsk, a no-no. His contract requires him to complete ALL of my tasks or he'll never gain back his banjo playing talent! The fool simply does not understand that he can't sign a contract, willy nilly and then on impulse take a vacation, that's NOT how this works!"

Get back his banjo playing talent?

"I—heck, I can't. Fuzzy doesn't deserve to die! I can't just kill him, he hasn't done anything!"

"Oh, Bubbles. Where's that fire from earlier? When you were beating me with all that monstrous strength. Oh and the conviction that was in those crystal eyes...WHERE IS THAT! I'm missssinggg iiit!"

The blue-eyed puff leaned back and rested her weight on the wall. "You deserved it! I don't wanna kill anyone!"

"You have one hour. One hour starting this very moment, don't fail me or I can't hold up my part of the bargain." The demon's cackles were like that of a hyena with a drug addiction. Him disappeared in a puff of pink smoke, its voice echoing way after her departure. She coughed, the fumes clearly toxic as she made her way out of the alley.

Eliminate Fuzzy Lumpkins, that was her task. Fuzzy Lumpkins. What honest deeds had Fuzzy Lumpkins? When had she encountered Fuzzy Lumpkins and the experience had a positive impact on her outlook on him? She sat there for a moment, the early morning wind reminding her that it was still chilly. What good deed had Fuzzy Lumpkins done? But he hadn't done anything wrong in years.

She took out her phone in her free hand. It was 4:35 am, she had her first class at 7:45 am.

The blonde Powerpuff gave the hotline mask a look over, then neatly placed it on her face and shot into the sky in a streak of blue. She disappeared, but not before displaying a luminous twinkle.

She made her decision.

Of course, he left his door unlocked, the guy who hated people invading his personal space.

The knob jingled slightly and she pushed, Bubbles gained entrance to the cabin, mask neatly and tightened to her face like a magnet, she didn't know if she believed Him when it said the mask would stay on in combat. And took in the scenery.

Plastic candy wrappers laid across the floor and even through the darkness Bubbles could see the mountain of junk that fuzzy had managed to accumulate, it stacked to the ceiling and she was sort of disturbed. The entire cabin was one room with the exception of a bathroom.

Not losing any of her determination, Bubbles knew what she had to do, she had decided long ago this was a sacrifice she would have to make. The blonde tip toed, easing her way over the junk and making sure to especially miss the large new rifle that was casually left in the center of the room.

Snoring sounded off and she immediately recognized the pink fuzz that was Fuzzy Limpkins. Bubbles now stood over fuzzy, she removed her phone and looked at it.

"5:03." She muttered with a yawn and used the light of her phone to gaze at the features of the large beast monster.

She had time...

Okay. All she had to do...How was she supposed to kill him anyway?

Bubbles let out a heavy sigh. How could she a Powerpuff girl even consider this? She stepped back and told herself to keep breathing, that she needed to contemplate everything.

It just wasn't in her. What would the Professor think? What would Blossom or Buttercup think? There was no—

Fuzzy Lumpkins blinked, the edge of his blanket laid over his head and the former criminal looked at her bug-eyed.


"W-who are you?" He said in a familiar heavy country accent. She forgot, she had the mask on.


"And. what. Are. You doing on ma property!" The beast jumped revealing dark blue PJs and razor-sharp teeth. Bubbles reacted on instinct, jumping backward and avoiding confrontation.

This was bad, she did everything incorrectly! She didn't wanna fight, didn't even want to do what Him wanted her to do anymore.

"Fuzzy wait!"

Fuzzy didn't wait, he jumped and tackled her to the ground, before getting back up, picking Bubbles up and slamming her into the floor. The puff grunted, as Fuzzy picked her up by the neck and slammed her back into the ground before putting his hands around her neck and constricting her throat.

"You sure chose the wrong place to trespass, girl. Now ima straight take you out! Never, step on my property!"

Inhaling became quite the hassle, the girl fought attempting to get her words out and explain—though how could she? She gasped, it felt like her head was filling up with hot air, as the drum of her heart increased in frequency.

Then something happened: her fear, her discouragement, all of those emotions that held her back were suddenly, consumed by a feeling much more intense. A feeling that the girl could only remember feeling on a finger's worth of times. Bubbles could feel her nostrils flare.

Fingers gripped at his furry wrists and Bubbles pushed and pushed, all the while she squeezed and squeezed. Fuzzy didn't process what was happening before it was too late. Eyes that were once full of rage faded so quickly and instead transitioning to pupils as wide as bowling balls. Fuzzy let out an eardrum shredding cry. Bubbles didn't ease up, the Joy and the Laughter had had enough! Her eyes simmered like the beginning of a campfire, then the heat became concentrated and with the full-blown power of her laser eyes charged she let go of him. ZAP!

It went straight through his chest, creating two holes.

The room glowed a bright red for less than a single second. Gravity took over and his body fell right on top of her, his wound instantly cauterized. She pushed him off instantly, the feeling of dread hitting her at the same moment. Bubbles sat there for a moment just breathing. What the hell did she do that for? She got up, her yellow hair without the protection from the hood and now laid in the disgust that was Fuzzy's floor.

She jumped to her feet, dusted the candy wrappers from her hair and slowly backed away from the huge mound that was once Fuzzy Lumpkins. "Oh my Gosh…" realization was a bitch. Bubbles gazed down at her hands, she hadn't been wearing gloves...what if she got her fingerprints everywhere?

The blue puff backed a little too far and ended up knocking over a giant box television with a wire hanger as antenna, the ancient piece of technology was shattered into pieces. Funnily enough, the television fell right on the same banjo that Fuzzy used to always play, it looked as if it hadn't been touched in years.

She practiced her breathing and speed walked to the exit, her eyes were wide but somehow the nicest puff managed no to freaking out.

"That was necessary...that was necessary," she said before opening the door, exiting and then hovering off to the sky.

Then she thought about the fingerprints and her paranoia got the better of her so in a flash of red she destroyed the small isolated log cabin. She was gone in a flash of blue.

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