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More Powerful Than A Contract

Chapter Two: Rowdy

"Bubbles, um, hey..."

There was a stir. Bubbles slowly fluttered her eyes, finding herself surrounded by desks of students. Right... first-period class.

"Huh?" She let out a silent yawn, before resting her face onto her palm causing her blue baseball hat, which had the important duty of concealing her bed hair, fell to the floor with a tap.

Robin grabbed the cap and placed the cap backward on her head. "Woah, you sound dead...Didn't get enough sleep last night? No offense...you look worse than me and I didn't get back home til like 2."

"Yeah, sorry Robin. I—" there was no way Bubbles could explain. Images of a motionless Fuzzy were still fresh, she shook away those thoughts. "I just had...some insomnia, I'm kinda tired. Ha."

Bubbles dropped her head into her desk.

"Totally, understand…But...umm...Bubbles, not to bother you, but did you read the pieces for workshop?"

Workshop? The workshop! Her cheekbones dropped and she brought her head up. "I read one. Then...got stuck on Hulu." Bubbles palmed her face. How'd she forget to complete her homework?

"Fuck. I didn't read any of them, do you have the stories?"

"Yeah." Bubbles already knew where this was going, reached into her bag and grabbed the one-piece from her folder.

"You only read this one?"


"What's it about?"

"Some guy who enters a rap battle and... then aliens invade and he has to save the world … and he does it with music so bad that the alien's heads explode whenever he starts rapping...yeah it's um… a lot." Another yawn later.

"Wow, that sounds stupid..."

"I thought it was nice. If anything creative?" Bubbles said tiredly. "Read it and see if you like it. The way he—"

"Excuse me, Bubbles Utonium..." Uh oh.

Mr. Talking Dog, the grey suit-wearing pooch eyed her from on top of his desk, his tail flicked and pound into the desk with a thud. "First...The napping in class. Okay, I can give some leeway, first period...fine. But, personally I just can't see how any conversation with Robin is more important than what's going on right here in this class!"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Talking Dog."

"Right...just don't do it again, Bubbles. I don't want to interrupt the creative coils of your peers beside you. Please, help me preserve the Jack in the box that is all of your imaginations, the seeds that will bud beautiful frosted gumdrop forests as you all unlock your true potentials, so, please. You—" the dog let out a soft sigh and then smiled. "You know what I'm talking about...please."

Nobody knew what he was talking about.

Bubbles just kind of parted her lips and said. "Uh...Yes, Mr. Talking Dog."

The teacher went on about reading the first workshop piece and despite Bubbles typically being a good stupid, she found that there was a negative percent chance that she'd listen to the discussion.

Instead, her mind drifted to those recent events and she looked down and there it was. Oh, God the mask, there it was just smiling at her like it could see the awe, like it could smell her fear. She had purposely left it at home with the intent of forgetting about it...forgetting about Fuzzy. She just couldn't find a way to justify her actions...even if it was for the sake of Townsville….But, maybe she didn't need justification? He was bad right?

"Keep it with you, at all times." Came a whisper, followed by a demonic laugh that she was sure only she could hear. Her ears cowered and Bubbles hand shot in the air like a rocket.

"Oh! Yes, Bubbles? You wanna give your opinion on Byran's piece?! It's a beautifully written and polished piece, a very good, especially if you use it as a guide of what not to d—"

The dog was way too excited, fortunately, Bubbles shot that down. "I need to be excused!"

Mr. Talking Dog held his mouth open before touching his snout with his paw. "Uh, yes of course. Be quick and take the wooden hall pa—"

Bubbles was already out the door with all her items, before he could even finish and zoomed to the bathroom.

When the door opened red eyes shot to hers and. A thin red North Face backpack hung behind him on one strap. The boy adjusted his red cap, turned and stared down at her.

"Brick Jojo?" The last person she'd think to find in the girl's bathroom!

"Bubbles Utonium."

"I guess bad guys really don't follow any rules...even bathroom regulations! What? Here to try and destroy us again?"

"This is the boy's bathroom, but hey." Oh. Well, that explained the urinals and a lot of other things. He gave her a knowing smirk. "And nope. Just here to further my education. Thank you." He turned back to the mirror inspecting his face and rubbing something into it.

"Call me crazy, but I don't believe that for a second!"

"Funny. Wish I cared what you believed."

"You and your brothers are always up to no good, never have once did you guys seem like you were interested in an education...so Brick, tell me the truth!"

The boy's hand dropped into his denim pockets, removed his wallet and showed her his student ID.


Brick Jojo, it read. The ID had a photo of Brick, red hat on and everything, it looked more like a mugshot than anything else though.

She went to grab it but he pulled his hand back. "What...That's counterfeit, right?"

"Huh, wow. So, you and Boomer do have something in common." He rolled his eyes. "Why would I get a fake ID to come to some stupid preppy school, especially one in Townsville. No, we're here to 'deepen our education'." He said this with a blank shrug.

"You're being forreal?"

The Ruff faced her. "I'd rather not be interrogated, I mean we're inside some disgusting bathroom…man...if you're doing this to me I can already imagine the pain in the ass that damn redhead's gonna be." He crossed his arms and she did the same looking up at him

"That redhead's my beautiful sister, thank you very much."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."

She felt the urge to hit him. "You know, you're still a nasty rude little boy."

Brick laughed "Never said anything changed." Someone walked into the bathroom and saw her and looked at him freaked out and ran out of the bathroom.

Brick gestured towards the door with his hand, his attention still on the mirror and his face. His phone rang and he answered it.

"Yo...of course we are... Just get through it for now, I know it's boring! What do you mean the teacher's saying you're disturbing class?... You called me in the middle of class and put me on speaker?—"

That was her queue to leave, exiting the boy's bathroom and making her way back to class. She could feel his eyes burning into her back as she left. Buttercup and Blossom would never believe what she just witnessed.

When Bubbles informed her sisters of the appearance of Brick through text, Buttercup confirmed that Butch was in fact in her first-period gym class and thus a rendezvous point was determined at the back of the library, in the front of the science fiction second and out of the sight of the cameras.

Bubbles stepped through the entrance, greeting the librarian at the front desk before signing in and speed walking to the specific location. A calm and collective Blossom and stern-faced Buttercup were both in conversation.

"What? Let me see that article!"

"Wait, Buttercup...Don't grab my phone!" Blossom pulled her phone closer to her chest.

Her sisters, they had no idea what she had done.

"Lemme just see it!" Buttercup tried to snatch at Blossom's phone, but Blossom simply kept it out of her reach.

"No, I'll read it to you!"

"What? What do I look like, a kindergartener?" the toughest puff still frantically reached for Blossom's phone and Blossom simply pushed Buttercup's face back with her palm

Bubbles took a seat across from her sisters, placed her bag on her lap and silently yawned. Finally, when Buttercup realized getting Blossom's phone was practically impossible she ceased, the fire-haired leader then gave Bubbles her attention.

"Bubbles...I think I found something. But I'm not sure I know how I feel about it..Or how it connects to the Ruffs" Blossom said.

"What is it? I'm all ears."

The redhead sighed. "I'm gonna be blunt with you. This article was just released an hour ago…" It was 12:38 pm. "And it's not the only outlet releasing this information, but Fuzzy Lumpkins was murdered sometime early this morning."

Bubbles felt her heart crash into the floor. "W-what…I haven't heard a thing about Fuzzy in years."

"His home was leveled. Kinda hardcore...don't know many people with that capability." Buttercup added, reading off of Blossom's phone.

"Somebody really wanted him dead. Now, I'm no expert but look at this drone footage." Blossom showed Buttercup and Bubbles refused to get up from her seat and look at it. "I'm not an expert, but that looks like someone used heat vision...holy shit look the ground's all burnt… there and all around, the ground is a gray-white...something hot was there. They just went to town on that little house...and I know this might be a stretch...but unless someone has some sort of laser, that looks like heat vision."

Bubbles remained silent, but on the inside, a battle was waged.

"The Rowdyruff boys! This has their name all over it!" Buttercup confirmed catching on quickly.

Bubbles loosened the collar of her shirt and swallowed. Nobody suspected her.

"I don't think it's a coincidence that they're back in Townsville and now suddenly Fuzzy's dead. But I'm a skeptic..."

"And talk about a sloppy job!" The green puff said.

"Of course, this is all, speculation, but just the way the math is adding up between this and the article and the boy's appearance….though, we can't just jump to conclusions."

"What? Of course, we can! Who else would do something so sinister? They put a giant slug on Bubbles' back!"

"Maybe someone's just in a desperate situation, it doesn't have to be the Ruffs…It could have been another per—criminal!" Bubbles said then covered her mouth.

"Oh look at this, we're defending the enemy. We're just gonna let the enemy come running in here, okay Bubbles! Pst... I say we give them an ass-whooping so fierce, Mojo won't be able to sit for a month."

"No." Blossom turned off her phone and pocketed it. "Fuzzy Lumpkins was a professional criminal, he could have had thousands of people who wanted him dead. We don't assume. Still...all we can do is monitor them. Huh, I haven't even seen any of them yet."

"Yeah, well lucky you." Buttercup pouted.

"So, what are we doing?"

Blossom gave Bubbles comforting eyes. "We're letting the authorities investigate, do their job and we're gonna continue doing what we do. Only thing that's changing is our need to monitor the Ruffs."


"Monitor? I wanna punch, I want justice! I still haven't gotten that thick-headed fuck for breaking my knuckles with his jaw! And We're just gonna wait here 'til they do some dumbshit? How could they even let them into after they blew up the docks!"

Bubbles flipped her eyes. "We blew up the docks too...actually, we did it first."

"But they're criminals! We did it to stop them! The mayor for life still hasn't recovered from the time they tried to feed him to a pack of wild dogs. How the hell did they get approved to attend a fucking highschool?" Buttercup looked off into the distance like there was some sort of invisible camera just sitting there like she was the only one to see the stupidity in its own hindsight.

None of this made sense.

But, Bubbles would be damned if she'd let anyone get blamed for a crime that they didn't even commit.

"I don't know….but, whatever thing the Ruffs have planned, we'll swash it like we always do." Blossom declared. "I can't believe he showed you a legit school ID! What the hell are they thinking about bringing those boys here...it's gonna be a mess."

"That's what I've been saying. We already got our hands tired with monsters and not to

Mention their damn monkey daddy always trying to blow people away."

Blossom then said. "I'll talk to principal Keane after school when I'm organizing her cabinet. I think we need to understand their perspective a bit before we do anything because it's not like they don't know who they are."

"Rash." Bubbles finished for her, fiddling with one of the zippers on her bag.

"Buttercup's way."

The raven-haired puff nodded her head and shrugged. "The most efficient way. "

Blossom gazed at Bubbles up and down, Bubbles began tapping her fingers on her kneecaps under the table. The elder puff's face was a mixture of concern and curiosity. "Bubbles, Robin told me that you looked like a zombie in the first period? You ain't sleep well?"

"I—I was just really tired! I stayed up on Hulu, all night."

"Oh…" Blossom tapped her chin. "I thought you told Robin you had insomnia."

"It was both! Both… I was on Hulu all night because I had insomnia!" Bubbles folded her hands together on her bag and couldn't get her foot to stop its soft tapping.

The answer made sense but for some reason, the curiosity on Blossom's face didn't go anyway. Bubbles played with the cap on her head and smiled at Blossom, Blossom smiled back and the blonde internally sighed.

"I didn't know you have trouble sleeping," Blossom said.

"I do! Sometimes..."

"I'm sure there's something the Professor could whip you up with no negative side effects, either. Just tell him when you get home."

"Right, of course, Blossom!"

"Wait...who's Hulu account are you using, mine? Because if you are you better not be watching Puppet Pals. Blossom here already messed up my spot!" Buttercup said.

Bubbles shook her head.

"Oh, please Buttercup, you said I could use your account and watch whatever. I. Want!"

"I meant anything BUT, Puppet Pals!"

"That show is hilarious, there was a 0 percent chance that I wasn't gonna watch it!"

"Well, why didn't you just stop at season 4? Now I gotta go re-find where I left off. Who knows how long that'll take."

Probably a few minutes, but don't tell that to Buttercup. Their exchange continued and somehow the conversation turned into an argument over who broke the living room remote.

"...you're so immature!"

"Oh, Wow…Blossom, you're soooo mature! Oh my God! I'm the leader of the Powerpuff Girls! Look at me! I'm well versed and can do no wrong, hur dur." Buttercup pretended to be Blossom.

"I don't sound like that! Your impression is terrible!"

All of their cell phones went off, the emergency hotline app was ringing, though the notifications were hidden. Thankfully, being in the back of the Library meant no annoying librarians.

Blossom answered. "Hello...Oh, Mayor…"

More heroics, maybe she could make up for her—

Bubbles looked down and almost choked on her own saliva. The mask was back on the table, "How…" she mumbled and was grateful Buttercup was paying attention to Blossom's conversation. Bubbles picked it up.

"Because of meee." Him's voice was but a whisper and came from the mask. Bubbles dropped the mask, thunderstruck. "Shhh… or they'll think you're crazy. They can't hear me, neat huh?"

Bubbles bit her tongue and said nothing. What did Him want now? The presence of perpetual twilight loomed over her and she felt sick.

"What do you mean Mr. Talking Dog has a bunch of unpaid parking tickets… That doesn't sound like a job for the Powerpuffs..." Blossom said. "...yeah...okay you got something else?"

"You did a wonderful job. I couldn't think of any better way to dispose of ole Fuzzy. You truly are the fire and brimstone I suspected you to be...hmmmm!"

"What do you want?" She silently murmured, but couldn't hold back the venom in her voice.

"I have another task, and oh it's gonna be fun. This time, I'll give you all the time in the world to complete it, how's that, hm?"

"I don't like it, at all." Bubbles whispered back. Her eyes staring at Blossom, the girl smiling as she conversed with the mayor.

"...Mayor why didn't you tell me sooner that the Amoeba boys broke into a donut shop, took hostages and started eating all the frosted strawberries!.." Blossom's convo was coming to an end.

"Greaaat! I need you to do one... tinnyy thing."

"Girls, we've got business!" Blossom said, both her sisters oblivious as what was going on.

"The CEO of MB technologies has voided the terms and agreement of our contract. He believes that he's safe and I understand...In this world money can buy anything...well...almost anything." The demon laughed. "Kill him."

It wanted her to kill him, some CEO of some company she had little to no knowledge of. A person like Fuzzy Lumpkins maybe, but a person nonetheless.

"Great! I need someone to punch, let's go!" Buttercup and Blossom blasted off in a ray of pink and green. Bubbles didn't move.

"I just…"

"You have one week...more time to ponder...more time to contemplate… more time to—coming to terms." It cackled like a drunken madman. The mask ceased all speech and Bubbles was left in the library by her lonesome gripping the material of her denim jeans. What could she do? Bubbles blasted off in the direction of her sisters, her mind clouded and the shame unbearable. But, she had to try her best to remain normal. She would be able to bear everything herself, nobody she loved could be harmed.

Bubbles got an idea and did a quick google search.

Ceo of MB Technologies.

The phone screen loaded and it would have been the perfect time to gasp, but instead, Bubbles found her hand flexing into a fist.

No way...

Blossom dashed into the donut shop, it was Powerpuff time! She was prepared for anything!

"Alright, Amoeba boys it's time to...time too...uh..."

Well, almost anything.

In the corner sat the three teenage boys from so long ago—the same boys who only plagued Blossom's nightmares. They were eating donuts! Brick was the first to look up, he stared at her specifically and for some reason, she felt her legs becoming rubber. His brothers turned also. It was absolutely horrifying.

Buttercup entered. "What happened—" Buttercup's pupils swole.

"Buttercup…" Blossom warned, but it was too late, she was a wild bull. Buttercup charged slamming into Brick and spearing him out the wall of the building in one move. She began pounding him with all the strength in her fist.

Blossom dashed to them.

Butch knocked her back into the ground with his shoulder. WAP! Butch returned the favor, his slamming three good punches directly into her face.

Brick got back to his feet and flew back into the window. How did his hat even stay on his head? Brick's eyes glowing a deep red as the veins in his forehead popped, his death glare was at Buttercup. Blossom sprang to her sister's aid but found intercepting the attack impossible as Boomer knocked her into the ground with his hard head. He smiled at her... ZZAAAP!

Blossom couldn't help...Buttercup had no choice but to send her own attack, the lasers from her eyes meeting Brick's and the two lasers battled for dominance.

"Hey...why ya beatin' them up when you should be hitting should be hitting us!" Both Buttercup and Brick let their attacks fade into the air, then turned to the source of the voice. "C'mon, both of yous, come and beat the snot out of us."

Blossom turned to the three Amoeba boys, somehow they'd been stuffed into a trashcan and honestly looked physically impossible.

Everyone sort of just stopped fighting, like some kind of weird mutual agreement.

"They're still conscious? I hit 'em with my best haymaker too." Brick sounded totally disappointed.

"Okay, someone care to explain what the hell is going on?"

Blossom felt empty air at her right side. Wait, where the hell was Bubbles? Thinking about it, her sister was acting more unusual than normal. Blossom would have to make sure Bubbles would get good rest.

"Well, isn't it clear? We canned them." Butch said, laughing with no shame. Brick and Boomer slowly slid away from him.

Buttercup dashed back to Blossom, rubbing her head "Okay...who told him he could talk?"

"Imagine doing someone else's job for them and then being punished for being a good samaritan, by the same people. The thanks we get for our service to Townsville. Not a very Powerpuff girls welcome!"

"So, you guys are back in Townsville." What were their intentions, what was going on.

"In Townsville and enrolled. Yeah...where's your third, the blonde...I seen her earlier, awkward little—"

The sound of a flying Puff, notified Blossom Bubbles was here. Bubbles landed with a hand on her mouth and her head seemingly in the clouds. Man, her hair looked like it just came off of a six-hour nap. Didn't she have a cap on?

"What took ya?" Buttercup said and where Bubbles would usually have a snobby response, she just didn't answer; the girl just glared at the floating group of boys and the crater in the wall.

"Let's not waste time, okay. Tell me, what business do you have here?" Blossom said.

The three boys looked at one another and then burst into laughter. "Business?" They all said simultaneously.

Okay...okay…? The redhead pouted, out of all their nemesis she was sure she hated them the most!

"Rich...rich! Oh, you girls are killing me." Brick said.

"Oh, you—you thought we were back for y'all or somethin'?" Butch said through tears.

"That's rich...didn't know you Powerpuffs were so...ya know? Self-centered." Boomer said.

The Puffs kind of just stood there dumbfounded.

Buttercup growled. "What? You guys spent years trying to kill us, that's not a far off assertion!"

Bubbles stepped past Blossom and towards them."Why aren't y'all in school, aren't you guys new students?" That was a good question, if they really were attending Townsville high, why were they here?

"Easy, we wanted to get some donuts." Boomer shrugged.

"So you skipped class?"


"But you said you were there to further your education!" The blue eyes puff said.

Bossman of the Amoeba boys clearly had enough and shouted. "Why are you all so concerned with them, we ate all the strawberry donuts in this shop...for free! There's not a crumb left...now that's bad...you know how much profit they just lost? Come beat us senseless!"

Everyone continued ignoring them.

"And come to find out, those Amoeba dudes ate all the strawberry frosted with sprinkles...which just so happened to be Brick's favorite and…" Boomer pointed to the trashcan with his thumb, all the while grinning.

Their smug attitude was something Blossom didn't like. She had half the mind to slap those stupid smiles from off their face. Though, that was unbecoming of her, at least it wouldn't be without proper justification.

"I don't care what you guys are doing back in Townsville. You think you're welcome here? After what you guys pulled, day after day week after week...month after month! Nope, I'd rather knock your nose off than ever accept you in the city!"

"Challenge accepted!" Butch roared, already getting ready to toss himself at the puffs, as he came closer. Buttercup revved up like a car and prepared to catapult herself into the Ruffs.

"Butch, no!"

"Buttercup, no!"

Both the superhumans stopped mid-air like a screeching car. The green counterparts both stared at each other, Buttercup looked like she was gonna bite his face off, she then turned to Blossom. "They're probably responsible for the death of Fuzzy Lumpkins! Just like how they were responsible for A LOT of OTHER crimes, I mean just look at them!"

She did and was inclined to agree with Buttercup.

"Fuzzy Lumpkins?" Boomer said Butch shrugged his shoulders as if he wasn't sure who he was either.

"Right, that hillbilly who we may or may not gave that candy addiction to."

"Ooohhh…" Butch and Boomer synchronized, then deadpanned.

They gave what?

"Look, a confession!" Buttercup snapped.

"Get your hand out of my face." Butch swatted his hand and Buttercup immediately tackled him, dazing him and allowing her to get a few good hits on him. They all dash towards their siblings and pulled them off of each other, Buttercup and Butch flexed with all their might, it took both the combined strengths of their respective siblings to keep them at bay.

Apparently, the greens were the only ones who still wanted to fight.

"Calm down, Buttercup!"

"Butch get ahold of yourself, we just bought these clothes!" Brick cleared his throat and looked down at himself. "Okay, maybe we should let him get one good hit, what do you think Boomer?"

"I believe them..." Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned towards Bubbles, even Butch and Buttercup lost the war in their eyes. "What? They didn't do it." she said.

"Did she just agree with us?" Boomer asked and Butch shrugged.

"And what do you know?!"

"I just know, Buttercup! How can you just make an accusation like that, Ruffs or not?"

"Who else would it be? I'm not far off! Look at their resume, Bubble! They've been trying to kill us since we were five!"

"We don't know, that's why we can't just go accusing people."

"Bubbles is kinda right, Buttercup!"

"That's stupid! Our arch-nemesis are right in front of us and we're questioning whether they'd kill someone after they tried to kill us for years! You read the article, you saw the drone pictures! Only someone like us could have done it...AKA the Rowdyruff boys, I see no coincidence!"

"We didn't kill Fuzzy Lumpkins...frankly I don't care if any of y'all believe my boys and I or not! We've got better things to do than kill some psychotic meth dealer."

"Oh, pray tell, Brick. We wanna hear it...What are you doing in Townsville?"

"To further our—"

The Puff leader shut that down quickly "Please, spare me! What are really you doing here?"

The Rowdyruff boy leader showed a cheeky smile. "Oh, y'all are pathetic…Grade A detective work. Here, I'll tell you. You know all those weird T.V shows...highschool dramas and all that?"

"Yeah…" Blossom wasn't sure where he was going with that, she flipped her orange hair from her face.

"Well, we got curious…"

"You're gonna make me ask aren't you?" Brick just looked at her. She rolled her eyes. "Okay, what were you guys curious about.?"

"What it's like to rule over a school..."

The fluorescent light buzzed above them. Some tan-skinned guy with braids walked in whistling, stopped, gave them all and the hole in the wall a quick glance and promptly exited with all the while still whistling.

Blossom burst out laughing and funnily enough so did her sisters. It was the Ruff's turn to just stare.

"Rule over Townsville high? That's your big scary EVIL plan? Oh, that's just…"

"Oh no, the Rowdyruff boys are here to rule the school, head for the hills! Ha, freaking bozos." Buttercup said.

"And here we thought you were bad guys."

Small chuckles escape the inside of the trashcan and she watched Brick's face slowly swole into a frown. "Shouldn't you guys be arresting the Amoeba boys...man do Townsville police take long..."

"Shouldn't you be in school?" Bubbles retorted.

"Shouldn't you be fighting crime...or maybe figure what happened to that pink dirty furball." Bubbles was quiet, Brick clearly satisfied, made for the exit his boys followed him and the auburn-haired boy eyed them as he walked away. "Oh yeah, I'm sure you know of all about Fuzzy's explicit activities..."

No, she didn't, but she couldn't tell him that so she just nodded instead.

Brick continued. "Well, he was pushing some heavy stuff...expensive shit. So...There's gonna be consequences...I bet Townsvilles gonna feel it hard too. Bummer." With that the Ruff's left just as the police arrived, taking off and decorating the sky and heading in the opposite direction of Townsville high.

This just raised so many more questions and Blossom's old questions still haven't been answered. If Brick and the Ruffs hadn't killed Fuzzy—and she still wasn't convinced that they didn't, then who did?

Blossom sighed. "They're gonna be trouble."

"I know... What's next?" Bubbles mumbled with an exhale. The puff leader put a hand on Bubble's shoulder. She felt bad for the blonde and vowed to make sure that the Ruffs could do nothing to ruin the innocence that was Powerpuff's joy and laughter.

So, it was decided and it would be, so! Blossom would solve everything.

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