Just a short one-shot

She doesn't know

To all of Konoha and the rest of the ninja world, it was fairly clear who was the brightest mind in Team 7. Perfect scores since her academy days, second in IQ to the smartest shinobi of her generation, and endless innovation that revolutionized the medical field. Her EQ had improved greatly since her academy days too; the only exception was hitting her blonde teammate, because that was how she showed him she loved him.

That was why… it came as a surprise that only she did not know.

Those drunken words were not meant to be said and especially not meant to be heard by her ears.

And he had fallen asleep before she could question him further. At that moment, she was so shocked that she could only look at him, completely unaware that two pairs of eyes had observed the entire scene.

Shortly after the war was over, Kakashi was named the Sixth Hokage and Sasuke was placed under probation; while Sakura was split between assisting in the hospital and the Hokage office and Naruto was tasked with rebuilding the village with his army of shadow clones.

One year later, after Sasuke finished his term, he set off on a journey for atonement; which was to travel to every shinobi village and seek for forgiveness. Kakashi and Sakura saw him off at the gates and Naruto met up with him half way out of the Land of Fire to travel with him.

Sakura swore to Kakashi that she was not upset that the boys had left her again and Kakashi realized that she was still a horrible liar.

Another year later, the pair had returned, only to be tackled by Sakura at the gates. She officially became a jounin four months prior to their return and she waited for them to return - just so she could rub it in their faces.

Three months after that, under Naruto's horrible guidance, Sasuke managed to ask Sakura out.

A year had passed eventlessly and the world assumed that Uchiha Sasuke had securely snatched the most wanted bachelorette off the market.

But the last Uchiha knew that his claim was not certain… because he knew.

He had seen the softness that those gray eyes possessed when she was in the picture.

He had heard the gentle change in tone when she was addressed.

He had felt the air charge with tension when she did not report back from her solo mission on time.

He knew, but he pretended he did not. He knew it was selfish of him, but it was better that she did not know. As long as her eyes never strayed from him, and they never have, she would never see the other heavens out there.

A pair of blue eyes shifted away from the scene in front of him. He might be the slowest when it came to intellect on the team, but he would not be last when it came to understanding feelings.

After the start of Sasuke and Sakura's relationship a year ago, the signs became obvious. He had always thought that his brother and sister in arms were meant to be, but that faith had been struggling lately… because he knew.

He had seen the way his hands linger slightly longer on her head than theirs when he praised the team for a job well done.

He had heard the distressed whisper of her name when he came to the hospital to see her in the middle of the night, completely unaware that the blonde was not actually asleep by her bedside.

He had felt the calm that only she could bring out in him; when he wanted to run from his responsibilities, she always made him stay with a single smile.

He knew, but he did not say a word. It was not because he was afraid of the consequences; rather, it was because he did not know what to say. He loved all three of them and if she knew… he did not know what would happen if she knew.

She reached out to touch his messy mob of hair, but a hand shot out and halted her at the wrist.


Dark eyes narrowed, "He is just drunk."

A different hand released his hand from her wrist.


"He is telling the truth."

"You know, there is this girl… no… woman who I love… like a lot a lot..."

"As much as Icha Icha?"

"A lot… A LOT more than Icha Icha."

"Oh, who is that?"

"Every… everyone knows her, she is so beautiful and kind and smart."


"Her name is Sa… Sakura, but don't tell her. She doesn't know."