I was rewatching Dragon Ball Z... and I went... huh, I wonder how a Saiyan would adapt to MHA Earth... and I have a Fanfiction account, which is your problem. ;). Anyways, here is tale of the Saiyan hero.

Chapter 1: Departure

I was being pulled along by my parents, shockwaves running through my body as we ran to the pod. "Fuma, you have to escape!" My father's strong hand gripped my arm. "Kafne and I will stay and fight Freeza's men, keeping them away from you."

"So much for retirement?" My mother pushed me into the closing the door behind me. "You have to get stronger, reject that damn pride, do what you have to in order to get stronger. " my mothers curly hair parted as the pod powered up.

"NO! DON'T DO THIS!" I beat my fist against the pod's window. I was to weak to break it.

"Make us proud. Be a hero, unlike us." They said as the pod shoot into space, filling with a gas, preparing me for stasis travel. I watched from space as my home, Planet Vegeta exploded down below me as I fell asleep, tears falling down my face.

It was a normal day at the beach for Izuku Midoriya, training with All Might for the UA entrance exam in just a few months time. "That's Izuku, lift with your legs, not your back." The number one hero smiled as I pulled a large fridge across the sand.

"Thank you All Might." I smiled as I looked at the Number one Hero, before I noticed something behind him, a glowing streak that was growing, As I squinted at it I realized that it was coming right at us, I let go of the fridge and jumped to the side as it crashed into the junk pile behind me throwing trash and sand everywhere. "What was that?" I asked as I stood up running to the edge of the crater. Inside was a metal Sphere with a red window, slowly the door opened a hand gripped the edge of the door.

"Is that a... Alien?" All Might buffed up ready for a fight.

Before the door fully opened an explosion rang out blowing up the craft, as the smoke cleared a... beautiful girl my age stared up at us. her long black hair was spiked around her head, her irises were also the same color as her pupil, but her eyes were blood shot like they were crying, a hauntingly beautiful black. she wore red and black armor with large rounded shoulder, strangely a fuzzy brown belt wrapped around her waist, a black body suit and armored boots, black bracers covered her forearms, a blue screened device glowed over her right eye as she looked at us.

"I am Fuma of the Saiyans. Where am I?" The hostility in her voice took me aback.

"I am ALL Might, and if you think you will take over this world..."

"I asked for the name of the world, not a monolouge. And I'm here as a... refugee." It was like it hurt her to say that.

"You are on Earth, if you are a refugee, what are you running from?"

She glared at me, and I shrunk back. "That isn't any of your concern."

"Why did you blow up the ship, how will you get back?" I asked hesitantly as I slid down with the pro hero.

"To prevent my self from being tracked, I don't want his army finding me before I'm ready." She rolled her eyes, now that I was closer, I could tell that she had been crying. "As for getting back I'll just use... my... shit." We both had sweat drops roll down our heads. "I'll deal with that when the time comes."

"Fuma, you said you wanted to get stronger?" I asked.

"Yes, what are you getting at?" She looked at me, clearly annoyed.

"Well I'm training to be go to UA, the world best Hero school, perhaps you should do the same." I said.

"A wonderful Idea young Midoriya, why I trained there my self and I'm the number one hero. I'm training young Midoriya here to do the same." All might boosted.

"Given your power level of nearly a hundred thousand, and yours of two hundred, it would be worth my time." She looked at us respectively, the blue screen on her head glowing.

"Power levels?" I pulled out my note book and started to take notes.

"With my scouter I can read you body's stored ki energy, as every living being has it, I can use my scouter to read it, that your power level." She explained.

"Ki?" I asked.

"Ki is life force, it grows stronger as you grow stronger." She made a bright red ball in her hand. "With enough control, one can use it outside their body for attacks and defense."

"So whats your power level?" I asked, and I didn't expect her response.

"That's... None of your concern." She turned away from me, her face bright red, her brown belt unwrapping from her waist, it was a tail.

"Well we only have a few months before the UA entrance exam, you will have to study in order to catch up academically, I'll use my connections to get you a place to stay and a teacher." All might said

"Study, how hard could that be?" She scoffed.

It had only been a few weeks since I had arrived on this world, and I wanted to kill this talking animal even more everyday that went by. But I wanted to kill who ever came up with algebra even more. I haven't gotten a single day to train my body since I had arrived. "Focus." Nezu sipped his tea. I stayed in a small apartment, and only a few were made aware of my true origins.

"I am." I looked across the table. My tutor was the head of UA, yet he had a power level of ten. His intelligence being what made him strong.

"I know that you would rather be training, but you will need more then just power to be a hero." Nezu poured me a cup.

"I have to cram how many years of study in four months?" I looked up at him.

"Well then lets take a break. Tell me about your home, your family and yourself?"

I crushed the pen in my hand, ink seeping through my fingers. "How many times do I have to tell you? I don't want to talk about it."

"Fuma, I understand that you are upset with the past, but don't let it define your future. At UA, we will do everything we can to make you stronger. A hero and a warrior that would make your parents proud." Nezu leaned over the table and patted me on my shoulder.

"Shut up." I looked at the armor in then corner. "You don't know a damn thing."

"Maybe Fuma, so let's change the subject, what of stories from your home?" He asked, "Legends and things like that?"

"Tsk..." I looked at the animal, person, thing. "There is one that comes to mind, the legendary super Saiyan."

"Oh? What is this story?" He took a sip of tea. I slowly picked up the cup he had poured me and downed it. "You have me intrigued."

"According to legend, every thousand years a super Saiyan is born with unimaginable power exploding from his body. It is said to be a transformation that turns their hair a flaming gold, the last one was only able to transform into the legendary state while in the great ape form. He destroyed him self in the process. In fact if the legends were to be believed it was almost time for a new one to appear. But... for all I know I'm the last of my kind. Guess we'll never know." I got up and washed the ink off my hand.

"Who knows, perhaps you are that super Saiyan?" Nezu said making me stop. "A power like that would certainly help with being a hero."

"Do... do you really think that I could be?" I asked as I turned to the head master.

"I don't see why not, You are a determined person, I see no reason for you to not have that power. But Couldn't help but think of this saying, with great power comes great responsibility. If you are this super Saiyan, don't let that power control you. Oh would you look at the time, I have to be going, enjoy your work out." He turned out of the chair a hopped out. "It has been a pleasure as always." And he left.

"Me... a super Saiyan..." I needed to clear my head, I grabbed a jacket and got ready for a run.

I ran, and ran, and ran, my weighted vest had three times my own weight strapped to me, heavy weights on my arms and legs pulled at my limbs, 'I have to get stronger.' I gritted my teeth. I had almost a month till the entrance exam. My head pounded from all the information crammed into my skull, I was running through a dense forest high in the mountains.

"DIE!" A decently sized explosion burst above the trees. "DAMN IT THEY NEED TO BE BIGGER!" A young male's voice yelled out

"Katsuki! If you want to be a hero you can't be screaming die!" followed by a loud smack.

I walked into the clearing and found three people, a brown haired my on a blanket, and a blonde boy arguing with who appeared to be his mother. "Mitsuki, don't be too harsh on the boy. He's doing his best in his training."

"STAY OUT OF IT!" The two blondes yelled before the three of them noticed me.

"Oh, hi, sorry if we scared you." The woman said, "My son is training for UA."

"Shut up hag." The boy said, his red eyes glowed with anger.

"Well I'm out here to do the same." I said as I took out my scouter, I had long since had Nezu replace the communicator and tracker. "Let's see, a power lever of... fourteen hundred. I have to say I'm impressed."

"I'm sorry but what dose that mean?" He asked.

"Well All Might has a power level of a hundred thousand." I said.

"You know All Might?" They asked.

"I wouldn't say met, more of ran into." I shrugged. "You don't mind if I join you, I've been needing to work on my combat training."

"If you can survive." Explosions sparked in the boys hand.

And done with this first chapter.