"Of course, Kuth'han. Phobios no need to be so enthusiastic about the... incoming battle. Tiidel, you are to cut the continents off from each other. Raise storms to ground their airships and drown their navel ability, both military and civilian. Starve their resources." Boreal paced back and forth. "Gallion, darken the skies with ash. We will slowly suffocate the world into submission."

Gallion slowly nodded. "The sky will bleed black till the people kneel at your feet."

The Frost demon turned from his generals. "The Demon Prince Harp and the Super Saiyan are mine. I will remove those threats from the battlefield as well as the top heroes in each nation."

Gallion stepped forward, "What of the villains?"

Boreal turned to look at the volcanic warrior, "More to our forces. I will take any that are willing to bend the knee. This Galaxy is my birthright. You are dismissed."

"All Hail The True Emperor!" The four generals Saluted mimicking stabbing themselves in the heart. "All Hail Boreal!"

They left the ruler in silence. "First Earth, Then the rest of the Galaxy."

Chapter 105: Gentle Criminal And La Brava

I sat on the couch going through videos on my phone. "Hey, Fuma." I looked over at Uraraka. "Where is Deku?" She asked me as she sat next to me with two cups of tea. "Momo made Golden Tips tea." She handed me one as she took a sip. I picked up the cup and in a single gulp downed it. "Of course."

"Yeah... I don't do fancy." I said as I set my phone down. "He is doing some special training with new gear."

"Yeah, that isn't surprising." Astero said from the other couch as he was typing away on his screen. He took his his cup and took a long loud sip.

"Are you trying to piss me off?"

"Yes." He went back to the screen a video popping up.

"Hello, I am Gentle Criminal. For years I have committed crimes and publishing the acts for all to see." Me and Uraraka got up and moved over to the half Saiyan. On the screen was a silver white haired man with a moustache and short cropped beard, purple clothes made of fine cloth. "I have searched for the ultimate crime to show the fault of Heroes hubris." He sipped from a cup of tea.

"Oh Gentle Criminal, you have such a way with words!" A young woman's voice cut into the video, presumably the one operating the camera. "What is your plan!?"

"Oh, my dear La Brava! It will be a Festival for the whole Galaxy to see!" Astero paused the video as a window opened up.

"Damnit, the signal is still hidden. I've been trying to track this villain down for a week now, his videos of his robberies and cryptic messages with tea metaphors are near untraceable, and it doesn't help that the channel is constantly being taken down. I know he's at least in a Urban part of Japan." Astero said as he threw the tablet on the coffee table. "He has a hacker keeping internet path hidden. Or a really good VPN." He half jokingly said.

"In a Urban part of Japan... doesn't exactly narrow it down." I remarked.

He shrugged. "I've been working on several projects, tracing villains, the show, and something special with Hatsume." He said as he picked up his tablet. "The problem is power."

"Seems like you have been busy." Uraraka said as I stood up taking my cup to the kitchen area as Izuku walked in.

"Izuku." I shoulder bumped him as he came out of his muttering.

"Oh, hey, just have a lot on my mind." He said as he showed me two gloves. "Hatsume made these new gloves to help with my Air bullets."

I nodded as I thought about the technique, the invisible attack had it's uses even if it wasn't as powerful as ki attacks. "Well she always is making stuff. I'm not sure she has even slept since the start of the year."

The just tilted his green haired head as he shrugged. "I can't answer that." He said as we walked together towards the elevator.

"Well she has her passion. I hate studying on my own." I pressed my temples. "It's just so tedious and... ugh."

"Hey, you are doing great." he hugged me, "You have done so much."

I sighed as we walked to his room. I just threw myself face fist on his bed, stealing his blankets. "It's so boring right now."

"Hey, we have the girls here tomorrow. Show Eri and Ka'ne around UA before the Festival." He said as he ran a hand through my hair.

I just rolled over to look at him. "I know that, but there is something that isn't quite right." I said as I sat up. "I feel... like we are only at the start of something to come, a final calm."

"If there is a storm coming, we an brave it together." He cupped my cheek as leaned his head against mine. "You are Fuma, the Saiyan that has withstood everything in your path. I wish I could be like you."

I softly chuckled. "I don't want you to be like me." I ran a hand down his cheek. "You are Izuku Midoriya. The strongest and kindest human to ever live." We laid down together and slowly drifted off to sleep. In my dreams I saw us, happy, and for a flash a dark green furry tail.

'I want to stay the same way, selfless, strong and kinder then I could ever be. Braver in heart and soul then a army of my kind.'

In the depths of the maximum security prison Tartarus were two men. The withered Hero All Might in his old hero costume hanging off his frame as he looked through the bullet proof glass at the prisoner, a heavily scared eyeless man with a breathing mask and wires keeping him alive. The villain All for One smiled at the Hero. "You worry of Boreal's approach? Why, I have no idea is he is coming or not, All Might."

The thin gaunt hero just glared at the man. "All for One. This isn't a game. Between your actions and those of your protégé, your little group of villains have place the entire world under threat."

"Ah, yes. Tomura has been hard at work, unlike me. How I must look dejected since the day you threw mw in here." The man smirked. "Unable to use any of my powers before the automatic weapons execute me on the spot."

The retired hero slammed his fist down on the table. "You have to tell me what exactly did you promise him, and what do you expect to gain in the world?"

"Look around you All Might, tell me what do you see? A life not worth living, Heroes fail those that need them the most" All for One smiled. "I saved Tomura. And I have faith he will save me when the end begins. You see over the years you have dismantled my army, and one day, they will reunite, Members have been seen. Gran Torino and Aizawa encountered one of my mightiest servants, barely escaping with their lives."

"Your armies? Where?"

All for one laughed at the question as though a naïve child had asked him. "Any that call them selves a villain, and more have begun to rise All Might."

Deeper in the complex was a man in solitary confinement, wild spiky black hair and a lanky but muscular frame from years of intense training was repairing for what was to come. His one arm pumping him up and down as be prepared his careful plan. We was to be released one day, and when he did, he will have always remembered their bond, the green haired boy who was worthy of being a true hero.

Some foreshadowing