Video Game Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 1 We will be kicking butt this time.

Nighteye was seen riding a mammoth going over the land of Skyrim as snow fell. "I am here in the lands of Skyrim. A harsh environment and we are in one of the coldest parts. Freezing cold snowstorms, wolves, bears, and many other dangers lay in wait for our 18 contestants. And this season it is blood versus water 10 returning players and 8 new players. They are family, best friends, even coworkers…yeah not totally blood but some say their coworkers are like family so it is close enough."

Alyx and Gordon from the Half-Life series are seen walking to the starting area.

Alyx and Gordon's Confession: Alyx: We have several seasons under our belt. With mixed results. We hope that this season is different. Gordon: We have the most experience in both survival and how this game works. Alyx: Always a man of a few words.

Kaiden and Shepard a couple are seen walking in from the Mass Effect Series.

Kaiden and Shepard's Confession: Kaiden: Both of us were eliminated early and neither of us had a major impact. Shepard: But we are here to prove them wrong. We learn from our mistakes. Kaiden: Well I was eliminated due to a concussion.

Next, we see Aela and Farkas coworkers from Skyrim.

Aela and Farkas's Confession: Aela: We have the advantage here. We both grew up in this land and both of us are hungry for revenge. Farkas: She was eliminated early and I lasted a while thanks to the Redemption Island. Aela: Believe us. We will be kicking butt this time. No holding back.

Next is Gob and Colin. From Fallout 3. Colin being the returning player. Gob being a Ghoul looked less than enthusiastic.

Gob and Colin's Confession: Colin: I came in second in my season. I expect to do better this time. I even brought Gob as an extra vote. Gob: I am getting paid more for this right? Colin: If I win.

The next pair are best friends Magikarp and Meowth from Pokémon. Magikarp being the returning player.

Magikarp and Meowth's Confession: Meowth: Funny thing is that we met when I tried to eat him. Did not work out that well. Magikarp: KARP!

Next is J'skar and Mannimarco from Oblivion although Mannimarco wants to be called Marco.

J'skar and Marco's Confession: J'skar: Why did you bring him here! I do not want to play this game. Marco: Oh, I am your brother remember. J'skar: You killed my friend and we are not even the same race! Marco: We had different mothers. Oh, J'skar is a jokester.

Next is Crimson and Ennui from Ridonculous Race. Newcomers and a couple.

Crimson and Ennui's Confession: Ennui: We were not interested at first. To many happy people. Crimson: But then they told us where we were going and we agreed.

Next is Jake and Ben Sisko, father and son from Deep Space 9.

Jake and Ben's Confession: Ben: Worf told me about this game and I had to join. As a Captain of Deep Space 9 I needed some rest and what better than coming here. Jake: This is a good experience to hang out with my dad and get some ideas for writing.

Finally, last minute replacements Dib and Gaz brother and sister from Invader Zim.

Dib and Gaz's Confession: Dib: Yes, I get to see new species! And no Zim to ruin it this time! Gaz: I am just here because dad told me to keep Dib from making an embarrassment of himself again.

"39 days, 18 contestants, 1 survivor!" Nighteye shouted as the 18 walked in. "Welcome to Survivor where the 9 couples finally see each other. Ennui, anyone sticks out?

"I see someone is into goth." Ennui said mono tone as he points to Marco.

"Oh thanks, I am a mage and I like the color black." Marco said

"He's a Necromancer! Do not listen to him!" J'skar pleaded.

"Even better." Ennui replied

"Dib, as someone who loves aliens and super natural who sticks out for you?" Nighteye asked

"The cat!" Dib yelled "So cool!"

"He's a Khajiit Dib." Gaz corrected

"So, here is how we will choose our tribes. I have 9 stones in a bag. Each couple will grab one. The white one means that you stay together. The black one means that you split up." Nighteye said as each couple grabbed one stone and revealed them. "Stayed together will be Dib and Gaz." Gaz face palmed "Shepard and Kaiden, Colin and Gob, and J'skar and Marco."

"NO!" J'skar shouted

"And by random order Gaz, Dib, Shepard, and Kaiden will be on one tribe. Colin, Gob, J'skar, and Marco will be on another. You will each pick someone from the remaining couples. Whoever you choose will join your tribe and the other will go to the other tribe. Colin, your tribe won the coin toss who do you want first?" Nighteye asked

"Give me Gordon!" Colin said

Colin's Confession: I want a strong tribe. Gordon is much stronger than Alyx so we will end up at Tribal Council less if we play our cards right.

"Alyx head to the other tribe. Shepard you were elected the leader who do you choose?" Nighteye asked

"Simple, give me Aela. She did a lot for her tribe despite going first." Shepard said

Shepard's Confession: I want a smarter tribe rather than a strong one. Aela is better at Survival Skills and Farkas is more muscle than brains.

"Farkas head over to Colin's Tribe and Colin your turn."

"Meowth so they can get Magikarp." Colin said

"Okay Magikarp head to Shepard's Tribe." Nighteye said "Shepard your turn."

"Let's take Ennui." Shepard said

"Darn I was hoping to be with Marco." Ennui said "Good luck Crimson.

"You too." Crimson said in a mono tone.

Crimson's Confession: I'm with Marco but away from Ennui. I am not happy…yes, I never smile but wanted to play with Ennui or else I might be forced to smile.

"And I will take Ben." Colin said as Ben and Jake hugged and headed to their tribes.

"So, Shepard your tribe will be the Daggerfall Tribe and Colin your tribe will the Morrowind Tribe." Nighteye said at your camps you will have a cave for shelter, plus a pot for cooking, a pot of rice, and flint since it is too cold not to have fire. Good luck and head to your camps."

Daggerfall tribe: Dib, Gaz, Shepard, Kaiden, Alyx, Aela, Magikarp, Ennui, Jake

Morrowind Tribe: Colin, Gob, J'skar, Marco, Gordon, Farkas, Meowth, Crimson, Ben

Daggerfall Tribe Day 1

The tribe got to their camp as they explored the cave.

"I've seen bigger." Gaz said holding Magikarp.

"Well we should build a fire first." Shepard said "And then search for food."

"I can handle preparing the food." Aela said "I can make a bow easily."

Aela's Confession: This is where I most comfortable. Being a werewolf, I can barely feel the cold air even in my human form. Plus, I think this tribe will apricate my skills more than my other tribe.

Kaiden and Alyx started to make fire and within minutes a fire was roaring.

"Great job guys." Shepard said "Now we can boil water at least."

"This place reeks of death." Ennui said "But I like it."

"You okay there?' Dib asked

"I am a goth…stereotypical goth but I have no problem in this place." Ennui replied

Ennui's Confession: This tribe varies. Shepard and Kaiden are okay. Dib needs to calm down. I like Gaz she might make a good ally. Aela is also good too being a werewolf. I do not have an opinion on Magikarp and Jake yet.

"So, should we make bedding?' Jake asked

"Yes, we need some bedding…not sure where we can find some though." Aela said "Maybe get the leaves from branches for now and use our coats as blankets."

"That sounds good." Jake replied

Jake's Confession: I am glad that we got Aela on our tribe. She is a god send. It is freezing out here and she took charge. We have fire, hopefully we can get food soon and get some beds going.

Aela went out to get supplies for her bow as Gaz follows her out.

"So, why are you here? You do not look like you want to be here?" Aela asked

"My brother dragged me here…listen I hate to ask but do you want an alliance. I rather be with someone who is awesome over someone who is lame." Gaz offered

"Sure, we can get Alyx too she can handle herself out here." Aela said

"Good, I want to target my brother first." Gaz said

Gaz's Confession: My brother is annoying and weak. Mostly annoying. I rather get people who I can stand. Aela and Alyx are both good and Ennui is pretty good too.

"I was hoping Magikarp first since he does nothing…but Dib can go first if that is what you want." Aela said

"Oh, it is. Thanks." Gaz said

Aela's Confession: I got an alliance with Gaz. My last season my only alliance was with Vex but if I can expand it to 5 then I will be safe. I am thinking of getting Shepard and Kaiden in too since they are both strong.

Morrowind Tribe Day 1

The tribe got to their cave as saw the supplies.

"This it?" Gob asked

"Shut up Gob." Colin snapped "We will win more during rewards. So here what we will do. Farkas you look for food, Gordon can make fire. Crimson go get some leaves for bedding and everyone else…let's see if we can make a platform to sleep on."

Meowth's Confession: I like Colin so far. He takes charge and he made the perfect tribe of strong people. That should make up for me which I assume due to my size is the weakest one here.

"I can do more than get leaves." Crimson said "I can set traps."

"No need, we have Farkas." Colin said

"I need a sword. I am not good at making traps. That is Aela." Farkas reminded Colin

"Aye, I do not care…I know what I am doing." Colin said

Colin's Confession: Excuse me Farkas but you did not make it to the end. I did. And I plan on making an alliance out of the gate. I think I can get Farkas, Gordon, Ben, and Meowth on my side. With Gob we have control.

As the tribe worked Farkas was outside groaning as he could not see any animals. "I might be a werewolf but I am terrible at hunting without a weapon."

"Well he created an alliance with you in it." Ben said walking over "Ben Sisko."

"Farkas nice to meet you." Farkas said "Not a huge fan of him."

"Me either. He is too controlling. I like leaders than can lead by example not demanded things like a dictator." Ben said

Farkas's Confession: I rather have Ben Sisko as a leader. He is a captain of a fortress in space. Not some bar owner.

"Besides, I know of a bar owner like Colin. A guy named Quark." Ben said "Treats his coworkers badly and says that his word is law."

"Why do you keep him around?" Farkas asked

"Because, he was useful…and Colin might be too." Ben suggested "We just need to figure out how."

Ben's Confession: If Colin is going to put me into an alliance, I will accept it but he is on a short leash. I will not tolerate him mistreating Gob who has done nothing wrong. But I am creating an alliance of my own starting with Farkas who I have respect for.

Back at the cave J'skar was rocking back in fourth in the corner.

"I do not want to die I do not want to die." He said

Crimson looks over "Wimp." She said

"Oh, my brother always loves to play. Just ignore him for now." Marco said

J'skar's Confession: Why was he brought here. He killed my best friend and burned the mages guild. Please help me. Kick him off the show!

Daggerfall Tribe Day 1

Alyx was laying out bedding in the shelter as Shepard brought in more wood.

"So, how are you and Kaiden a couple?" Alyx asked

"Well, I am a swinger so I loved getting other girls to bed…but with Kaiden it was different." Shepard explained "We talked and we kind of fell in love."

"Nothing wrong with that. He seems happy." Alyx said

Alyx's Confession: I was not expecting Shepard and Kaiden to be a couple but I will not judge. They are both nice people and work hard.

Aela walked in with bow that she just made.

"Only took a couple of hours. I will test this out tomorrow morning." Aela said "So Shepard Alyx I wanted to offer you a spot in my alliance."

"Sure, that sounds good, we are all pretty strong. Who else do you have?" Shepard asked

"Gaz and she was thinking of bringing in Ennui." Aela replied "He is a bit strange but hard working."

Shepard's Confession: So, I was asked to be in an alliance with Alyx, Aela, Gaz, Kaiden, and Ennui. I think it is a solid alliance. Only outsiders are Dib, Magikarp, and Jake. And the three of them are pretty weak.

Elsewhere Jake, Dib, and Kaiden were talking while grabbing wood.

"So, where you guys come from there are aliens?" Dib asked

"Yeah, I live on a station that my dad is in charge of. Most of the people are aliens." Jake replied

"And I have served on a ship with different aliens." Kaiden added "Mostly humans but it was nice fighting alongside aliens."

"Oh, well the only alien I know wants to take over earth." Dib said as Gaz walks past.

"He's too stupid to take over." Gaz said

Dib's Confession: I love hanging out with people who experienced aliens that are not looking to enslave or destroy the earth. I wish Zim was one of them and not trying to attack earth.

"So, what do you do Jake?" Kaiden asked

"Well I am a writer." Jake said "I am a reporter on the station but my passion is writing books."

"As long as you are not a certain opiniated reporter that Shepard punched a couple of times." Kaiden joked

"No, no. I keep it to the truth even if others try to distort it." Jake said

Jake's Confession: I am using this experience towards writing another book. Using the survival tricks, I find here I can write a book on someone surviving a hostile environment. Aela and Kaiden are teaching me some things they learned.

"Well you guys seem like a great group of people to be around." Kaiden said

Kaiden's Confession: I am liking this tribe so far. The only conflict we have is between Dib and his sister which I think is more like sibling rivalry. The only one who does not fit in is Magikarp.

Morrowind Tribe Day 1

Colin and Gob were making fire with Gob failing.

"Come on Gob you idiot! You are failing with the fire!" Colin shouted.

"I have never made fire with flint." Reminded Gob "Why don't you do it?"

"Because you need to learn." Colin said as Gob threw down the flint.

"I have been trying for over an hour…I did not even want to be here." Gob said

Gob's Confession: I hate it when Colin berates me. The only reason why I am employed to him is because no one else will hire a Ghoul in Megaton and outside of Megaton is too dangerous for me to go alone.

Marco and Farkas walks over.

"So, I found no food…probably because I have no weapons." Farkas said

"But I found some berries that are good." Marco said

"Berries are not going to cut it." Colin said "Where are the rabbits?"

"Well they are rare here." Farkas said "If we did find any, I do not have a bow."

"Well, you better do better you two." Colin demanded

Farkas's Confession: Colin is treating us all as his workers. I do not work for him. I do not care for him. I hand out contracts or fulfill them. In the companions there are no bosses we have a leader who pushes us the right direction but some of us can go for a couple of weeks without the need to do any contracts.

"We tried, I do not see you going out to forage or hunt." Marco said as Colin rolled his eyes.

"Because you two live in this world." Colin replied

"I am a mage and I do not live in Skyrim and my magic does not kill." Marco explained "I can create illusions and conjure up creature and no we cannot eat them."

Marco's Confession: I have never met someone so arrogant. Colin needs to learn a lesson in humility. No one talks down to me like that. I am a High Elf and high ranking in my organization.

Elsewhere J'skar and Meowth were talking.

"So, you are a cat but bigger…are you a Persian?" Meowth asked

"No, I am a Khajiit…though we are rarely treated as equals compared to other races but I have gotten respect in the mages guild." J'skar said

"Wow, so do you know any attacks?" Meowth asked

Meowth's Confession: Whenever Marco is away from J'skar he seems to open up a bit and he is pretty nice. I feel like him, Colin, and me would make a great alliance!

"Well I know how to make myself invisible." J'skar said "Too bad it does not work to hide from Marco."

"Come on he is your brother." Meowth said "Give him some slack."

"He is a necromancer!" J'skar shouted

"Nobody is perfect." Meowth said

J'skar's Confession: No one believes that Marco is not my brother. I do not have any brothers! I have a sister. Why doesn't anyone believe me?

Daggerfall Tribe Day 2

Aela came back early in the morning with a couple of rabbits. "Good news. We have food." She said

"That is great!" Alyx shouted. "Let's get them cooking. I can skin them."

Alyx's Confession: I am not sure why Aela was voted out first in her season. She has done a lot for the tribe. I am glad that we have her. I mean Farkas was great too but he is less skilled at hunting.

"So, I wondering if you, me, Gordon, and Farkas when we get to the merge would like a final 4 deal?" Alyx asked

"Sure, I see no problem with that." Aela said "I know Farkas liked you in the previous season."

Aela's Confession: I know me and Farkas were already planning on working with Alyx and Gordon but a final 4 deal is even better. We are all strong and good at challenges. Hopefully Farkas does not do anything stupid to get himself voted out.

Elsewhere Dib was exploring as he came across Ennui being followed by a bunch of rabbits.

"Made a few friends?" Dib asked "Does not seem like you?"

"I have a habit of attracting cute animals." Ennui said sighing "It stinks."

Ennui's Confession: Cute animals follow me around. I don't like it but that is how I met my pet rabbit Loki.

A shadow soon looms overhead as Dib ducks down.

"Dragon!" Dib shouted

"Look at it." Ennui said still in mono tone "It can destroy entire villages and destroy the land…it almost brings a tear to my eye from its beauty."

"Umm okay I will just head back to camp." Dib said sprinting off.

Dib's Confession: So, Ennui is a bit weird. I can see him rubbing people the wrong way. But not me! I will win this game. With the help of Gaz of course.

Gaz was talking to Jake.

"Listen, Dib is looking to get rid of you." Gaz said

"Really?" Jake asked

"Yeah, I think you deserve to be here." Gaz replied

Gaz's Confession: I want Dib out of here. Not only is he annoying but he drank out of my canteen this morning. He will pay for this treachery!

Morrowind Tribe Day 2

Ben was with Gob outside of the cave as they were putting logs and rocks by the entrance.

Gob's Confession: Last night it was cold. The wind came into the cave making it a miserable night. I cannot feel hot or cold as much as the others but if I could feel it so could they.

"So, have you thought about going elsewhere for work inside Megaton?" Ben asked

"Well I did try to work for some crazy girl for a bit." Gob replied "I think she won season 4 or something but I could barely stand her."

"Well, what are your plans for the future?" Ben asked

"Well my plan is to take over Colin's bar when he passes away. Ghouls like me last longer than humans." Gob replied "It's a good plan. So, you have family…other than your son."

"I had a wife…but she died during the battle Wolf 359." Ben explained

Ben's Confession: I miss my wife every day. It took me years to be at peace with it and I know it took a while for Jake to get over it too.

"Listen, I know that Colin orders you around and is your boss but you do not need to put up with his abuse." Ben said "You are your own man out here."

"I guess you are right but I am afraid of being fired and tossed out of the city." Gob replied

"Has he fired you before?" Ben asked

"No…I am just a bartender." Gob added "An unskilled position."

"Yet, he trusts you as a bartender." Ben said

Ben's Confession: Even though Gob is a ghoul. Something considered a freak in his world does not phase me at all. When you have to deal with Klingons and Cardassians on a daily basis you become desensitized. Gob is just another alien I can talk to.

Elsewhere Colin was talking to Meowth and J'skar.

"So, I was wondering if you two would like an alliance?" Colin offered

"Sure, who are we targeting first?" Meowth asked

"Whoever is the weakest…besides you." Colin said "I already asked Marco, Gordon, and Farkas and they seem to be on board."

"I want Marco out." J'skar said "He is evil!"

"Nonsense he has been a great help so far." Colin said

Colin's Confession: The only people who I do not want in my alliance is Ben Sisko since he is trying to over the leadership position from me and Crimson who I think is the weakest link and I do not like her.

"We should go after Crimson first." Colin said "She has not fit in that well and she is pretty moody."

"Well I did see her look at a skull earlier for 30 minutes." Meowth added

"She is also weird." Colin said

Meowth's Confession: I am liking this alliance a lot. J'skar, Colin, Gordon, Farkas, and Marco. We have the majority. Magikarp warned me about being the weakest link but I feel secure.

Immunity Day 3

"Welcome to immunity." Nighteye said as both tribes walked in "Today's challenge is a tradition. You will be trying to push each other off a platform into the water. When you do that your team scores a point. First team to 5 wins immunity and reward which are your luxury items and fishing gear because there are fish in the streams. Also, for the couples who are split you will be facing your counter parts in the challenge. So, let's get started. First up is Dib vs. Colin."

Dib tries to go around Colin who picks him up. "To easy kid." Colin said as Dib headbutts him and pushes him off.

"Well that was embarrassing." Nighteye taunted "Dib scores a point for Daggerfall they are up 1-0! Next up is Gaz vs. Gob…go!"

Gob easily shoves Gaz off.

"Gob scores for Morrowind and ties it up 1-1!" Nighteye shouted

"He got lucky." Gaz said

"Shush. Next up is Shepard vs. J'skar."

J'skar cloaks himself and tries to push Shepard off who grabs him and throws him off "Nice try." Shepard said

"Daggerfall scores they are up 2-1" Nighteye said "Next up is Kaiden vs. Marco."

Kaiden charges but goes through Marco and almost falls.

"I am the master of Illusion spells." Marco said appearing behind Kaiden and pushing him off.

"Kaiden is off. Morrowind tribes ties it up 2-2 now!" Nighteye said "Next up is Alyx vs. Gordon."

Alyx and Gordon attack each other with Gordon getting a slight advantage and shoving Alyx off.

"Gordon scores for Morrowind they are up 3-2!" Nighteye said "Next is Aela vs Farkas."

"You going werewolf?' Aela asked

"Not unless you do." Farkas replied

"I am not ditching my clothing and giving these guys a free show let's fight human to human." Aela said as both of them clash but Aela's agility gave her a slight advantage as she knocked Farkas off.

"Aela ties it up! 3-3 now!" Nighteye shouted "Next up is Meowth vs Magikarp…go!"

Meowth picked up Magikarp and tossed him off.

"Anticlimactic. Morrowind tribe is up 4-3 they need one more to win!" Nighteye said "Next is Ennui vs. Crimson go!"

"I do not want to throw you into the water…it will ruin your makeup." Ennui said in monotone.

"I understand I do not want to do the same." Crimson replied also in monotone as Ennui gently picks her up and walks off the platform.

"Ennui hits the ground first but he overpowered Crimson…the rules state that if you carry someone off the person being carried loses so Daggerfall ties it 4-4!" Nighteye said "Last up is Jake vs. Ben. Father vs. son…go!"

Both lock up trying to push each other. "How are you on your tribe?" Ben asked

"No alliances yet…so I am worried." Jake whispered back as he is forced back.

"Got you now!" Ben yelled as Jake is pushed out of the way as Ben falls off.

"Jake surprisingly won. Daggerfall Tribe wins immunity!" Nighteye shouted "Sorry Morrowind but I will see you at Tribal Council tonight. Head back to camp."

Daggerfall Tribe Day 3

The tribe came back to camp.

"Great job guys!" Alyx said

"We showed them though we got lucky." Aela added "Great job clinching the win Jake."

"Thanks." Jake said

Jake's Confession: My dad threw the challenge because I have no idea my position in the tribe. He felt secure. Still it gives me a sickly feeling that he might go home. I wanted to play this game with my dad and if he goes out first that would be deflating.

"So, what did you bring Jake?" Alyx asked

"Oh, I brought my writing pad." Jake replied "It is solar powered and I can write on it."

Alyx's Confession: We got our luxury items today. I brought a picture of my Mom and Dad, Jake brought a writing pad, Dib got a book on the super natural, Gaz brought her game pad…no way to charge it though. Shepard and Kaiden both had pictures of their families. Aela got her bow. Magikarp got…fish food…and Ennui got a skull.

"I got this skull while traveling through Africa." Ennui said

Morrowind Tribe Day 3

"So, what happened?" Colin asked Ben "You are bigger than your son how did he beat you?"

"I taught him some self-defense lessons." Ben replied "He is 18 and have been in a few fights including defending a colony from Klingons."

"Well it does not matter." Farkas replied "I lost my fight to Aela who is half my weight so they happen to be more agile. We still need to vote someone off."

Ben's Confession: I threw the challenge because I wanted my son to stay in. I feel confident enough in my position to know that I am safe. However, this will be the only challenge I throw for him. He would need to do better on his own.

"Colin grabbed Farkas, Gob, Gordon, Marco, and Meowth.

"So, the plan is to vote out Ben Sisko." Colin said "He blew the challenge."

"Umm didn't you also fail the challenge and so did Farkas and my brother." Marco reminded him.

"This was the game point." Colin said

"I am not going along with this." Gob said "Ben has been kind to me and a better leader."

Gob's Confession: Colin might have brought me along as a friend but I am not voting off someone like Ben. He failed his point but this game requires more than winning challenges to win the whole thing.

"Well then, who do you think we should vote off then?" Colin asked

"Well terms of strength then Meowth." Gob replied

"What why me?" Meowth asked

"Well you are the smallest and weakest here. No offense." Gob explained

Gordon's Confession: The best move is to vote off the weakest. However, the smartest move is to vote off the person who is causing friction and that is Colin.

Farkas goes to inform Ben.

"So, Colin is targeting you." Farkas said

"Probably because I messed up the last round and he wants to be the leader." Ben said "We can target him back."

"Hey, I am with you. You have been a good leader so far." Farkas said

Ben's Confession: Originally my target was going to be Crimson or Meowth but if Colin will target me, I will target Colin. I will give him an ultimation in order to save himself.

Ben met with Colin.

"So, planning on targeting me." Ben said

"No, not sure where you got that…your name came up by Gob." Colin replied "If you help me vote off Gob this tribe will be stronger. He is a push over plus you weaken me in the game."

"I will think about it." Ben said

Colin's Confession: So, Ben found out about his target. I am not sure who told him but if we can vote out Gob I will be weakened and he is useless anyways so it is a win-win for me and the tribe.

Ben goes up to Farkas and Marco.

"So now Colin wants to target Gob." Ben said "He claims that Gob is useless."

"Well Gob has not done much to either prove or disprove his usefulness." Marco said "Where are you leaning because Colin can do challenges with his experience."

Marco's Confession: So tonight, it is up in the air. We can vote for Ben, Colin, or Gob. If it was up to me Colin or Ben should go due to their threat status but I am okay with Gob going. He has not stood out that much other than be ordered around by Colin.

The tribe packed up and headed to Tribal Council.

J'skar's Confession: I am voting for Marco…. he killed my friend and he is pure evil! I will not let him get any further.

Tribal Council

"Welcome to Tribal Council" Nighteye said "Grab a torch and let's get started. So Meowth how has the last three days been?"

"Oh, they've been great. Colin led our tribe in making fire, we got some berries, and the cave is nice." Meowth replied

"Ben, during the challenge you lost the game point to your son. How did that happen?" Nighteye asked

"I taught him some self defense lessons before we came here. We had to fight Klingons at one point. The kid is more agile than he looks and I underestimated him." Ben replied "I am proud of him but I prefer to win."

"Colin three days in do you know the tribe dynamics so far?" Nighteye asked

"Yes, I already been making relations with the other members. Some are not so happy with my leadership however I came to a deal with them to keep me in." Colin replied "I sacrifice my coworker to stay in."

"Wait what!?' Gob looked surprised

"Gob is this the first time you are hearing that you are a target?" Nighteye asked

"Yes, I was recruited here because Nova rejected Colin's offer." Gob replied "I was hoping to show him what I can do but every time I do anything, he is on me telling me what I did wrong."

"Because you are a screw up." Colin replied

"What has he done to mess up?" Ben asked "You have not given him a chance plus he scored on his round."

"He was up against a girl." Colin noted "A kid."

"And you lost to her brother." Gob said

"Marco, we all know that your brother is a bit scared of you. Any reason for that?" Nighteye asked "Because he is shaking."

"Oh, he had a bad experience. A High Elf like me committed arson on the mages guild burning it to the ground. He escaped but is traumatized." Marco replied "He thinks that I am a Necromancer…true I did research into the dark arts but it was research only."

"You killed my friend!" J'skar yelled

"Crimson, what do you think this tribe needs to do to go forward?" Nighteye asked

"We need to get rid of the person who is the most annoying." Crimson replied in a monotone.

"Farkas, want to add anything before we get to the vote?" Nighteye asked

"Nope, just want to get this over with." Farkas said

"It is time to vote. Colin you are up first." Nighteye said as Colin goes and votes.


"I should have never brought you along." Colin said as Gob votes.


"Screw you. I quit." Gob said as J'skar then votes.


"Please leave me alone. We are not brothers." J'skar said as Marco votes followed by Gordon, Farkas, Meowth, Crimson, and finally Ben.

"I will read the votes." Nighteye said grabbing the urn. "First vote…"






Colin glares at Ben.



"First person voted out of Survivor…"


Colin sighed and brought over his torch.

"Colin the tribe has spoken." Nighteye said snuffing his torch as Colin walked off. "The first veteran is voted off which means that experience may not equal a victory in this game. Head back to camp."

Colin's Final words: Well I did not expect to go out first. I regret taking Gob with me. I should have chosen Lucas or even Jericho. Both them are more useful than Gob.

Voted for Colin: Gob, Ben, Farkas, Gordon, Crimson, Marco

Voted for Gob: Colin, Meowth

Voted for Marco: J'skar

Next time on Survivor…a twist is revealed during reward that can help a couple of tribe members clue to an idol. One couple is stuck between two alliances.

Notes on the booted: Colin was not one of my favorites to bring back but he did make a useful first boot.