Video Game Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 4 Still I will fight with all my strength…

Last time on Survivor…Aela questioned Jake and Kaiden on why they kept Magikarp and found out that Magikarp is the one pulling the strings. Back at Morrowind Tribe Meowth's lack of work was rubbing people the wrong way. Daggerfall won reward and a hot tub and they kidnapped Gordon who gave the clue to Gaz. Daggerfall then won immunity as Meowth wanted Crimson gone but everyone else wanted Meowth gone except for J'skar who looked for the idol to save Meowth to get his "brother" Marco off in the end Meowth went home in a 6-1-1 vote. 15 are left who will be voted out next?

Daggerfall Tribe Day 10

Aela was out hunting but looking for someone.

Aela's Confession: Magikarp does not come to camp and swims around in the lake the entire time. I need to talk to him and see if he is willing to flip on Kaiden and Shepard. I do not want Magikarp to stay but hopefully it can get Kaiden and Shepard against him.

After some wandering, she found Magikarp.

"Listen I would like talk to you." Aela said

"Oh, about what?" Magikarp asked "Trying to get me to flip on Kaiden and Shepard and say that they are against me."

"Well yeah they suggested it." Aela replied "I just wanted to let you know."

"Oh please, in a day of so I will be stronger." Magikarp said "So no, I will not flip."

Magikarp's Confession: How sad it is to see Aela be so desperate to come to me. She just shot her way up to my next target list. Sad seeing a fellow first boot goes next but that is the game.

Magikarp swims off as Aela curses under her breath.

Elsewhere Dib was walking with Ennui.

"So, have you seen the dragon again?" Dib asked "In your universe have you seen anything super natural? I heard interesting things happen. I know one contestant of total drama island turned into a monster…oh wait that was not your season."

Ennui sighed

Ennui's Confession: Dib is annoying. So many questions. I do not want to answer. Can I go now. I rather talk to Gaz.

"Can't you bother someone else?" Ennui asked "Like Kaiden or Shepard."

"They told me to go away." Dib replied

"No surprise." Ennui said rolling his eyes "If you are going to hang around please be quiet or talk about something we have in common."

"Okay then…so what do you know about aliens?" Dib asked

"No interest." Ennui replied

Dib's Confession: Ennui is always so quiet and every time I try to talk to him, he gives me the cold shoulder. I wonder why he hangs out with Gaz and Aela more.

Ennui walked over to Gaz later on.

"Dib being annoying?" Gaz asked

"Yeah." Ennui replied

"Yeah, he sucks." Gaz added

Gaz's Confession: My number one reason why I did not want Dib with me. He annoys me and he annoys everyone else. Apparently Kaiden and Shepard also shooed him away.

Elsewhere Kaiden and Shepard were talking.

"So, I am guessing we should choose between Ennui and Magikarp." Shepard explained "I am torn on both."

"Well Magikarp is weak and Ennui is the most expendable out of the other alliance." Kaiden replied

"Well we will see if we lose immunity." Shepard said

Shepard's Confession: While we do have an alliance with Dib, Magikarp, and Jake all three are weak. We might have to get rid of them if we lose any more challenges. We won the last two so maybe we can continue on the winning streak.

Morrowind Tribe Day 10

Ben spent the morning gathering firewood with Farkas.

"So, any info from Gordon since he seems to talk to you." Ben asked picking up some sticks.

"Nothing much. Just that he is a bit upset that Alyx was voted off." Farkas replied

"Well, I am hoping to know what you two have been doing?" Ben asked "You two have been outside of camp a lot."

"Looking for the idol." Farkas replied

Farkas's Confession: I had to be honest with Ben. No way I could keep such a hard worker out of the loop. I know Gordon will be a bit angry but he will get over it.

"Well I hope you guys find it." Ben said "Because I rather have it in our alliance's hands."

"You are not mad?" Farkas asked

"Not at all we are all playing our own games." Ben replied "The money to me is useless since in the Federation we have no currency. The only reason I might need it is to eat and drink at Quarks."

Ben's Confession: In truth I am a little disappointed they never told me but as long as it stays in my alliance, I am fine with it. I am just trying to make this tribe more unified.

Once they brought the wood back Crimson was ready with a pot of rice.

"Lunch is ready." Crimson said as she gave even amounts to everyone.

Crimson's Confession: I gave an even amount to people. Before that Meowth would demand more despite being smaller but without him I do not need to worry. Now I just need to show my worth.

Whenever was eating Farkas was talking to Gordon. "So, Ben figured out our idol hunt…I may have admitted to it too."

Gordon gave Farkas an angry look. "Why?"

"He figured it out." Farkas explained "He's pretty smart."

Gordon's Confession: Farkas is loyal but he is not very bright. I was hoping to keep Ben on the outside but now that he knows I have to be more wary of him. Hopefully we do not lose too many more immunities so we do not have to vote him off.

Elsewhere Gob and Marco were talking.

"So, I was wondering…when we are down to just our alliance who will go next?" Gob asked "Because I know that J'skar wants you out."

"I am not sure." Marco chuckled a bit "I know Ben and you are close and Gordon and Farkas are close too. I guess that leaves me in the middle and J'skar is not a threat."

"I hate to say it but J'skar will have to go or he can flip and take you out." Gob suggested "Because he will not hesitate to flip on you."

"Really?" Marco asked "I rather keep him in."

Gob's Confession: I want to get ahead of the game here. Crimson is next since she does not fit in but she tries so I want to save her at least for one more round. J'skar however refused to join us as long as Marco is part of this alliance so I hope to take out J'skar next. As long as Marco agrees.

"Well, I know that it is tough but he will just keep voting for you." Gob said

"I have to refuse." Marco replied sternly "Please do not bring it up again."

Marco's Confession: I am not giving up J'skar. He is too important to keep in and if Gob keeps trying to target him than he can go in J'skar's place sooner than later.

Reward Day 11

"Welcome to reward." Nighteye said as both tribes walk in however Magikarp has since evolved. "And looks like Magikarp evolved into a Gyarados…I wish the camera men actually caught footage of it…also Meowth was voted out."

"Yeah, don't care for him." Gyarados said

Gyarados's Confession: I evolved during the night after the cameras were gone. Now I am stronger and I will show it off today…also screw Meowth he tried to eat me a couple of years ago.

"Okay so for today's reward you will be fighting for bags that are buried in the dirt. Each round two of you will go out to try and dig up a bag and bring it back. The team that brings the bag back scores a point. First time to 3 wins reward and your reward is a BBQ set. You have steaks, chicken, pork, and fish with all kinds of veggies plus a grill for your fire pit. Daggerfall since you have an extra member who will be sitting out?"

"I will." Gaz said

"Okay Gaz take a seat and we will start." Nighteye said "First round it is Dib and Jake vs. J'skar and Marco…survivors ready…go!"

Jake, Dib, and Marco run out to dig as J'skar goes invisible. Jake managed to get the bag first and runs as Dib was shoved away. Jake was about to make it as J'skar comes out and snatches the bag away and scores.

"J'skar scores for Morrowind! They are up 1-0!" Nighteye said "Next it is Kaiden and Shepard vs. Crimson and Farkas…go!"

Kaiden and Shepard rush out and starts to dig. Farkas holds back as Crimson digs too. Shepard found the bag and tries to run past Farkas who puts him in a bear hug. Kaiden rushes in as Crimson trips him up. Farkas slams Shepard down and steals the bag running back with it.

"Morrowind scores their second point! They are up 2-0!" Nighteye shouted.

"I never expected him to be that strong." Shepard said getting up.

"Next up is Aela and Gyarados vs. Ben and Gordon…go!" Nighteye said as all four charged in as everyone but Gyarados started to dig. Ben found the bag as Gordon takes down Aela. Before Ben could get by Gyarados he is hit and knocked down hard on his wrist. He tosses the bag to Gordon who scores.

"Morrowind scores they win reward!" Nighteye shouted as Ben held his wrist.

"Cheap shot." Ben said to Gyarados who did not seem interested.

"Congratulations Morrowind Tribe you get the BBQ set." Nighteye said "Ben let medical take a look at you and you will rejoin your camp later. Morrowind Tribe you also get to kidnap someone."

"Shepard." Gob said

"Shepard you will join the Morrowind Tribe for the day and will rejoin your tribe the next day." Nighteye aid "Head back to camp."

Daggerfall Tribe Day 11

The tribe came back devastated.

"That was awful." Aela said

"We got shut out." Jake replied "And my dad got hurt."

"Well it is a challenge there are always risks." Gyarados replied rudely "If he did not want to risk being hurt, he should have never come here."

Jake's Confession: During the challenge Gyarados hit my dad who fell pretty hard. I hope that he is okay. The worst thing is that Gyarados does not seem to care at all. I am his ally.

"Well I am now one of the strongest." Gyarados said "So you cannot vote me off or else we can lose more challenges."

Jake walked away.

"Not cool." Ennui said

Ennui's Confession: What Gyarados did in the challenge was low. In the race I competed in me and Crimson played fair unlike some other teams. Sad to see others cross the line in order to win.

Once Jake, Ennui, Gaz, and Kaiden walked off only Aela and Dib stayed with Gyarados.

"Listen, I know they are a bit angry with you but I want you to stay." Dib said "You are valuable now."

"I hate to admit it but you are off my target list now." Aela added

"Good, with this new strength I want to keep the tribe unified. Not alliance vs. alliance." Gyarados suggested

Aela's Confession: I am not with Gyarados. He might be strong but I do not trust him. I figured that I could put on a little act that might gain his trust. And if he makes it to the merge, he will be the one targeted due to hurting Jake's father.

Elsewhere Kaiden was talking to Gaz.

"I am all in favor of taking out Gyarados." Kaiden said

"Sure." Ennui said

"Whatever. I am good with it." Gaz replied

"Well that was easy." Kaiden said

Kaiden's Confession: Me and Shepard took out Alyx last time but I think it is time we flip back over and take out either Dib or Gyarados. With everyone angry at him I think it will be easier to take out Gyarados.

Kaiden walks off as Gaz and Ennui looked at each other.

"Weird." Ennui said

"Yeah whatever." Gaz added

Gaz's Confession: Kaiden decided to go against Gyarados and acted like we are still in an alliance. We are not we kicked him out after voting out Alyx. But he and Shepard are a pair and a threat to me.

Gaz then goes over to her brother.

"Listen…I know that I do not want to work with you but if you want to survive you will listen to me." Gaz said to Dib.

"Yeah?" Dib asked

"We are targeting Kaiden or Shepard next round." Gaz ordered "Vote with us if we lose or you will go next. Because they are thinking about voting you or Gyarados out next. Kaiden just walked up to me and Ennui and told us. You can ask him he has no reason to lie."

"Okay that works." Dib said

Dib's Confession: I figured the next one to go is Ennui but if Kaiden is going around flip flopping I think it would be best to take out one of the two. Besides I want to keep Gyarados around. I mean he is my closest ally since Gaz has no intention of being that close ally.

Morrowind Tribe Day 11

The tribe was waiting around for Ben who was being looked at by medical.

"It's been a couple of hours and he is still not back." Gob said "That is bad."

"It is…he fought so hard to keep this tribe together." Marco said

"Sorry for Gyarados…" Shepard said "I did not expect Magikarp to evolve."

"Not your fault…this does hurt us though." Marco added

Shepard's Confession: During the challenge Gyarados injured the leader of Morrowind Tribe normally it would be an advantage to us but everyone has a loved one and his son is on my tribe. Still I need to make it up a bit.

Moments later Shepard walked with Marco.

"So, I was thinking of giving you the clue." Shepard said handing over the clue to Marco.

"Why me?" Marco asked

"Because you have a brother in this game and I was wondering when we merge you and J'skar can join me and Kaiden in four-person alliance." Shepard offered

"Of course, I mean I am in the middle of my alliance so I am a swing vote but I can always join up with you if Ben does not come back." Marco said

Marco's Confession: I love more options to further myself in the game. I might take Shepard's offer or I can always go back on it. Either way I am here to win and the clue I get will help.

Marco goes off by himself as he starts to use his magic to lift up the ground.

"I usually goes for necromancy but I know a few other spells" he said to no one as the idol was unburied from under tree as he collects the idol. "Too easy."

Marco's Confession: Gordon and Farkas has been looking for this for almost a week. I found it in 10 minutes. They might both be strong but neither of them has the skill and magic I know.

Elsewhere the rest of the tribe was waiting for Ben.

"So, anything yet?" Gob asked Farkas "Don't you have better eye sight?"

"My werewolf perks do not do that." Farkas said as Crimson sighed a bit.

Crimson's Confession: Ben is okay. He got hurt and we are all waiting. I may not care for him but I do not want anyone hurt. Especially someone who tries to keep me included in the tribe.

They see someone walking towards the camp.

"It's Ben Sisko!" Gob yelled as the tribe runs over to him. Ben had a cast over his wrist.

"What happened?" Farkas asked

"My wrist is broken though they let me stay since it is not game ending." Ben explained "Besides the doctor on my station can fix me up after the game."

Ben's Confession: During the challenge I was knocked down hard on my wrist and broke it. Though I am not a quitter so I will continue to fight for my tribe until they decide to let me go.

"It's bad but I can still find some way to be useful in challenges." Ben assured "Besides I was told that there would be an immunity challenge no matter if I left or not."

"I see, well glad that you are back." Farkas said

"Yeah, I was worried that Gyarados knocked you out of the game." Shepard added "It would be bad to take a good competitor out of the game."

Shepard's Confession: I am regretting making a power move to vote out Alyx instead of Magikarp. Though it could be good for us. Ben is the glue that is holding this tribe together. With him injured he might go next and that would make this tribe fall apart.

"So where is the food?" Ben asked

"Gordon is cooking it." Farkas replied "He hoped that it would be ready by the time you returned."

"I was gone for two hours how long does it take?" Ben asked

"He waited for an hour before he started." Gob explained "I guess he was waiting for you."

Gob's Confession: Having Ben back is a blessing. We need him more than ever. Without him this tribe would not have a leader. I am not a leader, Farkas is a follower, Gordon is too quiet and that would leave Marco as a leader but he is untested.

The tribe went over to Gordon who just finished cooking as they started to eat.

"Very good Gordon." Ben said

"Yes, maybe you can take over as tribe cook." Farkas added

"Not taking over my job." Crimson added

Ben's Confession: I feel that this might be the high point of the tribe. I came back and we got reward but now I am the weak link and my usefulness in the challenges will be limited. Still I will fight with all my strength in the challenges.

Immunity Day 12

"Welcome to immunity." Nighteye said "Ben Sisko is back. He broke his wrist but is still able to play." Jake nodded at his father "So today's challenge you will be moving giant blocks from one to the other. Once all six blocks are back you need to stack them into a stair case and make sure they line up to form our logo. First team to assemble the stair case and climb up wins immunity. Daggerfall you have one extra member who will be sitting out?"

"I will." Dib said

"Dib take a seat and let's get started." Nighteye said"Survivors ready…go!"

Aela and Jake run out first for their tribe while Farkas and Gob runs out for theirs. Due to Farkas's strength Morrowind Tribe rolls their first block out first having a slight lead over Daggerfall as J'skar and Gordon run out. Aela and Jake get back as Shepard and Kaiden run out and catches up with Morrowind tribe as both tribes brought back 2 blocks.

"It's neck and neck so far!" Nighteye said as Gaz and Gyarados run out for Daggerfall as Marco and Crimson run out for Morrowind. Due to Gyarados's strength Daggerfall gets commanding lead as they brought back their 3rd block. Ennui and Gaz run out as Marco and Crimson slows down a bit but finally returns with their 3rd block as Ben and Farkas run out. Ben struggles only using one arm as Ennui and Gaz also slows down but gets their 4th block back. Jake and Shepard run out and starts rolling the third block. Farkas and Ben finally gets back as Gob and J'skar runs out.

"Morrowind is falling further behind." Nighteye commented as Jake and Shepard get a bigger lead bringing back their 5th block as Gyarados and Kaiden run out. Gob and J'skar finally got back as Gordon and Marco run out. By the time they got to their last block Daggerfall got all 6 blocks back and started to assemble the puzzle.

Daggerfall Tribe worked well together as Gaz took charge. By the time Gordon and Marco came back Daggerfall was halfway done, both tribes were assembling their puzzle as Ben struggled due to his broken wrist and in the end, they could not catch up as Daggerfall Tribe assembled the stairs and climbed up it.

"Daggerfall Tribe wins immunity!" Nighteye shouted "Sorry Morrowind Tribe good hustle but I will be seeing you tonight. Head back to camp."

Morrowind Tribe Day 12

The tribe came back to camp in silence.

"They worked better together." Marco said "No beating around the bush."

"I know I slowed us down with my broken wrist." Ben said "Plus I was useless on the puzzle."

"You are still a great leader." Marco said "So what if you are weaker you are still useful to us."

Ben's Confession: I was next to useless in the challenge and while Crimson was supposed to go next, I think that my time in this game is over. If I stay then we will just keep losing over and over again. I want this tribe to have a chance at victory and our chances are lower with me here.

"Listen tonight I want you all to vote me out." Ben said "I want you guys to win and we have no chance with me."

"Are you sure about that?" Farkas asked

"Yes, I pondered it over on our way back here." Ben said "With my wrist broken I feel like dead weight."

"Damn, we are going to miss you." Gob said

Gob's Confession: Ben was my closest ally here. With him gone I will have to find a new close ally. Maybe J'skar since me and him have been talking recently.

"I will pack my bags and if anyone has the hidden immunity do not use it on me." Ben said "Plus if it is used on me Marco might go since I know J'skar will always vote for you."

"I do not think anyone has the idol." Marco said "If they did, I doubt this is the time to do a power move."

"Yeah it would be stupid to." Crimson added

Crimson's Confession: Wow, I thought I was going home but Ben is saving me by volunteering to go first. I might have one last conversation with him before he goes.

Crimson met with Ben later on.

"I know you want to go home but I want to thank you for keeping me in for one more round." Crimson said "But if I make the merge, I can make sure Jake gets an ally."

"Thanks, I am not sure how he is doing over there." Ben replied

"Well I can let Ennui know not to target him." Crimson added

Ben's Confession: I apricate Crimson offering to have her boyfriend protect Jake. I know she does not show emotion but I can tell she is sincere. Shame that she is on the bottom of the tribe. She works hard and puts in 100% in challenges. I hope giving her a few more days can give her a better chance.

Elsewhere J'skar meets with Gob.

"I still want to vote out Marco." J'skar said

"Well Ben volunteered to go home." Gob replied "We do not have the votes."

"Well, I can try to get Crimson on board and then maybe find an idol." J'skar said "I just want him gone."

"If you can get the votes then I will vote with you." Gob said

J'skar's Confession: With each passing vote Marco gains more and more power. I cannot let that murderer win. I have to stop him. This is the perfect time to do so.

The tribe starts to pack up as J'skar goes over to Gordon and Farkas.

"Listen I know that you want to take out Ben but I think we should vote out Marco." J'skar said

"Why?" Farkas asked "There is no reason to."

"Well he is a threat and a killer." J'skar said

Farkas sighs.

"Yeah we will join you." Gordon said

"Great I will let Gob know." J'skar said walking off.

Gordon's Confession: I had to do something to get him to go away. Besides we need to help Ben pack up tonight.

The tribe headed off to Tribal Council

Marco's Confession: I have the hidden immunity idol tonight. While J'skar wants me gone I could use the idol on Ben and try to take out Gob. Not a fan of him but it would be a fun blindside.

Tribal Council

"Welcome to Tribal Council." Nighteye said "Everyone take a seat and let us begin. First of all, Ben Sisko how is your wrist?"

"It hurts and I cannot perform at the level I have in the past." Ben said "It stinks because I want to help them win but I feel like I am the weakest link."

"J'skar do you think Ben is a liability?" Nighteye asked

"Yes, but at the same time he is useful around camp and a great leader." J'skar replied "However Marco is evil and must go."

Marco rolled his eyes.

"Marco, not happy with his comment?" Nighteye asked

"Yeah, thanks for continuing to say that I am evil." Marco replied "I am your brother. Not evil."

"In all fairness I thought my brother was evil for a while when I was a kid." Farkas joked

"So Farkas who do you think should go home tonight?" Nighteye asked

"Ben, only because he asked." Farkas replied "He took us all aside and told us to vote him out."

"Ben why do you want to leave?" Nighteye asked

"Well I asked to be voted out because due to my broken wrist. I am not as useful and I rather have the tribe win without me. Call it self-sacrifice." Ben explained

"Crimson do you agree with his request?" Nighteye asked

"Well, he is a good leader but if it not him it would be me." Crimson replied

"Farkas, do you think Ben wanting to go home would be considered a quit?" Nighteye asked

"With my group the Companions we work together but if someone gets injured, they could hold us back." Farkas explained "The best thing they can do is bow out or else more people can get killed."

"It is time to vote…Gob you are up first." Nighteye said

Gob goes up and votes.

Captain Sisko

"You were a great leader and friend." Gob said as J'skar votes followed by Marco


"I could play my idol and mess up your plan." Marco said as Gordon voted followed by Farkas then Crimson and finally Ben.

Nighteye gets the urn. "First vote…"




Ben Sisko


"Fourth person voted out of Survivor…"


Ben gets up with his torch. "Good luck guys."

"Ben the tribe has spoken." Nighteye said snuffing Ben's torch as he waves at his tribe and walks away. "Tonight, one of your best left on his own will due to injury. Do not let him go in vain."

Ben's Final Words: My time here was too short but I feel that going home would give my tribe the best chance to win challenges. Good luck guys I want one of you to get the end other than my son. I prefer him to win. I hope to see all of you make the merge.

Next time on Survivor a double tribal council forces both tribes to scramble as blindsides are planned and a power play is made up.

Voted for Ben: Farkas, Gordon, Gob, Marco, Crimson

Voted for Crimson: Ben

Voted for Marco: J'skar

Notes on the booted: Ben Sisko was a huge early character. Originally it was going to be a blindside but I figured that it would be better for him to leave on his own accord after an injury.