Author's Note: After some feedback/reviews, it did feel like I rushed Gudako's chapter a bit, so here's something to make it up.

"And over here is the training room," Shirou said as he pointed at it.

"Yeah. I know what where it is. After all, I used to be a master of Chaldea," Gudako said as she began to look at it. "Although I'll admit, it looks a lot different than what I remember."

"Really? How so?"

"Well, the room wasn't this advanced before, and we didn't have any target dummies in my timeline."

"I see."

As Gudako continued to look at the training room with interest, Shirou's mind went back to prior events that brought him to this situation.

(A few minutes ago...)

Shirou was walking down the hallway, minding his own business. As he did, he came across Gudako, who was walking with a smile on her face.

"Hm? I haven't seen her before. That outfit...looks like a new member of Chaldea arrived today. But this is weird...she feels familiar, but how..."

As Shirou and Gudako continued to walk towards each other, Gudako accidentally bumped in Shirou.

"Oh, sorry," Gudako apologized.

"No problem," Shirou replied.

As both said their apologies, Gudako looked into Shirou's eyes for a moment. She then continued to stare into Shirou's eyes, making him uncomfortable for a moment. "W-What?"

" look like him...but a bit younger..."

"Um...sorry to ask, but who are you?"

"Hm? Oh, I'm Fujimaru Ritsuka, but call me Gudako in this case."

At this moment, Shirou was dumbfounded. "What the heck?!"

" there something wrong?" Gudako asked.

"Well...I'm sorry for being rude, but is your name really Fujimaru Ritsuka?" he asked with suspicion in his voice.

Gudako let out a sigh. "Yeah, and I know what you're thinking. To be honest, I'm surprised that the Fujimaru Ritsuka in this timeline is a male, and one who happened to have black hair instead of orange hair."

"Hey!" a voice said in the distance.

Shirou and Gudako then began to turn around upon hearing a voice in the distance. As they did, they saw Ritsuka in the distance. "Speaking of the root, my male counterpart seems to be coming here."

"Hey! Wait up!" Ritsuka yelled as he finally caught up to his female counterpart and Shirou. "Phew...I finally...found you..." he muttered as he was gasping for breath.

"Um her name really Fujimaru Ritsuka?" Shirou asked, wanting to make sure if what she was saying was true.

"Yeah...despite her's true. Her name is Fujimaru Ritsuka, although she goes by Gudako in this case," Ritsuka replied.

"You're kidding me..." Shirou said in disbelief.

"I know right? I did not believe it either, until I checked her status and saint graph. And to my surprise, she is Fujimaru Ritsuka, from another timeline that is like ours," Ritsuka said before he turned to look at his female counterpart. "And you, I know that you used to be a master of Chaldea in your timeline, but don't run off please. The director is already mad..."

"Ehe...sorry, guess I got a bit excited there. It's been a while since I've been here, so I want to see what this timeline's Chaldea looks like..." Gudako apologized.

Ritsuka let out a small sigh. "Anyways, Gudako, this is Emiya Shirou, one of Chaldea's servants. Shirou, this is Gudako, my female counterpart from another timeline."

Shirou then raised his hand. "It's nice to meet you Gudako."

"Yeah. Nice to meet you too, Shirou," Gudako replied as she responded the gesture with a handshake.

As Ritsuka saw the handshake between Shirou and Gudako, a thought came into his head. "Hey Shirou, do you have anything to do today?"

"Hm? Well, I do not have anything to do today. Why?"

"Well, do you mind if you take my female counterpart on a tour of Chaldea?"

"Eh?! But why?! I don't need a tour since I practically know the place anyways with my mind!" Gudako argued.

"But Gudako, just because you're in Chaldea in another timeline doesn't mean it's the same thing as your Chaldea in your timeline..."


"No buts. And that's final."

Gudako let out a pout. "Fine..." she muttered.

Ritsuka let out a smile. "Great. Shirou?"

"Well, I don't mind."

"Good. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to head back to the director along with the doctor and Da Vinci to discuss something. See you!" Ritsuka said as he began to head back on the path he came from earlier.

"Well then, this sounds awkward for me to say considering that I used to be a master of Chaldea...but will you show me Chaldea, Shirou?" Gudako asked.


(Back to the present...)

"Even though it is right in front of me, it's hard to believe that this woman is actually master's female counterpart from an alternate timeline. And furthermore, she does not have the same natural hair color as him along with the same eyes as well. Rather...she looks a bit like me, I will admit," Shirou thought.

Soon, Gudako got out of the training room. "Well then, let's move on with the tour, shall we?" she asked.


Shirou and Gudako then left the training room and walked down the hallway. As they did, they came across Lancer Cu, who happened to be heading towards them.

"Hey there kid!" Lancer Cu said cheerfully.

"Hey there Cu. Heading towards the training room again?" Shirou asked.

"Yeah. It's one of my favorite places you know," he said with a toothy grin. As he said that, he then noticed Gudako who has caught his attention. "By the way, who's the little miss over there?"

"Hm? Oh,'re not going to believe this, but she's...master from another timeline," Shirou said.

Cu's eyes widen upon hearing Shirou's words. "What?! She's master from another timeline?!" he yelled in disbelief.

"Yes. Although call her by the name Gudako just in case."

"Nice to meet you Cu!" she said happily. "Even though I already know you from my time in Chaldea..."

Cu then stared at Gudako. "Yeah. Nice to meet you too," he said before he quickly got close to Shirou. "Hey kid, are you sure she's master from an alternate timeline?" he whispered.

"Yeah. Even master said so," Shirou whispered back.

"I see. Still though, she does not look like master at all. Rather, she looks a lot like you. Heck, maybe she could be even your long-lost twin sister who happened to be adopted by master's family!" he jokingly whispered.

Shirou let out sigh. "I'm not sure if that could even happen..." he whispered back.

"Hey. What are you two talking about?" Gudako asked, wanting to know what Shirou and Cu were talking about.

"Ah. It's something that you should not worry about. Anyways, I'll be heading off now. See you kid," he said as he went down the hallway. As Cu left the two, Gudako started a conversation.

"Well, looks like this timeline's Cu is still the same as my timeline..." Gudako said. "Although why does he call you kid instead of your name?"

"Well...we go back a long way. Even before both of us arrived in Chaldea," Shirou replied.

Gudako was confused for a moment. "Even before both of you arrived in Chaldea? Were you two friends when both of you were alive?"

"Well...not exactly..."

"Well then what happened between you two?! I want to know!" Gudako yelled with a pout on her face.

Shirou was amazed by Gudako's behavior. "Wow. Unlike master, she wants the answers at once...well, guess it couldn't hurt..." Shirou then took a small breath of air before revealing the answer to Gudako's question. "It's because me and him were enemies during the Holy Grail War I was in."

"Eh?! You two were in a holy grail war before?! And as enemies?!" Gudako said in surprise.


" that's how you two already know each other...but wait, how come you two act like friends when you were enemies in a holy grail war?"

"Well, it's not like we hated each other. We were just on opposite sides. That's all."

"I see...well, I'm glad that you two are friends here right now."

"Yeah," Shirou said as he began walking. "Unlike the King of Heroes who constantly tries to kill me every day..."

Shirou then continued to give Gudako a tour of Ritsuka's Chaldea, which was according to Gudako, similar in every aspect aside from some rooms being a bit more advanced. As they were on the tour, some of the staff and servants looked at Gudako and asked if she was related to Shirou, much to the latter's annoyance.

Shirou let out a small sigh as he kept hearing people saying if Gudako was related to Shirou in any way. "This is going to be a long day..."

"Um...Shirou, are you all right?" Gudako asked, snapping Shirou out of his thoughts.

"Y-Yeah. I'm just going to have to get used to people asking if you and I were connected in one way or another..." Shirou replied.

"Really? People kept saying we look a lot like each other?"

"Yeah," Shirou said as he projected a hand mirror and placed it between him and Gudako, allowing themselves to see each other in the mirror. "See? Now that I am looking at it, there is some resemblance between us."

Gudako let out a sigh as well. "You're telling me. Speaking of which, I'm hungry right now..."

Shirou let out a small chuckle. "Well then, should I lead you to the cafeteria to make something quick?"

"Eh? You can cook Shirou?"


"Well, what are we waiting for? Let us go already!" she said as she soon began to walk. "So, he can do projection...which reminds me, he feels familiar to the red archer from my timeline, but why though?"

Soon, Shirou and Gudako headed towards the cafeteria. As they did, they saw Arturia, Ishtar, Parvati, Sitonai, Astraea, Jaguar-man, Irisviel, Kiritsugu, and EMIYA were in the cafeteria. Arturia and Jaguar-man were eating their food, Ishtar was in a fight with Astraea while Parvati tried to calm the two down, Sitonai was talking with Irisviel and Kiritsugu, and EMIYA was in the kitchen cooking up something.

As everyone noticed Shirou entered the cafeteria, all their eyes were turned to Gudako.

"Um...Shirou, who is that girl next to you? And she looks a lot like you..." Arturia said.

"Yeah...too much like you actually..." Ishtar said as she stared at Gudako.

"Indeed..." Parvati muttered.

"Hm...don't tell me she's related to onii-chan..." Sitonai said.

"The resemblence is quite uncanny..." Astraea said.

"Oh my...a new member of the family? Or is this your genderbent counterpart from another timeline?" Irisviel asked.

"Shirou! Who is that woman and why does he look a lot like you?!" Jaguar-man yelled.

"Shirou, who is that?" Kiritsugu asked.

EMIYA did not say anything. Meanwhile, Gudako was confused with the situation in front of her.

"Um...Shirou, how do all of these servants know you?" Gudako asked.

Shirou let out a sigh. "It's a long story." He then turned to everyone in the cafeteria. "Everyone, this may sound weird...but this person is master...from another timeline."

Gudako let out a small chuckle. " name is Fujimaru Ritsuka, but call me Gudako in this case..."

Everyone was shocked upon hearing Shirou's words. "EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!"

Both Shirou and Gudako covered their ears upon hearing everyone in the cafeteria screaming their lungs out until they could not do so. As the noise stopped, both looked at each other.

"Well...this is going to take a lot of explaining," Shirou said.

"You can say that again," Gudako replied.

Shirou let out a sigh as he turned to the crowd. "Anyways, I'll explain everything right now, so everyone, can all of you calm down for a moment?"

Everyone then followed Shirou's request and calmed themselves down while Shirou and Ritsuka sat down on some chairs. "Okay, now all of you can ask questions."

Everyone stayed silent for a moment until Arturia asked the first question. "'re master...from another timeline?" she asked.

"Yes, Arturia," Gudako said.

"You know who I am?" Arturia asked.

"Yes. Along with everyone else in the room. For example, the one with twin tails is Ishtar, the one with purple hair is Parvati, the little girl is Sitonai, the older version of her is known as Irisviel, or the Dress of Heaven, the one on tiger pajamas is Jaguar-Man, the one with the hood is Assassin, and the one behind the kitchen is the red Archer.

Everyone was amazed with Gudako's words. "Wow. If you know who we are, then you did used to be a master of Chaldea..." EMIYA said.

"Yeah. And I'll admit, this timeline's Chaldea is quite similar from mine..." Gudako said.

"How so?" Ishtar asked.

"Well...I do see the same servants from my Chaldea here, although with a few exceptions. The rooms are in the same place, but some are a bit advanced, and that's about it."

"I see," Parvati said.

"Are the servants you're seeing right now are similar to the ones you're saw in your timeline?" Astraea asked.

"Yes. However, there is one major difference between the two."

"What?" Sitonai asked.

Gudako then pointed to Shirou. "Him."

"Eh? Me?" Shirou asked.

"Yeah. In all my life in Chaldea, I never summoned you. Heck, I have even seen your ancestor and summoned here as well, but I've never heard of you. That is the biggest difference, you were not in my Chaldea."

"Is that so?" Sitonai asked.

"Yeah. Honestly, I am surprised how I did not summon you in my timeline, or the fact that a heroic spirit like you exists, but all's in the past now I guess."

"I see. Anyways, even though this sounds weird, welcome to Chaldea, Gudako," Shirou greeted.

"Yeah. As weird as it sounds, because I used to be a master here, I will be enjoying my stay here," Gudako said with a smile on her face.

Shirou nodded as he got off the chair. "Now then, looks like I've got work to do," he said as he headed towards the kitchen where EMIYA was. As Shirou started to cook with EMIYA, Gudako then asked another question.

"Hey. This may sound weird, but why does it feel like the red archer and Shirou are similar somehow?"

"Hm? Ah, that's because they're the same person, from different timelines of course," Irisviel said.

This time, it was Gudako's turn to be surprised. "EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!"