Author's Notes: Well, LB6 came out, and my god, it's so crazy and long, and included Morgan as well. And from what I heard, Muramasa gets involved by being bought out by Castoria LOL.

And if any of you are wondering, she'll arrive soon...

Speaking of which, that Shirou CE...WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HIM?!

Fujimaru Ritsuka has seen many things in his entire life, and that is saying something considering that he somehow got whisked away from his normal life into a world where unexplainable things happen daily, spirits of heroes manifested in real life, dealing with singularities that are based off from branches from the main timeline of his universe, and many others.

All and all, because of the events he has endured during his time as a master of Chaldea, he has gained a lot of experience and knows how to deal with various situations.

But the situation he was currently in right now...he has no experience on how to deal with it.

And that situation...was him, holding a baby in his hands. The funny thing is though is that the baby is Shirou himself.

Ritsuka let out a sigh as he looked at Shirou, who was sleeping. "Just how did things end up like this...?" Ritsuka thought as his mind went back to an earlier time period...


Ritsuka was walking towards Da Vinci's room, planning to ask her something. "Hey Da Vinci! Are you in here? I need to ask you about something!" Ritsuka said.

"Hm? Ah, well come in..." Da Vinci moaned in response.

Ritsuka was worried upon hearing Da Vinci's tone of voice. "Are you okay Da Vinci? You sound a bit tired."

"Y-Yeah! Just come in, although you're not going to believe what you're about to see..."

Ritsuka was even more confused. "What does she mean by that? I guess Da Vinci probably made something that shouldn't exist...again..."

Wanting to see what was going on over there, Ritsuka entered Da Vinci's room to see what was going on in there. As he did, his mouth dropped upon the sight in front of him.

In front of him was Da Vinci, who looked exhausted and was holding a baby with familiar red hair that was bundled in Shirou's white kimono. And upon seeing the red hair and the white kimono, Ritsuka immediately knew who the baby is.

"Um...Da that-?"

"Yes. The baby you're seeing in my hands right now is Shirou," Da Vinci replied with a sigh.

For a moment, Ritsuka didn't say anything as he was trying to process the information Da Vinci just gave him. After a few seconds of silence, Ritsuka then began to continue the conversation. "Okay. Explain what happened to him."

Da Vinci let out a chuckle. "'s a long story. Earlier, Shirou came by to drop something off for me, and I asked him to put it on top of the bookshelf over there," she said as she pointed at a huge bookshelf in a corner of her workshop. "However, that's when the trouble started."

Ritsuka let out a small sigh. "What happened?"

"One of the items that was included in the box fell onto Shirou when he was trying to put it on the bookshelf, and that item...well..."

"Well, what, Da Vinci?"

"...That item was the same youth potion from a while ago, but a lot more potent than before."

Ritsuka mentally groaned at the news Da Vinci just gave him. "Really Da Vinci? You happened to have a more effective version of that youth potion lying around in that box? Jeez, I don't know what's scarier; the singularities I had to face, or what shenanigans Da Vinci is thinking of..."

"Ritsuka? Are you there Ritsuka?" Da Vinci hollered, snapping Ritsuka out of his thoughts.

"Hm? Ah, yeah. So...Shirou's been turned into a baby huh?"

"Yeah, and he is quite the toddler. In fact, earlier, he actually made me get out of my seat just to catch him! Took me a while to catch him and make him fall asleep..." Da Vinci mumbled as she began to sit down on her chair again. "Anyways, can you help me with him?"

"Eh?! Me?!" Ritsuka asked, surprised with the sudden task Da Vinci just gave him.

"Yeah. I mean, I'm already tired from taking care of him, so...can you help me with him?"

Ritsuka was silent for a moment before giving his answer. "Well...I don't know how to take care of a baby...but the least I can do is to find someone who can at least."

Da Vinci let out a smile before she gently handed Shirou over to Ritsuka. "I see. Well, good luck!"

(Back to the present...)

"Even now, I still can't believe that I'm reliving the same situation as before...except Shirou is a baby in this case..." Ritsuka thought as he looked at Shirou, who was still sleeping. "So...Shirou, how's life right now?" Shirou didn't say anything but still slept. Ritsuka let out a chuckle as he just realized that he was being an idiot. "Oh yeah, you're still sleeping right now."

Ritsuka then got up from his seat. "Well then, I guess I could ask Shirou's family for help. They could help me with this at least...although I need to prepare myself for what's about to happen next..." he thought as he then headed towards the cafeteria.

As Ritsuka was walking towards the cafeteria, he was met with the various stares of many servants and staff of Chaldea. Ritsuka let out a sigh at the stares he was receiving. "Great, looks like I'll be receiving a lot of rumors later..."

Eventually, Ritsuka arrived at the cafeteria. As he did, he was met with multiple stares from everyone in the cafeteria, which consisted of Arturia, Ishtar, Parvati, Sitonai, Astraea, Irisviel, Kiritsugu, Jaguar-Man, and EMIYA, who looked at Ritsuka with wide eyes.

For a moment, nobody didn't say anything as everyone in the cafeteria had their eyes on first the sleeping baby in Ritsuka's hands, then Ritsuka himself.

"Um...Ritsuka...who is that baby in your hands...and why does he look familiar...?" Arturia asked with stammers in her voice.

Ritsuka took a long gulp, preparing himself for the reaction he was about to receive. "Well...this Shirou..." he muttered.

At that moment, the entire cafeteria went into chaos, dropping what they were doing immediately.


Ritsuka then placed a finger on his lips. "Shhhhhhhh! Don't wake him up! He's still asleep!"

Upon hearing Ritsuka's words, everyone shut their mouths, making Ritsuka sigh in relief as they have not woke baby Shirou up yet. "Hey Archer, can you project a crib for me?"

"Hm? Oh...yeah..." EMIYA replied, still at a loss at the situation in front of him. EMIYA quickly got out of the kitchen he was in and raised his hands for a moment. "Trace on." In an instant, a crib appeared, allowing Ritsuka to put him into the crib.

As Ritsuka gently placed baby Shirou into the crib, Arturia, Ishtar, Parvati, Sitonai, Astraea, Irisviel, and Jaguar-Man took a sneak peek at the sleeping baby.

Upon seeing him, they had one thought in mind.


As Ritsuka was done putting Shirou in the crib, he was then met with various gazes from everyone. "Master, what's going on?" Irisviel asked.

Ritsuka let out a sigh. "Well, it's a long story. You see, I was just at Da Vinci's workshop earlier to ask her for something, and when I came in...I saw her holding Shirou as a baby."

"How did that happen? I mean, Emiya-kun turning into a baby of course," Ishtar said.

"Don't tell me Da Vinci made an invention that turned senpai into this..." Parvati asked.

"Well...I guess in a way, maybe. Remember the youth potion Da Vinci made a long time ago?"

"You mean the one that turned onii-chan into a kid again?" Sitonai asked.

"Yes. That one."

"What about it?" Astraea asked.

"Well...let's just say...Da Vinci made a potent version of it..." Ritsuka muttered.

Everyone's eyes nearly popped out upon hearing Ritsuka's words. "You've got to be kidding me..." Kiritsugu said.

"Yeah. To think Da Vinci would create something like this..." Jaguar-Man said.

"I wish. Anyways, that's the story."

Everyone was silent for a moment before EMIYA continued the conversation. "So...let me get this straight master. Upon heading into Da Vinci's workshop, you happened to come across her...who happened to be holding my younger self as a baby, correct?" EMIYA asked as he recounted the events that led up to now.

"Yes..." Ritsuka replied.

"And you're telling me the reason why my younger self was turned into a baby was because of an accident he encountered from helping Da Vinci?"


EMIYA let out a sigh. "I swear, just how did my younger self get into this just from doing an errand from Da Vinci herself? Not only that, but Da Vinci has a more potent version of the potion that turned him into a kid once? Just what is up with her...?"

"Archer, is everything okay over there?" Ritsuka asked, snapping EMIYA out of his thoughts.

"Hm? Oh yeah, I'm just...surprised, and yet at the same time, not surprised at all..." EMIYA replied. "I mean, while I did expect something to happen to him when he comes into Da Vinci's room, I did not expect this to happen..."

"Me neither..." Arturia said as she began to look at baby Shirou, who was still sleeping. "So, this is what Shirou looked like when he was a baby..." she thought while looking at baby Shirou in awe.

" this is what onii-chan looked like when he was a baby..." Sitonai said with interest in her voice.

Soon, the other girls began to surround the crib with great interest.

"Senpai as a baby...he's so adorable!" Parvati thought.

"So, this is Sherou as a the root, he's so adorable even the root doesn't mean anything to me right now!" Astraea thought.

"Wow. Emiya-kun really got himself into quite the mess this time..." Ishtar thought.

"Shirou as a baby...he's so adorable! I need to find baby-sized pajamas quick!" Irisviel and Jaguar-Man thought in unison.

As the girls were fawning over baby Shirou, Ritsuka, Kiritsugu, and EMIYA were looking at the scene. "Wow, the girls are fawning over Shirou right now...speaking of which, there is one thing that's bothering me," Ritsuka said.

"What?" EMIYA asked.

"Well, who's going to take care of him?"

At that moment, everyone was silent upon hearing Ritsuka's question and quickly turned to him, making him confused. "What? Why are all of you looking at me like that?"

EMIYA let out a sigh. "Master, I think you're going to wake Shirou up."


"You'll know soon."

At that moment, Astraea placed a hand on her chest. "Well, I should take up the task of taking care of Sherou myself!" she said proudly.

"Huh?! Why should you?! You don't even know how to take care of a kid, let alone a baby!" Ishtar argued.

"And do you think you know how to?!"

Ishtar didn't have anything to counter Astraea's statement. "A-Anyways, why should you take care of him! You're going to corrupt him with your ways!"

"Indeed! I should take care of him!" Parvati interrupted.

Both Ishtar and Astraea looked at Parvati with wide eyes. "Huh?! You?!" they said in unison.

Parvati let out a smile. "Yes. After all, I have experience taking care of someone, so I think I should be the one suited for the job."

"I won't allow that! As his mother, I have full authority to take care of him!" Irisviel argued.

"Now hold on! If that's the case, then shouldn't I be better suited for this?! After all, I have spent more time with him than any of you!" Jaguar-man yelled.

"Will everyone be quiet for one moment?!" Sitonai yelled.

Arturia let out a sigh. "Wow. This is getting out of hand..."

As the girls beside Arturia began to argue loudly, little did they know that baby Shirou was going to awake from how loud they were.

And they were about to find out right away.

"WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Shirou wailed as he began to cry.

Upon hearing Shirou's crying, nearly all the girls shut their mouths. As Shirou was crying, in a surprise turn of events, Kiritsugu went towards the crib and picked Shirou up. "This is what he was referring to, master. Because of everyone's yelling here, Shirou's crying already," he said while trying to calm baby Shirou down. "There, there. Don't cry."

Upon hearing Kiritsugu's words, Ishtar, Parvati, Sitonai, Astraea, Irisviel, and Jaguar-Man felt ashamed from making Shirou cry while Arturia, Ritsuka, and EMIYA was amazed with the events in front of them. "Wow..."

After a few seconds have passed, Shirou calmed down and fell back asleep. Kiritsugu then placed him back on the crib. As he did, everyone looked at him with wide eyes, especially Arturia, Irisviel, Sitonai, EMIYA, and Ritsuka. "What?" he asked.

"Hm...I think we may found the perfect person to take care of Shirou..." Ritsuka said with a smile on his face.

News about Shirou being turned into a baby was spread throughout Chaldea, and everyone had one reaction to it: surprise.

Which included Arturia's counterparts, Ishtar's counterparts, Parvati's counterparts, Sitonai's counterparts, Miyu, EMIYA Alter, the Knights of the Round, Cu and his counterparts, Medusa and her counterparts, Medea, Hercules, Sasaki, Gilgamesh and his counterparts, Nero and her counterparts, Jeanne D'Arc and her counterparts, Okita and her counterparts, Musashi, Hakuno, Sieg, Arthur, Merlin, Proto-Merlin, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, Waver, Caren, Gudako, Mashu, Romani, Olga Maire, and many others.

In short, everyone in Chaldea received the news.

For the next few days, Kiritsugu oversaw taking care of baby Shirou, much to the surprise of everyone, including himself as well. It also didn't help that Shirou held on to Kiritsugu as well.

And so, within those few days, he had to learn about how to take care of a baby by reading a bunch of books on taking care of babies, along with his entire daily schedule was completely changed because of Shirou.

Which included days of feeding him, taking him out on strolls, and sleepless nights. Luckily, he was already used to the last one.

Kiritsugu let out a sigh as he was pushing a stroller that had Shirou sleeping in it. "Jeez...out of all of my years as a counter guardian...this is one thing I didn't not expect to do..." As he continued to push the stroller down the hallway, he heard Shirou say something in gibberish. "What is it?"

Shirou then pointed to a direction in the air.

"Hm? Are you hungry?"

Shirou nodded sideways. He then pointed to the window.

"You want to look out the window?"

Shirou let out a toothless grin, signaling Kiritsugu that he wanted to look out the window. Kiritsugu then picked Shirou up from the stroller with both of his hands and brought him to the window. "Well, here you go. There's not that much to see here though, just snow and ice."

Shirou didn't say anything but touched the window with his tiny hands, looking at the falling snow with awe in his eyes.

"Wait, what am I doing talking to a baby? Babies don't know how to talk...still though, it does make me feel calm for some reason..." Kiritsugu thought. As Shirou continued to look at the glass, he felt something uncomfortable in his diaper, making him whimper for a moment. "Hm? Is there something wrong Shirou?"

However, before Shirou could answer, there was a nasty smell in the air, and Kiritsugu immediately knew what that smell was.

"Oh. It's that."

In an instant, Kiritsugu carried Shirou while grabbing a pack of diapers, baby powder, and a blanket from under the stroller. He then laid the blanket down on the counter and then Shirou. "All right, from what I read in the books master gave me, the way to change a diaper should be to unfasten the diaper tabs and slide it away first. Hope this goes well without any trouble..." Kiritsugu then unfastened the diaper tabs and slide the dirty diaper away. "Okay, that was easier than I thought. Now comes cleaning Shirou..."

However, before he could do so, he felt something wet touching his face, and immediately knew what the liquid was.

It was Shirou peeing on him, not on purpose of course.

Kiritsugu let out a sigh. "Guess I said too soon..."

Despite receiving a shower from Shirou on the face, the rest of the diaper change went smoothly. Right now, Shirou was sleeping in the stroller while Kiritsugu continued to push it. "Man, taking care of a baby is a lot complicated than I thought. I swear, why did master give me job when there are others? I know that in another timeline, I'm Shirou's adoptive father, but this is something I don't understand. I'm not a father, I'm a killer. Something that a baby should not look up to." Eventually, Kiritsugu stopped having such thoughts in his head. "Well, no point in thinking about it forever, maybe some coffee might calm me down."

Kiritsugu then began to take Shirou to the cafeteria. As he arrived, he saw Arturia and her counterparts, Ishtar and her counterparts, Parvati, Kama, BB and her sisters, Illya and her counterparts, Miyu, Astraea, Irisviel, Jaguar-Man, EMIYA and his counterpart, the Knights of the Round, Lancer Cu, Rider Medusa, Nero and her counterparts, Jeanne D'Arc and her counterparts, Okita and her counterpart, and Musashi who were looking at both him and baby Shirou.

Kiritsugu let out a sigh. "This is going to be a long day..." he thought as he strolled Shirou down to the cafeteria.

"So, that's the kid as a baby, huh?" Lancer Cu asked, seeing Shirou sleeping in the stroller.

"Yeah. And don't wake him up, you hear me? I do not want a repeat of what happened a few days ago," Kiritsugu replied as he took him to an empty space in the corner. Soon, Kiritsugu went back and sat on a empty seat while Arturia and her counterparts, Ishtar and her counterparts, Parvati, Kama, BB and her sisters, Illya and her counterparts, Miyu, Astraea, Irisviel, Jaguar-Man, EMIYA and his counterpart, the Knights of the Round, Rider Medusa, Nero and her counterparts, Jeanne D'Arc and her counterparts, Okita and her counterpart, and Musashi immediately went towards the stroller Shirou was sleeping in.

As everyone started to look at baby Shirou, Lancer Cu, EMIYA, and EMIYA Alter looked at the sight. "Wow, in just an instant, the kid already gained more attention than before. And in a quick amount of time as well," Cu said with a chuckle.

"You can say that again. Even now, I'm still surprised that he managed to get himself into something like this..." EMIYA replied.

"Exactly. How does he do it..." EMIYA Alter said.

Lancer Cu chuckled again. "How should I know? Shouldn't you two already know by now since you're him?" he jokingly said, making both of them flinch.

Meanwhile, everyone else were looking over Shirou, who was in the stroller, sleeping. Everyone was looking at him with awe in their eyes.

"Wow. So that's what mother looked like when he was a baby..." Mordred said.

"Indeed, and our queen looks so cute..." Gawain said.

"Careful with your words Gawain, or else you'll get a beating soon..." Tristan said.

"Still though, this is something I would never expect to happen..." Lancelot said.

"Me neither..." Bedivere said.

"Wow! He's so adorable!" Gareth said happily.

"Indeed! Speaking of which, I brought out a lion plushie for him to play with!" Arturia Lily said happily as she brought it out. As she did, she then gently placed in into the stroller.

Upon feeling something touch him, Shirou moved one of his small arms to touch it. Now knowing it was soft and not dangerous, Shirou rolled over and grabbed it in his sleep. "Mnm..." he mumbled in his sleep.

Upon seeing tiny Shirou's act, all the girls felt like passing out from how adorable his actions were.

"" Arturia muttered as she struggled to stand up.

"I hate to admit it, but right now, I feel weak from how cute he is..." Arturia Alter said.

"I agree. Shirou's cuteness as a baby is far more deadly than anything right now..." Lancer Arturia said.

"Indeed. It's so deadly, yet precious at the same time..." Lancer Arturia Alter said.

"Exactly. That's why we must savor this moment until the very end," Ruler Arturia said while trying to control her urge of touching his face.

"Wow. Shirou's sleeping face looks so cute..." Archer Arturia said.

"Hm...maybe I should bring more gifts to him this year..." Santa Arturia Alter said.

"Well, looks like he's been changed well at least," Rider Arturia Alter said with approval in her voice.

"Mmm...I should give him some candy later..." Mysterious Heroine X Alter said.

"No! He can't eat it yet!" Mysterious Heroine XX said.

"Exactly! Don't give him any toothaches!" Mysterious Heroine X said.

"Wow...he's even cuter than Fou..." Caster Arturia said.

"Tch...even though I'm a goddess...I can't help but admit defeat to this cuteness!" Ishtar said.

"I agree with that!" Rider Ishtar said.

"Same!" Ereshkigal said.

"Senpai as a baby is adorable!" Parvati said.

"I'm a god of love...and yet, I've been defeated..." Kama muttered.

"Baby senpai..." BB muttered.

"Wah...I want to touch him now..." Passionlip said.

"Not with those claws of yours. You'll hurt him," Meltlilith said.

"Exactly," Kingprotea said, making Passionlip sulk for a moment.

"So that's what onii-chan looked like when he was a baby..." Illya said with awe in her voice.

"Yeah. He's so adorable right now..." Kuro said.

"Wow. Now it feels like we're the older sisters again," Sitonai said.

"Indeed," Miyu said.

"Kyaaa~! Shirou looks so adorable with that plushie!" Irisviel exclaimed happily.

"I agree!" Jaguar-Man said.

"S-So cute..." Rider Medusa said.

"Umu! This is the pinnacle of cuteness!" Saber Nero exclaimed in excitement.

"Right! Especially with the lion plushie he's sleeping with! It amplifies his cuteness!" Caster Nero replied in agreement.

"Indeed! And let's not mention how he looks when he sleeps!" Bride Nero said.

"Jeez, why is everyone so excited about a sleeping baby?" Jeanne D'Arc Alter asked.

"Now, now, it's quite rare to have a baby here in Chaldea. I want to see what it's like to see one here," Jeanne D'Arc replied with a smile on her face.

"Wow. So that's what Shirou-san looked like when he was a baby..." Jeanne D'Arc Alter Santa Lily said.

"Hm...should I feed him oden?" Okita Alter asked.

"Wha-no?! You can't feed him that!" Okita replied.

"Awa...Shirou-kun is so cute..." Musashi said.

After a while, the girls along with the Knights of the Round left the vicinity of the stroller to give Shirou his space and went back to their seats. "Well, at least things are a bit calmer around this time. Maybe nothing bad will happen this time..." Kiritsugu thought as he was relieved that the attention didn't scare him this time.

However, his relief was about to come to an end.

Because at that moment, a certain arrogant King of Heroes arrived in the cafeteria.

Nearly everyone internally groaned at the sight of Gilgamesh in the cafeteria. "What do you want, King of Heroes?" EMIYA asked.

"Hmph. I've heard that the pathetic faker was turned into a useless baby, and I wanted to confirm that rumor," Gilgamesh replied arrogantly.

At that moment, everyone wanted to murder him for saying those words, but they couldn't because Shirou was still sleeping in the corner on a stroller. "Don't call onii-chan that!" Sitonai yelled.

"And why not? He's a pathetic faker and seeing him in this state makes him even more pathetic! And now that I'm seeing it up close, it's making me laugh even more! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Everyone was starting to lose their temper from Archer Gilgamesh's insults of Shirou. However, they were almost about to lose it when Gilgamesh got close to the stroller that Shirou was sleeping in.

"Don't you dare do anything..." the girls thought in unison.


At that moment, Shirou whimpered upon hearing Gilgamesh's loud laughter and within a few seconds, he started crying, making everyone mad.

"Tch! Silence you baby mongrel!" he yelled in annoyance before making the biggest mistake he could ever make.

Which was taking the lion plushie he was sleeping with, and the action made him cry harder and louder than before.

At that moment, everyone lost it and brought out their weapons. "KING OF HEROES!" they yelled.

"Hmph. What you mongrels-" he said as he turned around...only to receive one of Rider Medusa's daggers stab him in the chest. "What the-?!" he yelled in pain.

"GET OVER HERE!" Rider Medusa yelled as she yanked the chain on her dagger towards her, sending him towards her and she roundhouse kicked him on the side, sending towards the other side of the cafeteria.

Upon landing on the ground, Gilgamesh looked see everyone in the cafeteria with their weapons out, ready to unleash their noble phantasms.

"DAMN YOU!" he yelled.

And Gilgamesh was immediately annihilated...

Kiritsugu let out a sigh. "Well, it's settled, nobody should put Shirou and the King of Heroes together...FOREVER." he thought as he was cradling Shirou on a bench. Right now, Kiritsugu is resting with Shirou after the disastrous event which was Archer Gilgamesh getting his ass kicked by Arturia and her counterparts, Ishtar and her counterparts, Parvati, Kama, BB and her sisters, Illya and her counterparts, Miyu, Astraea, Irisviel, Jaguar-Man, EMIYA and his counterpart, the Knights of the Round, Rider Medusa, Nero and her counterparts, Jeanne D'Arc and her counterparts, Okita and her counterpart, Musashi, and himself included.

After cleaning up the giant mess and calming Shirou down, everyone resumed what they were doing in the cafeteria. However, things got a little crazy when Shirou got hungry, and Kiritsugu asked for a baby high seat for Shirou to sit in, curtsey of EMIYA.

Even now, he still doesn't know why the girls were in awe of Shirou eating and wanted to clean his face when he got messy.

Kiritsugu then looked at Shirou. "Even now, I still can't believe that I would have a chance of taking care of a baby, and...well, you turned into one, for a short time that is. Still though, the feeling to taking care of someone...doesn't feel that bad."

Shirou then turned to Kiritsugu, clueless with what was going on.

Kiritsugu sighed again. "Shirou, even if you don't know what I'm saying or if you can respond, all I can say is...well, thank you...for showing me what being a parent feels like."

Shirou let out a small pout before raising his hands, making Kiritsugu confused.

"Shirou?" he asked as he raised him to his head level.

In an instant, Shirou's hand touched Kiritsugu's mouth and raised the edges of the mouth upward, making him look like he has a smile on his face. After a few seconds, he let go.

For a moment, Kiritsugu didn't say anything. Then he started to chuckle, which turned into full-blown laughter. However, Kiritsugu didn't care because it felt good for some unknown reason he can't explain.

Little did he know that he was being the Emiya family and Arturia herself, who watched Kiritsugu laughing in pure shock.

"You sure this will work, Da Vinci?" Kiritsugu asked while holding Shirou at the same time.

"Yeah! I did the tests and since the potion is the same as before; only stronger of course, all I had to do was to improve the cure as well!" Da Vinci replied with a smile on her face.

"Okay. Then what do I do?"

"Simple. Get Shirou to drink it, and don't worry, it's tasteless and doesn't smell, so Shirou won't have any problem drinking it," she replied as she handed Kiritsugu a small red vital.

Following Da Vinci's order, Kiritsugu then uncapped the small red vital and placed it between Shirou's lips, getting him to drink it immediately.

Upon drinking it, Shirou began to light up, and within a few seconds, he was back to normal.

And he was extremely confused in the position he was in.

"Hey...uh, old man, what's going on here? And why am I in this position?" Shirou questioned.

Kiritsugu sighed. "Well, it's a long story..."


Kiritsugu entered in the room he was sharing with Irisviel. As he did, he saw something on the desk that interested him. "Hm? That looks new. I wonder what it is..." He then got closer to the desk. As he did, his jaw dropped.

In front of him were photos of baby Shirou, and he immediately knew who took the photos.