Olga Marie let out a small sigh of agony as she was walking down a hallway along with Romani. "Jeez...this is going to be a pain in the ass..." she muttered.

Romani let out a chuckle. "Relax director, it might not end up as bad as you might think," he replied, trying to comfort her.

"Are you kidding me! Those guys at the Mage's Association are here with a new director! And even after Da Vinci told them that I was alive as a heroic spirit along with new information I gave them! Are these guys a bunch of bigoted, brain-dead idiots?! Don't they know the value of the Animusphere name?! Or the hard work I put it into helping the place?!" she ranted.

Romani nervously chuckled. "C-Calm down director..."

"I'll calm down when I want to!"

Romani let out a sigh as he continued to hear Olga Marie's endless ranting. "Man, I know that the Mage's Association's rules and politics can be a bit idiotic sometimes, but this is taking it too far..."

(A week ago...)

Olga Marie was in her room, reading some information on Chaldea on her tablet as she was catching up on the recent events. "Hm, so all of this happened while I was gone...jeez, now I feel out of time. Well, reading all of this should keep me up to date, or else I'm not worthy of the Animusphere name..."

As she continued to read the tablet, it was then she heard a few knocks on the door. "Hm? Who could that be?" she thought as she got off the chair and headed towards the door.

The door then opened, revealing Romani with a sad look on his face.

"Hm? Romani? What the heck is wrong with you? And what's with that look on your face? You look ridiculous," Olga Marie said.

Romani let out a long sigh. "It's a long story, and it needs to be discussed in private," he said as he let the door shut behind him. At the same time, he began to lock the door and then sat down on a nearby chair. "Okay, I've got some news that you're not going to like."

Olga Marie mentally groaned. "That's not what I want to hear right now..." she said as she sighed in the end. "So, what's the bad news?"

Romani gulped. "Remember that request you sent to the Mage's Association about you returning and wanting to regain your position as director of Chaldea, along with the new information you received from Gudako?"

"Yeah? What about it?"

Romani sighed again. "Well...let's just say that they're not going to accept that request because of...well, reasons that are far beyond my reach."

Olga Marie twitched for a little. "What reasons?" she asked while trying to not explode.

"Well...the higher ups said that you are not worthy enough to be the director of Chaldea because of your family name and how little experience you have, and well, because you're a servant now...and they already appointed a new director for Chaldea..."

At that moment, Olga Marie exploded. "WHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT?!" she yelled at the top of her lungs, making Romani cower in fear as he has never heard Olga Marie scream like that.



As Olga Marie was done ranting, she began to calm herself down. "So, who's the person that's supposed to replace me as director of Chaldea?"

"G-Goredolf Musik..."

"Goredolf huh? Well, at least he's somewhat decent. But still though, the nerve of those guys at the clock tower..." she muttered in anger.

Romani let out a sigh. "Anyways, Goredolf and a few members of the clock tower will arrive here next week for a meeting..."

"I see...anyways, thanks Romani for this information. Now leave me alone for a bit, I've got some information to jolt down in my head..."

"Yeah," Romani said as he got off the chair and unlocked the door, proceeding to head to the exit. "See you at the meeting..."

"Yeah. See you at the meeting..." Olga Marie moaned.

Soon, Romani left the room, leaving Olga Marie alone in her room. As she was alone, she took a deep breath before letting out a sigh.

"Well...this is the worst luck..."

(Back to the present...)

Olga Marie was wearing a grumpy face as she along with Romani was heading towards the room where the meeting was supposed to take place. "Well, a week has passed, and I'm about to unleash a week's worth of rage against those guys in the meeting..."

Meanwhile, Romani was nervous about the meeting itself. "Oh boy, I hope the director doesn't lose her temper in this meeting, or else we're all screwed."

Soon, both arrived in front of the door where the meeting will take place. "Ready?" Romani asked.

"As I'll ever be..." Olga Marie replied.

And the two then entered the room. As they did, there was a table where on one side was Goredolf Musik and two members of the Clock tower, who were sitting on chairs. Not only that, but Da Vinci was here as well. As Olga Marie and Romani arrived into the room, Goredolf Musik was in complete shock.

"Wow. I never thought I would be seeing both of you again as heroic spirits..." Goredolf said in surprise.

"Likewise, I can't believe that out of all people, you're the candidate for director of Chaldea," Olga Marie said as she sat down on a chair along with Romani.

Goredolf let out a sigh. "Jeez, even that tongue of yours is still the same, even after death..."

Olga Marie was about to make a remark, but Da Vinci stopped her before she could. "Now then, shall we get this meeting on the way?"

"I suppose so..." Goredolf said.

It was then the Clock Tower members introduced themselves to Olga Marie, Da Vinci, and Romani. "Let me introduce myself to you, my name is Travis Heathcliff, member of the Mage's Association and the department of summoning.

"I see. And you are?" Romani asked to the other person.

"My name is Serena Alicraft, member of the Mage's Association and an instructor in the creation department."

"And you already know me, but I'll just introduce myself. My name is Goredolf Musik, son of Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia, a member of the Department of Policies at the Mage's Association, and in this case, the supposed next director of Chaldea," Goredolf introduced.

For a moment, everyone was silent for a moment before Da Vinci went on to the issue. "Now then, now that we've already introduced ourselves to each other, let's get to the point then, shall we?"

"Yes. First, there's the case of Olga Marie wanting her job as director of Chaldea back despite her status of being dead reported in the Clock Tower's files. Which brings me the question, how did you become a heroic spirit in the first place?" Serena asked.

"Well honestly, I have no clue either. Maybe the Throne of Heroes probably recognized me for my hard work in Chaldea," Olga Marie replied.

"Hm...and what about you Romani? How did you come back here as a heroic spirit?" Travis asked.

"Well, I guess my sacrifice at the Temple of Time definitely puts me in the Throne of Heroes, but even still, I have no clue how I got here as well..." Romani replied.

"I see...anyways, back to the main deal, which is the issue on why Olga Marie is not allowed to have her position as director of Chaldea back," Travis said.

"Exactly. Why can't I have my position as director of Chaldea back?" Olga Marie asked.

"Well, it's quite simple actually. The position can only be handed down to people who are still alive in the Mage's Association. In our records, you are being stated as dead after Lev's betrayal."

"Really? That's it? So why not tell them to change my status to alive? Because technically, I am alive, not as a human though..."

Goredolf let out a sigh. "Seriously? You should know how the Mage's Association works, they just won't allow something like that to happen," he said. "Especially when it comes to those eggheads at the top...they can be really stubborn when it comes to power..."

However, Olga Marie was not going to take any of that.

"Huh?! What do you mean by that?! What matters is that I'm here, right? Is there any problem with that?!" Olga Marie asked angrily.

"There is a problem in fact. The entire Mage's Association think you are dead forever in their eyes," Serena said.

"Also...I shouldn't mention this...but the higher ups at the Mage's Association think that it's better if you stayed dead," Travis said.

At that moment, Olga Marie was about to burst, but Da Vinci stepped in. "Now hold on, I was appointed director of Chaldea for a short while. Why doesn't Olga Marie get the same treatment I received? She has a right too you know!"

"That...well, you have a good point there. Maybe we'll talk about that later when we return back to the clock tower."

It was then Romani cleared his throat. "Now then, should we move onto the next issue Olga Marie mentioned earlier?"

"Ah yes. You reported that in the future on December 31, 2017, Chaldea will be attacked by an alien god. And in the process, humanity was bleached and lostbelts appear, which are supposed singularities that are stronger, correct?"

"Yes," Olga Marie said.

"Well, honestly, if what the information you just gave us is true, then we're in a bit of trouble here in many ways," Goredolf said.

"So does that mean the Mage's Association will help us?" Da Vinci asked.

"Well, that's the thing. Some of the higher ups over there think the information you just gave us is a ploy for you earn more power within the Mage's Association."


"Yeah. To be fair, there isn't that much evidence aside from one of the servants in Chaldea who happened to a master of Chaldea from another timeline, and they don't trust her either," Travis said.

Olga Marie let out a groan. "Grrrrrrr...I swear, those guys at the Mage's Association are really stupid right now! There's a threat coming up soon in the future, and they think it's a ploy for me to gain power?! I swear, one of these days I'm going over there to give them a piece of my mind!"

After a few minutes, Olga Marie calmed down and continued the conversation. "Well then, let me ask you three this. Were there any anomalies happening recently?"

For a moment, Travis, Serena, and Goredolf were silent upon hearing Olga Marie's question. After a few seconds, Goredolf began to speak.

"Now that you mentioned it, some parts of the world were suddenly dying off for some unknown reason we don't even know."

Olga Marie, Da Vinci, and Romani's eyes widen upon hearing those news. "Really?" they asked in unison.

"Yeah. Even now, we still don't know what's causing those symptoms. Maybe if what you're saying is true, then there might be a connection between some parts of the land dying and an alien god arriving here."

"And if the connection is true, then will the Mage's Association support us?" Da Vinci asked.

"Well...let's hope and see," Travis said.

"Anyways, is that all that there is?" Romani asked.

"Yes. The meeting today is just a checkup to see if you're actually alive along with Romani as well. Remember, the other lords at the Clock Tower still think the Animusphere name is dead because of your passing in the past. Now that you're actually here in the flesh, well sort of, the situation is a lot complicated than before. Hopefully within a few days or weeks this issue will be resolved," Goredolf said.

"I see. So, I assumed that the meeting is over?" Da Vinci asked as she got off from her seat.

"Yeah, anyways, we'll be taking our leave now," Serena said as she, along with Goredolf, got off from her seat.

Soon, Olga Marie and Romani did was Da Vinci did earlier. As they did, all six people got out of the meeting room they were in and began to walk down the hallway.

"Hmph, even as a heroic spirit, your personality didn't change one bit. Even in the meeting, you're still the same," Goredolf said as he was speaking to Olga Marie.

"Well sorry, but after hearing what the Mage's Association thinks of me, I can't help but get mad! After all, Chaldea was made by my father, and it's my duty to protect it no matter what! It's what's he worked for, and I can't let it go to waste!" Olga Marie replied.

As all six people continued to walk, it was then that a certain servant came up to Da Vinci.

Emiya Shirou.

"Hey Da Vinci, here's the stuff you wanted," Shirou said.

"Great! Drop it off by my workshop," Da Vinci replied.

"Okay!" Shirou then soon left.

Meanwhile, Travis, Serena, and Goredolf were surprised with what just happened. "Who was that?" Travis asked.

"Hm? Oh, that was Emiya Shirou, a servant of Chaldea," Da Vinci replied.

At that moment, Travis, Serena, and Goredolf nearly dropped their mouths upon hearing Da Vinci's words. "EMIYA?!" they yelled in unison.

"Yeah," Da Vinci calmly stated.

For a moment, everyone was completely silent before Goredolf asked Olga Marie a question. "Say...are you on good terms with him, Olga Marie?"

"Hm? Ah, well...you can say that," Olga Marie said.

Silence returned to all three members of the Mage's Association. After a few seconds, Serena resumed the conversation. "I see..." she said.

At the same time, she, Travis, and Goredolf looked at each other and had one thought in mind.

"An Emiya is here too?! And is on good terms with the former director?!"

It seems that no matter which timeline in the Kaleidoscope, one thing remains certain:

The Emiya name is feared in the Mage's Association.

(A few days later...)

"So...it's finally here huh?" Romani asked.

"Yup. The envelope from the Mage's Association that will decide everything. Let's open it and see..." Olga Marie said as she began to open the envelope up. As she did, she looked at the contents of the envelope and read through them.

For a moment, no reaction happened, making Romani worried for a moment.

"So...what are the results?" Romani asked.

Olga Marie then turned to Romani with a smile on her face. "Well...looks like I'm back as director of Chaldea."

Romani let out a huge smile. "Seems so...director. I can't wait to tell the others."