And now, we begin the first chapter of Iro~! Enjoy~.

And yes, that's all I have to say because it starts out like both Ori games. Basically, it's one of those moments that make you say, "Stop me if you've heard this one before."

We shall always remember those nights and days... When my life as Ori began... And ended.

Flashes of Ori's life had been shown from birth as a Spirit Guardian of Nibel, going through countless hardships to save his home and his family, and then rebirth as the new Spirit Tree of Niwen.

But at every end of one life... There will always be the start of a new one and then after another.

The scene then shows a familiar scene at the night when Ori has fully-grown as the new Spirit Tree of Niwen.

When my first child was born... The wind swept him away... Or rather, he swept off into the wind.

It then shows the first glowing leaf and new Spirit Guardian born on Niwen in ages flying off one of Ori's branches.

One might wonder whether it was the will of the wisps... Even I myself believed it may have be my own doing... And yet, I am unsure to why my son left so far through the wind.

The bright leaf would've stopped and landed around Niwen, but sadly it didn't stop flying as the wind continued to blow it away.

But... He would not wander in the skies for eternity... For in the far parts crossing Niwen... My child had landed within a forest where life flowed in spite of how small the light was.

The leaf then kept flying and flying until it finally landed into the hollow of a large tree.

It was said that those parts are referred as the Lonely Trees... But fate would be kind for my son for someone of the skies took him in.

Surprising for the leaf which was taken notice lived a giant grey male barn owl with a disabled left wing. While he was able to still use it, it was damaged to allow him proper flight. He stared at the leaf curiously before it glowed brighter and became a infantile Guardian Spirit right before his eyes. The baby Guardian Spirit yawned and looks at the owl curiously before reaching to him.

With a bit of hesitation... Solum, as he calls himself, accepted and took in my child under his wing... And then named him... Iro.

Solum carried the newborn Iro in his wings. "Poor little one, all by yourself... You do not deserve to be lost from your home." He muttered in pity, but smiled warmly at him and Iro smiled back and cooed adorably.

The day when I would call for Iro would come one day... But should I make that choice as my Father had once, I asked myself whether the same tragedy that happened to Kuro with the journey I had gone through might happen again..?

Iro and the Light of the Forest

And... That's the Prologue with the opening title done~!

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