And now here's first chapter of Iro's story~! Well, it's basically part 2 of the Prologue. But enjoy reading it~!

Also, I want you all to play "Torigoth - Daytime" from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and imagine it combined with "Naru, Embracing the Light" on this~. As for certain parts you find somewhat or almost familiar, play certain songs from Will of the Wisps.

3 Years Pass On...

Raising Iro as his own... Solum had taught him many things.

Some scenes during the first year show Solum teaches Iro how to walk, to touch and hold objects before letting them go, and how to read and speak.

Solum, in his near middle-age, was a talented thinker... Knowing more in the flows within the life in nature... The structure of builds... And the wisdom in literature.

More scenes during the second year show Solum teaching Iro how nature grows, how to build things like platforms and furniture, and reading and writing books.

So much to teach Iro... Making him smarter than I had ever started.

Some more scenes during the third year show Iro and Solum working together in making the latter's hollow better, making it become a three house.

On the third year since Iro had came to Solum... They saw a bright light shining skyward from afar.

"Huh...?" Iro looked at the beam of light shooting upward around the leaves of the treetops, but because they were far away from Niwen and the trees' branches and leaves were blocking the way, they could only see the light shooting upward. "What could they be, Solum?"

The barn owl who was naturally taller and larger than him. could only observe and tilt his head. "I'm... not very sure, but they might be some kind of sign."

"What kind of sign?" Iro asked curiously.

Solum placed his right wing on the chin of his beak. "I do not know for sure... but something tells me we'll have many moons to figure that out. Now then, perhaps a special dinner for the third year since you came here?" He smiled.

Iro felt delighted and nodded in acceptance, earning a chuckle from his adoptive father.

Though we hope to see Iro return... We shall remain patient... Until the time finally comes.

3 More Years Later...

Iro's P.O.V.

Okay, stop me if you're heard these stories before... Or at least the ones Solum told me when I was a year old.

Ahem, a bright leaf from a Spirit Tree breaks off from it, flies to parts unknown, and out comes a Spirit Guardian newly born and raised well.

In my case, I was raised like any other child to their parents... Or one parent.

My name is Iro. That is the name my adoptive father, Solum, gave me. Ever since I rode with the wind until I unexpectedly landed in his hollow-step, I've been raised as his own and learnt so many things in life. He refers to them as 'concepts'. I gotta say, he's a real good father to me.

And here I am, in some of my space around the hollow fixing up something with all the makeshift tools Solum and I made together. Try to guess as I describe it~!

I tied up a bunch of strong branches and twigs with vines, got a couple large leaves combined with molted feathers from Solum, made the handles around the sides, making sure they fold for flight... Yes, I said 'flight'~!

"Whew~..!" I rubbed off the sweat from my forehead and raised up my 'project' or 'invention' which is what Solum would call it. "It's done! I'll be able to fly now~!"

And just as I was about to go outside and try out my new wings, I thought about asking Solum permission... Sigh, darn you conscience of mine. "Hey, Solum! I finished my little project!"

That got his attention from reading those white flappy square-shaped things with hard wooden boards called 'books'. "Ah, is that so? Well then, let us see what it is."

I eagerly showed him my newly made wings made out of branches, big leaves, vines and molted feathers he kept storing from his molts. "Tadaaa~! I've made my very own wings~!"

Solum observed them with impressed interest and took a few testing on whether it's stable. "Hmm... fine tying up the knots just like how I drew from the books... Ah, the oak's still healthy and strong, so are the leaves... Uh-huh... the feathers fallen down from my wings will provide capable gliding... I'd say your crafting on this is adequate~." He told me with a smile.

I gotta tell you, I was gleaming with excitement and happiness as I was about to go outside to try them out. But then Solum told me. "Hold on, boy. Remember what I said about inventing new things?"

I sighed, but calmly. "Have an adult to observe what I built." And he nodded approvingly.

We then went outside, using this contraption we built a year ago which has a vine rolled up against a log and it held onto a platform with medium-sized logs all lined up three times, looking like they've been woven together. We've even made two of these logs with branches to spin in order to go up and/or down, one for the platform around the hollow called a 'balcony' and one for the moving platform. Solum called the 'cranks' for 'elevators' I think...

After a few minutes, we reached our usual relaxing spot where there the cliff where we can see the ocean from afar has two vantage points, one with a pathway leading down to the bottom where we'll see the water going up after the waves hit the cliff, and one on top where we can view the sky a little higher.

As I readied my project, Solum stopped me for a moment. "Ah ah ah, Iro. What did I say about using projects for yourself?" He lightly scolded and reminded me, making me sigh again.

"Before I use some newly-invented contraption, I need to make sure it's safe enough to use." I said with my head tilted on the right and me eyelids half-closed.

Solum nodded in approval and pointed to me some silk which we collected from silkworms and rolled up around a log. "Now first, you must tie up your little winged craft."

"And then I check the wind if it's blowing right." I followed as I licked my paw and raised it in the air to inspect the wind blowing right. "Yup." I then raised my wood and leaf wings up a little, getting ready to throw it into the wind.

"Alright, Iro. Now remember: It goes either by the count of three or on my mark." Solum informed me. "So let us go with the count of three. And now... One..."

Oh yeah~... I'm gonna do it soon...! I'm gonna fly this thing~!

"Two... THREE!" Solum yelled out and I threw it while holding onto the rolled silk which unwinded as the log rolled! Good thing Solum and I pierced a hole into the centre of it for a branch to slide inside!

"Whoa whoa whoa WHOA!" I held onto the branch while the small log rolled, unwinding more of the silk. I then decided my wing invention had gone far enough. "Uh, I think it's okay to fly in it now!"

"Alright then, boy." Solum says as he helped reel it in by rolling the log in the opposite direction. I then got my wings ready as I held onto the branches I tied around the top parts to hold onto them along with tying up the vine around my waist. Solum of course, went down to the bottom area of our usual spot. "Now remember not to fly up to high or far!"

"Don't worry, Solum!" I assured confidently. "I'm not gonna fall off this cliff~!" After that was said, I readied my legs and went back a little... "Okay, one... two... THREE!" I shouted as I ran and then made one hop before jumping off the edge! Since the wind was plenty strong, I was able to stay afloat~... Okay, I impulsively flapped my arms around my wood wings, but no way I panicked~. "Aaahhh...! AAAHHH!" ... Okay, maybe just a little. And I fell down.

"No worries, boy! I got you!" Solum assured through his yelling as I fell down and crashed onto him onto the ground. Gladly, it was only a light crash with no serious injuries on us, but I'm more worried for Solum due to his adult age. "Ooofff!" He grunted obviously. "Now before you say anything, allow me to say that every first time seems like a failure." He grunted some more with a couple light coughs. "But at the very least, let us try that one more time."

"Ngghh..." I grunted and dusted myself off for a bit as I got off of him and walked uphill. "If by one, you mean a few? Sure, I can live with that." I then got ready again and took a deep breath. "Alright, time for a second test..." I once more counted to three and took off! After my first jump, I'm now aware of the feeling of falling~... Even though I nearly flown down the edge. At least Solum was able to catch me. What a close call~!

"Whoa... I really need to know how to stop at one place while staying in the air." I told myself and Solum nodded in agreement.

"Ah, that would be simple enough. You must lift up your head and wings then keep flapping to stay in place." The old barn owl advised. I nodded and went back up. This time, I'm gonna stay in he air longer than my weight would drop me down.

As I readied myself one more time, I didn't know but I lost myself looking at the sky. I stared at it for half a minute... I wonder why am I engrossed at the sky, the clouds, the wind...? But then Solum called to me.

"Iro! What is holding you?" He asked.

"O-Oh, sorry Solum! I'll get on with it right away!" I apologized and readied for take off. But then I stared straight at the sky once more and took a deep breath, closing my eyes and ran.

Everything felt slow as I soon jump off the cliff and glided better than the last two times! And when I almost got to the ground, I lifted myself up to stop... Only for the wind to take me off high into the sky! "WHOOOAAA!" Let me just tell you all that this isn't what I had in mind of my first flight and I just hope this won't be my last this way! "SOLUM! HELP!"

Hearing from a distance and from what he told me while I was high in the sky, he tried to catch me from falling and crashing down if he was being clumsy about it with the bad wing. "Hold on, Iro! I will save you, boy! Oh, if only I'm not the one limited to the ground...! Rather embarrassing for an owl like myself..."

Back to me, I was going high up in the sky and this is my first flight! Though while I'm all for soaring high in the air, I don't mean this high! It's like the wind had a mind of its own and is trying to kidnap me or something! But then, I realized I am high enough to see the whole forest from a tall view..! Then a bright light shone from what looks like... A tree! A tall, big tree from afar! Wait, that's...! "The light...! The light that came every year of the day I first came heeerrreee!" I said that last part out loud and... screaming as I fell through some tree branches and leaves. "OW! GAH! AAAH!"

Just before I was about to crash into the rough dirt...! An arm full of feathers broke my fall. Solum, my pops, was there, panting in exhaustion and relief. But he also gave me his signature stern looks whenever I misbehave sometimes or when I get into trouble by accident. He then let out a sigh. "Boy... This wouldn't be the first time-"

Before he could continue lecturing me, I interrupted him with an exclamation. "I saw where the light that shone every year came from!"

"What are you talking about-" Solum asked before realizing as he looked up and then he looks back at me. "Let's go home so we can talk about it."

I nodded and we both went home. While we did, I took a glance or two at the light shooting up in the sky. I don't know why, but I got this strange twisting feeling in my chest that after today like this, sooner or later, my life will never be the same again.

And at long last... That time finally came... But only... Once Iro is ready... For the Will of the Wisps shall not be at hand this time...

Now, I know what you're thinking... Why is there a lot of homemade technology? Like, why were there makeshift elevators, platforms, books, and hang-gliders?

To answer that question for you, firstly think back to when Naru and Ori built the bridge to reach the forest area with more fruit or when Gumo helped built a platform leading up to the upper hollow or even when you all helped the Mokis and other villagers in Ori games upgrade their villages with houses and stuff.

Also, this is FanFiction after all, but I'm keeping it as natural as the nature of the forest is. Primitive too since it's basically the wildlife and all.

Finally, tell me what music would I have added in certain scenes like the part where Iro practiced flying and then seeing where the light came from? Search around Ori's OST or How To Train Your Dragon's Soundtrack, etc.