My take on KurooTsukki 19/01/2020

"Kuroo-san..." Kei hesitantly mumbled his senpai's name while standing in front of him looking down, couldn't find the confidence he always possess.

"What do you want to tell me Tsukki?" Kuroo asked dumbfounded, he's been worried about Kei's actions these past few days. "Tsukki seems a bit restless. He's not like this all the time" Kuroo thought to himself. "Are you sick? You seem pale." Kuroo attempted to lift Tsukishima's face to meet his gaze but Kei grabbed his arm...

"Kuroo-san I've been so confused. I've never been this confused before I'm so sure in everything I do even when taking the exams I make sure that what I'm writing is the correct answer... But now I don't know if this feelings were right." Kei hesitantly starts talking.

"Oya? I didn't know you have the heart for this topics, who would've thought that you would fall in love? So who's the lucky girl?" Kuroo tried to eased up a bit by teasing Kei while poking him with his free hand.

"It's not a girl." Kei finally met his eyes. He's looking at him intently with those golden orbs, he was shocked at how Kei's eyes can make him feel intimidated.

"Who was he?" Kuroo managed to ask Kei the question.

"Well..." Tsukki then looked away and let go of Kuroo's hand "He's kind of tall and have black hair." Kurro can see the small pout in Kei's mouth.

"He still pouts whenever he's in an uncomfortable situation"

"So where's he from?" Kuroo crossed his arms.

"He's from Tokyo" Kei answered still not looking at him.

"Oh, how do you communicate? Where did you meet him?" Kuroo have too many questions in mind he wants all of those to be answered.

"It's you, moron! I didn't know you're this dumb. I'm currently thinking over if my feelings were right" what Kei said surprised Kuroo and left his mouth hanging.

"Tsukki's in love with me?"

He composed himself first and slightly shook his head then massages his forehead "Wait, what? I can't completely process things right now. Will you explain this further? Are you pulling a prank on me?" He asked.

"I'm dead serious right now Kuroo-san. I didn't even know why did I fall for you! Of all people?!" Kei is getting pissed and it's evident in his voice.

"Hey! You hurt my feelings there! But what I'm curious about is when did this start?" Kuroo all of a sudden got serious.

"I'm not certain but I'm pretty sure I'm already in love with you when we're against each other in that court at Tokyo while battling for the ball. Of course I lost because you're stronger than me. That's when I noticed that I've fallen in love." Kei was uneasy while talking he's looking in different directions and for a while he just wanted to be swallowed by the ground.

"You, very well know that you might get rejected right?"

Kei with wide opened eyes looked directly at Kuroo who's still in front of him with lifeless look in his eyes. "Y-yes Kuroo-san" Kei returned his eyes and just looked at his feet.

"Your feelings for me was just child's play, you must've mistaken it for gratitude. It's also illogical, men are for women and vice versa. Tsukki what your saying is completely illogical for me..." Kuroo didn't managed to finish what he's saying.

"I'm sure of my feelings, Kuroo-san. But I guess in this world where men can't be in a relationship with other men falling for you is a crime... But if I'm reborn as a woman will you love me? I wish that you'll return my love even if not here and not now, at least return it to me somehow in different dimensions, in different worlds. I'll still love you no matter what." Kei covered Kuroo's face with the towel he's been holding and kissed him on the lips then run afterwards.

Kuroo touched his lips even though their lips didn't met directly, even though there's a towel between them he felt something.

Something illogical...