One stormy night, a certain couple spent several hours inside a shrine they, both, had never seen or heard of.

Gorou Hyoudou gazed calmly at the storm that flooded the entirety of Kuoh Town, a little away from the shrine's entrance/exit. In his embrace, enjoying the slight warmth he emitted, was his wife, Akane Hyoudou.

Akane, Gorou could easily tell, really worried and anxious.

The reason for that was that they had tried to have a child two times the last two years. And failed both times, because of complications during Akane's pregnancy.

Gorou shared his wife's feelings on the matter. That is, before he entered the shrine they, temporarily, used as a shelter from the storm.

After all, this was the day they had been informed from their doctor that Akane was pregnant. For the third time.

A strange, yet very welcome calmness overcame his being as soon as he entered the unknown shrine.

The building had no signs as to which God it belonged to. Except from a Christian church on the other side of Kuoh, there were some Shinto shrines, dedicated to, mostly, Amaterasu; the Shinto Goddess of the Sun.

This small building, that was at the farthest end of Kuoh, on a small hill overlooking the town, however, did not seem to belong to anyone.

Aside from a simple 2x2 mat, it had nothing else.

Or, so the two future parents thought. They were too busy to get out of the storm to take the time to examine the, admittedly, small room.

Unseen from both, right behind them at the wall, there was a small, two-handed, seathed sword, seemingly hanging from the ceiling. Its handle was white, with four, black diamonds -real diamonds- on each side of the handle. A simple red ribbon, long enough to reach the ceiling, was tied all around the handle, showing only the diamonds. The, seemingly, plain blade was one-sided, curving a little inward at the end. Where the blade and handle united, there was a thin, dull gold pronge.

As for the seath, it was the same plain red colour as the ribbon.

All in all, it was just a plain sword to the normal eyes.

Inside the extended ribbon, there were two glassy orbs, each one the size of a golf ball, hidden perfectly from every species' prying eyes. They were, carefully, tied, one after the other, where the handle ended.

One orb had two etherial colours circling inside it. Black and orange. Each in equal amounts.

The other one, however, had a variety of colours, not unlike a rainbow. Orange-red, yellow coated on orange red, purple-black coated on orange-red, bright crimson and, finally, pure and shiny gold.

Out of all three objects, the second orb was the most beautiful.

And, unbeknownst to everyone in this universe, the most powerfull one.

Well, almost everyone. There was a sentinient entity inside the sword, who knew about this fact. That said, it respected the pure, unadulterated power coming from that orb. Not that the other orb's powers, or the sword's itself, for that matter, were insignificant.

On the contrary, if used wisely, both powers were forces to be reckoned with, both individually and united.

However, the beautiful orb's powers were on a whole other level. Especially if they were combined with the other two.

Anyway, you get the point how broken the guy/girl, who gained those powers, would be.

That said, those powers could, only, be used by a human. And not any ordinary human.

The human had to have an affinity for the Supernatural.

So, the sword, the only object with a sentinient being inside it and the only one capable of sensing anything with a Supernatural affinity, would choose, carefully, the human the three powers would reside in.

After all, they waited there, inside the small room, for centuries. Hoping that, some time, there would come a human with a good heart to wield them.

Well, that was what that gigantic red Dragon had told the sword inside that void between all worlds and universes, with all and no colours, before bringing all three of them to the same room they were hanging from. With the sole excuse that this world needed protection.

Nobody had even come close to this place.

So, the entity inside the sword was, understandably, surprised that two humans came inside the small place on a rainy day.

Tragically ironic, considering that the entity itself, as well as its previous wielder, hated the rain.

The pleasantry, however, was that this couple of humans were pure-hearted ones.

And, additionally, the woman was pregnant.

What both humans couldn't, and would never, have known, was that their unborn child had Supernatural affinity, from what the entity inside the sword could sense.

A boy.


The entity didn't want to have to do with a superpowerfull girl and deal with her mood swings.

Girls were difficult to deal with. Boys, on the other hand, were easy. Almost too easy.

And seeing that these soon-to-be parents of one unborn boy were good people, the entity decided to become the reason why their son would become the most powerfull human in this world.

This human would become this world's number one protector.

Like the entity's previous wielder, whose name it could never forget. Just like he knew of the two orbs' origins and what powers they withheld. As well as which power each colour represented.

So, when the storm died down and the two humans got out of the small place, probably going back to their home, the entity untied the ribbon from the ceiling.

It manifested itself in human form and followed the two humans, not caring how much noise it made. It couldn't be seen from regular humans.

The grin it sported was full of glee, even if it came out as bloodthirsty.

As it was walking, the entity untied the two orbs and got a look at them. They shined brightly, their colours doing a, seemingly, happy dance inside the small confinement of the glass.

Its grin widened in satisfaction that the orbs seemed to be as excited as itself was.

The entity released its hold on the orbs and watched in untamed satisfaction how they shot themselves inside the woman's belly, without hurting her, and getting inside the unborn boy.

Then, the manifested entity shot itself as well in the same place the orbs now inhabited, leaving the plain-looking sword hovering behind the parents and following them, without being able to be seen by regular eyes.

When the two humans reached their simple, two-storey house, the entity sent the sword to the only vacant room, for when the child would be born.

In the meantime, it had to make preparations for the future protector of the world.

It had to seal the dangerous powers inside the orbs, in order to activate them when the boy would reach his mid-teens; an age when the boy would be able to comprehend the burden that would befall on his shoulders, as well as capable of wielding said powers.

Not to mention the boy's own power. Which managed to surprise, pleasantly at that, the entity.

Leaving aside the physical enhancements the powers would give the boy as soon as it was born, as well as the boy's own power, the entity sealed the rest for the aforementioned time.

It only had one hope.

That the boy wouldn't turn out to be, or become, a prude, just like its previous wielder was.


Author's notes.

New story, albeit not what people exactly like.

Hopefully, you'll like it.

Fellow people in USA, ITALY, SPAIN, FRANCE AND GERMANY... My best wishes for your people to get better and go back to their homes safe and sound.

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