BJ Hunnicut was a strong man. Not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. No one had seen him cry as an adult. Not even when his parents died. So imagine Hawkeye Pierce's surprise when he heard BJ sob in the middle if the night.

They had just finishes thirty six hours of surgery. They were beyond dead. Not to mention that they lost seven patients. The two surgeons had stumbled into the swamp. They were even too tired to drink. Hawkeye passed out in a matter of minutes. although BJ lay awake despite his fatigue. He tossed and turned all night up until two am. He quit. He was tired and sad and desperately homesick. He couldn't stand it anymore. Heavy tears began to pour down his cheeks. He wanted to be home so much. To hold Erin and kiss Peg. He missed everything. The smells and the sun and the normal patients that merely sprained their ankle. It all came crashing down. He sobbed as quietly as possible.

Hawkeye Pierce was not a heavy sleeper. So naturally he woke up because he had heard something. He soon realized what it was. His bunkmate was crying. He had to think for a second. Bj? Crying? Never. And yet... Hawkeye turned out of bed and carefully crept over to his friends cot. "Beej?" He asked quietly. "I am here." He said silently and carefully wrapped his arms around him. Bj attempted to hide his tears. His face was bright red with embarrassment. "It's ok to cry." Hawkeye soothes. Thats when Bj gave in. He burst into tears and began to sob in Hawkeyes arms. He cried and cried and cried. Hawkeye whispered comforting words to him as he fell apart. Suddenly, he sat up. Hawkeye recognized his face and turned and grabbed a bowl. Bj promptly threw up in it. Hawkeye rubbed his back and felt his forehead. Once he finished, Hawkeye went and threw the bowl out. "Better?" Hawkeye asked. Bj nodded. Hawkeye smiled and climbed into bed and so did Bj. "Goodnight" Hawkeye whispered as Bj fell asleep.