Father Mulcahy wandered into his tent. He rolled into his bed after his said his prayers. He promptly fell asleep. Suddenly, he began to dream old memories.

Francis Mulcahy stood by his locker. He watched the kids, new and old, walk to their classes. He didn't want to go to his class. Moe and James, the bullies were there. Francis was a quite kid, not exactly a nerd, but did good in school. He was staring into space when a girl walked over to him. "Excuse me?" She asked. Francis snapped back into reality. "Do you know where room 101 is?" She asked again. Francis looked up. " Oh umm over there." He pointed down the hall. She smiled and said thanks. Francis's heart melted.

From that moment on, they crushed on each other for years. Until when Francis finally managed to ask Stacy Mason to Prom. She accepted and they had the best time. Father woke up. He smiled. It was nice to remember memories that were always perfect. He walked over to his dresser and removed the lovely ring he had bought in Tokyo. "When I get home..." he said softly to himself.