Dale's apartment had really gone to shit. Food was on the ground, a cockroach could be seen scurrying around, the table was covered in filth, and Dale remained unmoving on his couch. All because of Angie. You see, things were going smoothly between her and Dale, until she said they weren't the right match. Sure, he defeated a fucking drug lord, but apparently he just wasn't ambitious enough, at least according to her. True, her parents probably had something to do with the decision, and Angie did seem happy with her new boyfriend, but Dale just couldn't get over their breakup. At this moment he wanted to just stay home and not do anything. Until he heard a familiar voice from the kitchen.

"What up man?"

"Saul how the fuck did you get in here?" asked Dale.

"Went in though the window" Saul responded nonchalantly. "You haven't answered any of my texts in days. I'm worried man."

"Look I'm not in the mood right now ok" Dale replied.

"Why not?" Saul asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"I don't want to talk about it" Dale replied in a quiet yet firm voice.

"Is it because of Angie?"

"No its because of my dentist appointment, of course its about Angie!"

"Hey man, calm down" Saul replied in a defensive voice.

"No I will not fucking calm down! I risk my fucking life for her and she dumps my ass! Do you have any idea what that feels like? Do you?"

"Look I know you're hurting but I brought you something." Saul then pulled out a bag.

"Saul, I don't want any weed" Dale replied in a firm voice.

"This isn't just any weed man, this is the real deal. Red said it was some of the strongest shit he had."

"I don't care how strong it is I'm not doing it and Red can go fuck himself."

"Come on man, just one hit" Saul replied in a pleading voice.


"Well, fuck it" Saul said, before sitting on the couch next to Dale and putting a cigar on the table.

"What the fuck are you..."

"Just have some fun man, do you think Angie would want you to be sitting on the couch doing jackshit?" Saul asked.

"Fuck Angie" Dale exclaimed.

"Come on man" Saul said before taking a hit. "Fuck this is good."

"I don't care how good it is I'm not doing it" Dale replied.

"Come on man one hit, that's all I'm asking for" Saul asked pleadingly.

Dale thought about this for a moment. Sure, Saul was being a pain in the ass, but he meant well. And he did have a point about Angie.

"Fuck it, one hit" Dale said.

"Yes!" Saul exclaimed before taking a hit. "Oh fuck.."

"What's wrong?" Dale asked?

"I don't feel so good man" Saul said before suddenly going silent.

"Saul? Saul? Come on man, don't die on me. Saul? Saul?!"

Saul, saying nothing in response, fell on the floor. Dale desperately tried to perform mouth-to-mouth but it was no use, Saul was gone.


It had been a heart attack, the doctor told him. The smoking, added with Saul's fast food, had spelled disaster from the very start. Dale now sat in his couch, once again, hoping this time he wouldn't be interrupted. He was wrong.

"Hey amigo."

"Red, get the fuck out."

"Relax man, I just want to talk."

"Yeah, well I don't, ok, first my girlfriend dumped me, and now my best friend is dead, so excuse me for not being in a welcoming mood" Dale said, his anger rising.

"Oh cut the bullshit Mr. Hostile. So your girlfriend dumped you. That means you're not meant for each other."

"Bullshit, we were perfect!"

"Oh yeah? Then answer me this. Does she seem genuinely happy with her new boyfriend?" Red asked.

Dale stopped and thought about it for a moment.

"... Yeah. But that doesn't lessen the pain of Saul's death. Not to mention the fact its your weed that killed Saul!"

Red stopped for a moment.

"Do you know why I gave Saul the weed? Its because I fucking care about you man. I knew you were in some deep shit, and that Saul wanted to get you out of it, so I gave him the weed. I didn't know it would kill him. Am I sorry? Yes. But don't go blaming me, because guess what buddy? You had a hand in killing him too. It was your moping ass that caused Saul to take that puff. I know you're a real bitch right now, so I'm going to in the kitchen. When you're done having a hissy fit, come talk to me."

Red left, causing Dale to reflect on his words. Red was right, he was acting like a bitch. He was yelling and being hostile, and that's not what Saul would want. For the first time in a while, a smile came across Dale's lips, as he knew just what to do.

"Hey Red" Dale said. "You were right. I was being a total bitch. I know I'm under a lot of stress but I shouldn't have taken it out on you. I need to focus on what Saul would want me to do. What I'm trying to say is, do you want to go bowling with me?"

A smile came across Red's lips.

"Fuck yeah dude."

The End