So one kind of blix controls the dead, another can control you in your sleep, and the other is basically a vampire but for youth. Great. Definitely sounds like the kind of people you wanna run into.

I noticed Terrence's trace of bitterness when he spoke of blixes being the villains in stories. If he actually was a good guy, I could imagine that wouldn't be the best reputation.

"Vanessa," Wallace greeted, and the woman greeted Wallace in return.

Was she a neighbor or an ally? A causal friend or someone who knew about magical creatures? I had no idea.

The woman had a very flattering figure with dark hair, I was jealous of her outfit and grace. If someone had to describe her in one word, it would be gorgeous. She made me feel a little self conscious about my own features. I wondered if she was Wallace's girlfriend.


Wallace let Vanessa in and I was surprised by the striking woman who entered, with olive skin and dark hair pulled up she was in a stylish outfit and boots.

She looked around. "I didn't realize you had company Wallace." Vanessa shot him an amused look.

Wallace shrugged. "They came unexpectedly...seems to be a family trait."

Vanessa caught sight of Terrence and gave a smirk. "Hey Terrence."

Terrence saluted. "Hey Van, nice to see you in one piece."

Terrence knew her? Was she family too? Sure looked like it. Did that mean she was also a blix?

"What trouble brought you here?" She asked folding her arms.

"Storm demons." Terrence answered.

Vanessa stiffened a split second, looking at Wallace then us with surprise. "Well then, we're on similar errands."

Her eyes shifted to us and Terrence again for a cautious second.

"You can trust them." Terrence told her. "Unless it's seriously personal stuff. Honestly they might not know what you're talking about anyway."

I felt embarrassed at the truth of his words, being so new to this world, they could probably spend hours discussing things we didn't know, but such was my fate.

Vanessa was thoughtful a moment. "I guess if you guys are tangled in with the demons you ought to know." She decided, then turned to Wallace. "Wallace I'm not sure if you were informed, very few were aware but Zzyzx was recently opened. Several months ago in fact."

Terrence shot to his feet and Macie went white as a ghost.

"What?!" Terrence demanded.

Vanessa held out a calming hand. "The demons were almost immediately imprisoned again, I was there personally. All is well, that is, until recently."

Wallace's scowl was deep. "What happened Van?"

"We believe Kamatar managed to escape." She stated matter of factly.

Wallace exhaled, shaking his head.

"Kamatar?" I spoke up.

Terrence sat down. "Kamatar, is the king of the demons, the one imprisoned we mentioned earlier."

I paused. "He's out now...what does that look like? Like, for everyone?"

Vanessa answered. "Storms, everywhere on the earth, not random and in season, all the time, organized to wipe out humanity."

I looked over at Jean, then at Terrence and his gang. "Is there something we can do about it?"

Vanessa looked at me. "Why do you think I'm here?"


I was surprised at how quickly Terrence told Vanessa she could trust us, we'd known him a day total. Did he give away trust that easily or was this a rare thing?

I listened as the conversation went back and forth between the three of them. I glanced at Max and Macie, feeling uncertain.

I had a feeling that getting our friends back was about to get a lot more complicated.

"Well I assume it wasn't to give Wallace some tips about making cookies," I muttered sarcastically, though I didn't think Vanessa wanted a response.


A smirk just barely pulled at Vanessa's lips. "No, that's not why I'm here."

Wallace pulled a hand down his face with a sigh.

Shadow came over to Macie and she tapped the couch next to her, he jumped up and settled, resting his head on her lap for her to start gently stroking.

"My information on Storm Demon's is limited," Vanessa spoke up again. "That's why I came."

"Well I suppose it's nice to be needed, this is gonna take more studying."

Vanessa nodded. "I would join you if you let me."

"Of course," Wallace approved. "Two heads are better than one."

I was surprised when Joyce spoke up, I had forgotten she was there in her silence. "Well, I may be lost here but I know one thing, studying takes time. May I go out and pick up dinner and such?"

Wallace nodded. "That sounds like a great idea."

"What about us?" I wondered.

Terrence took a breath and rubbed his hands together. "Actually that's where I come in. I wanna teach you guys some more on how to fight. Except Macie, she's good."

Macie smirked.


I smirked at Terrence. "Yeah she seemed quite prepared when necessary," I pointed out.

"You and I on the other hand," I turned to Max, "We could probably use some work."

Max grinned, making me smile back.

Joyce gave everyone goodbyes then left for the store, Wallace and Vanessa went back to the claustrophobic lair to go study.

"Where do you keep your toys?" I asked Terrence, referring to his weapons.


Terrence shrugged. "Eh, every one gets lucky every once in a while." He commented with an easy smile.

Macie raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah? Wanna try my luck again hot shot?" She challenged.

Terrence grinned at her. "Gladly." He accepted, then returned his attention to Jean. "Backyard has the most room for training, I'll double check with Wallace to see if he's got any goodies he'll share."

"Your zombie's not going to eat us is he?" Macie asked.

Terrence looked genuinely offended.

"His name is Todd, and no, not unless I order him to." He rose and went into the backyard to the storm shelter.

I paused. Touchy.

"You done him dirty Macie." I teased lightly.

"Apparently," she agreed.

I grinned. "Come on ladies let's head into the back with the weapons we do have."


I chuckled at the banter between Macie and Terrence.

Outside, I looked for something that Wallace wouldn't mind if we used for a target, and found a plastic kiddy pool with a hole in the side. The way Shadow barked at it and jumped when i got it out led me to the understanding that this used to be his.

"Sorry buddy," I said with a laugh. "Can't play in the water today."

I set the on it's side and propped it against the fence that lined the yard. I probably should ask Wallace if this is okay to use, but there was no way I was going into the shelter by myself, and I didn't want to send anyone down or ask anyone to come with me.

I didn't want to explain why I didn't just go down and ask.

Thankfully, Terrence came up out of the shelter, so I went to ask him.

"Do you think Wallace would be okay if Macie and I used this as a target? I saw a hole in it, but I still thought I should ask."


I smiled as Shadow ran around barking happily. I already had my sword in hand so there was no need to go to the car to grab anything.

I wondered if I actually knew anything about fighting, I had learned from Darin, was his teaching as false as his intentions?

Todd just stood by the entrance to Wallace's lair, I still thought it was awesome that the guy had a pet zombie.

Terrence came up from the storm shrugged in response to Jean's question. "I mean you could but I just got permission to use some better stuff in the garage, let's check and see if there's something better than a plastic pool for you to use. " he offered. "Hey Max you wanna help me grab stuff?" He asked.

"Sure thing," I agreed following Terrence round the side of the yard, where a door lead into the garage.

We were able to locate one or two practice dummies, some wooden shields, foam armor and other odds and ends.

I helped Terrence carry the stuff back to backyard where Macie and Jean were waiting.

Setting the box of foam armor on the ground I picked up a helmet and stuck it on Jean's head with a small grin.

"Hey Max," Terrence spoke.

I looked over and he tossed something at me, catching it I found it was a Bluetooth speaker.

I raised an eyebrow at him and he broke into a mischievous grin. "Hey what's training without music?" He asked with a shrug.

Tapping a button on I assumed what his phone, another one bites the dust came on and I laughed.

Terrence winked.

Time to start training.

Seriously what happened to my nifty line button?

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