The Last Space Pirate Sailing Through Remnant

Chapter 1: Remnant Ho

It has been 50 years since the Gokaigers saved the earth from the Zangyack empire. Since then the Gokaigers had been floating through space destroying splinter cells and making occasional trips back to earth. During one of those visits Ahim found a small child left all alone and had taken him in and named him Neil. For the next 12 years Neil learned the ways of being a space pirate from the 6 members of the rogue sentai. While Ahim taught him manners and acted as his mother, Doc taught him how to work and repair the galleon and gear, Gai showed him the history of the super sentai and what they meant, Joe taught swordsmanship and acted as his main trainer, Luka showed him how to best deceive opponents and sharpshooting, and Marvelous surprisingly taught him everything he needed to know to eventually take over as captain of the ship. The Gokaigers knew that one day they would no longer be able to fight, and when Neil turned 17 the 6 members officially retired leaving the galleon and gokaiger gear to Neil. This is where are story begins.

(Ruby Pov)

It had been like any other evening. Me and my sister had gone into vale to do our own things. I was currently reading the newest weapon magazine with my headphones on at Dust till Dawn. Boy was I surprised when I found myself in the middle of a robbery. After taking out Crescent Rose I started making short work of the robbers until their ginger leader got involved. He was definatley a former huntsman with how skilled he was. He managed to get a good hit in with his cane and My precious weapon was out of my reach.

"well little red, it seems you took on more than you could chew. I don't normally enjoy beating kids to death, but my employer won't be happy that this job is a bust, no hard feelings." Said the Crime Boss.

He aimed his cane at my head, and a small scope came up. I closed my eyes knowing that at this range my aura wouldn't be able to protect me. I heard a gunshot, but felt no pain, followed by the sound of the cane hitting the ground.

"Now is that anyway to treat a lady."

I opened my eyes to see the crime boss holding his hand in pain, and a guy with long brown hair, green eyes, in a long red overcoat pointing a pistol at him.

"you alright little lady." Said the man.

I nodded my head yes before quickly getting up and grabbing my scythe. Opening it I aimed at the man who had just tried to end me.

"give up, your injured and outgunned." I said. Only to see the man chuckle and pull out a dust crystal.

"I'm afraid that isnt happening." He said.

I saw him ignite the crystal with his aura and toss it at us. I quickly grabbed the cloaked stranger and got us out of the blast zone.

(Neil Pov)

Gotta say, I didn't expect this. I had stopped by this planet with a shattered moon to restock the ship, I didn't expect to not only save a girl from a robbery, or that same girl to save me from an explosion moments later. Interesting. I quickly got up and helped her to feet.

"you ok?" I asked.

"yes, I'm fine, but where did that guy go?" she said.

We quickly swept the area and I spotted him climbing a ladder while the girl checked on the shopkeeper. I took chase, and the girl soon caught up to me. We cornered him on the roof, only for a large airship to come up behind him. He scrambled aboard and prepared to throw another crystal thing at us. I grabbed my gun and shot it right as he tossed it, throwing him further into the ship.

(Ruby Pov)

I gotta admit, that was AWESOME, I screamed in my head. His shot was so quick that I doubt Yang could see it. Benefits of having a speed semblance. If that wasn't enough a huntress than showed up firing purple gravity shots at this ship. From the shadows of the loading dock of the bullhead, a shadowy figure appeared and started launching fireballs at us, made of glass. They started taking off as we dodged the projectiles, when I heard a new voice.


Suddenly a glowing red slash clipped the tailfin, unfortunately not grounding it. I turned around and looked at the Huntress.

"You're a huntress… Can I have your autograph." I said. But she directed her stern glare to my savior. Who was cursing at the edge of the roof.

"You two need to come with me."