pMinutes passed, a great many minutes. Finally the sun began to rise into view, changing the color of the sky from dark blue to a much lighter shade. The stars faded out of sight, just as slowly as the sun./p

pIt was the beginning of another beautiful day, and as they had been the night before, the Harvey Girls were still sleeping peacefully in their beds. As soon as their alarm clocks reached seven, however, they emitted their loud noises, startling all three of them awake. They reached over to hit the snooze buttons and stop the noises, and then sat up in their beds. Audrey yawned into her hand, Dot stretched her arms over her head, and Lotta rubbed her eyes gently with her fists. Then they all stepped out of bed and began to get ready for the day./p

pThey brought their clean clothes into their bathrooms, changed out of their pajamas, and took a warm bath. Each of them feeling warmed up and squeaky clean, dried themselves off, put on their favorite clothes, and brushed their teeth. Any unpleasant aromas that had found their way into their mouths were washed away by the sweet, fresh scent of cool mint toothpaste./p

pThen they brushed their hair, smoothing out every tangle they could spot until they got them exactly the way they wanted them to look. Now they were neat and tidy, but they had to fill their stomachs before they were ready to get the day started. They headed out of the bathrooms and went down the stairs into the kitchens, where they all made and ate their breakfasts. This morning, Audrey had some marshmallow cereal with chocolate milk, while Dot had some buttered toast with a freshly picked orange, and Lotta helped herself to a chocolate chip muffin./p

pFinally, Audrey, Dot and Lotta's morning routines were complete. Before they wished their parents goodbye and left their houses, however, they each took a basket and filled it with the supplies they needed for their lemonade stand. Some fresh lemons went in, followed by a few things of sugar and cold water; not to mention the plastic cups that they would be served in./p

pBy the time Audrey had gotten to the stand on the side of the sidewalk, Dot and Lotta were already there with their baskets. She smiled at them and placed her own basket on the table as she greeted them with a smile./p

p"Hey, guys!" Audrey said./p

p"Good morning, Audrey!" Dot and Lotta replied in unison./p

p"You guys ready for another day of selling our lemonade?" Audrey asked, and both of her friends nodded./p

p"We certainly are, Audrey," said Dot. "And since some of our customers from yesterday told us they would come back, I have a feeling we'll be making even more money."/p

p"Let's start making as much as we can," Lotta replied. "As much lemonade as we can, I mean."/p

pWith that, she, Audrey and Dot took out everything they'd brought in their baskets, and they got to work. Audrey cut up the lemons, Lotta squeezed the juice out of them with the help of the squeezer, and Dot performed careful measurements as to how much sugar and water needed to be in each portion of lemonade. The cycle repeated, over and over, until the pitcher had been filled to the top. Then the girls prepared their packs of plastic cups for when a customer asked for a serving of their drink./p

pAnd just as they finished, two men came to their stand. All three of the Harvey Girls smiled, as they could tell who they were: Mario and Luigi from yesterday./p

p"Hey, girlies!" Mario greeted them./p

p"Well, hello, Mario and Luigi!" Audrey replied./p

p"It's so good to see you two again on such short notice," Dot mentioned./p

p"May we interest you in another serving of our delicious lemonade?" Lotta wanted to know./p

p"Oh, yes, please," Luigi replied with a nod./p

p"Oh, yeah!" Mario agreed./p

pLotta pulled out two plastic cups, then picked up the pitcher and filled each cup halfway with lemonade. Then she put it down, picked up the cups and offered them to Mario and Luigi./p

p"That'll be fifty cents, please."/p

pThe two plumbers reached into their pockets, each pulled out a quarter and placed it on the table. Then they accepted their lemonade and took a couple of sips./p

p"Mmm..." Mario said as he smiled. "This is-a delicious..."/p

p"Oh, yeah," agreed Luigi./p

p"I'm glad you like it, guys," Lotta said./p

p"Yeah, it's our own special recipe," said Audrey. "Though it's not really that special; just lemon juice, sugar and water..."/p

p"Maybe not, but it's-a so good!" Luigi commented./p

pAfter he and Mario had finished their lemonade, they sighed with relief./p

p"We're gonna have to come-a back later," Mario said. "We got a princess to save-a."/p

p"But thanks-a for the lemonade, girlies!" said Luigi./p

p"No problem," Audrey replied with a smile./p

p"But you can call us the Harvey Girls," Dot pointed out. "That's what we call ourselves."/p

p"Okey-dokey." Mario nodded in understanding, and then he and Luigi walked away from the stand - but not without saying goodbye to the Harvey Girls./p


pThe girls stayed where they were, waving goodbye to them in return. Audrey looked down at the quarters on the table, then smiled as she picked them up and dropped them into the Harvey Girls' coin bank./p

p"I'm not surprised they have to go and rescue someone," said Audrey. "Because would they really be Mario and Luigi if they didn't?" She chuckled a bit, and Lotta joined in./p

p"That's true," Dot replied. Then she saw someone else making his way toward the lemonade stand. This customer didn't look like anyone she recognized, however, and neither did whoever it was he was walking with. "Hmm, who's this?"/p

p"I'm not sure. He sure doesn't look like he was here yesterday," Audrey stated. "And who's that with him?"/p

pDot gave her a quick "Shh" to quiet her. She didn't want the customers to think they were being rude. Soon they arrived at the lemonade stand. The first customer was a creature that had a white head with large red dots, and he wore a blue vest and brown shoes. The other customer, on the other hand, was a female creature that had a pink head with large white dots, as well as pink pigtails that matched her head, and she wore a red vest with brown shoes./p

p"Hello there," Dot greeted them./p

p"Hi!" the male customer replied in a rather high-pitched voice. "I'm Toad, and this is Toadette." He gestured to the female customer./p

p"Well, it's nice to meet you," Dot replied. "How may we help you?"/p

p"I'd like a glass of lemonade, please," Toadette stated./p

p"Me, too!" Toad agreed./p

p"Alrighty, then!" Audrey said with a nod./p

pShe pulled out two plastic cups, then picked up the pitcher and poured it into the cups. The first cup was filled halfway, then the second cup, before she put the pitcher back down./p

p"That'll be fifty cents," Audrey told her customers. "Altogether, I mean."/p

pToad and Toadette each reached into the pockets of their vests and pulled out a quarter. They handed them to Audrey, then each took a cup of lemonade and took a sip./p

p"Oh, my!" Toadette's eyes sparkled as soon as she'd pulled her lips away from the edge of her cup. "It's such a magical flavor!"/p

p"Who would've thought this would taste so good?" Toad asked in agreement./p

p"I'm glad you two enjoy it," said Lotta./p

p"Enjoy it? I love it!" said Toadette. "I've got to get the Rainbow Toadettes to try this!"/p

p"Rainbow Toadettes?" Audrey raised an eyebrow in curiosity and slight confusion. Who was it that Toadette was talking about?/p

pToad leaned over to the Harvey Girls and whispered to them, "She's part of a rainbow-colored troop of female Toads." Then he stepped out of the way./p

p"Okay, but..." Audrey didn't get to finish her sentence./p

pNow that she had finished her lemonade, Toadette pulled out a whistle, took a deep breath and blew into it as hard as she could. The shrill sound echoed throughout the area, and by the time it had finished, a group of seven Toadettes had arrived in the area. They looked just like Toadette, but their heads (and thus, their "pigtails") were pastel shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. They all wore vests that were similar in color to the one the original Toadette wore, however./p

p"Oh, my goodness..." Lotta said to herself in surprise. She could see that Audrey and Dot couldn't believe their eyes, either./p

p"Well, might as well offer them," Audrey said to herself. She pulled out seven cups and lay them out on the table, then picked up her pitcher. "Which one of you would like some lemonade?"/p

p"Me!" All of the rainbow-colored Toadettes replied in unison./p

pAudrey smiled and filled each one of the cups halfway with lemonade. Then she put down the pitcher as the Rainbow Toadettes formed a single file line./p

p"That'll be 25 cents each," said Audrey./p

pThe red Toadette pulled out a quarter and gave it to Audrey for her cup of lemonade. Then she moved as the orange Toadette gave her a quarter and took her cup of lemonade, too. The yellow, green and blue Toadettes followed suit, and so did the indigo and violet Toadettes. Now that all of the Toadettes had gotten their lemonade, they began to drink./p

pAudrey, Dot and Lotta could hear them making all sorts of comments, such as "Oh, my goodness!", "This is delicious!", "So yummy!", "What a cool flavor!", "I love this!" and other things regarding how good their beverages tasted. No matter what they said, however, they caused all three of the Harvey Girls to smile. What mattered was that they were impressed./p

pFinally all seven of the Toadettes said together, "We love your lemonade!"/p

p"Well, thanks, girls!" Audrey replied. "And if you'd like, you can leave us a tip."/p

pAs if to say that she didn't need to ask twice, all seven of the rainbow-colored mushroom females, as well as the original pink Toadette, each pulled out a dollar and handed it to her./p

p"Thank you very much!" said the Rainbow Toadettes./p

pThen they all walked away, with Toad and Toadette following them and waving goodbye to the Harvey Girls. Audrey, Dot and Lotta smiled and waved goodbye in return. When they were out of earshot, Audrey sorted through the bundle of dollar bills their most recent customers had paid her./p

p"Eight dollars?!" Audrey sounded like she couldn't believe it. "Now that is awesome!"/p

p"Indeed," Dot replied with a nod. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the dollar bill that she'd saved yesterday. "And with this extra dollar bill and all of these extra dollars, that should mean we each have three dollars!"/p

p"Goody!" Lotta said in joy./p

pAll three of the Harvey Girls distributed their dollars among one another. As Dot had confirmed, Audrey received three dollars, and so had Dot herself and Lotta. With the bills folded up and placed safely in their pockets, the Girls shared a high-five with one another./p

p"You think THOSE girls are gonna come back?" Audrey wanted to know. "Because if they do, we'll be rolling in quarters by the end of the week!"/p

p"Even if they're not, it's best to appreciate the fact that they decided to visit us," Dot replied./p

p"Man! I'm so happy, I could just..." Audrey suddenly lowered her eyelids as her nose twitched. "...just..." She didn't get to finish her sentence. She was about to sneeze, so she turned around so she wouldn't spray the lemonade, let alone any of her friends. Finally, her breath hitched./p

p"Aaah... Haaaah... HAAAAAH-TCHOOOOOO!"/p

pIt was quite an audible sneeze, and caused Dot and Lotta to plug their ears in surprise. On the plus side, Audrey's nose didn't start running, even though a small amount of spray came firing out of her mouth. Audrey turned back to her friends, sniffling as she rubbed her nose with her forefinger./p

p"Gesundheit, Audrey," said Dot./p

p"Yeah. Gesundheit," Lotta replied, not sure if she was saying it right./p

p"Thanks, guys..." Audrey continued to rub her nose. "Sorry. I guess I got so happy, my nose decided I should sneeze for some reason..."/p

pShe pulled her forefinger away from her nose and rubbed the back of her head with her hand. Dot and Lotta chuckled a bit./p

p"Well, there are a variety of different ways to express your happiness," Dot mentioned. "I've heard of crying when you're happy, but sneezing? ...Not that I mind, of course."/p

pJust then, someone in the distance caught her eye./p

p"Hey, look! Another customer is coming. Let's make some more lemonade before they arrive."/p

pAudrey and Lotta nodded in agreement and quickly prepared another serving of lemonade. That being said, the customer didn't arrive until the pitcher had been completely full again./p

p"Hello." The customer was a brown, blue-eyed bear that wore a blue backpack./p

pAudrey smiled. "Well, hello there! How can we help you?"/p

p"We'd like to buy some lemonade, please," the bear replied./p

pAudrey raised an eyebrow. It looked like the bear was the only one ordering. "Okay, but who's we?"/p

pThe flap on the backpack opened, and from it the neck emerged an orange, green-eyed bird. Audrey, Dot and Lotta were a bit surprised to see that the bear had been carrying a bird in his backpack, but they weren't going to comment./p

p"I want some lemonade, too," the bird mentioned./p

p"Oh, of course!" Audrey chuckled a bit. "Coming right up."/p

pLotta pulled out two plastic cups and handed them to Audrey. She picked up her pitcher and poured it into the cups, filling each one of them halfway with lemonade./p

p"That'll be fifty cents," Audrey said./p

pThe bear smiled. "Thank you very much."/p

pHe reached into the pocket of his shorts and pulled out two quarters, which he handed to Audrey. He took one of the glasses of lemonade and handed it to the observing bird in his backpack, then took the other cup for himself. The two of them took a sip, while Dot noticed that the bird somehow managed to hold the cup with both of her wings./p

p"I wonder how she does that..." Dot muttered underneath her breath. Then she asked aloud, "How is it?"/p

pThe bear pulled his cup away from his mouth and sighed in contentment. "This is delicious!"/p

pThe bird briefly stopped drinking her lemonade to respond. "Even without honey?"/p

p"Even without honey," the bear said with a nod./p

pLotta smiled. "Well, I'm glad you guys like it. If you ever decide you'd like some more, feel free to come on back."/p

p"Thank you, I'm sure we will," the bear replied. "I'm Banjo, by the way, and the bird with me is named Kazooie."/p

p"Well, it's nice to meet you, Banjo," Dot replied./p

pThe bear called Banjo then turned and walked away. "See you girls later!"/p

pAudrey, Dot and Lotta all waved goodbye to him as they watched him leave. Audrey then picked up the two quarters that he had given them, then slipped them into the coin bank./p

p"Wouldn't it be cool if every bear was that nice?" Audrey asked her friends./p

p"It certainly would be," Dot replied. "We wouldn't have to worry about being attacked if that were the case."/p

p"If I was that bear's friend, I'd give him all the honey he could ever want," Lotta mentioned, "that is, if I had all the honey he could ever want."/p

pAudrey and Dot chuckled at her side comment. Not too long afterward, Audrey saw a couple more customers making their way to their lemonade stand. It looked like there were two boys; one was wearing a red baseball cap, and the other one had blond hair. Audrey smiled as her friends patiently waited for the boys to get close enough to them./p

p"Why, hello there, boys," Dot greeted them./p

p"Hi," the two greeted her./p

p"How can we help you on this lovely day?" Lotta wanted to know./p

p"Are you selling lemonade?" the boy with the baseball cap asked./p

p"Yes, we are," Lotta replied./p

p"That's what I thought." The boy chuckled./p

p"Well, lucky for you, you two can each enjoy a cup of lemonade for just 25 cents," Dot mentioned. "Would you like some?"/p

p"Yes, please." The blond boy reached into the pocket on the left side of his pants, then the pocket on the right side. "Hmm... I don't have any money."/p

p"It's alright, Lucas," the other boy said, revealing the name of his friend. "I'll pay for your lemonade as well as mine."/p

pThe blond boy called Lucas smiled and thanked him, revealing the boy in the baseball cap's name in return. "Thanks, Ness."/p

pDot pulled out two plastic cups, picked up the pitcher and poured it into each cup, filling them halfway with lemonade. As she put down the pitcher afterward, she let Audrey pick up the cups and offer them to Ness and Lucas. Ness placed a couple of quarters upon the table and took his cup while Lucas took his./p

pLucas was the first to take a sip, and his eyes sparkled in amazement. "This tastes like... happiness...!"/p

pNess took a sip as well, then smiled. "You know, it does!" He turned to the Harvey Girls and stated, "This lemonade is really good."/p

p"Thanks!" Audrey replied, "although I always thought happiness tasted like cookies and cream ice cream."/p

pEveryone laughed at her comment, including Ness and Lucas./p

p"Well, you're not wrong," Lucas said./p

p"That being said, I think you girls deserve a little something." Ness reached into his pocket and pulled out a dollar bill. He placed it on the table for the girls. "Here."/p

p"Thank you very much!" Dot replied. "And if you boys would ever like to come back, you're welcome to."/p

p"I think we will," Ness replied./p

p"Yeah, me too," Lucas agreed. "Thank you."/p

pThen the two of them walked away from the lemonade stand, with the Harvey Girls waving goodbye to them. When they were out of sight, Dot folded up the dollar bill and placed it in her pocket. Just as they had finished doing that, however, the three girls heard a little sound./p


pIt sounded like a small animal had wandered over to the lemonade stand. Not long afterward, they heard another sound, but this one sounded more familiar./p


pThe Harvey Girls looked around for where the sounds were coming from. Audrey checked one side of the stand, Dot checked the other, and Lotta checked the front. Of the three, however, Lotta was able to find who had been vocalizing./p

pKirby from yesterday had returned, and this time, he'd brought a guest. It was a little yellow creature with black ear tips and red cheeks, as well as a tail that was shaped like a lightning bolt./p

p"Oh, hi, Kirby!" Lotta greeted the pink being first, who responded with a smile and a wave. "Who's this you've brought with you?"/p

pThe yellow creature looked up at Lotta and nodded its head to greet her, while saying, "Pikachu."/p

p"Pikachu, huh? I don't think I've heard that name before," said Lotta./p

pAudrey and Dot looked at who she was talking to, and both of them smiled. Kirby had, indeed, come back, and they could recognize who he'd brought with him./p

p"Hey, Lotta?" Audrey asked. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Kirby's brought a Pikachu!"/p

p"I wonder if they'd like a cup of lemonade," Dot replied./p

pKirby and Pikachu both heard her and nodded in agreement. Audrey could see two quarters in Pikachu's hand, along with one in Kirby's hand. She wanted to wonder where they'd found them, but what really mattered was that they at least had enough./p

pAudrey picked up the pitcher while Dot pulled out a couple of plastic cups and handed them to her. Audrey filled each one of them halfway with lemonade, humming to herself as she did so. She then picked up the cups just as Kirby and Pikachu hopped onto the table - just to leave their quarters on top of them./p

pAudrey smiled and handed them their lemonades. "Here you go, guys."/p

pThe pink and yellow creatures gratefully took a drink of their lemonades, and then their eyes sparkled./p

p"Pii-kaaaa!" Pikachu said in astonishment./p

p"Looks like they like it, guys!" Lotta said to her friends./p

p"Yeah, I can tell." Audrey picked up the three quarters and placed them into the girls' coin bank./p

p"And thank you for the tip, Pikachu." Dot petted the top of Pikachu's head as gently as she could, causing him to smile even more./p

p"Pika," Pikachu replied. Even if he couldn't speak English like the Harvey Girls and most of their customers could, Dot knew what it was he meant to say./p

p"Feel free to come on back whenever you'd like," Lotta replied. "Just make sure you have enough money, okay?"/p

pPikachu nodded in understanding. When he and Kirby had finished their lemonades, they happily hopped off the table and walked away. Audrey, Dot and Lotta stayed at their stand, waving goodbye to them. When they were out of earshot, they noticed they were a bit low on lemonade./p

pNot to worry. They had plenty of ingredients left to make more, and so they did. Audrey cut the lemons, as she usually did, but Dot squeezed them afterward, while Lotta did the measurements on how much water and sugar should go in each bit of lemon juice. Dot helped her out so she could get it just right./p

pFinally the pitcher was full again. The timing had been perfect, too; three women were approaching the lemonade stand. As they got closer to the stand, Dot smelled something... fragrant. One of the women must have been wearing perfume. It smelled lovely and all, but it was pretty strong; in fact, it tickled Dot's nose, causing it to twitch./p

p"Heh... Haaah..." Dot lowered her eyelids as she inhaled. She was going to sneeze. With Audrey and Lotta looking at her in curiosity, Dot pulled out her handkerchief and held it in front of her nose. "HAAAAHHHH..." A climactic inhale later, followed by a short delay, Dot exploded./p


pThe edges of her handkerchief fluttered about as Dot sneezed into it, with Audrey, Lotta and the three new customers wincing in surprise. Finally Dot lost her breath and wiped her nose with her hanky, sniffling here and there./p

p"Oh, my..." the woman in the lavender dress said; she also wore a headdress underneath her blonde hair, while the other two women wore a yellow dress and a cyan dress, respectively. "Bless you, little girl."/p

p"Indeed," replied the woman in the cyan gown; she was wearing a silver crown./p

p"You alright?" the woman in the yellow dress asked; she also had a crown, but hers was yellow, if not golden./p

p"Yes, excuse me." Dot looked sheepishly at the women, and then placed her handkerchief back in her pocket. At least none of them were mad. "How may we help you?"/p

p"We'd each like a glass of lemonade, please," said the woman in the lavender dress./p

p"But of course." Dot turned to Lotta, and asked her a question that caused a smile to appear on her face. "Lotta, would you like to do the honors?"/p

pLotta nodded; she was more than happy to. She pulled out three plastic cups, then picked up the pitcher and filled each of them halfway with lemonade. Then she handed them to the women, whom she assumed were princesses./p

p"That'll be 75 cents altogether," said Lotta./p

p"Excellent," said the woman with the headdress. "But shall we try them before we pay?"/p

pLotta nodded in agreement, and then each of the women picked up their cups of lemonade and took a sip. All three of them had smiles on their faces, letting the Harvey Girls know that they were impressed./p

p"Ah, this tastes gnarly," the woman in the yellow dress said./p

p"I think it's wonderful myself," said the woman in the cyan dress, and the woman with the lavender dress nodded in agreement./p

pAfter a minute, the women were finished with their lemonades. Dot reminded them of the price, in case they had forgotten./p

p"As Lotta said, that'll be a total of 75 cents," said Dot./p

pThe woman with the headdress pulled out a gem, thinking for a moment. "Hmm, all I have are these Rupees..."/p

pThe woman with the yellow dress pulled out a coin, but it didn't look like a quarter. "And I all I have are these coins."/p

pThe woman with the cyan dress, however, smiled and pulled out a wand. "Allow me."/p

pThe other two women placed their gem and coin upon the table, while the woman with the cyan dress pulled out an identical coin and placed it there, too. Then she waved her wand a little, causing some sparkles to appear. In less than a second, the coins and gem had turned into a small pile of twelve quarters. The Harvey Girls were amazed at her magic trick./p

p"Okay, what did you just do?" Audrey asked, not expecting an answer. "Because that was awesome."/p

p"All of this is yours, my darlings," said the woman in the cyan dress, "because your lemonade is of such high quality."/p

p"In fact, I'm sure we'll all return as soon as we can," the woman in the headdress agreed./p

pDot smiled and began to place each quarter in the Harvey Girls' coin bank. "Thank you very much. See you again."/p

pThe three princesses, whoever they were, walked away from the lemonade stand, while Audrey, Dot and Lotta waved goodbye to them./p

p"Those had to have been the most charitable women I've ever seen," Dot mentioned. "I wonder if they might be princesses..."/p

p"I was thinking the same thing," Lotta replied./p

p"At least that'd explain why they gave us so much change," Audrey said./p

pDot and Lotta looked at her. They were probably thinking that that wasn't a nice way to refer to such polite women, so Audrey decided not to say anything else. Once every quarter had been placed in the coin bank, the Harvey Girls saw another customer coming. It was Tootie, and they greeted her when she got close enough to the lemonade stand./p

p"Hi, Tootie!" Audrey greeted her first, then Dot, and finally Lotta./p

p"Hi!" Tootie replied with a smile. "I'd like two glasses of lemonade, please."/p

p"No problem!" Audrey replied./p

pShe pulled out two plastic cups, picked up the pitcher and filled each one of them halfway with lemonade. Then she put down the pitcher and handed them to Tootie./p

p"That'll be fifty cents," said Audrey./p

pTootie reached into her pocket, pulled out two quarters and placed them on the table. Then she took her cups of lemonade with a smile on her face./p

p"Thank you!" said Tootie as Audrey placed the quarters in her coin bank. "I'm gonna share the extra lemonade with one of my friends, by the way."/p

pAudrey smiled. "Sounds like a great idea, Tootie. The more people who find out about our lemonade stand, the better."/p

pTootie nodded in agreement and then walked away from the lemonade stand, with all three of the Harvey Girls waving goodbye to her. They were wondering who it was she was going to share her lemonade with, but that wasn't really the point./p

pShortly after that, another group of customers arrived at the lemonade stand. They consisted of a light blue moose with one right-side-up antler and one upside-down antler, a yellow rabbit, a purple beaver and a pink chipmunk with a red bow on her head./p

p"Hello," the moose greeted the Harvey Girls. "I'm Lumpy."/p

p"Well, it's nice to meet you, Lumpy," Dot responded with a smile./p

p"May I interest you four in some delicious lemonade?" Lotta wanted to know./p

pThe moose called Lumpy thought for a moment, then looked down at his friends. They all nodded in agreement, and then Lumpy turned back to the girls and nodded as well./p

p"Yes, please."/p

p"Coming right up," Lotta responded with a smile./p

pShe took out four plastic cups, then picked up the pitcher and filled each cup halfway with lemonade. Then she put it down and tried to figure out how much the gang owed them./p

p"That'll be, um..." Lotta counted a bit on her fingers. "One dollar."/p

pThe rabbit, chipmunk and beaver each pulled out a quarter and placed it on the table. When Lumpy reached into his pockets, however, he couldn't find any quarters. He couldn't find any dollars or any other coins, either. Lumpy sulked, looking a bit sad./p

p"I don't have any money..."/p

pBut the chipmunk walked up to him and placed her hand on her shoulder. "It's okay, Lumpy. I'll pay for your lemonade." To prove this, she pulled out another quarter that she had with her and placed it on the table./p

pLumpy smiled appreciatively when she did this. "Thank you."/p

pThen all of the animals each took a cup of lemonade and took a drink of them. Then they all smiled./p

p"This lemonade is really good!" the rabbit commented./p

p"Yeah, it tastes even better than the lemonade me and my friend have made at our own lemonade stand!" the chipmunk agreed. The Harvey Girls didn't know who she was talking about, but they hadn't tried her lemonade yet, so they decided to keep it to themselves./p

p"I don't know about you guys," the beaver mentioned, "but I think we should come back soon."/p

p"Yeah." Lumpy nodded in agreement before he turned to Audrey, Dot and Lotta. "You girls make some great lemonade."/p

pLotta smiled and thanked him so her friends wouldn't have to. "Thank you very much. And I hope you guys do come back soon."/p

pThe animals soon walked away from the lemonade stand, with the girls waving goodbye to them. Once they were out of sight, Audrey placed all four of the quarters that Lumpy and his friends had left into the coin bank./p

p"I don't know about you girls," Lotta said, "but I think we're gonna have so many quarters, we'll have to buy a couple more coin banks just to hold them all."/p

p"Or we could buy some of those snacks in those plastic containers," Audrey said, "so we can use them to store our earnings once we're done eating!"/p

p"Those both sound like good ideas," Dot stated, "but let's save them for Saturday. That'll be our day off; and besides, it's Tuesday."/p

pJust then, Audrey noticed a boy with white hair approaching the lemonade stand. She and her friends quickly stopped talking before he got close enough./p

p"Excuse me?" the boy asked./p

p"Hey there!" Audrey greeted him. "How can we help you?"/p

p"We'd like to buy some lemonade, please," said the boy./p

p"Of course you can," Audrey said with a smile. "But who's we?"/p

pThe boy pointed behind him, and the Harvey Girls looked up. Then their eyes widened and pupils shrunk in surprise. Behind the boy were ten females; five teens or preteens, four elementary schoolers and a baby./p

p"I promised my sisters I'd buy some lemonade for them," the boy mentioned, "and for myself, too. You don't have a problem with that, do you?"/p

pAudrey smiled once more. "Of course not! We'll get your drinks ready as soon as we can."/p

pThe boy smiled, too. "Thanks!"/p

pHe and his sisters formed a straight, single-file line in front of the lemonade stand. For each of them, Audrey, Dot and Lotta took turns pulling out a cup, filling it halfway with lemonade from their pitcher and handing it to the customer who had asked for it. They responded with a smile and handed them a quarter - even the baby, who then had her brother pour her lemonade into an empty milk bottle for her to drink from. By the time everyone had gotten their lemonade, the Harvey Girls had earned a total of eleven quarters./p

p"Looks like we're definitely gonna need an extra piggy bank, guys!" Audrey mentioned to Dot and Lotta./p

pAs she was dropping each quarter into the coin bank, she and her friends could hear the girls and boy commenting over how delicious the lemonade was. The second youngest girl was vocally making a detailed comparison between what she was drinking now and the past lemonades she'd had over the past year, but it was kind of inaudible over what everyone else was saying./p

p"Your lemonade is pretty awesome," the boy mentioned to the Harvey Girls after he'd finished his lemonade. "Thanks!"/p

p"Oh, you're welcome," said Lotta. "Feel free to come on back soon."/p

pAfter a while, the boy's sisters had finished their lemonades as well. They said their thank yous as well, and walked away from the lemonade stand. Audrey, Dot and Lotta smiled as they waved goodbye to them until they were out of earshot./p

p"Hmm..." Dot looked over at the pitcher, which had been completely emptied after the large group of customers had been served. "It looks like we're out of lemonade."/p

p"And it looks like our workday is over, too."/p

pDot looked up at the sky, which had begun to turn an orange shade. Audrey and Lotta looked up as well, realizing that she was right. The sun was beginning to set into the mountains beyond./p

p"Before we leave, let's see how much money we've earned altogether," said Dot, "minus all the dollar bills, of course."/p

pAudrey nodded in agreement, removed the lid from the coin bank and tilted it sideways. Each quarter came rolling or sliding out, and then the girls began to count all of the coins./p

p"Forty... seven... quarters!" Audrey said in joy. "That's almost twelve dollars!"/p

p"And that means we each get to take home fifteen of these. That's three dollars and seventy five cents!" said Dot./p

p"Oh, my goodness!" Lotta squealed./p

pAnd so they distributed the quarters equally. Indeed, Audrey got to take home fifteen, as did Dot and Lotta. There were two remaining, however, so Dot kept them in the coin bank and handed that same bank to Audrey./p

p"Audrey, you can be in charge of keeping the left over quarters safe until tomorrow," said Dot. "But you have to remember to bring it back in the morning; otherwise, we won't have anywhere to put our earnings."/p

p"Piece of cake." Audrey slid the coin bank into her basket./p

pDot was about to mention how much money they'd made overall, but before she could, she heard two familiar voices tell her, "Hey, Harvey Girls!"/p

p"Hm?" Dot turned around, along with Audrey and Lotta. Mario and Luigi had returned to the stand, and this time, Mario was holding the hand of a lovely princess wearing a pink dress./p

p"Oh, hey, Mario and Luigi!" Audrey greeted them. "You're just in time, we were about to close down for the night."/p

p"Well, I told you we'd be back," Mario said in a bit of a joking voice. Then he introduced the princess to the Harvey Girls. "We'd like you to meet Princess Peach. We saved her not too long ago." He then turned to the Princess called Peach and introduced her to the Girls as well. "Peach, these are the Harvey Girls: Audrey, Dot and Lotta."/p

p"It's wonderful to meet you," Peach replied./p

p"It's nice to meet you, too," Lotta replied. "Would you like some lemonade?"/p

p"Oh, certainly," said Peach with a polite nod./p

p"I was thinking we needed a little reward for rescuing her again, anyway," Luigi commented./p

pSo Audrey, Dot and Lotta fixed up one last portion of lemonade, filling three plastic cups halfway with the delicious beverage. In unison they handed them to the plumbers and the princess./p

p"That'll be a total of 75 cents," Dot stated./p

pMario, Luigi and Peach all smiled, handed each of them a quarter and accepted their lemonade./p

p"Oh!" Peach's eyes sparkled in amazement. "Such a perfect mix of sweet and sour flavors!"/p

p"Yeah, it is pretty yummy," Mario said in agreement./p

p"Thank you so much for the divine lemonade, Harvey Girls," Peach said. "If I don't get captured again tomorrow, I'll certainly return for some more."/p

p"Oh! Goody-goody!" Lotta replied happily./p

pBefore the Girls knew it, Mario, Luigi and Peach had left. Audrey, Dot and Lotta waved goodbye to them until they were out of earshot, and then they each placed one of the quarters into their pockets./p

p"Thanks to the final purchase of the night," said Dot, "we actually get to bring home a total of sixteen quarters. That's four dollars!"/p

p"That's awesome!" Audrey cheered. "How much more popular could our lemonade stand get? Maybe everybody in the WORLD will want our lemonade!"/p

p"And I have a feeling that someday, that's gonna be true," Lotta replied. "But now that the day's over, let's clean up and go home."/p

pAudrey and Dot agreed, then helped her pack up their remaining ingredients. Dot twisted the opening of the cups shut and held it tight with a rubber band before she placed it into her basket, along with some leftover sugar, unopened water bottles and the remaining kitchen supplies. By the time they were done, the sky was minutes away from turning the dark blue shade the night had. All three of the Harvey Girls wished each other a good night and headed on to their respective homes./p

pThe first thing they did when they got there was put away their ingredients and wash their hands, and then they sat down at the tables for dinner. Although they had different meals - Audrey had some chicken soup, Dot had some potato salad, and Lotta had some tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich - it was clear that they all enjoyed their supper./p

pSoon the girls were finished eating. They went upstairs to the bathrooms, where they took their baths, brushed their teeth and put on their cozy pajamas. Finally, they went into their bedrooms, stepped into their beds, and each earned a goodnight kiss from one of their parents; Lotta's father kissed her on the forehead, Dot's father kissed her on the cheek, and Audrey's mom kissed her on the lips. And after the lights had been shut off, all three of the Harvey Girls drifted off to sleep. From that point until the morning came, they could hear the crickets chirping outside./p

pAudrey was right when she said their business was going to keep growing, what with the steadily larger number of customers that would arrive. For all they knew, they would be three wealthy little girls by the time Saturday arrived./p