"I honestly didn't think that would happen" whispered a wide-eyed Alyssa, as she stared at the man in front of her. She really didn't think that would happen. At least not so soon.

Wasn't a superheroes identity their most guarded secret? Alyssa thought it was from all the media she had read and watched about heroes. But then again, this was different. She wasn't stupid. There was a pull towards the man in front of her that she wasn't blind too. A connection of sorts. Maybe that's why he told him his most guarded secret.

"Oh, shit. That means…" muttered Alyssa as she processed this new info. Jason waited patiently as she connected the dots. "Bruce Wayne is Batman. Dick Grayson is Nightwing. Tim Drake has to be Red Robin and Damian is Robin…. You were Robin. The second Robin… When you were Robin… You really did die, didn't you?" She looked down at her wrist, rubbing her timer as she remembered.

"Yeah, I did" Jason coughed "I did die and then I came back. It's a story I would rather not tell right now"

"Understood. It's not something I would want to talk about. If you remember, that wasn't the first time our timers stopped. It was me that stopped it at that time. Of course, mine was a near-death experience. I only dead for a few minutes, not months. And truthfully, I don't want to talk about it right now… You probably have questions for me" Alyssa said looking back up at him "Let's get to know each other first before all that shit show gets exposed." Alyssa gestured for Jason to sit down, which he awkwardly took.

"Where do you want to start first?" asked Jason.

"How about hobbies? Besides the fact we both fight crime, what do you like to do in your spare time?" asked Alyssa "For me, I like to read and listen to music."

"I like reading the classics. Currently reading Macbeth." Jason grimaced. He totally sounded like a nerd. "I also enjoy cooking and working on my bike. My favorite color is red."

"I like the classics too. I am reading Hamlet." grinned Alyssa "I admit I can't cook to save my life, but working on cars was a hobby I had growing up. My dad taught me stuff a girl should know, like car maintenance and how to shoot a gun."

"Seems we have more in common than crime-fighting" stated a grinning Jason.

"Seems so" smirked Alyssa before diving into the world of literature and cars for the next few hours.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Jason "It's not too late to turn around."

"I would hide, but it's not like they can't find me. You guys are the Batfamily and I suck at hide and seek." joked Alyssa before turning serious "I am nervous. A little scared of what you told me about Damian. But I am not going to run away. They are your family. It's only right that they meet me and it's not like I haven't met Bruce and Dick. Just this time, I know a secret that they would like to make sure I can keep."

"True. Wait, when did you meet Bruce and Dick?" asked Jason.

"At the charity event where we first met. It was right before the whole Penguin event" explained Alyssa as they parked in front of the mansion. The two made their way towards the front door. Right before they got to the door, it opened up revealing a older gentleman.

"Hello, Alfred" greeted Jason as he gestured towards Alyssa "This is Alyssa Williams. My soulmate."

"Hello, Master Jason" greeted Alfred before turning his attention towards Alyssa "Hello, Miss Williams. It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

"Pleasures all mine, Alfred. Jason speaks very highly of you"

"Because Alfred is the best!" praised Jason as he handed Alyssa's jacket to said man.

"You bet he is" Dick agreed as he walked into the hall "Nice to see you again, Alyssa." They shook hands with Dick kissing the back of her hand and giving her a wink as he let go. Much to the annoyance if Jason, who just glared at his older, flirty brother.

"Nice to see you too, Dick." Alyssa winked before the two of them burst out giggling. Jason just rolled his eyes and pushed Dick towards the living room where everyone else was. Alyssa followed the two brothers. Jason fell behind his brother as the three walked through the door.

"Guys, this is the amazing Alyssa Williams. Best intern at the police department Gotham has." Dick announced as they entered the room "And who is also my little brother's soulmate!"

"Is he always like this?" whispered Alyssa as she watched Dick twirled around, landing on one knee, and gesturing at her with arms wide open in a dramatic fashion.

"Yes" answered everyone else as Dick just grinned.

"I don't know why I asked. Kinda hard not to figure that out. He is just a ray of sunshine. I think I may need sunglasses around him. He can really blind people," joked Alyssa, earning laughs all around the room.

"You know Bruce already. This is Damian, Tim, Steff, Cass, and Barbara." introduced Jason after he got done laughing.

"Nice to meet you guys" said Alyssa, giving a small wave in greeting.

"Now that introductions are out of the way, I think there are more important matters to discuss." stated Damian.

"Can I sit down and have a whiskey before the integration?" asked Alyssa before sitting down on the couch by Steff.

"This isn't a joking matter…" started Damian before Alyssa interrupted him.

"Oh, I know it's not a joke"

She held up a finger as she began talking, "First, I won't tell anyone your secrets. Second, there are enemies that can and will kill me. I know the dangers of this. Still not going anywhere, or saying anything to anyone. Third, I am sure you know my past and present as well. Abusive parents, near death experience, etc. My job alone puts me in danger. I put criminals behind bars. I just don't have to wear a mask to do it. I have been threatened to stop working a case, get rid of evidence, or not testify against someone. My thoughts are that I have a fighting chance with you guys in my corner. You are at least a phone call away now than a bat signal." Alyssa put her hand down after making her third point.

"You seemed to have thought about this a lot" stated Cass.

"Yea, I have. Jason has tried to scare me away" Alyssa waved it off "I did hit Penguin, even though I almost got shot. But it was before knowing all this, or even meeting Jason. So it doesn't count for anything. I honestly don't know how I will handle other villains and hopefully I can be trained in self defense to be able to stand a fighting chance for future villains. With my job and your nightlife, its bound to happen."

"Now, anything else?"

After everyone shared a look, Dick spoke up. "Do you want to see the Bat cave?"

"Yes, please. I hear there's an awesome lab down there"


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