Well here's another story that my brain came up with. Due to the lack of Pokemon Masters stories on the site I figured about trying one out, and a crossover at that. This takes place some time prior to the PML finals as the tournament is on hold and the various trainers will be in their home regions before coming back together again. Yeah I know, flimsy excuse but trust me I'll make it work.

As for Sonic and friends? I'm thinking either setting this up after Generations or Forces (I admit while the idea of a more serious Sonic game with a war setting could work, the execution really fell short especially with what happened to Infinite. I will say his theme song is cool, especially the Linkin Park remix that was made with it, that really got me hyped. Plus, Fist Bump quickly grew to be one of my favorite Sonic tracks). Maybe if I'm up to it, I'll try to give the IDW comics line a shot but no promises.

Also, expect Eggman to completely wreck any peace in the Pokemon World along with members of Rainbow Rocket. Yes, he'll be working with the team of alternate dimension criminal bosses as Sonic and his friends will be working with the trainers. After all, can't have the big final battle without making it as big as possible!

Also also, one the Pokemon side of things there will be a few same sex couples.

Also also also (yes I know I'm using one of the things Cinemasins says but honestly its fun to say), I will go into detail about how Sonic and a couple others will show up in the Pokemon World and how they could go over to Sonic's world if I feel like we could give it a shot for a story arc.

Galar Region, Wyndon Stadium

It had been several weeks following both the incident with Eternatus and Victor's battle with Leon to decide who would be Champion. Things had been normal ever since then, with some people still wondering why Rose ended up nearly causing the Darkest Day to occur once again in order to have Galar supplied with unlimited energy. Plus it had also been sometime since the mayhem that Swordward and Shieldbert caused which the young Champion had to solve and in the process got Zacian as a partner, earning the Legendary Pokemon's respect.

Though the concern of running out of energy was one that existed, there was a whole millennium until that came to pass so there would be time to test out other forms of energy to help not only their own region, but also others around the world.

Victor, Gloria, Hop, Bede, and Marnie had taken a ride to the Crown Tundra based upon information about a few new Pokemon that had been seen in the area. Some of the ones that had been spotted looked similar to the Legendary Bird Trio from Kanto along with finding symbols similar to the ruins that were associated with the Regi Pokemon. Of course, the place was a mainly snowy area with the old castle which may point out some of those clues about said new mysterious Pokemon, which is why Sonia had also gone with them to assist with any needed research. Magnolia was still around the lab and helped to get any information that Sonia sent to her during the group's explorations of the Crown Tundra.

Back in Galar proper, some of the Gym Leaders were largely going about their usual business or other jobs.

Raihan and Gordie had been looking over news from other regions that were trending on social media as they sat in some fold able chairs to relax. Meanwhile, their Pokemon were either playing around or sparring in the case of Coalossal and Duraludon on the field. The two heavyweights were tackling each other or using their various moves to prove who was stronger as they also were mindful of everyone around them.

"Looks like they might be setting up a new Pokemon World Tournament within several months." Gordie said as he looked over a few messages and images on his Rotomphone. These included images of Driftveil City's Gym Leader Clay showing off images and videos about the new improvements he was making for the next PWT.

The Galar Gym Leaders were interested in competing in the next one as they had gotten permission from Clay to join in on the fun when it started.

"Well considering that the amount of publicity and income that Clay gets since it happens at Driftveil, he always looks forward to it." Raihan said. "How about this? Hoenn, Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola Champions planning for large scale free for all at Pasio stadium. It sounds like the PML is really heating up even though they're taking a break right now."

"Yeah, it is an Ace tournament." The rock specialist said before sighing. "Too bad that the guy who set it up is less then cool."

"Well, that will make taking him down all the more sweeter I say." Raihan said with a smirk.

"I hear that." Gordie said with a smirk. "Anyway how is the new champion and his friends doing?"

The doors that led into the break room opened up with Leon pushing back both of them with a smile on his face. He was in his usual Gym Challenge uniform with his cap instead of his suit that he wore more nowadays.

"Hey guys!" Leon said to the two Gym Leaders as they both looked to the Champion turned Chairman of the Galar Pokemon League.

"Yo Leon." Gordie said with a two finger salute. "So any news from your little brother about how things have been going at the Crown Tundra?"

"They've still haven't found hide nor hair of this new Pokemon that people have been reporting." Leon said with shrug. "They've been searching around for a while and while they might be on the trail of those new birds no such luck with the Crown Pokemon."

"Ouch, that's gonna be bloomin disappointing." Gordie said with a small amount of cringe on his face.

"I was thinking about maybe having everyone's opinions on participating in the next PML along with just relaxing for the time being." Leon said with a smile on his face. "Care to join in?"

"Sure." Both Gym Leaders said aloud.

Later that day...

Leon had called all of the Gym Leaders (except for Bede and Marnie) for assemble at Wyndon for the get togeher. While he planned to also include Opal and Piers in this conversation (as he had no doubt they could be interested in this as well), Opal couldn't show up due to making a play and Piers was busy with a concert. He also wanted to call Victor and the others, but figured they were busy trying to find new Pokemon and possibly a new group of Legendaries which would further increase the number of them out there.

"So you're thinking of joining the PML proper Leon?" Milo said with a smile.

"Yeah, I figured it could work for us going forward." Leon said while crossing his arms. "Plus with I've been thinking of having us go abroad to interact with other Gym Leaders and Pokemon Leagues for an eventual grand tournament I've been thinking up."

"I'm certainly interested with interacting and battling with other skilled Gym Leaders and Champions." Melony said with a cheery look on her face. "I am interested in meeting with some of the main Ice Type users of other regions. I heard much about Lorelei and Glacia who are some of the best Ice-Type trainers in the world. I wouldn't have an issue with battling them and see their skills in action."

"Same here." Bea said as she took a sip from her water bottle. She had been called in during a serious training regimen with her Pokemon, wanting to get ready to challenge Victor to see about beating him. "I've been looking forward to clashing with the Fighting-Type Gym Leaders and Elite Four. I've even heard that they're thinking of having a martial arts tournament where the trainers can fight with their skills."

"I'm kinda curious about the Ghost Type trainers that are out there..." Alistair said in his usual tone.

"Oi Nessa, Kabu." Raihan said. "Don't you guys actually know a couple of them personally?"

"Yeah, for me mainly Marlon, Volkner, and Elesa." The Raging Wave stated. She knew the former two well as they were part of the Lighthouse Club in Hulbury due to their jobs at their home cities. Marlon was a accomplished fishermen who she usually competed with in order to see how many fish they could catch compared with whenever she visited Unova or when they showed off via the internet (some people even made bets to which Gym Leader had the best catch). Volkner once came over to Galar to help out with the lighthouse and he was rather amicable and showed off his technical know now. Not only that but she visited Sunnyshore City to see its famous lighthouse for herself and was impressed with it.

The man had been depressed for a while long ago, but he been rather active due in large part to Sinnoh's own savior, Lucas Diamond.

As for Elesa, she had met her while working overseas while working in fashion shows alongside meeting Valerie from Kalos. She was impressed with the work the both of them did (though Valerie didn't do any more modeling her work has been showed across the different regions) and found them a pleasure to work with. She had even gotten pictures with them in all of their designer outfits and sent them to Sonia to see what she thought.

"Hey Ness, is it also true that Elesa happens to be in a relationship with Sky-" Gordie said with a smirk before he was cut off.

"Don't." Nessa said with a glare. She was well aware of how "close" Unova's Shining Beauty was to the Flying-Type Specialist due to their past interactions. While the two of them tried their best to hide it, it was clear in her mind that the other Gym Leaders in Unova could see some of the signs they were closer then they made out to be. She herself had found out when she worked with Elesa during a fashion show that she invited Sonia to when she was taking time off from researching.

"Gordie!" Melony scolded. "Do I have to ground you from going to the PML?"

"Oh relax Mum!" Gordie said with a annoyed look on his face. "A lot of people online have been wondering the same thing! I'm just the one who's speaking for them."

Raihan facepalmed at the Rock-Type Gym Leader's antics and Milo sighed.

"I've known about some of the more recent Gym Leaders from Hoenn." Kabu said, deciding to change the topic. "I've been interested in meeting quite a few of them for a while along with taking a trip to my home region."

"Oh that's right Kabu, you're from Lavaridge Town yes?" Melony questioned.

"Indeed, I knew Flannary's grandfather years ago before coming here." The Fire-Type user stated with a nod. "I've heard her taking up the position has had some bumps along the way. She's had the issue of people comparing herself to her grandfather, which did make her have a bit of an inferiority complex for a while until she finally got her confidence and became rather skilled in her own right."

"Hey, wasn't there some kind of serious disaster that had been adverted a few years back?" Gordie said after his mother's glare softened.

"Oh yeah, that whole "Meteor about to hit Hoenn" incident." Raihan said while thinking back to when that was the big story at the time. "I heard that Rayquaza managed to plow through said meteor in its Mega Evolution state. There was also the guy that rode with Rayquaza into space, Brendan Emerald who has largely avoided being hounded by the paparazzi for it."

"I guess he doesn't really care for the fame and popularity along with similar trainers in the other regions." Bea said while crossing her arms.

"Well that just means they are humble and did what they said because they knew it was the right thing to do." Leon said with a smile on his face. "Heck, I've been preparing by watching any and all of their matches so that way I have the best chance of beating them in battle."

"But what about Dynamaxing?" Bea questioned putting a hand to her chin. "Since Galar is the only place where we are able to pull it off, are we going to be at a disadvantage?"

"Well, that just means we'll have to change up how we battle and see about getting some of the other methods of improving our Pokemon." Leon said as he thought back to the long conversation he had with the PML's representatives. "I've been thinking about looking into Mega Evolution and Z-Moves for some time.

"Well at least Piers won't feel out of place in regular battles." Milo said with a smile. "The Dynamax forms help to keep things exiting for battles here in Galar, but that doesn't mean we can't find other ways to do so. That just means we'll really need to give it our all."

"That's the plan Milo!" Leon said with a grin.

"What about Champion Victor and the others?" Melony said as she recalled what they were doing at this point. "Are you planning on letting them know anytime soon?"

"I figured to surprise them with it when they get back." Leon said as he recalled what Hop had told him over the phone. "They said they'll be coming back on Wednesday if they don't have anymore leads."

"I can only imagine how annoying it must be for them." Bea said. "So when should we leave to go abroad?"

Before Leon could continue, the air suddenly shifted. They all could feel something was off as the wind picked up and gathered in the air. Any loose clothing they had was flapping in the air as the Gym Leaders wondered how this was happening.

"What in Arceus's name is happening?" Gordie said he said what the others were thinking.

"Everyone, get ready! We might be having some unexpected company!" Leon said as he put aside his cape and got into a ready position as a sudden blue vortex appeared over the stadium. This caught the attention of anyone that was nearby as the Pokemon League staff began to move into action, telling any civilians that were in the area to get to safety. They knew the new Chairman and the Gym Leaders would be able to handle whatever the situation was and knew they could end up getting in the way. So they stuck to what they knew best and cleared the area.

"What the!?" Leon said as the blue portal appeared over the stadium.

"Is it one of those Ultra Wormholes that popped up in Alola a while back?" Bea said, concerned for what was happening. They all soon put a hand to one of their Poke Balls, ready to send out one of their strongest companions to deal with whatever came out of the wormhole. Suddenly, a blue streak shot out of the wormhole and slammed hard into the middle of the stadium, kicking up a large dust cloud. Leon and the others shielded themselves from the dust cloud as it began to settle.

Leon motioned to the others to move slowly toward the impact site as they brought out their best Pokemon, ready for whatever came out if it was hostile. Leon and his Charizard was the first to look into the crater as the smoke still still prevented him from seeing what inside, but he could make out a silhouette.

"Guys, I think the object that slammed into the ground is a person!" Leon said to the Gym Leader.

"Are you certain?" Kabu said as his Centiskorch glared into the crater. "There's no possible way that someone would have survived an impact like we just saw. Their whole body would have been completely broken if they were even alive."

"No, there is someone down there." Leon said with a serious tone in his voice.

When the smoke cleared, Leon and the gathered Gym Leaders were stunned by what they saw.

In the crater was a bipedal, blue animal that was face down on the ground. It had blue fur on its torso and legs with a few quills on the back of the head with lighter fur on the arms. It had red and white shoes on its feet and white gloves on their hands.

"Um..." Alistair said, breaking the silence. "Who is this little guy?"

All of the Gym Leaders couldn't answer what the being in front of them was to the young Ghost-Type Specialist. A couple of minutes passed until one of the trainers chose to do something. Leon then stepped into the crater and slid down to the bottom of the crater where he could see the being up close as Raihan followed behind his rival as he tried to take a picture of it until Leon motioned for him not to do so. The former Champion knew that if such a picture got out into the internet then people would probably cause some panic or make people think it was some new kind of Pokemon to catch.

Since they didn't know what it was, they didn't want to come to conclusions right away and make things go south quickly.

"Leon, are you sure about this?" Alistair said as Ganger flew over his trainer.

"It'll be fine, my gut is telling me that the little guy doesn't seem to be dangerous." Leon said as he flipped the being over so they could see his stomach, such was the same shade of fur as his arms.

"Doesn't look like anything life threatening." Leon stated as he check the being over. "I'm not a doctor, but I think he might have been in a fight with someone or something. It could take a few hours for him to heal, give or take."

"Heh heh..."

Both Leon and Raihan were both surprised to hear chuckling close to them as they looked down it see it was the alien.

"Oh man..." The strange being said as his eyes were barely open with a chuckle. "This is going to smart for a while..." He then went unconscious once again.

Both Trainers were taken aback by the being speaking, especially in the same language as them. While Psychic Pokemon had the ability to speak via telepathy with their trainers in certain cases, full on human speak via mouth movements was considered impossible unless it was a special case.

"D-Did he just talk?" Raihan said as Charizard flew the strange being out off the crater.

"Yeah I heard it too." Leon said, just as surprised as the two began to climb out of the crater.

"When I said things were getting more exiting, this was not what I meant." Leon said.

"No kidding." Raihan said as the two trainers walked with the other Gym Leaders inside the medical wing of the building.

Little did any of the Trainers, Gym Leaders, Elite Fours, and Champions of this alternate Earth, they were going to be involved into a much larger event in which the fate of their planet was in the balance. However, they would soon get help from the newcomer and his friends to prevent enemies both new and familiar to both groups from taking over this dimension.

One thing was for sure, as Leon would say: "We're gonna have a Champion Time!"

A bit on the short side I have to admit, but I figured I don't need to go all that crazy with the intro chapter.

So yeah, the next chapter will highlight what the story will mainly be and go into what's going on with the other regions before things really get moving. I started with Galar due to it being the latest region and then transition to

Also, expect some characters from the spin-offs (mainly from the Pokemon Ranger series) to show up to help out with things as well along with the Legendaries.

Hey, some of said Legendaries are in control of different aspects of reality so something like this will have gotten their attention. Although they aren't going to get involved right out of the gate, but if things spiral out of control they will step in (especially if our favorite blue Hedgehog ends up going super).

So see you guys in the next chapter.