Nimbasa Gym

The Gym Leaders had all gathered at Elesa's Gym when they had the chance to talk strategy. Cynthia was supposed to arrive soon based on when she last called. Some of the Gym Leaders were wondering what was taking her so long to arrive, but they knew that if she ran into any trouble she could handle it.

After making introductions (which made Sonic and Tails see that not everyone in Unova hated wearing ACTUAL clothes), they had gone over some ideas as to keeping the Chaos Emerald safe. The police were keeping it under guard at the station. They had pulled several officers with strong Pokemon guarding the place.

Tails and Rotom-Electric showed Burgh and Brycen some images of Mobius. The two Gym Leaders were fascinated by the images of a whole other world.

Sonic meanwhile was having a conversation with Roxie, the Virbank City Gym Leader. He had seen the guitar she had with her and was interested on good she was. Roxie strung up a quick guitar solo, playing for a few minutes while Sonic bobbed his head to the music.

"So what did you think there Blue Boy?" Roxie said with a smirk as she finished. She honestly liked the Mobian for his attitude and taste in music.

Sonic gave a golf clap while giving the look of a rich, uptight person. "Very well done." He said. "I can see that you have the skills to pay the bills."

"You bet Blue Boy!" Roxie said with large grin. "So heard anyone else play music here in our world?"

"Haven't really heard anyone else." Sonic said while shrugging. "I've heard Piers was a singer and played rock and roll, but never got to hear him play."

"Oh Piers?" Roxie said. "Yeah I've played with him a few times. He and his Pokémon band have been pretty famous in Galar for a while. Though I respect him for using only using his Pokemon in the regular way and finding ways to win against Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon."

'Then there's Ryuki from Alola whose a bit aggressive with his music and personality.' The Virbank Gym Leader thought to herself.

"Alright then! Maybe we could set up a serious concert and have the three of us play together!" Sonic said with a smirk.

"Oh you play electric guitar too?" Roxie said while tilting her head.

"Yep, plus I DJ as well." Sonic said.

"Seriously? That's pretty sweet!" Roxie said with a big smile. "Any your friends from your world also into music?"

"Yeah, there's Team Chaotix." Sonic said. "They're a trio named Espio the Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile, and Charmy Bee. They work as both a detective agency and they do work as a band as a side gig."

"Whoa." Roxie said while a bit of interest in her eyes. "These guys sound pretty fun. I'd wouldn't mind having a jam session with them one day. Maybe even have a Battle of the Bands!"

"What's the name of your band?" Sonic questioned.

"Koffing and the Toxics!" Roxie said a fist pump. "My bandmates Bettie Jo and Nicky are on break for right now but I bet they'd be into it."

"Sweet!" Sonic said while smirking. "I'll let them know if there's a way for me to get back let them know what's up."

"Awesome! I'll see about finding a good enough venue for us to jam in." Roxie said while putting her hands on her hips.

"Hey Rox!" Rosa said with a smile on face as she walked over. "I see you and Sonic are bonding well."

Roxie then smirked toward the bun haired girl. "Yo, Ro!" She said. "By the by, I heard from some of the guys at PokeStar that you're getting a new movie to play."

"Yep!" Rosa said with her eyes sparkling. "I hear its going to be based off of Alola's Detective Laki series with it based on a island getaway and a mysterious murder mystery."

"Wonder with the theme if you have to really show off during the beach scene." Roxie said while chuckling.

Rosa blushed at that a little before she responded. "Very funny Roxie, I bet you wouldn't be so smug if you were in my shoes."

"Ah c'mon Ro!" Roxie said while rubbing the back of her head. "It's a complement! You look great in anything like Elesa or Nessa."

The hair-bun girl blushed even more then before thanks to the Poison-Type Specialist's complements.

Sonic shook his head with a smirk. 'That's what? The third girl couple that I've seen?' He thought before shrugging. 'To each their own I guess.'

While Rosa and Roxie talked, Tails was speaking with the other Gym Leaders about possible ways Eggman could attack.

"Well depending on the amount of forces he throws at us, he could either launch a full on assault on the police station, make an assault across the whole city to make us spread out." Tails stated.

"Well it makes sense for the second option." Brycen commented. "If he isn't hurting for robots to throw at us, it's clear that he'll try to throw them on a wide scale compared to Wyndon."

"While that does even less of the Badniks to fight, it will mean more people will get caught in the crossfire." Burgh mentioned. "We'll have to make sure anyone who doesn't have the heart to fight is kept out of the battle. Any chance for other top trainers showing up?"

"The others all have their secondary jobs going on right now." Burgh said. "It was a stretch to get things to work out but hopefully tit will be enough. Anything you can tell us about how he operates?"

"Well once Eggman does show up, he'll make sure to broadcast his arrival in a big way." Tails said.

"So he tends to grandstand?" Brycen inquired.

"You have no idea." Tails said while sighing.

"Anything else?" Burgh said.

"He'll be leading the main attack to go get the Emerald, but considering what happened in Wyndon he could use a more combat focused robot." Tails said.

"By the way, anyone seen Cynthia?" Elesa mentioned as she was drinking a Fresh Water.

"She was supposed to show up earlier but I assumed she was helping some Trainers on the way." Burgh said with in a thinking pose.

"Unless they needed extensive help it shouldn't take this long for Cynth." Skyla said, a little concerned for her friend.

"Let's check the news or social media." Victor said. "Someone must be following where Cynthia goes or reporters are Linooning her for an interview."

The Trainers quickly pulled out their phones and went to look online, looking up PokeGram, PokeTube, and Chatter for any posts about Cynthia's whereabouts.

"Guys!" Rosa said as she looked up the news on her Porygonphone. "Cynthia looks like she's in a battle with robots!"

"That's not good." Gloria said. She then saw that there was a TV in room. "I'll turn on the TV."

Quickly turning it on, they soon saw a news report.

A news helicopter was focusing on the multitude of explosions and earth being thrown around. Zooming in showed the Sinnoh Champion facing off with hundreds of Badniks that were attacking her and her team.

Garchomp was slicing through Badniks using Dragon Claw before firing off a Draco Meteor into the air. The single ball of energy reached an apex before scattering into a dozens of small, meteor-like orbs slammed down onto numerous squads of Egg Pawns, turned them into scrap metal while releasing the animals trapped inside of them.

Kommo-O was smashing apart any Badniks that tried to get close to his Trainer and the long range support Pokemon.

Togekiss was using multiple Air Slashes on the aerial Badniks, flying circles around them as it used its agility and speed to make it a hard target to hit.

Roserade was shooting out Energy Balls rapid fire, damaging or taking out the heavier Badniks including Moto Bug tanks. It was also using Grass Know to trip up the larger Badniks, especially the Egg Hammers as they fell on some of their own forces.

Lucario was using Close Combat combined with Bone Rush as it used two energy bone constructs along with kicks and punches to smash apart any Badniks that got close. It soon turned into a blue and black blur as it also used Extremespeed to take out a few dozen robots before jumping into the air and firing an Aura Sphere at a Moto Bug tank.

"Looks like she really going at it!" Skyla called out.

"Looks like Egghead's is being a bit more careful." Sonic said. "Though if he did put that force together after the last fight, either he has a lot more Badniks on the Egg Carrier then I thought or he's making them even faster then before."

"Cynthia is a strong Trainer right?" Sonic said. "I think he wants to keep her from adding to our firepower so he has a bit more of a chance to get the Emerald."

"Greetings people of Nimbasa City, it is I the Great Dr. Eggman!" The Mad Doctor said with his evil smirk. "I must admit your city is quite the attraction, in more ways then one. I would certainly find some use for it for my own design and future capital. However, I shall make due with the a certain gem that so happens to be at your museum. Please do not attempt to stop me, otherwise your city will be a mess in many ways. Wha ha ha ha!"

The broadcast then cut off as the Trainers and Gym Leaders glared at the TV screen and the Mobians looked at each other and nodded.

"If that overweight lunatic wants to tear apart my city, he'll be in for the shock of his life." Elesa said as she had a determined look on her face.

"Well what are waiting for?" Rosa questioned. "Let's get out there and take them down!"


Explosions soon sounded off outside, muffed by the walls.

The Trainers and Gym Leaders then piled out of the Gym as they saw a number of smoke clouds raising up as Flying Badniks were attacking people and Pokemon below them. Sirens from Police cars sounded off as any available officers were heading to where the smoke was coming from.

"This isn't good." Burgh said.

"The Emerald is under heavy guard." Elesa said. "No way he'll be able to get it without a fight. We also need to get civilians out of the firing line.

"Still wouldn't hurt to go help them out." Tails said as he turned to RotomElectric. "Rotom, can you figure out the best route to get to the station?"

RotomElectric then booted up his systems and showed the fastest possible route to the Police Station from the Gym. "BZZZT! Route to Police Station established! BZZZZT!"

"Nice one RotomElectric!" Sonic said while giving it a thumbs up. He soon saw that Gloria and Victor were closest to him and so made his move.

"Beanie, Tammie! Hold on!" Sonic said as he grabbed both Victor and Gloria's arms and dashed off at high speed before they could speak. The two Galarian Trainers screaming as their voices faded into the background.

"Whoa he's fast!" Roxie said.

"I guess he lives up to his name pretty well." Rosa said while surprised. "How fast can he go anyway?"

"We can ask him about his top speed later, for now let's head out!" Elesa exclaimed.

Elesa brought out Zebstrika as both she and Skyla got on it while the latter brought out Swanna.

Soon the other Gym Leaders were on the move, following the map RotomElectric was giving them.

Outside Nimbasa Police Station

The large three story building that was the headquarters for Nimbasa's finest was under siege by a few hundred Badniks.

Eggman's forces were being held off by the local police and their Pokemon teams. They were able deal with a number of his Badniks in a straight up brawl as Fighting-Types were engaging melee Badniks, meanwhile Electric and Fire Types were launching long range attacks.

When a few Egg Pawns armed with rocket launchers fired on some of the officers, a Beeheeyem used Psychic to stop the rockets and threw them back at the Badniks. The robots ran frantically to avoid the munitions as several were dealt with. A Gigaleth then used Stone Edge to not only send more of the robots away, but also made some cover.

Several Trainers were also pitching in, but they had to be careful due to the Badniks also attacking them as well. The police had defensive equipment on them so they could help their Pokemon in the fight. The Trainers used long range attacks and used Reflect and Mirror Coat to block the return fire.

Dozens of Badniks were falling apart as the tide was turning against them. However, the sound of jet engines sounded through the air as a large shadow slammed onto the ground.

Eggman's Egg Breaker Mk II appeared. It's free hand turned into a Gatling gun and open fire on the police positions causing them to pull back as their Pokemon used special attacks to take out some of the rounds. Though some of them were injured by the impact of the shells and shrapnel.

Behind Eggman were a platoon of upgraded Shadow Androids, with the previous glitchy programming having been removed. They were armed with the weapons the Egg Pawns use, but also had multi-barreled rocket launchers with different munitions. They then began to launch hit and run attacks on the trainers and police to kept them distracted.

"Well good to see that things are going my way." Eggman said with a smirk. He then looked down to a squad of modified Shadow Androids. "I want you to go inside and get me that Chaos Emerald! The rest of you deal with the Trainers and their creatures!"

The Ace Trainers of the city's police force then launched a counterattack as they unleashed AOE attacks which forced the Androids to evade as a volley of Shock Waves were firing at them. The androids tried to evade them, but these attacks were known to be unavoidable when used by experienced Pokemon.

Sounds from inside the station told him that his infiltration team was being engaged by other officers. He had been working on cloaking devices to give his forces the ability to pull sneak attacks on Sonic his friends.

However, the Nimbasa police were still fighting fiercely as Eggman could see they hadn't gotten the Emerald yet.

"I may have to bring in Metal at this rate." Eggman grumbled before he was hit by a few Hyper Beams and Flamethrowers. His Egg Breaker was more durable then the original that had fought in the Black Arms invasion, but he knew it could only take so much.

He then swung out his mace arm, the mace flying out while on a chain. It was heading toward a pair of officers that were firing at a few of the Badniks.

A Machamp was able to stop the incoming mace with a Cross Chop, knocking it back before it jumped back to avoid fire from Egg Pawns before it used Earthquake to break up the army into groups.

Eggman growled as the creatures of this world were truly getting on his nerves as he opened up on more of them.

"Can this get anymore annoying?" Eggman muttered under his breath.

However, he saw a large dust cloud turning around a corner and headed straight for him.

Sonic then skidded to a stop with Victor and Gloria in hand. The two Trainers shakily stood up and shook their bodies in order to deal with the numbness they had from their little ride along smoothing out with their hair and clothes.

"Could ya warn us next time ya crazy Hedgehog?" Gloria said with a slight glare to Sonic.

"No promises." Sonic said with a smirk.

"Now I know how Leon felt." Victor said as he shook his head to clear it up some.

"Annoying brats!" Eggman yelled as his Egg Breaker aimed its Gatling gun at the trio. "I won't let you stop me this time!"

"Not so fast Egghead!" Sonic said as he revved up his Spin Dash and slammed into the weapon, knocking it away from the Trainers.

"Attack the pests!" Eggman yelled at his forces as a hundred Badniks advanced on the Galarian Trainers.

"Cinderace! Urshifu!" Victor called out. The fire rabbit appeared and hopped in place while the Ursine martial artist took his Water-Style stance.

"Inteleon! Alcremie!" Glorida said as Inteleon aimed all of his fingers at the Badniks as the cake-like Pokemon had its serious face on.

Cinderace charged forward and threw multiple rapid Blaze Kicks at the lance armed Egg Pawns. It even kicked the lances out of their hands and sent them flying toward aerial Badniks.

Urshifu meanwhile moved much like his style's namesake, avoided Egg Pawns and Moto Bugs trying to slam into him as he lashed out with fluid yet strong strikes.

"Jump up and use Snipe Shot in rapid fire!" Gloria yelled out as her partner jumped up to avoid fire from several Egg Pawns.

"And spin!" Gloria said with wave of her arm.

Inteleon began to spin around, looking like a top as multiple water blasts came out, almost like they were coming out of a circular sprinkler.

Multiple Egg Pawns were being taken out by the water blasts as more aerial Badniks flew in to provide air support.

"Icicle Spear!" Gloria yelled out as Inteleon aimed its gunhands at a group of Buzz Bombers as sizable icicles come out. The large water lizard was able to seemingly dance around the Badniks that got close but was able to knock away for smash the robots in with strong strikes. All the while, Inteleon was showing off a little as it was firing Snipe Shots behind it without looking or while striking a pose.

A charging pack of Moto Bugs rushed forward while firing their energy weapons at Inteleon, but were stopped by Alcremie using Psychic to pick them up and positioned them in front of a squadron of dive bombing Balkries. Alcreme then blasted several more with Dazzling Gleam as it dodged incoming rockets.

The Balkries tried to stop or turn away, but they didn't have enough space or time and ended up crashing into the floating Moto Bugs, causing them to explode.

Cinderace leapt above an Egg Hammer and slammed it in the head with a axe kick variant of Blaze Kick. It then jumped into the air as the fire rabbit used Pyro Ball to attack the Egg Breaker as it was opening fire on another group of Trainers and their Pokemon.

Sonic sped around as he fighting the Shadow Androids, noting them as the biggest threat. While the metal fakes were fast and had their weapons on hand, Sonic knew they weren't as creative or as capable as his rival.

He sent one flying with spin kick and used Sonic Wind blast away two more. As one of them dashed toward the Blue Blur and tried to punch him. However, Sonic was able to grab the robot's arm held it in place.

"Man, I still wonder how Shadow had that thought of him being one of these scrap heaps." Sonic said as he slammed the Android into ground as he them tossed an incoming missile at a damaged Shadow Android. He then used a Spin Dash to move away from two more androids as he jumped off a car and nailed one an Egg Pawn with a Homing Attack. The Blue Blur grabbed the bazooka and fired on another Shadow Android which skated away.

As they continued to fight, a few more voices called out into the din of the battle.

"Zebstrika! Use Wild Charge!"

"Swanna, Hurricane!"

"Leavanny, blow them away with Leaf Storm!"

"Serperior, use Leaf Tornado!"

"Drednaw, use Stone Edge!"

Then, a large funnel of wind and two massive gales of leaves appeared. The three funnels combined to blow away dozens of Badniks and even damaged the Egg Breaker Mk II. A few of the Shadow Androids

Then a Moto Bug Tank was smashed through by an electric blur as it then crashed through a squad of Moto Bugs like they were bowling pins.

One could imagine the usual sound effect of a bowling ball striking the pins when they saw this.

As a trio of Egg hammer charged forward, they were impaled by multiple rock pillars, the damage causing them to explode.

Rosa and the Gym Leaders had arrived as they came in two cars that Elesa owns.

"Anyone with injured Pokemon get out of here!" Elesa called out as Trainers began to leave.

"Take them down now!" Eggman called out to his remaining Badniks.

"Leavanny, use Leaf Blade!"

"Scolipede, Sludge Bomb"

"Bearic, Hammer Arm!"

"Drednaw, Hydro Pump!"

"Morpeko Discharge!"

"Hatterene, Psychic!"

Multiple ball of sludge shot out and blasted a few dozen Badniks as the Bug/Grass Type and Ice Type charged into a pack of Egg Pawns. Leavanny moved much like a dancer, spinning like a ballerina as it swung its arms and even kicked any surviving Badniks anyway. Meanwhile, Beartic slammed its glowing arm into the ground, causing a shockwave and pressure wave that knocked down.

Multiple bolts of lightning from Morpeko slammed into more of the Badniks as trashed cars were being thrown at Eggman and some of the flying robots.

"Serperior, use Iron Tail multiple times!" Rosa called out as she took cover behind some rubble.

The Regal Pokemon slithered on the ground as weaved through the projectiles as it launched into the air above a group of Egg Pawns as its tail glowed blue. The Grass-Type then swung its tail around as it smashed up the nearby Badniks and sent some flying into its follow robots.

"Beartic, Icicle Crash!" Brycen called out as he punched a Caterkiller, smashing in its head.

The Ice Bear Pokemon created multiple large icicles around them as it charged forward and slammed into a group of Moto Bugs and the following icicles pierced multiple Badniks that were around him.

"Block it with Defense Curl!" Roxie said as her Pokemon partner curled up into a ball, an a blue aura surrounding it as it took the Moto Bug Tank charge. The curled up Pokemon rolled for several yards until it uncurled.

"Now use Rollout!" Roxie yelled out.

Scolopede, already powered up from using Defense Curl slammed into the the Moto Bug Tank. The attack not only stopped it dead but also smashed in its main wheel. Then Scolopede slammed into the damaged tank as it broke through it and slammed into an Egg Hammer. Scolopede continued to attack using Rollout as Sonic was tricked one of the Shadow Androids to dash in front of Scolopede as it was smashed apart.

Eggman attempted to smash the Poison/Bug Type as the mace arm swung down upon him. Scolopede was able to avoid the attack as it slammed into the right leg of the robot.

Normally, Eggman wouldn't think such a simple looking move would do all that much. But some moves had special abilities that could turn the tide of battle.

In the case of Rollout, as it is continually used, the attack gets stronger.

Thus, when it hit right leg of the Egg Breaker Mk II, it knocked it off balance as it tried to swing its mace at Beartic to crush it. The Ice-Type countered by using Brick Break to stop the incoming attack, but was struggling against the large robot.

Then Urshifu appeared and used Bulk Up combined with its own Brick Break to push the Egg Breaker Mk II back.

"Now Close Combat!" Victor called out.

The ursine martial artist then launched multiple punches and kicks to force the robot back. Eggman swung his mace arm as Urshifu leapt away before he could be hit. He then used Surging Strikes combined with Close Combat to smash up the Gatling gun arm.

"Ahhh!" Eggman yelled in annoyance as it tried to smash the Ursine. However, the Legendary Fighting Type was able to stop the attack as it caught the attack.

"Rillaboom, Frenzy Plant!" Hop called out as the Grass type Pokemon beat on its drum as spikey vines rose up and began to slamming into the Egg Breaker along with sweeping away more of the Badniks.

"Drednaw, use Hydro Pump!" Nessa commanded as the Rock/Water Type shot a large blast of water to strike the large robot.

"Multi Snipe Shot!" Gloria called out as Inteleon attacked with multiple blasts of water.

"Swanna use Scald!" Skyla called out as her partner unleashed boiling water at Eggman, causing him to scream in pain from the hot water.

"Fire the missiles!" Eggman called out. as the shoulders of the robot opened up to reveal multiple missiles as they launched into the air. Sonic and the others scrambled to move out of the way.

A single missile then slammed into a smashed up car, sending it flying away.

Hiding behind the smashed up car was a little girl and he Patchiritsu, trying to hide from the battle. Seeing his chance to get out of here with a hostage, Eggman had his robot reach out to grab the little girl.

Elesa then saw the girl being threatened as the Egg Breaker Mk II was about to grab her. Her body soon moved before she could think and quickly pushed the girl out of the way within seconds.

She quickly dropped two Poke Balls from her belt as they opened up. Her two Emolga looked around as the giant hand grabbed the model.

"Well, not only do I have a Chaos Emerald but now I have a hostage!" Eggman said gleefully as he quickly flew out of the city.

"Let me go!" Elesa called out. "Help!"

"ELESA!" Skyla said as her girlfriend was captured. She then turned to her partner Pokemon with a look of determination and anger. "SWANNA!"

The Water-Flying Type flew over to Skyla as she was running after the Egg Breaker. The Swan Pokemon soon placed its taloned feet on Skyla's shoulders as it spread its wings and began to flap them. The redheaded pilot soon jump on a nearby directory with a good showing of parkour as she left into the air to give her partner more lift as they both flew above the buildings.

"Get back here with my girlfriend you Bald-Headed Snorlax!" Skyla yelled as Swanna sped forward.

The Emolgas flew as fast as they could behind Skyla, using Agility to speed themselves up. They nodded and knew that Skyla was going to need their help as she was VERY close to their Trainer and could trust her.

"Swanna, use Tailwind!" Skyla called out as a large gust of wind came at both her, Swanna, and the Emolgas, greatly speeding them up to close the distance.

"Not good!" Rosa said aloud as she avoided an incoming rocket by diving to the side. She then saw even more rockets flying toward her and the other trainers. "Serperior!"

The serpent Pokemon unleashed a Leaf Tornado which stopped the incoming munitions. It then fired off multiple Energy Balls and destroyed more of the enemy force.

"I'll follow them!" Sonic said as he raced after the robot, blowing through more Badniks.

"Corvinknight! Come out!" Victor, Gloria, Bede, Marnie, and Hop all called out. All five Trainers got on their respective Corvinknights along with Cinderace, Inteleon, and Rilaboom (though the latter had to hung on to the talons of Hop's Corvinknight) and took off.

"Pelipper!" Nessa called out as the Water/Flying Type took off with her on its back as she returned Drednaw.

Rosa looked on as she then pulled out a Pokeball.

"Braviry!" Rosa called out as she tossed it into the air. "Take flight!"

The Brave Pokemon called out its name as Rosa hopped on its back as she took off while returning Serperior to its Pokeball.

Tails also followed behind as he quickly spun his tails behind him to increase his speed.

Roxie, Burgh, and Brycen were about to follow, but soon found themselves surrounded by more Badniks.

"Move it rustbuckets!" Roxie yelled as she then tossed out Garbodor. "Venoshock!"

The Garbage Pokemon fired out multiple blasts of poison from its right arm like a machine gun, nailing a number of the robots but more soon came in a positioned themselves to open fire on the trio of Gym Leaders.

"Don't forget Roxie, more people here in the city will be under threat!" Brycen said as he karate chopped an Egg Pawn before spin kicking another away while in mid-air. Then his Beartic slammed the last Egg Hammer with a Hammer Arm before stopping a Moto Bug Tank from running it over.

"I know!" Roxie said as she barely avoided an Egg Pawn trying to stab her. She quickly got out her Guitar and slammed it down on the Badnik, knocking it down.

Burgh was avoided the incoming energy bolts as Leavanny used Leaf Storm to blow away more of the Badniks and block some shots from their firearms.

During this, a Moto Bug tank fired a round at a building. The shot damaged the structure as a large piece of debris was falling toward some Trainers that were taking cover from the battle to heal their Pokemon. They looked up and began to move as fast as they could.

"Leavanny! Use X-Scissor!" Burgh said.

The Bug/Grass Type Pokemon leaping toward the debris as its blade hands glowed with energy. It then sliced apart the falling rubble as the Trainers escaped unharmed.

"Now String Shot!" Burgh ordered as Leavanny fired out several thick strands of sticky thread as it latched onto multiple Badniks.

It then spun around quickly, turning into a top as the Badniks it had were still trying to break free. Leavanny then cut the treads as it threw them forward, causing the Badniks to slam into other Badniks, destroying a good number of them.

"We could seriously use some back up to clear these jokers out!" Roxie said as her Garbodor used Sludge Wave to swamp more of the Badniks.

Suddenly, two figures jumped from behind the three Gym Leaders and slammed their feet into the face of two Egg Pawns.

A Sludge Bomb impacted a number of Egg Pawns. Then, an Excadrill bore through the larger Egg hammers with Drill Run. The Steel/Ground Type easily punched through the armor of the large robots and even smashed apart their smaller compatriots.

Then an Archops flew in as it used Air Cutter to slice up more of the aerial Badniks.

"Sorry, but this is the end of the line for you robots!" Both men yelled while posing and pointing. "Your next stop is the scrap yard!"

Both man looked identical in terms of looks and getups with one having his attire being white and the other being black colored. They had long trench coats with conductor caps on their heads.

"Ingo! Emmet!" Burgh said aloud.

"Apologies for the wait!" Emmet said. "We were helping evacuate the civilians along with the staff from the Battle Subway."

"What's the situation out here?" Ingo said as he saw the state their surroundings were in.

"Short version, Elesa got kidnapped and Skyla and the others took off after Eggman." Roxie said quickly.

"What!?" Both brothers yelled out. "Elesa's been captured!?"

"Unfortunately." Brycen said. "Luckily Rosa, the Trainers from Galar, and our new visitors are going after them."

"We see." Emmet said while lowering his hat with a frown. "Wait, how was Skyla when she was taken?"

"Very much enraged/pissed off." The three Gym Leaders said.

"Distortion World have mercy on that poor sod." Ingo said as he lowered the visor of his hat. "Skyla's usually sweet and cheerful, but if Elesa is in trouble or she's been slighted, she'll make them regret it."

Outside of Nimbasa

As Eggman flew away, more aerial Bandniks came to join him. He knew that the Trainers and Sonic weren't too far behind him so he been flying at top speed and had his aerial Badniks harassing them as much as possible.

Elesa was inside the glass that was in the robot's midsection. She had been able to grab the Emerald when she was taken after saving the girl and know was making sure that the mad doctor wasn't going to take it.

"Come on now Ms. Elesa, you wouldn't want your pretty face to get messed up and lose your fans right?" Eggman said as the robot claws continued to try and grab the Emerald out of her hands.

"Not happening you overweight eco-maniac!" Elesa said as she dodged as best as she could.

"Give her back!" Skyla yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Grr... annoying woman!" Eggman said as he turned to his Badniks. "Take those flying pests out!"

"Emolga! Use Acrobatics!" Skyla yelled out.

Both Emolgas soon rushed forward, the move increasing their maneuverability to avoid the incoming fire and soon slammed through any nearby Badniks.

"Swanna, use Air Cutter!" Skyla called out.

The Swan Pokemon flapped its wings as it unleashed dozens of energy like crescents, flying straight at a squadron of Buzz Bombers and cutting them down.

Then, both Emolgas unleashed Discharge. The multiple bolts flew through the air, destroying practically all of Eggman's aerial Badniks.

"Curses!" Eggman called out as he opened up his missiles again as he opened fire. To make sure he had the best chance to take out the Flying-Type Gym Leader, he had zoomed in closer while Skyla and Swanna were dealing with the Aerial Badniks.

Skyla looked on it fear as the missiles closed in. Swanna was able to blast them with Scald, preventing the missiles from impacting them directly. However, one of them was close enough to blast them away and caused the two to start falling with some injuries.

"Gotcha." Eggman said with a grin.

"Skyla no!" Elesa said as she ran to the glass. She hoped her girlfriend was okay. While she was distracted, one of the arms took the Emerald from her hand before she could react.

"No! Give it back!" She said as she tried to grab the Emerald. However, the other arm grabbed her waist and kept her in place.

The Emerald then appeared next to Eggman as it was transported to his Egg Mobile. "One down, seven to go! Ha ha ha ha!"

Both Emolgas then used Flash to blind Eggman. The light was so intense that made him cover his eyes even with sunglasses on. Once the light died down, he looked around to see that Skyla was gone. Then, he saw that a shadow was starting to cover him.

"Huh?" Eggman said while adjusting his sunglasses. "What's that in front of the sun?"

The shadow kept growing as it got closer and closer. Then as it got to within several seconds of flying into him, he could make out the white feathers of the bird and the red hair of the person it was carrying.

Before he could react, Skyla slammed both her feet in Eggman's face with a drop kick.

"BACK OFF FATSO!" She said in anger.

Victor, Gloria, and Hop had shown up alongside Rosa's Braviary.

Balkiries then flew in as they closed from two directions, going for a pincer maneuver against them.

"Incoming!" Hop called out as the Flying-Types took evasive maneuvers.

Eggman then launched more missiles at the Trainers and their Pokemon. As they closed the distance, they then exploded, causing tons of smoke to fill the air to slow them down. He then opened fire with his Gatling gun arm as they were forced to scatter again.

As Skyla closed in again, the Egg Breaker then tried to swing its mace at the duo.

Skyla and Swanna barely avoided the incoming attack as the Swan Pokemon was able to scape by, flying at high speed.

"Gotcha!" Skyla said as she kicked the Emerald out of Eggman's grasp. "Catch it guys!"

Victor and Rosa were the closet and had their Flying-Types close in to grab the Emerald, their hands out to grab it.

Then the Emerald was snatched by a somewhat larger Balkiry but had much larger and more powerful engines based on the large flames coming from behind it. It was able to catch the gem in its claws and easily broke past the sound barrier and went off to the northwest.

"Try and see if you can catch my Super Balkiry." Eggman yelled out as the top part of the Egg Breaker Mk II (along with the glass case with Elesa still inside of it) detached as multiple large rocket boosters popped out of the back as they took off, a sonicboom sounding off as it easily broke the sound barrier. "Enjoy the chase losers!"

"No!" Rosa called out. "Eggman's getting away!" She tried to have her Braviary go after the robot, but more Balkiries flew in from multiple directions to force her to evade their attacks.

Tails soon got up to them with Sonic in tow as the Blue Blur began using multiple homing attacks to clsoe the distance to the Egg Breaker until Eggman

"Stop right there!" Skyla said as Swanna was trying to keep up with the robot but was taken aback as multiple missiles flew from the Egg Breaker toward her. Swanna used Air Cutter to slice apart most of the missiles, but one was able to get close due to coming in at an angle where the attack couldn't reach it.

The missile nearly hit them as Swanna struggled to stay up, starting to fall to the ground.

Skyla and Swanna made a hard landing as the latter was able to slow them down before impact. To make sure they wouldn't be too badly hurt, Skyla rolled as soon as she touched the ground, Swanna releasing her from her claws. The other Trainers along with Sonic and Tails all gathered around her as they saw the shape of the Egg Breaker get shorter and shorter.

"It's too late." Gloria growled. "At that speed we wouldn't catch up with it and still be dealing with those harassing Badniks."

"El..." Skyla said as she looked despondent as her eyes starting to water up.

"Skyla..." Rosa said as she looked on at the pilot in concern.

Victor and the Galar Trainers looked on the Egg Breaker Mk II flying away, tightening their fists as they shook with anger.

"We have to go after them!" Rosa said. "We can't just let him go free!"

"Even if we need try to he'll be on guard and could threaten Elesa to stop us from doing anything." Bede said with a frown to the direction Eggman was flying in.

"What if we tried to use Agility multiple times and try to catch up if Eggman stops?" Hop questioned. "That robot can't have unlimited fuel."

"It's not a bad idea, but I'm sure that Eggman must have some fighters on standby." Sonic said. "His ship did have some when me, Tails, and our other friends assaulted it but those are easier for him to build since he doesn't need any animals to power them. Plus he could have more tricks to slow us down."

"So he could have more of those on standby to delay us." Bede stated.

"But we can't just let him take her!" Skyla said. "What if he tortures her or her other Pokemon to get information?"

"Eggman is many things but going as far as using actual torture on Elesa?" Tails said. "It wouldn't really gain him anything since he can hack into the net and find things out, it's more like he'll need her as a hostage to prevent any military strike against him."

"Don't worry about it Skyla, we'll get her back soon." Sonic said with a confident smirk. "Tails and I have busted in and out of Egghead's ships more times then you could count. If we find the Egg Carrier we'll break it apart and get her out in no time flat."

"BZZZT! Receiving signal! BZZZT!" RotomElectric said as it floated in front of the group.

"Whose sending it?" Tails questioned.

"BZZZT! The sender appears to be Elesa! BZZZT!" The possessed electronic said.

"What!?" Most of the Trainers exclaimed as Skyla looked up in awe.

Rotom is assisting

Will try to find ways to communicate with you guys when the big guy isn't paying attention. Will also make sure to keep updates about any movements of his forces when possible. Go for the Emerald, make sure he doesn't get it.

"That's right!" Rosa exclaimed. "Elesa said she had trained her Rotom to hack into various systems!"

"I heard she knew a thing or two about electronics but never something like this." Hop said with a bit of surprise.

"BZZZT! Another message is coming through! BZZZT!" RotomElectric said.

"What does it say?" Rosa questioned.

RotomElectric soon pulled up the message for them to read.

I'll be fine Sky, please be careful. Take care of my Pokemon alright? Love you ;) - Elesa

The Flying-Type specialist almost teared up at the message her girlfriend. She could still that she was going to be fine for now.

"Well looks like she'll be okay." Sonic said. "No doubt Eggman will be getting a headache from her even as his captive."

The Highflying Girl wiped her tears as she looked to her partner, who flew behind her and placed her talons in the same place as before. Both Emolgas while saddened chose to hover near Skyla as they would be taking orders from her until they saved Elesa.

She nodded at the two of them with a smile, she wouldn't let her girlfriend down.

"So what's the plan then?" Bede said. "We spitting up?"

"Shouldn't we be going after one or the other?" Rosa said with her hand on her chin. "Why spit up?"

"Might be a good idea to see where Eggman is currently heading to." Tails said. "He could have an area for a possible base if he starts to entrench himself in this world."

"Me and Gloria will go after Eggman to scout things out." Victor said. "If it gets too hot we'll pull back and meet up with you guys later."

"We'll make sure to let you guys know where we are meeting up." Marnie said as Morepeko continued to eat on her shoulder.

"Looks like the rest of us will be going after the Emerald then." Tails said. "RotomElectric will easily be able to follow the Emerald's signal."

"Then we'll just have to cut it off or out speed it!" Sonic said. "I'm going on ahead!"

The Blue Blur dashed off at high speed, a sonicboom following him once he was far enough away from his compatriots

The Flying-Type Gym Leader looked one more time at the direction that Elesa was being taken to. While she wanted to go after Eggman and save her, she knew it would be foolish.

'Please wait for me El, I promise we'll be together again.' Skyla thought to herself as Swanna took to the sky and the two flew after the flying Badnik with most of the others.

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