Crown Tundra, 20 miles from Galar - 2 hours after the incident at Wyndon

"ACHOO!" Bede sneezed loudly as the group of friends were walking through the snowy Crown Tundra.

"Gesundheit." Victor said to the new Fairy-Type Gym Leader.

"Ugh... It feels as though things have gotten even colder then usual." Bede said as he blew into a tissue to clear his nose.

"Really?" Hop said as he helped set up some equipment with Sonia. "It doesn't feel all that bad. Are you sure you don't get cold too easily Bede?"

"Why are we out here again?" Bede said as he was getting a bit annoyed by how things have been going.

"We're looking for that rare Pokemon that some travelers had reported seeing here." Victor said as he had his Corviknight go fetch the ball he threw.

They had been out in the Tundra for around a week in order to locate the Pokemon in question. Victor and Gloria had gotten back from a few weeks of training under old man Mustard and even fought against Urshifu in order to improve their combat abilities. As for Hop, he had been digesting as much information as he wanted to be as good of an assistant as possible. Though he still had been training whenever he took breaks as still wanted to try and take on his friends whenever he had the chance.

Victor and Hop had brought both Zacian and Zamazenta with them as they figured it wouldn't hurt to have some extra power if they encountered the Crown Pokemon. Plus, maybe they would have recognized it, meaning that it might have been there at the time of the original Darkest Day and would be another big boost to Sonia's book about the legends of Galar.

"Are you sure you're doing fine there mate?" Hop questioned the Fairy-Type Gym Leader as he helped get the portable generator up and running.

"Oh yes, getting frostbite is all the rage these days." Bede said with a scowl on his face. "I can't imagine being out in the snow long enough to get it and experience the pleasure of such a condition."

"Wow Bede, the sarcasm was so obvious it hurts." Gloria said while rolling her eyes as she helped Marnie set up some of the tents.

"We've been out here for a long time and haven't found a single clue about this crown Pokemon." Bede said with an annoyed look on his face.

"Come on Bede, don't tell me you're calling it in early." Hop said with a frown.

"No, its just that are we sure that the information we got is credible. I don't want this turned into a wild goose chase and make all of this effort seem pointless." Bede said as his Hatterenee used her psychic to move around some of the snow and helped Sonia and Hop with their equipment.

"Well, at the very least Vic you, Gloria, and Hop have been having plenty of fun." Sonia said was her Yamper was playing ball with Victor's Bolthound and Cinderace, Gloria's Tsareena, and Hop's Dubwool and Arcanine. The Postwick trio's Covinights were flying overhead as they also tried to look aorund for any interesting Pokemon for their partners to find. "I'm just glad to go back to doing some field work after being cooped up in the lab for weeks."

Bede then looked up the weather on his Rotomphone in order to see if the temperature was staying constant. or getting colder. He frowned that another blizzard was going to come in later today as he walked up to the fire they had set up to warm himself up.

"I can make some spicy Curry for you if it can help Bede." Victor said as he helped to set up the cooking gear and set up some fold able tables.

"Are you kidding Victor?" Bede said with a wide eyed look. "The last time we made spicy curry, you and Hop added way too many Tomato Berries!"

"It did help with that cold you had that one time." Victor said, trying to justify making the curry really spicy.

"Yes, it did..." Bede said while his right eyebrow twitched. "While also making me learn Flamethrower!"

"Okay mates, I think we get it." Hop said as he get between the two rivals. "Let's have Sonia make the curry. That way she's able to better balance everyone's tastes."

"Alright/Fine." Victor and Bede said respectively.

"Well since we are taking a break, who wants to have a battle?" Hop said as he brought out Rillaboom's Poke ball.

"One on one or what?" Victor said with a smile on his face.

"Let's go three on three, no using Zacian and Zamazenta this time." Hop said.

"I'll be the referee then I suppose." Bede said with a tried smirk. He knew the two boys from Postwick had more energy them normal people and that happens to be a boost for the two when they go out for days on end in the Wild Area to find rare Pokemon and even take on Dynamax Pokemon in Raid Battles without rest.

"I'll look around for some more berry trees." Gloria said as she petted her Frosmoth. "Anyone care to join?"

"I will." Marnie said as she had Morpeko on her shoulder while snacking on some crackers.

"Guess I'll get to making lunch then." Sonia said as she wrote down in notebook about the progress they've been having up to this point.

The two girls then walked away as the boys walked to a nearby field as they were getting ready to battle.

"So how's Piers been doing with his concerts nowadays?" Gloria said to the new Dark Type Gym Leader.

"He's been starting to make a few new songs along with using his usual songs with different sounds and mix-ups." Marnie said with a shrug. "It has been pretty positive for Spikemuth recently and Team Yell has been helping with setting things up and really promoting them as well."

"So plan on anything special for the next Gym Challenge?" The Runner up of the Gym Challenge stated.

"Well, I was thinking about having a music challenge or a guessing game in which they need to use their knowledge of music to guess the song or genre respectively." Marnie stated. "Something that could be interesting instead of just the whole challenge being a hallway of battles."

Gloria was a bit surprised by that. "Wow, that's kinda unique. But doesn't it sound a little too similar to Opal's quizzes?"

"It's a work in progress." Marnie said with a shrug and a small smile. "So are you planning to take on Victor to become the next Champion?"

"Maybe..." Gloria said while putting a hand to her chin to think about it. "I have been training more and I still do what to get him back for that last minute turn around he pulled. I still can't believe that Vic's Cinderace was able to withstand that Hydro Pump we used and managed to nail us with that Double Kick."

As the two passed a nearby lake, Gloria looked up and saw a small glint that was falling from the sky to her right.

"Huh?" Gloria said as she looked at the shooting star like object heading close to her and Marnie.

"Somethin' up Gloria?" Marnie said as she also looked in the direction her friend and rival looked at. She also saw the falling object as it passed over them. "Is that a Wishing Star?"

"Don't know." Gloria stated as it fall into the lake with a splash. The two then looked at each other and nodded, they had to find out if it was a new wishing star or not.

"Inteleon!" Gloria called as the bipedal water lizard appeared from the Poke Ball in his standard secret agent-like pose.

"Can you go to the bottom of the lake and retrieve whatever is down there?" She asked her oldest partner.

"Intel." The spy-like Pokemon said as it jumped into the water and swam down. It only took several seconds him to return and presented the item in question to his trainer.

It was a shiny blue gem diamond that was so clean cut it seemed impossible. Sure modern technology could make something similar to the cuts it had, but these seemed more natural then man-made.

"Wow, I've seen some beautiful gems in my life but that takes the cake." Marnie stated. "I wonder what it is?"

"Me too, we should show this to Sonia and see what she thinks." Gloria said

"Same here." Gloria said as the two girls walked back to their campsite.

Mistraltion City, Unova - At that same time

The small yet busy city in Northwestern Unova was undergoing another big boom in tourism and transportation. Cargo and passenger planes were flying in and out of the airport on a daily basis, making the ground crews and pilots really put in the hours.

Meanwhile, Skyla was busy doing training for the upcoming PML Finals with her main Sync Pair partner Swanna. Joining them was none other then Elesa with her Zebstrika. The two best friends turned couple had been busy with pulling off some combo attacks and generally having their partners work together in mock fights.

Now they trying out a new combo move which used their Pokemon's strongest physical attacks to make one powerful move which could knock out stronger opponents.

"Swanna, use Brave Bird!" Skyla shouted as the swan Pokemon surrounded itself with blue energy as it flew forward.

"Zebstrika, use Wild Charge!" Elesa yelled as the electric Pokemon charged forward with electricity appearing around it.

"Now combine!" Both female Gym Leaders yelled out. Both Swanna and Zebstrike then moved closer to each other as they then had their attacks auras start combining together and make it more into a swirl as they struggled to make it whole. However, the Pokemon toughed it out and fully combined their attacks and rushed forward. The combined attack slammed into a massive boulder and completely destroyed it as pebbles flew around everywhere and made a large gust of wind blast out. Skyla and Elesa's hair along with the latter's large yellow coat flapped in the wind as they covered their eyes from the dust. Once it died down, the two saw the damage that heir combo move did as their Pokemon (though injured due to recoil damage) stood strong in front of the destroyed boulder.

"Alright!" Skyla cheered as she raised one arm into the air. "Looks like our combo attack worked!"

"Yeah, it took a few tries but we pulled it off." Elesa said with a smile on her face. "If we ever get the chance to use Combo Sync Moves during the PML, Lear and the others will be stunned by our dazzling display."

"You bet El!" Skyla said as she smiled toward her significant other. "So what do you think we should call this move? Storm Charge?"

"Why that name?" Elesa said while tilting her head.

"I mean both wind and lightning are what you could see in a thunderstorm." The High Flying Girl stated while putting a hand on her hip. "Though I guess that could work more if we fused Hurricane and Wild Charge."

"We'll call it a work in progress." Elesa said while giggling. "I don't think we aren't being Chargabugged to come up with one right away."

Skyla chuckled nervously at the Electric-Type Specialist's pun. Elesa had been doing this to try and really open up more to others and make her more approachable for regular Trainers and people. Of course, Elesa figured one of the ways was via her expert comedic skills aka her puns. Skyla had been listening to them for quite sometime and she always smiled right through them as she knew Elesa did put her all behind them to try and make other people laugh. It was one of the things she loved about her.

"So are you going to show me the Sygna Suit that you got yet or what?" Skyla said to her "secret" girlfriend as she hugged her from behind and put her chin on the model's shoulder.

"Sorry Sky, but I really want to make its appearance special when I show it and Rotom off." Elesa said as the High-Flying Girl puffed her cheeks as she pouted. The model smiled at Skyla's face as she put a finger to her chin as she really thought about it. "Then again... I guess since it is you of all people, I suppose it wouldn't hurt."

Skyla's eyes then lit up and she smiled and hugged her harder.

The Shining Beauty couldn't help but smile at the Flying-Type Specialist's antics. She had to admit that it took a while for her to finally speak her feeling to the girl she had a crush on for years.


Skyla's face then blushed hard as she pulled away from Elesa and held her stomach. "He he he, I guess time really flew by huh?" She said with a nervous chuckle as they must have been training for so long they fought to eat.

Elesa then giggled at Skyla's embarrassment. "Ok then, how about I show you my Sygna Suit and then we can go get a bite to eat."

"Okay, let's go!" Skyla said as she lead the way back to her place while holding Elesa's hand in her own.

Zebstrika and Swanna couldn't help but smile at the antics of their partners. They had figured for a while that the two had feelings for each other and then finally were glad to see them together. They soon followed along with their trainers, just enjoying the nice weather.

Several minutes later, at Skyla's place...

Skyla then sat on the couch with Swanna's head on her lap and saw Zebstrika sleeping on the floor in the corner. She smoothed out the feathers her partner's body as Swanna hummed at the touch and looked happy as she waited for Elesa to show up.

"Okay, what do you think?"

Elesa then strut into the room in her new outfit as Rotom followed behind her. Her Sygna Suit really made her look a lot like Rotom, especially with her white and orange gloves and the lightning bolt design on the back of her head. The white top of her dress really showed her upper body and the rest looked good on her as well. She then spun around in a twirl and stuck a pose while doing a sideways peace sign next to her left eye.

Skyla's cheeks reddened upon seeing Elesa as she was stunned by how good she looked.

"I-I t-t-t-think it looks amazing on you E-El!" Skyla said, stuttering a bit at the sight.

Elesa giggled at Skyla's huge blush. "Thanks Sky, I'm glad this turned out as well as it did. For someone who is a complete jerk, Lear at least makes sure to find the best to work the various industries on Pasio. I guess he wants to make the whole thing look good for himself."

"True, but that still doesn't mean that we and the other competitors can't have fun in the PML." Skyla said with a smile to which Elesa returned.

"If you're curious, I did ask the designers to look into making one for you too." Elesa said as she petted Rotom on its head.

"Really?" Skyla said with a large grin on her face. "Thanks so much El!"

"Of course you have to look into what new partner you want to have with you in battle." Elesa replied. "Any idea which one you want to try?"

"Well, I guess I could try either Braviary or Skarmory." Skyla said as she petted Swanna. "Is there any time limit until they make it?"

"Nope, I asked them to hold on from doing it until you made your choice for a new partner." Elesa said while crossing her arms over her chest. "Am I the best or what?"

"You bet!" Skyla said. "I'll make sure to make a choice soon. So from what hear you, Fantina, and Sabrina are a shoe-in to get into the finals."

"You bet!" Elesa said with grin. "Those two are dazzling in their own right, though Sabrina could definitely get even better by smiling more. I know her whole deal is similar to what happened with Caitlin when she was younger, so I want to help really help her get more used to being natural and open up more. She has gotten somewhat better but I know full well she could really shine bright."

"That's just like you El, always bringing out the best people." Skyla said with a bright smile on her face. "It was that same skill of yours that helped Bianca find her own way after convincing her father to let her continue her journey."

Elesa laughed at that. "Yeah, thankfully she's shining bright in her role as Juniper's assistant."

"So what about your growing army?" Elesa said in jest. "From what I've heard the two young trainers in your group have been busy training under Brock, Misty, and a few of the other Kanto Gym Leaders right now."

"Well Bettie and Scottie have been proving themselves to be something." Skyla said. "They really are flying high as trainers and I'm looking forward to seeing if they can win. Especially since they want to really beat Lear in battle and show him that battles are for fun and that Pokemon are partners and not tools."

"So what do you want to get at the cafe?" Elesa said as she saw Rotom dashed around the two. Skyla was about to respond until she noticed a falling object outside her window.

"Huh?" Skyla said in confusion.

"What is it Sky?" Elesa questioned.

"I think something fell from the sky." Skyla stated as she got up.

"Oh so something fell from you?" Elesa said with a small smile.

"Wait what?" Skyla said as she realized what she had said to Elesa's question. "No I meant the sky sky, not me!"

"Really?" Elesa said with a coy smile. "Cause I know something from you fell on me."

Skyla blushed at her girlfriend's comment as the model laughed at her.

"Oh I'm just playing with ya Sky." She said as she calmed down from laughing and crossed her arms. "Maybe it was some kind of Berry or a Flying-Type dropped something."

"It honestly looked more like a falling star." Skyla said as she got to the door. "While it might just be a small meteorite, I just want to make sure it isn't anything big."

Elesa looked to Zebstrika and Rotom as they were also concerned about what her partner wanted to check out. She shrugged her shoulders as she followed behind her girlfriend.

Skyla got closer as Elesa caught up with her as she looked into the impact site and saw a gem where it landed.

"Sky, look at this!" Elesa stated as her girlfriend walked up next to her.

It was light blue colored diamond, no doubt worth a fortune to the right buyer.

Skyla then walked over to the gem and carefully picked it up as the two Gym Leaders brought it into her house.

Elesa then decided to change into her old outfit to continue to keep it a secret until her she's really for her big debut during the Finals. Skyla checked the internet if their was such a gem and if someone might have lost it. She found ones that looked similar to it and others that were the same in color, but no identical matches.

"So any idea what that gem is Sky?" The Shining Beauty questioned as she checked on what her girlfriend was doing.

"I did the best I could but honestly I think we need to call Clay." Skyla said. "He might know more about this since he's seen plenty of gems in his mines.

"I'll call Clay then." Elesa said as she called via her Porygonphone. "I'll make sure he knows to keep this a secret."

"I'll see about asking grandpa to have some of the airport's crew to ready my plane so we can head out." Skyla said as put the gem down next to her. "I know it seems weird, but I have a feeling that this gem isn't normal."

"Yeah." The Shining Beauty said with concern on her face.

"Yello?" The old cowboy-like tone of Clay sounded over Elesa's phone.

"Oh hey Clay." Elesa said in greetings. "Me and Skyla might have just found something that might peak your interest."

Oreburg City, Sinnoh - 2 hours, 10 minutes after the Wyndon Incident

Work at the local mine was continuing as per usual as workers and Pokemon continuously moved large lumps of coal from the mine and quarry to be looked over for any fossils, rare items, and gems to be used or the in case of the fossils restored. Not only that, but the coal would be broken up and shipped out to supply people with energy.

Today in the mine, a certain father-son duo were hard at work in trying to beat the other.

Roark and Byron were both competing to see who could find the most fossils and unique stones. Rampardos and Bastiodon were also slamming into the walls they were digging alongside their partners in order to help them out.

"Come on Roark, I'm barely breaking a sweat here!" Byron yelled at his son, putting more effort into his digging as Bastiodon assisted him.

"Sorry dad, not losing today!" The Oreburg Gym Leader yelled as his and Rampardos increased their own speed. Both father and son yelled at the top of their lungs as they pushed on through, much to the amusement of the other workers. They were well aware that the two were obsessed with getting fossils and rare items. Of course while things could get heated, it ever escalated past that into more aggressive actions.

"HA HA!" Byron yelled as he pulled out a large Skull Fossil that's bigger then his hands. "Take a look Roark! I believe that I've won this one!"

"Not bad dad! But look at this!" Roark said wth a smirk as he presented his find as Rampardos brought it out. It was a Helix Fossil that was bigger then a trash can lid.

"Woah!" The Steel-Type Gym Leader said in awe. "That's a massive Helix Fossil!" He then sighed loudly and sagged forward as he realized that he was beaten by his son in this competition. "Well, I guess you win this round Roark."

"Don't worry, dad you'll have better luck next time." Roark said.

"Hey Roark!"

One of the workers who had been outside ran into the mine to find him.

"What is it?" Roark asked, seeing the man was showing some sweat on his face.

"We... We found this on top of a dirt pile." The worker stated as he showed him and Byron a white diamond. Both Gym Leaders were taken aback by what they saw as they hadn't seen such a clean cut diamond like this.

"Whoa, I've seen seen a gem like this before." Byron said as he took the gem from the worker's hand and looked it over with a keen eye. Roark nodded in agreement with his dad.

"You said found this on top of a dirt pile?" Roark questioned the worker.

"Well one of the guys noticed an object falling from the sky and it landed on the pile." The worker stated. "They thought it was some small meteorite which fell, though it didn't leave a sizable impact. Once it was noticed, we took it out of the pile and I ran over to you to show you it sir."

"I've never seen a gem or diamond with such clean cut features." Roark said as he looked it over with a keen eye. "It doesn't look like it is natural though."

"I know, it looks to be fully clean cut." Byron said as he looked the gem over. "Modern technology couldn't replicate something like this, so maybe it might be natural or something."

"I see." Roark said as he thought about this. "Still, I wonder where is gem could have come from."

"Well it couldn't have come from space." Byron stated as the Steel-Type user sat on a nearby rock and Bastiodon laid out on the ground next to his partner. "Part of me wonders if it was dropped by someone but if it fell from the sky like a shooting star then that wouldn't make any sense."

"I don't know if anyone would be rich enough to have something like this," Roark stated as he thought about it. "but such a gem would be incredibly valuable. Let's take this to the lab at the museum."

Byron nodded as father and son walked to said building in question.

Rustboro city, Hoenn - 2 hours, 12 minutes after the Wyndon Incident

"Metagross, Meteor Mash!" Steven Stone, Hoenn's main champion shouted as he was in the middle if a battle with his friend/rival Wallace.

"Milotic, dodge and use Aqua Tail!" The Sootopolis City Gym Leader spoke out as the Water-Type avoided being hit directly.

Steven then grinned at his friend's move. "Now use Psychic!"

The Steel-Psychic type used the move to stop Milotic right before it could make connect with its move.

"Alright, use Ice Beam on the ground!" Wallace shouted.

Milotic fired the Ice Beam into the ground and used it to help slide along the ground as Metagross was forced to hover above the field as it avoided another Aqua Tail from the Beauty Pokemon.

"Use Psychic!" Steven shorted as Metagross used some nearby chunks of ice and boulders and tossed it them at Mliotic as the

"Use Twister to block the rocks and ice!" Wallace shorted as the incoming projectiles were about to hit his Pokemon. Milotic created a tornado via her tail and slammed it into the debris, destroying them in one go.

"Now Meteor Mash!" Steven yelled as Wallace was taken aback by the sudden move as Metagross flew through the smoke and landed the blow on Milotic's head. The Water-Type was sent flying as it was barely able to right itself before landing on the ground.

Both trainers and their Pokemon stared at each other before both Steven and Wallace eased off the glares as relaxed.

"All right, I believe this is enough for one day." Wallace stated as he moved off to his Milotic and used a Hyper Potion to help heal her up.

Later the two were eating at a cafe as their Pokemon were also relaxing in a nearby grass area.

"Well that was fun." Wallace said wit a bit of a smile on his face. "Looks like your Metagross is doing excellent as per usual."

"Of course." Steven said with a smile on his face. "I will admit Milotic was gotten stronger as well. I take it your training with Juan went well?"

"Indeed, he's been quite helpful with getting Milotic's skills up to par with other Champion-level Pokemon." Wallace said with a smile. "He as also been dealing with more challengers taking on the gym. Plus he has been keeping an eye on Groudon and Kyorge as Brendan and May have let them continue wit their usual roles until they need them again."

"So is Lisia also planning to join the PML later?" Steven said.

"Indeed, she has been mainly working on improving her Pokemon's abilities in contests." Wallace said as he thought back to what his cousin was doing. "She and Altaria have been getting more in sync along with looking into more battling. How about you Steven? Anything new with you?"

"Actually, I did find a meteorite which was made completely of metal last week." Steven said with a smile on his face. "It was a perfect sphere, no deformities."

"Ah I see." Wallace stated as he fed Milotic a Oran Berry. "That certainly sounds quite rare." He then snapped his fingers as eh recalled something. "So how was the whole space technology convention at Mossdeep? I know you were looking forward to it."

"It was great." The rock collector stated. "They showed off different vehicles and rockets for when we start reaching back out to the Moon and beyond, including machines which they plan to use to mine asteroids once we reach the belt. They stated that mining the asteroids would be a massive benefit to Earth and provide several thousand times more metal then the planet could have. Tate and Lisa were also there and they enjoyed the whole event as well."

"I can see what you mean." Wallace stated. "Going into the black sea of stars would be a truly amazing sight and experience. Makes you also wonder if there are more Pokemon out there in the stars, much like Deoxys or the Beheeyem line."

"Not only that, but some from Galar have been agreeing with the idea of Eternatus also being from space as well." Steven said as he recalled the events that happened in Galar.

"Ah yes, that massive Pokemon that was responsible for the Dynamax phenomena." Wallace said as he recalled the event in question. "It really does quite the otherworldly look to it doesn't it?"

Before Steven could respond to his friend's question.

"Steven! Wallace!"

The two turned to the direction of the voice as they saw Roxanne running toward them with Phobopass floating behind her.

"Roxanne?" Steven questioned. "Is there a problem or emergency?"

"Problem, no." Roxanne said as she caught her breath. "Emergency yes. Here take a look at this." She showed them a green diamond that she found while outside of the city while training.

"What is this?" Wallace said in awe of the gem. "I have seen some beautiful diamonds in my life, but this takes the cake."

"I must admit, I've seem some very impressive gems and geodes over the years but this gem is certainly high up there." Steven stated.

"Agreed, however when Phobopass was near it I could see that he taken aback by something related to it." The part time school teacher stated. "I think it could tell there was a vast amount of energy coming from this gem."

"A vast amount of power?" Steven questioned. He looked at the gem more closely as he could see there was some kind of energy inside of it. Whatever it was, this was clearly an important find.

"Let's stop by my father's building and look it over there." Steven stated as he put the diamond in his travel bag. "I know how to use the scanning equipment for situations like this."

Ecruteak City, Johto - 2 hours, 14 minutes after the Wyndon Incident

Morty was training with Falkner as both Gengar and Pidgeot were flying around at high speed and practicing sharp turns along with trying to keep their speed consistent as the Flying-Type Gym Leader was busy with preparing for the upcoming Pokeathlon. Gengar was playing around with a large ring which Pidgeot was trying to get through as Falkner was running over hurdles and also practicing his sprinting.

Morty saw him cross the finish line and stopped the timer on his PokeGear's stopwatch app. "Huh, 1 minute and 30 seconds. I think you beat your last time on the 400 meter dash."

Falkner was breathing heavily as he walked over to where Morty was and took a sip from his water bottle.

"So how have things been with the gym as of late?" Morty stated with a raised eyebrow.

"Same as always." Falker said as he drank from his water bottle. "My father said he would be coming to visit in a couple of weeks so I'm having the Gym Staff clean things up before that. How have things been here?"

"Same thing. However, Eugene has been busy with looking for the Legendary Dog Trio and looking into other legends in the Ruins of Alph." Morty said as he petted his Gengar as it ate some apples. "He's been looking into how other Legendaries from other regions play into Arcsus's plan."

"I see." Falkner stated. "So I take it your training with Agatha and meeting with Sabrina went well when you went down to Kanto?"

The Ghost-Type expert snorted at that. "Yeah, she was still quite the challenge even with the extra training I put in. I will say Sabrina has been coming quite a way ever since Red beat her during his Gym Challenge. I suppose being with Fantina and Elesa has been a positive influence for her."

"Oh, so are you taking more of an interest with Saffron's Gym Leader?" Falkner said with a smirk.

Before Morty could respond to that, Falkner's Pidgeot was calling out to him. It was clear his partner was telling him that he found something that caught his eyes.

"What do you see Pidgeot?" Falkner stated

Pidgeot then dived to where he saw the sparkle and quickly snatched it up.

"What's this?" Falkner stated as he looked at the red diamond in his partner's beak.

"That looks to be an expensive gem." Morty stated as he put his right hand on his chin.

Falkner took it out of Pidgeot's beak and looked it over. "It's definitely out there, We should take it to Professor Elm he could know something."

Morty nodded as he returned Gangar into his Poke Ball as both he and his friend got onto Pidgeot as the bird took off to New Bark Town.

Mt. Moon, Kanto - 2 hours, 25 minutes after the Wyndon Incident

Scores of Clefairy and Clefables were dancing around a meteorite under the night sky, looking to outsiders as if they were doing a ritual dance for some unknown deity.

Suddenly, what looked like a falling star fell upon the meteorite they were doing their dance around. It impacted the rock and fell onto the ground, which was seen by all.

A Clefable approached the object and saw it was a green diamond. The other Pokemon looked into the diamond with awe as they never saw something like this before. A few of the Pokemon could tell this diamond was special and could tell it had power inside of it. They all soon placed it on top of the meteorite and continued the ritual.

Meanwhile, the falling object had been spotted by Bill near his house. He had been stargazing while taking a break from his experiments and saw that it had landed at Mt. Moon. He figured it might not be much but it never hurt to be sure.

"What was that?" The maker of Kanto's PC system questioned. "I better go check it out."

Lumiose City, Kalos - 2 hours, 20 minutes after the Wyndon Incident

Inside the impressively tall Prism Tower, Clement was busy with setting up a new machine in his lab.

He had ordered some hover tech from Orre as he wanted to make hover vehicles more common in Kalos and inspire other regions to take a further look into it to help speed up travel. He had been making a hover bike for himself to allow him to move around faster. While Bonnie also wanted to have a hover bike, she was still a little young to use such a thing and lacked the training he did to make sure he wouldn't crash (mainly via VR simulators which mimicked reading a hover vehicle).

"Finally finished!" The inventor stated as he cleaned his face with a rag. His yellow and blue colored bike now had quad hover modules which would allow him (theoretically) to even speed across water if the output they were capable of was accurate.

It had been a while since he had seen Calem try out for the PML. When he got back, he said he had fun being on the team he had joined along with his Meowstic. Tierno had been busy with improving his dancing skills and battle style, Trevor had been making strides in his photography with Viola and Alexa's help, and both Shawna and Serena had been busy with their performances for the next round of them in the Kalos Region.

Suddenly, an alert come out from his personal computer which made him rush over to it. He had worked on a detection system which could alert him to any strange phenomena that could appear in Lumiose.

"Huh?" Clement said in confusion as his monitor was displaying was that the readings were from an object that fell a few miles north of Lumiose. It was small, but the energy readings could put almost any form of energy production to shame.

"Woah, whatever this object this is its giving off readings similar to the Ultra Wormholes from Alola." The young inventor stated. "I wonder what it this energy could be." If he could find some way of harnessing it, maybe it could be used a special power source or creating something akin to it for better, more eco-friendly energy (maybe even improve current methods). He looked to his new hover bike.

"Well, I didn't think I would need to test this out so soon." Clement said as he used his Rotomphone to mark down the location of the falling object. "But I guess is a good enough time."

Clement took out a helmet he had brought to better protect himself and his backpack of gadgets as he started up his new bike as it lifted itself up as he had the garage door open up as he revved it up. He spun it around in a circle as he then moved forward into the night and went out to the impact site.

Ather Foundation, Alola - 2 hours, 30 minutes after the Wyndon Incident

"Yes I promise we'll make sure to visit Johto over the summer. I was thinking about going to Euruteak City or Mahogany Town to the Lake of Rage." Lusamine said over her Rotomphone to Lille.

"Really?" The young blond said with a bit of surprise.

"Yes, I'll see about asking Gladion if he is willing to join though he is busy with training."

"Alright mother, I have to go now as Lana and Mallow are starting the dance competition with Selene. See you later."

"See you."

Lusamine sighed as she sat back in her chair. She couldn't help but wonder if everything she had been doing was good enough to mend the burnt bridges she had made with her children after all of these years. Her obsession had made her into something worse then a monster, and she had done so after what her husband had discovered. Now she was fully set on making amends for what happened, even if it took her years to pull off.

Thanks to both Elio and Selene's efforts and support, she had been going on more trips with her children, especially with Lille as Gladion had been busy training to fight Elio to claim the title of Alola Champion. She was well aware that Lille may still have some concerns about her going back to how she was prior to the Necrozma incident, so she had to try her best to really make her daughter happy. It was working out, but she knew Gladion would be difficult as he had taken the fall for her a number of times when they were younger.

Recently, both of them had been looking into joining the PML as they had already chosen their partners. Lusamine figured that she could also join in the tournament and make up a team with her children, but still needed to find her own partner. While part of her wanted to see about finding an Ultra Beast so they had the best chance, but she figured going with one of her regular Pokemon.

She herself had been looking into more of the Fallers phenomena and more about the Ultra Wormholes in order to truly travel to dimensions outside of their own. Several of the Regions had been looking into making plans for possible first contact scenarios and plans for defense if anyone they meet ends up being hostile.

As she typed away, the alarms in her office went off as she gasped.

"What the-!?" Lusamine said aloud as she brought up the readings that her equipment by the power readings she was detecting. "This power! It's on the level of a strong Ultra Beast if not greater!" She saw that the strange readings were coming from an object that was falling from the sky, on course to impact close to the Pokemon School. Thankfully, based on the projections of the object it wouldn't cause much damage at best making a large hole in the yard if it landed. It dimensions were around that of a sizable gemstone which could fit in a person's hand but the energy readings were ridiculous if what she was getting was correct.

She quickly typed in a call to Wicke and brought it on screen.

"Ms. Lusamine, I take you saw the alert?" The purple-hair scientist stated as staff were running in the background to keep tabs of the sudden energy reading.

"Yes. Send a team out to these coordinates ASAP!" She ordered as she sent the information to her assistant. "Also, have some of the info sent to Brunet about this once we've gotten a good grasp of the situation. This could be something far different then the Ultra Beasts."

"Roger that." Wicke replied as she went to give orders.

'Sorry Lille, I hope you can forgive me for this.' Lusamine said as she continued to type away as the projections and energy her equipment was detecting. 'But this maybe bigger then it is right now.'

Poni Island, Alola - That Same Time

Gladion had been busy training with his Dusk Lycanoc and Umbreon as he was going to try and battle with Elio again in order to claim the title of Champion. He had also been better working with Silvally and looking into other moves to better its performance. Currently, he was taking a break with them as he fed them and looked over what was happening in the news.

The young man was glad that his sister was starting to better connect with their mother but he was still a work in progress. After all, it was difficult for him to forget all of the years he had taken punishments for Lille.

'I suppose I have to face the fact I need to let go of everything she did and truly give her chance.' He thought to himself.

"Umbre?" The Dark-Type Eeveelution questioned his trainer's state of mind as he was clearly thinking of his family.

Gladion gave his Pokemon a small smile as he petted it on the head. "It's fine Umbreon, you don't need to worry."


"What?" Gladion said out load as he headed over to the impact site. There was a small crater where what ever fall impacted as Gladion got closer. His Pokemon were right behind him, ready to attack whatever was in the crater to protect their trainer. When the smoke cleared, both the goth and his team was surprised by what they saw.

It looked to be an bipedal animal with white gloves and red and white shoes with what looked like mini rocket engines on the bottom (the goth realizing the being may have full on rocket powered shoes). It's fur was largely colored red and black (much like his clothes) and had a clump of white fur on its chest.

"Who is this?" The blonde haired youth thought as he brought the black furred being into the shade before he took out some potions and Oran Berries to help it out.


"So where are those Emeralds?"

High above the ocean, was a massive airship which easily surpassed the Plasma Frigate that attacked Unova a couple of years back.

Eggman had been dealing with the headache of Shadow's attack somehow teleporting his whole ship into a new location. While he had suffered heavy losses due to Sonic and Co., he was rebuilding with available resources. He still had some of his stronger robots in reserve in case he encountered serious resistance.

Since he was in a new world he began to hack into the internet in order to gain information. From technology, to how people people lived in this world.

He was interested in the Pokemon of this world due to the diverse amount of powers and uses they had. From helping out at power stations, to assisting police officers and being pets, they were quite multi-talented.

In terms of tech, this version of Earth was ahead in clean energy and even had hover technology emerging onto the scene.

While there were military forces along with police groups such as the International Police, as a whole this world's defense forces weren't on the level that even G.U.N. had been at. This was due to the large period of peace the world had since the last major conflict over a decade ago (though small wars did happen in troubled regions with the Regions sending men and women to end to fighting). Though dealing with the stronger trainers and even the Legendaries would be a serious pain for him if he wasn't careful. In the case of the latter, he would have to deal with beings that could be on the same level as Dark Gaia, which would easily defeat almost everything he could create. Hell, he doubted Metal Sonic's massive Metal Overlord form would be enough to win a battle against them.

So for right now, he had to be careful otherwise he could be brought down in one sudden move.

"Orbot, Cubot!" He called out to his robot goons. "Send off scouts to the different regions to locate the Emeralds. If the Regions have them under guard, get reinforcements and retrieve them!"

"You got it boss." Orbot stated.

"And make sure to not to make a big mess of things!" Eggman demanded. "The last thing I need is dozens to hundred of Trainers messing up my plans."

"Roger Dodger!" Cubot said as Eggman rolled his eyes. The two robots then floated away as he turned back to the map of this new Earth.

"Oh well, at the very least I may have a new world to conquer and add to the Eggman Empire." Eggman said with his classic evil grin. "I'll get the Emeralds back, use these Pokemon to further my plans, use their energy for my purposes, and finally get rid of that spiky, blue pain in the neck and his friends for good!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Eggman laughed until he started coughing. "Someone get me some water!"

So yeah, this chapter was basically set up for the sort of globe trotting that Sonic will be doing with the Galar crew and getting more help on the way. Like I said, the Gym Leaders will play a big part of this along with other skilled Trainers. This event was to show them that something big was happening and they'll learn soon enough how important these "mysterious gems" will be in the near future.

As for the PML, it will come up as an arc later in the story. Let's just say Lear will be dealing with far worse then Team Break.

Next chapter, Sonic is finally gonna wake up and start interacting with Leon and Galar Gym Leaders and will soon meet Victor and his group. Though Eggman will end up crashing the party and we'll get to the first true action scene of this story.

Also, yes one of the same sex couples from the Pokemon side of things is Skyla and Elesa. They're one of my favorite pairing in Pokemon (and Pokemon Masters has admittedly not helped due to the Sygna Suit Elesa event) due to how their personalities work together and their past history can be used to further a possible relationship.

P.S.: Considering where the newest season in the Pokemon Anime is going with Ash taking on past Gym Leaders and Rivals to take on Leon, would you guys like to see him have a double battle with Elesa and Skyla down the line? Personally I think it would be a pretty cool episode since the whole "these two are good friends angle never came into the Anime at the time. Plus it could help to redeem Skyla's anime version more since she was handled BADLY during Best Wishes.

Seriously, I have do idea why the team behind Best Wishes did her and her story like that. To be honest, Marlon would have made more sense in being a Gym Leader that did not take his job seriously and have the whole "doing his hobby instead of his job thing" going for him. It seemed like a bit of a 180 for Skyla character wise compared to how she is in games (though not as much if compare how Lusamine is in the Anime and the Games, THAT was a complete 180), turning her from a fun, cheerful and caring Gym Leader to an arrogant, immature, and just unlikable trainer until the end of her battle with Ash where she was going to make a change for the better.

Seriously if anyone can find out why the team behind the Best Wishes season chose that story and personality for Skyla I would be interested in learning about it.