Nimbasa City

As the city went about on its usual activity, Elesa was petting her new Boltund as it slept in her lap. However the Shining Beauty was concerned as she looked out the window from her large apartment in the residential area.

Skyla meanwhile was feeding her Swanna, Swoobat, and Unfezant with Pokemon Food specially made for Flying-Types.

"You okay, El?" Skyla said as she was concerned about her girlfriend.

Elesa then snapped out of her stupor as she looked to Skyla. "Oh sorry Sky, I guess I was lost in thought."

"It's alright." The Flying-Type Gym Leader said while shrugging. "Things aren't normal right now."

"What's more abnormal exactly? The fact the gem we found comes from another world altogether or that there's a mad scientist that wants to try and take over our world?" Elesa said while holding a hand to her head.

They had taken the gem to Clay to analyze, to find out more about it. However, he was taken aback by the sheer power output it had, along with it glowing like crazy.

Some time following the discovery of the power in the gem, Iris was able to find out the truth of the situation and informed the Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Professor Juniper and her father, Bianca, and both Alder and Benga (who were off in northern Unova in a serious training regimen).

To say they were surprised about the whole thing was an understatement. This was followed by various news organizations releasing more info about what had happened in Wyndon.

The Emerald was with the police but they did have a few of the other Gym Leaders show up to the city on business. Roxie had planned a gig, Brycen would be overseeing a movie shoot with Rosa, and Burgh was at an art exhibit showing off some of his creations. All of this was around the theme park area, where hundreds of tourists a day despite recent events in Galar.

Of course, this was a cover for the Gym Leaders to help in guarding the Emerald.

"Nessa said say that they would be here shortly." Elesa said. "I am worried though about what could happen with my city, but I will not allow Eggman to run rampant."

Skyla smiled at that. "There's the confident tone I love!" She said, making Elesa blush a little at the praise.

"Well at least we will have help from the two Fallers they met in Galar." Elesa said as he petted Boltund more. "Sonic and Tails I believe they're called."

"I'm kinda curious to meet this Tails." Skyla said with a small smile. "Not just him being an alien but also how's he an amazing pilot even though he's not a teenager yet. I'd really like to see his airplane and how good he is at piloting."

Elesa raised an eyebrow at that before having a slight smirk appear on her face. "Wow Sky, you don't seem worried about there being a pilot that's younger then you and possibly better then you at your job."

"Hey!" Skyla said. "I'm not worried about him being a better flyer then me!"

"Are you sure you're not JELLY-Cent about it?" Elesa said with a coy smile.

Skyla drooped her head forward and groaned at her girlfriend's pun. Skyla's Pokemon and Elesa's Boltund groaned and rolled their eyes at the Electric-Type user while said Trainer giggled.

Egg Carrier

Eggman was looking through his robot flying over the city as he pondered what to do.

He had picked up the signature of the Emerald in Unova a while ago and flew close to the Region's airspace. While he was keeping his ship under the radar, he didn't want to be found out by some fluke.

He was looking at displays showing the Gym Leaders in the city doing their events. Roxie was playing a new song with her band in front of a large crowd, her Koffing dashed around in the air. Brycen was showing off his skills at being a stunt man by showing his skills in parkour, and Burgh was showing visitors some of the work he been experimenting with.

"Grr... Those Gym Leaders are on to me." Eggman said. "Sure, it's convenient they have all of this stuff going on but I know better."

"Hey, you think we can go on the Ferris Wheel they have there?" Cubot said.

"Uh, won't they be guard for anything that's out of the ordinary?" Orbot questioned.

"Well not unless we sneak into someone's bag all stealth like." Cubot said happily.

"Will you two idiots shut up!?" Eggman yelled. "We have more important matters to deal with then carnival rides!"

"Says the guy that has built multiple carnivals." Cubot said under his breath.

"I heard that!" Eggman yelled. "Now then..." He then pressed a button on his chair.

A new image popped up in front of the mad Doctor, showing Cynthia flying toward the city on the back of her Togekiss.

"Send four companies of our Badniks with Cynthia herself." Eggman commanded. "She cannot link up with the Gym Leaders in Nimbasa if we are to take the Chaos Emerald."

"Is she really that big of a threat?" Cubot said while scratching the top of his head.

"She IS a serious threat you tin can!" Eggman said while pointing to Cubot. "She's regarded as one of the most powerful Trainers on the planet! In fact, she was able to go into another dimension and escaped from it!" The Mad Doctor slumped a bit in his chair. "I know how hard that is."

"So what are we supposed to do about it?" Cubot said while tilting his head to the side.

Eggman facepalmed while groaning. "If she showed up to Nimbasa before we could grab the emerald, we could be crushed within an instant! Now get those units moving!"

Both robots soon floated off to accomplish his orders. Eggman then turned back to the displays as another appeared, showing the jet that Sonic and his friends were arriving on.

"Now, time to see about dealing with Sonic and his new friends." Eggman stated. "Perhaps I should see about sending one of my stronger robots to deal with them."

Near Nimbasa Airport

As the team's jet landed on the runaway, the Tornado had landed close to the city.

"That was AWESOME!" Gloria yelled out while pumping her arms up. Her Corviknight landed next to her, stretching its wings out. Gloria then gave it a Sitrus Berry to regain a good amount of energy.

"You go on ahead Gloria, I'll stay behind to hide the Tornado." Tails said as he pulled out camouflage netting from the Tornado's storage compartment.

"Are you sure you don't need help Tails?" Gloria questioned while tilting her head.

"I'm good, I'll see you guys in a bit." Tails said with a smile.

"Okay!" Gloria said before turning to her Corviknight. "Alright, let's fly over to meet the others!"

"Cor!" The Steel-Flying Type said as his Trainer got on his back and they flew off to the city.

Nimbasa Airport

"Finally here!" Sonic said as he stepped out into the tarmac. He let out a breath of the air and took in the sight as he could now have the chance to explore a city. He couldn't see much of Wyndon due to the others wanting him to stay under the radar until Victor and Gloria helped him in getting to the Wild Area.

"Sonic!" Bede angrily said. "We said to keep out of sight!"

"It's cool Bede!" Sonic said as he suddenly appeared next to one of the landing gears. "I'm keeping my head on a swivel and seeing if anyone is looking in my direction."

Bede sighed at the Hedgehog's carefree attitude.

"I wonder if we can visit Nimbasa's Gym and see how they are like outside of Galar." Hop stated as he stepped off the plane.

"I'm curious about visiting the Battle Subway, I've heard it's got some pretty neat challenges for participating Trainers." Marnie said.

"Guys we're on a mission!" Bede yelled out. "We can't be taking time for sightseeing!"

"I think it can work if we help keep an eye on the Chaos Emerald." Victor offered. "We'll need to speak with the other Gym Leaders if there is a chance we can explore the sights of the city."

"Man you guys are lucky you can go around easily." Sonic said with a slight frown. "Since if I show up then a ton of Trainers would be rushing to catch me."

"Hey guys!"

The group looked up to see Gloria flying in on her Corviknight while waving.

A yellow streak soon appeared as it cleared the fence and soon flew down toward the group. Tails soon got out of his ball form and spun his tails around like helicopter blades.

The Trainers were stunned by what they saw.

"But.. But how?" Bede said as his mind was trying to figure out how Tails was getting enough lift to fly around.

"That's amazing!" Gloria said with a grin on her face.

Marnie also had a smile on her face. "Guess you got your name for a reason there."

"Well... it's actually not my real name." Tails admitted with a sheepish smile.

"It isn't?" Marnie questioned.

"Question for later." Sonic said. "So any idea how we can walk around the city with you guys without having every Trainer coming after us?"

"Actually, I have some disguises for you guys to wear!" Gloria said as she went into her bag and looked around. She then looked deep enough and found them. "Here they are!"

She then pulled the disguises out. "TADA!" She said with a big grin.

They were a pair of trench coats, fedoras, and sunglasses.

The others all looked at the disguises the young Trainer had come up with and were silent for a bit.

"Really." Bede said with a deadpan face. "THAT'S what we are going with?"

"Well its the only thing I could get together quickly." Gloria stated. "Besides, people will probably be busy with their own things so it won't be all that bad."

"Gloria." Bede said. "There's no way this going to work!"

In The City

"I can't believe this is actually working." Bede said while holding his head in his hands.

The group was walking past the grand train station as they passed numerous people and Pokemon. The air was still festive and relaxing on the surface.

And somehow, despite some people and Pokemon staring at them for their size it worked.

"Come on Bede, don't look a gift Ponyta in the mouth." Hop said while smiling. "Do you want them to be swamped by Trainers?"

Bede was about to comment but shut his mouth since Hop had a good point.

"So Tails." Gloria said while looked to the disguised Fox. "You said that wasn't your actual name."

"Yeah..." Tails said while looking to the side with a sheepish smile on his face. "My actual name is Miles Prower."

"Wait... Miles Prower..." Victor said as thought it over. "Miles PER-Ower... Miles Per Hour! I get it!"

"Wait your actual name is a pun about speed!?" Hop said in surprise as they were silent for a few seconds.

They then all laughed.

"Okay that's actually a bit funny." Victor stated.

Gloria was giggling quite a bit at that as Tails rubbed the back of his neck while blushing.

As the young Trainers interacted with the genius Fox, Sonic was taking in the sights. He then noticed that Nessa looked a little off, as she was concerned about something else.

"You doing okay there Nessa." Sonic said to the Raging Wave.

"Oh!" Nessa said as she got out of her thoughts. "Sorry Sonic, I was just wondering how Sonia and the others are doing."

"I'm sure they're fine Ness." Sonic said while crossing his arms behind his head. "Besides if anything did come up, I'm certain they can handle it."

"I guess...' Nessa said as she looked around the place.

"So I'm guessing you and Sonia are a thing?" Sonic stated.

Nessa's eyes then widened behind her sunglasses along with a blush on her cheeks. "Wait you actually think that!?" She said with surprise in her voice.

"Yeah, it kinda seems like you guys really enjoy each others company and I mean REALLY enjoy it." Sonic said.

Nessa looked at the Blue Blur for a bit before sighing out loud. "Sonia and I... we aren't... together together yet..."

"So... is this what Gordie was teasing you two with?" Sonic questioned.

"Well..." Nessa said looking to the side, blushing a bit. "I may have a bit of a crush on Sonia, for a few years now." She then lowered her head. "Some people had been talking about it on social media when someone had got me and her hang out more and more. Of course, there are those that take it to the extreme and things have been blowing up."

"So are you saying you wouldn't want to take it to next level?" Sonic questioned.

"Well... no I would but it's just weird since she and I have been friends for so long and all..." Nessa said with a worried frown. "I just... don't know if she would be alright with it considering how we're both famous in Galar and that could seem scandalous to some people. Plus I don't know if she would want to consider romance right now due to her job."

A moment of silence passed between the two of them.

"Hey, if that is what your heart wants go for it!" Sonic said with a thumbs up.

Nessa was a bit surprised by the Hedgehog's choice of words. "Really, you think so Sonic?"

"Of course, if that ends up being what makes you happy then go out and seize it!" Sonic said with a smile on his face.

Nessa was silent for a few seconds after that. She then giggled at the Hedgehog's straight forwardness. "I guess you are supportive of others finding their joys in life huh Sonic?"

"Yeah I always know what I want." The Blue Blur said with a smirk. "It's why I'm always on the move, I love running with the wind to where ever it goes. So if you want to pursue being with Sonia, just trust your heart and do it!"

Nessa smiled quite a bit at that. "Thanks for the pep talk Sonic." She said, glad that the weight she felt in her heart was a little less heavy.

"No sweat." The Blue Blur said with with a shrug.


Sonic and Tails ran into a nearby alleyway as the Trainers looked in the direction of the voice. It was Skyla running up to them with Swanna flying behind her.

"That's a... revealing outfit." Sonic commented. "Kinda looks like something Rouge would try on."

"No kidding." Tails said.

Skyla then hugged Nessa with a smile. "It's been a while Ness!" The pilot said happily. "Are Sonia and the others alright?"

"Oh everyone's okay Sky." Nessa said with a smile as she lowered her sunglasses. "No one was badly hurt during the attack."

"That's good to hear!" Skyla said with a grin on her face. She then faced the rest of the Galar Team.

"You must be Champion Victor!" Skyla said as she shook his hand rapidly. "Congrats on becoming the latest to claim the title!"

"Um, thank you." Victor said bashfully.

"You're Bede and Marnie, two of Galar's newest Gym Leaders right?" Skyla said as she faced the two Trainers.

"Yeah that's us." Marnie said with a slight smile on her face.

"It's a pleasure to meet with a Gym Leader with another region." Bede said with an apathetic look on his face.

Skyla then faced Gloria and Hop. "You guys are Gloria and Leon's little brother Hop. I saw that you guys also really put your all in the League Tournament. Excellent battling out there!"

"Thanks!" Both young Trainers said at the same time.

"So where are those two Fallers that were with you guys?" Skyla questioned as she looked around.

"We're over here!" Sonic said while waving to the Flying-Type Gym Leader.

"Oh there they are!" Skyla exclaimed. "Wow, they're shorter then I imagined!"

The others chuckled at that.

"Also, aren't those disguises usually seen in cartoons?" Skyla said while tilting her head.

"Trust me Ms. Skyla, I'm feeling a small headache from the fact it worked." Bede said.

"Just Skyla is fine." Skyla said. "Anyway, I guess you guys can show yourselves when we get to where we are going."

Some Time Later, at Elesa's Apartment

Skyla then opened the door to Elesa's apartment, showing the Galarians and Mobians inside.

They were surprised at how luxurious the place was, with flat screen TVs, a hot tub, a large dining area, a large bookshelf, and exercise equipment. There was also stairs that led to a few rooms for visitors to use.

Sonic whistled at the place. "Sweet pad."

"Hey guys!" Elesa said as she walked into the room. "Hope your flight wasn't a rough one."

"Is that a swimsuit she's wearing under that poofy coat?" Sonic whispered to Tails.

"Guess the people in Unova don't like clothes very much. " The Fox commented.

"Its was fine enough Elesa." Nessa said as she walked up to the Shining Beauty.

"Hey Nessa!" Elesa said with a big smile on her face as the two hugged. "You seem as calm as the ocean today."

Nessa chuckled a bit at that. "Well, I am a bit concerned about what is going on but I'll manage."

"That's good. After all, cool heads will prevail." Elesa commented. She then turned to the other Galar Trainers. "Welcome to Nimbasa everyone!"

Victor and company say their thanks and introduce themselves to Elesa.

Her Boltund soon ran into the room and circled around the group happily.

"Whoa!" Gloria said as she knelt down to pet the Electric Type. "I didn't know you had a Pokemon from Galar!"

"Skyla and I actually visited Nessa and Sonia a few months ago and they showed us where to catch two particular Pokemon." Elesa pointed out. "We figured we could use them for the next PWT or even when the PML starts up again from its hiatus."

Nessa then coughed into her hand as she caught everyone's attention. "Guys I believe there's something else we need to discuss?"

Elesa and Skyla realized what she meant and turned to the Mobians. "Sonic and Tails right?" Elesa questioned. "Care to take off your disguises?"

"Shall we? Sonic said to his best buddy.

"You bet!" Tails said.

Sonic and Tails both pulled off their disguises, showing themselves to the two Unovan Gym Leaders.

"Aww!" Skyla said as she hugged Tails. "You are so cute!"

Tails flinched from the strength behind the hug and he was blushing from Skyla's chest being pressed on him. "Too tight! Too tight!" He said.

The pilot gasped and let go of the little Fox, allow him to breathe easier.

"Oh sorry about that!" Skyla said while rubbing the back of head. "I didn't mean to hug you so hard!"

"Next time Sky, don't give someone a hug they can't BARE-tic." Elesa said with a giggle.

"Is that supposed to be a joke or something?" Sonic said.

"Yep." Nessa said while putting her right hand on her right hip. "Elesa's basically considered a pun queen when she wants to be. It's earned a lot of groans from her challengers and fellow Gym Leaders alike since she changed her image."

"Why Nessa!" Elesa said in mock hurt. "Are you trying to make a MUK-ery of my humor?"

"Case in point." Nessa said while shaking her head as the other Trainers groaned.

"I'll have you my pins are a SERPERIOR type of humor then dad jokes." Elesa said as Victor and company groaned loudly while Nessa sighed.

"El, I think they get it." Skyla said with a nervous smile and several sweatdrops on her head.

"I suppose you're right Sky." Elesa said with a shrug. "After all, nobody gets it like you do."

"Well I sure don't." Sonic stated. "If you're using Pokemon for your puns then I'm lost."

"Oh right, you guys are from another world." Elesa realized. "You probably don't get the jokes. Basically the puns I made were based on three Pokemon named Beartic, Muk, and Serperior."

"I see." Sonic said in realization. "So why do you usually do these puns anyway?"

"It's just part of a new image I want to give to people." Elesa said. "Show them that I'm friendly and approachable, willing to help give advice and pointers for either battling or fashion."

"I see." Sonic said.

Elesa the placed an arm around Skyla's shoulder. "And this one is responsible for helping out with it." She said with a smile while Skyla chuckled.

"So are we going to go straight to where the Chaos Emerald is at?" Nessa questioned.

"Actually, we planned a meeting with the other Gym Leaders that are here over by the amusement park." Elesa said. "We figured that we could come up with ways to better defend the Chaos Emerald if that crazy doctor shows up."

"Other Gym Leaders?" Marnie questioned.

"We set up some events that had some of our friends show up." Skyla stated. "While I'm sure that both El and I can handle Eggman and his robots, we figured it wouldn't hurt to have some backup."

"Good plan." Tails stated. "Eggman might end up pulling a fast one and bring more of his Badniks to attack Nimbasa."

Elesa pulled out her Porygonphone as she got a few texts. "Looks like Roxie and the others are meeting up near the Ferris wheel around 12. You guys can relax a bit here and we got plenty of food if you're hungry."

"Thanks!" The Galar Trainers said.

Nimbasa Amusement Park, Later...

Sonic and Tails got back in their disguises as the group followed Skyla and Elesa to the meetup they were having with Roxie and the others.

"So you're both models that also find the time to work on battling at your Gyms?"" Sonic questioned Nessa and Elesa.

"Yeah, its a lot of work but we manage." Elesa said.

"So you have a few other planes back where you are from?" Skyla questioned Tails.

"Yeah, there's the Tornado 2 and I'm planning to make a third one if needed." Tails said with a small smile.

"That's really neat!" Skyla said with a bright smile. "Would it be okay if I can see your plane?"

"Sure no problem!" Tails said.

"So what were you guys planning on doing prior to us and Eggman showing up in your world?" Sonic questioned Skyla.

"Well, El and I were working on training for the PML." The Flying-Type specialist stated. "Mainly in combining some of our moves for combo attacks."

"PML?" Sonic questioned.

Skyla was about to answer that but they heard a voice that was familiar to the two Unovan Gym Leaders.

"All right! I'll show you how's its done!"

The group all turned to see a young girl with hair buns, a white and blue shirt with the sleeves going up to her elbows and with a pink Pokeball on her chest. She also had black tights under a short yellow skirt and a visor hat on her head. She also had what looked to be two strips of fabric on both sides of her neck that tied together in a bow on the back of her neck.

"So what do you think Serperior?" The young girl said to the large, green, serpent. "Was my impression of Blue better that time?"

"Ser." Serperior said while nodding its head.

"That's great!" She said while tilting her head to the side and putting her hands together. "Good to know my training is paying off."

"Hey there Rosa!" Skyla said while waving to the girl.

"Oh Skyla, Elesa!" Rosa said, walking up to the two Unovan Gym Leaders. "Hope you guys have been getting in time to practice for the PML!"

"It's fine Rosa." Elesa said. "We've actually managed to get our new combo move all set to go."

"Nice!" Rosa said. "I want to see it in action!"

"Don't worry Rosa, I'm positive we'll unleash it soon enough." Skyla said.

"Whoa you're THE Rosa!" Gloria said. "I've seen a few of your movies, you're amazing!"

"Aw thanks!" Rosa said with her eyes sparkling. "I'm actually planning on helping with a new movie soon. Brycen is giving out tips and advice to the stunt guys, to really make the scene more flashy."

The others introduced themselves to the Unovan actress. She was able to pet Morpeko after asking Marnie for permission and got to see their best Pokemon.

"Anyway Rosa," Hop said. "Meet Sonic and Tails! They're our new friends from another world!"

"You might even heard or seen our blue friend in action but at Galar." Gloria said with a smile.

Rosa looked closely at the Blue Blur as he lowered his sunglasses and moved his hat up a bit.

"Whoa! You're the Blue Sandslash that was at Wyndon!" Rosa said, stunned.

Sonic groaned as he slumped forward. "How many times are people in this world going to call me that?"

"Until we reveal we aren't Pokemon." Tails stated.

"Oh sorry about that." Rosa said while rubbing the back of her head. She then then put a hand to her chin with her fingers in an L. "So you guys are really from another world? That's so cool!"

Sonic chuckled at the girl's cheerfulness. "We can tell ya when we meet up with some of the other Gym Leaders here."

"Oh you guys are meeting up with Roxie and the others?" Rosa questioned. "Can I come too?"

"Sure!" Skyla said. "The more the merrier!"

The Galarians all shrugged and agreed with the offer. Rosa pumped her fist as she returned Serperior to its Poke Ball.

The group then all walked toward the amazement park, not knowing that the battle for the Emerald was about to happen much sooner then expected.

Several miles away from Nimbasa City

Cynthia was on the back of her Togekiss as she soared through the air.

"Good work Togekiss, at this rate we'll beat our current record." She stated.

"Toge!" The Normal/Flying Type said with a smile.

Cynthia then noticed a change in her surroundings as she quickly looked around, her instincts alerting her to danger. She then turned around and spotted what was giving her that uneasy feeling.

Dozens of hostile robots were flying behind them. She recognized the model from both the news report about the Wyndon Battle and from what Leon had said to her and the others.

"Looks like Eggman must have caught on to us." The Sinnoh Champion stated.

Soon the Badniks unleashed scores upon scores of missiles heading toward the Champion.

Cynthia's Togekiss flew at top speed in order to widen the gap. While this worked for some missiles, others were still heading toward them.

Her Pokemon moved at high speeds as it evaded the incoming missiles. Some came close, but Togekiss's experience and training helped it to avoid being hit. It even used its wings effectively to push the missiles up or down without causing them to explode.

"Togekiss, multi Air Slash then follow up with Heat Wave!" Cynthia ordered.

Togekiss turned its body as its wings turned light blue as flapped its wings toward the Balkiries, unleashing several dozen air blades that slashed through a number of them. More missiles flew toward the pair until Togekiss unleashed a massive Heat Wave that easily destroyed the munitions and blew up a number of the aerial Badniks. Several more flew in from two directions, which made Cynthia take Togekiss upward to a position that would bring both groups into range.

"Multi Aura Sphere!" Cynthia yelled out as Togekiss unleashed a number of blue energy orbs toward the Badniks. More were destroyed but others avoided the incoming attacks.

Cynthia clicked her tongue in annoyance as she looked above to see a large cloud.

"Togekiss, fly into that cloud as fast as you can with Extremespeed!" Cynthia commanded.

Togekiss nodded and did as she was told and blasted forward at high speed. The Balkiries flew forward with their boosters at full speed in order to catch up and use their machine guns to down the pair. However, Togekiss zoomed ahead of them and out of their range as they went into the large cloud. The Badniks followed in hot pursuit as they flew through the cloud, trying to keep visual on the pair.

Then when they emerged from the cloud, they tried to locate Togekiss and Cynthia. However, it appeared as though they disappeared. The Badniks tried to look around for them as their eyes moved, zooming in and out. However, they weren't able to find them as they slowed down to better find them.

Suddenly from above, a small shape flew toward them with the sun behind them.

"Now Hyper Voice!" Cynthia yelled from above as Togekiss dived with the sun behind them. The Normal/Flying Type let out a loud yell as the sound waves slammed into the Balkiries. The surprise attack completely dealt with the large group of Badniks as the freed avians flew toward the ground.

"Alright, that should be all of them," Cynthia said as she had Togekiss continue to fly toward Nimbasa, lowering her flight altitude.

Suddenly, several missiles flew out from the trees below.

"An ambush?" Cynthia said.

Togekiss did take some damage by the shrapnel, but it toughed it out as they flew lower to avoid being locked on. Togekiss then used another Hyper Voice as it slammed into the ground below, causing a number of explosions. It confirmed that there had been more Badniks below them, set up to block her if the first attackers failed.

They soon flew down to the ground to lessen the number of missiles flying at them as Togekiss unleashed even more Aura Spheres, aiming at where the smoke trails had come from.

As more Badniks were making their appearance, Cynthia took the time to heal up any injuries Togekiss had to bring it back up to full strength.

Suddenly, the Egg Emperor flew down from above, cape flowing in the wind.

"Hello there O great Champion of Sinnoh!" Eggman said via the robot's speakers.

"Dr. Eggman." Cynthia stated with a glare. "I take it you've gone to trouble of trying to stop me from reaching Nimbasa?"

"Why of course! I'm not foolish enough to jump into a situation half-cocked." Eggman stated. "I know full well the skills and abilities that the various Champion teams have at their disposal. And since your considered among the most capable, I had to make sure to keep you from helping that blue pain in the neck in protecting the Chaos Emerald!"

"I've heard about what you've done in your world." Cynthia stated. "Even with your great empire, you still can't beat Sonic and his friends. So how you plan to defeat both that and all of the Trainers in this world?"

"Be quiet!" Eggman yelled through the speakers. "You are greatly outnumbered! So I would see about surrendering unless you want to be sent to an early grave!"

Suddenly, one of her Pokeballs opened up as her Lucario appeared.

"Something wrong?" Cynthia questioned.

Lucario held up a paw in front of it scanned the robot for the doctor's Aura. Much to its surprise, Eggman wasn't inside of it. He then motioned to Cynthia who understood what he was meaning.

"So its being controlled remotely then." She realized. "That means he's going to lead the attack on Nimbasa himself."

Soon, hundreds of Badniks had appeared and surrounded Cynthia, all ready for battle.

The Champion however, didn't appear to be worried as she brought out the rest of her team. Her Garchomp in particular letting out a loud roar, telling the robots to bring it on. Roserade aimed down both of its arms while Kommo-O shook its scales around. Milotic used Aqua Ring around itself and the others to heal them if they got injured and her Lucario created two energy bones for Bone Rush.

"Let's show the good doctor why underestimating us is a grave mistake." Cynthia said with a smile as she had both her Keystone and Z-Ring ready.

"Let's go!" Cynthia said while throwing her arm forward as her team charged forward to meet the enemy.

Here's the latest chapter everyone!

So not only have our team arrived in Nimbasa to meet with Skyla and Elesa, they now have Rosa with them (possibly as a new member of their team).

Why did I do this? Well it is to show that the plan for the Trainers going forward are that some of the Protagonist Trainers are going to be assisting Sonic and the others as they go through the regions. Plus, it could be neat for Sonic and his friends to know about what the Trainers had gone through.

Meanwhile, Cynthia is about to engage with a whole army of Eggman's robots. After all, Eggman isn't a complete idiot so he would make sure to send enough to stall her or stop her. Of course, this means that two battles will be occurring in this case and I may mix things up with a possible kidnapping.

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