"He abandoned us..." Jacob muttered. He was sitting on a Wooden Chair, a wooden table in front of him, Mason, Dooku, the Mane Six Ponies, Chrysalis, and Luna.

Mason looked at him."What? N-no...Tom didn't...he didn't...he's probably just-"

Suddenly, the door to the room opened and two Men, one old and the other young came in. The young Man was ugly but wore fine clothing. He had pink skin and seemed a bit flabby. He also had black hair and pale eyes.

The older Man, maybe the young Man's Father, wore a pale pink Cloak and had black hair and even more Paler eyes."Did you think you could stop us?" Asked the old Man."Your not even Northerners. Why would you care for this Place?" Everyone remained silent. The old Man looked at Jacob."Do you know who owned this Place before I did?"

Jacob was silent."Some guy...Ned Stark or something?" Jacob had really wished he listened to Tom more about the History of Westeros. The old Man nodded.

"Correct...except that Ned Stark was not just some guy. Who was he?"

Jacob thought for a moment."The owner of this...Castle?"

"They are not from here." Said another old voice. A Man entered the room, along with...another Horse?. This Horse had a red Horn on top of its head and he had a black coat and...a red Cape?."We sent them here as a Test." The Man had white Facial Hair and Grey Hair. He wore white Armor that looked a little weird as well.

The Horse looked at Twilight."And revenge."

Twilight gasped."King Sombra! B-but how?!" Jacob noticed the other Ponies looked shocked as well.

If only Tom was here to explain things. Jacob thought sadly.

"Fools! You thought you could defeat me? I am Darkness! I am Evil!" Sombra smiled."And now, one of you shall Die!

Jacob's eyes widened."Die?! W-what did I do to you! I don't even-" Suddenly, a Knife hit the Table and it landed almost right next to his hand that was on the Table. Jacob held his breath as he looked at the Man who almost stabbed his Hand. It was a Bolton Soldier behind him.

"Now, as I was saying, one of you will Die-"

"Valkorion?!" Dooku said, suddenly shocked."But...Thousands of years ago...you died...how-"

"I did say there were other Universes out there...other Galaxies."

Sombra cleared his Throat."Continuing...one of you will Die!"

The old Man with pale eyes looked at his Son."Ramsay, get the Poison." Jacob held his breath once Ramsay came back. Sombra then made the golden cup float. How, Jacob didn't really care.

"One of you will drink this Poison and Die!"

They all just stared at him."What? Wait, I thought you wanted revenge on Twilight and her Friends? And why Poison? That's the most stupidest thing to use-"

"Silence!" Sombra yelled."Now, one of you will drink this Poison or you will all Die!"

There was silence. Everbody, and Pony, looked at each other, wondering what to do.

"I'll do it!" Mason yelled. They looked at him surprised. Sombra smiled evilly as he gave the Cup to Mason. Mason, who was right next to Jacob, gulped, hesitated, and drank the Cup and then...

Nothing happened.

Sombra raised an eyebrow."What? H-how are you not Dead?!"

"This isn't Poison...this is Coca-Cola."

Sombra stared."WHAT?!"

Mason took another sip of his drink."Ew! Never mind, this is Poison! You gave me Diet Coke!"

Sombra looked at Valkorion."That's not Poison...well, Diet Coke is basically Poison but you know what I mean!"

Suddenly, the Glass Window that was in the room was then smashed by-

"Tom!" They all said in surprise.

"Fuck!" He yelled in pain. He was laying on the ground for a moment."Shit...that hurt...fuck...fuck...ow..." He got up."Yeah...it's me!" He was holding a very odd Weapon until Jacob realized what that was.

"Get down!" Dooku yelled. Blue Lasers went across the room and hit the Bolton Soldiers. The only ones left alive were Jacob, Mason, Dooku, the Mane Six, Chrysalis, Luna, Ramsay, and his Father, Valkorion, and Sombra.

"Aw, Crap!" Tom said when the Weapon started making a clicking noise. Suddenly, a Man with a Sword and a Shield came through the broken Window. The Man had long blonde Hair and wore red Clothing.

"You already killed all of them!" The blonde Man said in surprise.

"Alto Stratus?!" Dooku said, surprised.

The Man named Alto nodded."Yep. When I heard that you were in trouble, I came to help!"

Everbody, and Pony, and Changeling then stood up at their seats and looked at the Villains."Times up!" Rainbow Dash said.

Lightning then came out of Valkorion's fingers."What the hell!?"

"It's Seven Hells! Remember?" Tom reminded him. Valkorion and Sombra and Ramsay and his Father then ran out of the room."Come on, let's get them!"

They ran down the Hallway, shooting or punching or killing any Soldier that got in their way. Jacob noticed the disgusted faces of the Ponies as Alto stabbed a Man."Is this...really necessary?"

Alto Stratus nodded as he stabbed a Man in the Stomach."Yes."