Tom Rake opened his eyes, not knowing how much time passed. He was freezing, which was weird since it wasn't it was spring in Minnesota. He looked left and right, only to find he was in...a Forest?.

He stood up quickly, trying to figure out where the Hell he was. One moment, he was in an Apartment, drinking a Coca-Cola, next he was in the middle of Forest. He didn't know what Forest he was in.

He looked around, seeing nothing but Trees and Snow. He looked up to the sky, only to see no Sun, just to see white grey Clouds."Fuck me..." He swore.

He then heard a Wolf Howl.

He quickly went into a random Direction, hoping he would find a Road or a Town soon. Tom had never gone Camping once in his entire life, so he didn't know what to do here.

So Cold...fuck...why don't I have a Sweater?

After what seemed like an hour, he finally saw an area where there weren't any trees. Finally... He thought. He ran out of the Forest, finding a Snowy plain. He looked around, wondering if there was a Farm around here, maybe someone with directions.

After walking down the flat Lands, he finally saw something moving in the Distance. Please let it be a Car, please let it be a Car. He prayed. Instead, he only saw Horses?.

Finally, the Horses got closer and Tom saw Two Men on Two Horses. The Two Men wore...Armor? The Two Men had a picture of a Heart on their Chest and a Stag or some Antler like Creature. Weird...I feel like I've seen that before... He thought, trying to remember that Symbol. Tom also noticed they had Swords?!.

He backed away, wondering who the Hell these Maniacs were. He knew It was pointless to run away from a Horse since, of course, they were fast four-legged Creatures."Stop there! State your Business!" The Man on the left Horse said. He had a weird Accent that Tom didn't recognize.

"I...I was just...passing through...I...-" He was then interrupted by the Man on the Right Horse.

"You a Spy for the Boltons, eh?" He said. The Man had a brown beard and blue eyes and Pale Skin.

"Well, he won't answer that now that you asked him, idiot!" The Man on the left Horse scolded.

Tom was confused. Spy? Bolton? Who did these guys think he was?. I Didn't think Quarantine turned People into this."Uh...listen, I have somewhere to be. Wait! Have you seen Two People, both Male...uh...average of them wears a blue Shirt, short-sleeved-"

The Bearded Man's Face then became a realization."He is a Spy! He's probably in League with those two Men we found this Morning!"

Morning? It was 6:00 when I was knocked long have I been out here?

"For once, your Right. He's probably in League with those Two Bastards we found this morning. And maybe those others we found this week." The Man got off and walked to Tom.

Tom didn't expect the Man to punch him square in the face."AH! What the Hell is wrong wi-" He then felt the Man kick his Gut.

"Fuckin' Spy."

An Hour or Two later, He couldn't tell how long, Tom, his Hands tied and he was on the back of a Horse, saw...a Camp?. Tom had blood and Mucus running down his Nose as he saw Tents covered in Snow. There were men, some wearing Armor, and some wearing Clothing to make sure they didn't freeze to death. Tom looked up to see a familiar Flag and he gasped.

"H-House Baratheon!" He almost yelled. Memories of the Game of Thrones TV Show came to him. This was the Camp, or from the looks of It, of Stannis Baratheon in the North!. He rubbed his eyes, making sure what he was seeing was true.

He was in Game of Thrones! Or was he in the Books?

"Shut up! Put him in the Tent with the others!" The Man with a Beard ordered. The Man on the left Horse shoved him to the ground, pulled him back up and pushed him to one of the snowy, white Tents. At least It'll be warm in there.

Unfortunately, It wasn't warm at all, especially when he hit the ground."Tom!" Came two familiar voices. Tom looked up to see Mason and Jacob, both tied to a Pole by Rope.

"Up you go!" Yelled the man, pulling him up. The Man tied him to the Pole and left."I'll be back later." He said as he left.

What the Hell does that mean? He looked to his Best Friends."You guy's okay?"

They nodded. They looked a little Dirty and Cold."Are you?! You got a Fucking Spear through your back the last time we saw you!" Jacob nearly yelled.

Mason nodded."After you opened that Door, some blue, ice guy stuck an Icy Spear through your Back."

So that's what that Pain was."How long have you guys been in been in here?"

Mason shrugged."Three, maybe four hours. Dude, where the Hell are we?"

Tom sighed. How was he supposed to explain to his friends that they were possibly in another Universe?."Guys...we're in the camp, or by the looks of it, Villiage of King Stannis Baratheon, technically and currently, the Heir to the Iron Throne."

They stared at him."What?"

"Iron Throne...wait a minute. Is this from that Stupid TV Show you used Watch?" Jacob asked.

"It wasn't Stupid...well, not that Stupid anyway."

"Wait, are you saying were in the Medieval Times or..." Mason asked.

Tom nodded."Sorta. Were in a Continent called Westeros. Westeros is a large Continent ruled by Lords and a King. I think the current King right now is King Tommen Lannister, the second Child of...well...let's just say his Father is his Uncle."

His Best Friends looked confused but Mason gave a sigh of relief."Thank goodness you know everything about this Universe. So, is there a way we can get out of here? And you said the TV Show was based off the Books? Are we in the Book Universe?"

Tom thought for a moment."I don't know how we even got here, so for your first question...I don't know. For your Second Question, yes. The TV Show is based off the Books. Your Third question...I think we are in the Book Universe. In the TV Show, Stannis was just in a Camp but in the Books, he and his Army settled here in Crofters Villiage."

"Why? What are they doing here?"

"They're supposed to be attacking these guys called the Boltons. The Boltons are fucked up, dude. They Skin People alive and...well, cut Peoples Dicks off."

"WHAT?!" They shouted in shock."Who the Fuck are these guys? What about Stannis? Is he a good guy?"

Tom thought for a moment again."There's not really any Good or Evil in this Universe when everyone is trying to kill each other. But yeah, in my Opinion, Stannis is a good guy." Until he burns his Daughter, but then again, that was Melisandre's fault.

Tom then realized something. He had the Power to Change it! He could change all of the Books and possibly stop them from ending like the TV Show. He could save Stannis and his Daughter, make Stannis King and-

"What do you mean "In your Opinion"?" Jacob asked.

"Well..." He was then cut off by a sound outside the Tent.

"Get in there!" Came the man from earlier. The Man came into the Tent, along with a Woman. The Woman that came in surprised Tom, because he already knew who she was.

Maketh Tua!