It has been a month since the ray turned everyone back to their old selves...everyone but Shego that is. She dodged it at the last second. There was something in her that didn't want to be evil and stay Kim's and Ron's teacher. As for Dr. Draken, he decided a new path himself, as he still needs Shego from time to time.

One month ago:

The gang finds Shego's brothers and gets them all together in front of the device. The ray gets stated up and shoots the siblings, Shego jumps at the last second and the ray is completely done. They can't fire it up to send Shego back unless they find the notes to fix everything.

"Shego? What happened?" asks Ron.

"I-I don't know something in me just told me I don't want to be evil again..I was having so much fun with you guys," says Shego.

"Do you want to stay good, Shego?" asks Wego

Shego thinks about this for a moment, she isn't too sure herself.

"Give me a while to think about it, I'm going home. I know I don't want to stay on with my brothers though," says Shego.

"Uh..yeah take as long as you need, sis," says Hego.

"Thanks, boys, I will see you soon Kimmie and Ron," says Shego, "Oh! Dr. D..I better check in on him!"

She runs off without another word toward Dr. Draken's hideout, at least one of them.

"Uh...who is Dr. D?" asks Mego.

"No, he is just her boss," informs Kim.

"Wouldn't he try to turn her back to evil against her will?" asks Wego.

"No, he's incredibly stupid," says Kim.

"Oh yeah," says Rufus.

"How stupid is incredibly stupid?" asks Mego.

"He can't even open a jar of pickles without Shego," says Ron.

"That is pretty stupid," says the boys.

"You don't think something is going on between you do you?" asks Hego.

"Ew! God no," says the teens.

The good-doers then get to work on cleaning up the mess and sending Electronique back to jail. The teams then go back to their homes. Kim and Ron are worried when they go to class the next day and don't see Shego. But they are happy when Mr. Barken comes in announcing that Mrs. Go will be in class Friday, she just took two personal days off. Which is fair considering everything that just happened. On Friday, Shego goes back to teaching the class as if nothing happened. She does talk to Ron and Kim at the cafe over coco moo she informs them that she talked to Dr. Draken and it took two days to pry him off her leg. She didn't want to show up to Kim's with Dr. Draken on her leg knowing that Dr. Draken is also Kim's dad's nemesis. Which they understood, Shego also mentions that she would be moving out of Kim's place to her own place.

"That's great where is it?" asks Kim.

"You know how your neighbor is moving out?" asks Shego.

"Yes, oh! Cool!" says Kim.

She actually meant it this time, she wasn't expecting that close but she was actually enjoying her time with Shego. It was also a relief that "Stevie" wouldn't be showing up at her door anymore.

"Something on your mind Kimmie?" asks Shego.

"Oh, nothing I was just wondering how things are going with you and Dr. Bartin," says Kim.

"Wonderful! We have a date tomorrow! I invited him to my own place. I have about everything set up except for you guys think you could help?" asks Shego.

"A shopping trip? I'm in!" says Kim, excited.

"I'm out, I think I would rather go fishing with your dad KP," says Ron.

"Aren't you going fishing with him tomorrow?" asks Kim.

"Not the point, anything is better than shopping. I am going to go see if my dad needs help with the tv," says Ron.

"Is he still having trouble with it?" asks Kim.

"It's my dad...electronics aren't his thing. I will see you later," says Ron.

He cleans up and gives Kim a kiss before running off.

"Aw, you two are so cute! I always thought you two would make an adorable couple!" says Shego.

"Thanks, what does your brothers think about Mr. Barkin?" asks Shego.

"Oh...uh...about that...they are supposed to meet them tomorrow…I don't know what I'm going to do," says Shego.

She proceeds to give Kim the puppy dog pout, Kim groans but agrees to help her with her date with Stevie and her brothers. The first thing they do is get into Kim's car and go to the nearest furniture store. They grab a couch, a bed, a set of dressers, a couple throw rugs, end tables for the bedroom and living room, a coffee table, tv stand and a table set from the furniture store. They then go to a kitchen store and grab some plates and such from their also some things to cook with. On the way, Kim suggest that Shego make dinner for her brothers and Stevie. Shego excitedly agrees on the idea. She decides on a simple lasagna and some breadsticks. They go to the grocery store grabbing the needed ingredients from there then go to Shego's new place to await the delivery men. Where they put the stuff where she wants it to go. They decide to worry about the tv another day the more important thing is to get her somewhat of a wardrobe set up. So the girls call up Monique and go to the mall once again to grab some clothes for Shego. They also go to Dr. Draken's to pick up clothes from there where Monique is excited at what she finds in the closet.

"Hold the phone!" says Monique.

"What's up, Monique?" asks Kim.

"This dress! It would be so cute for tonight!" says Monique.

"I don't know..the boys have never seen me in a dress, they have seen me in a jumpsuit and a skirt but never a dress," says Shego.

"That's a better reason to wear it!" says Monique.

"She has a point," says Kim.

"Who's there?!" calls a familiar voice.

"Uh oh.," says Kim and Shego.

Dr. Draken comes in where there is an awkward explanation of why the girls are at the evil lair. Kim calls Ron just in case and puts his end on mute but keeps it where he can hear the conversation. Shego and Dr. Draken talk for a bit then Shego asks Dr. Draken to give up evil, the girls aren't sure but find it a better option than Dr. Draken trying to force Shego to be good.

"I don't know..Shego I like being evil...what even would I do?" asks Dr. Draken.

"Be an actor? You loved acting," reminds Shego.

"Hmmm...I guess so.," says Dr. Draken.

"That's actually a good idea! Right Kim?" asks Monique, trying to help.

"It is? I mean yeah it is! Come on it will be fun!" says Kim.

Dr. Draken backs up in the corner of the room not sure what to say. It takes a few minutes for the girls to convince Dr. Draken. He promises tomorrow he would give it a try. In the meantime, the girls take the clothes and black dress with the slit up the sides. Kim talks to Ron who is more confused but is glad that the girls are alright. The girls go back to Shego's and help her get ready for the night. Monique and Kim decide to go make sure Ron doesn't electrocute himself helping his dad.

"Wait, what if my brothers don't like Stevie?" asks Shego.

"As long as ...Stevie, makes you happy they will accept him eventually," says Kim.

"Alright, I will see what I can do," says Shego.

"That's the spirit, we better go before Ron shocks himself into the hospital again," says Kim.

Kim and Shego hug before Monique and Kim go off in Kim's car to go help Ron. Shego promises that she will treat the girls and Ron next time they go out for all their help. She finishes getting ready for her date. It isn't surprising that when the doorbell rings it's her brothers just as she sets the table. They go around the place reminding Shego why she doesn't want to move back in with her brothers. The twins explore every last detail of the house while Hego and Mego grill Shego about Stevie. She is relieved that she has to rescue dinner from the oven twenty minutes later. The boys come up with a plan to be nice to Stevie for Shego's place. Hego and Mego work on getting Wego off their sister's stuff, knowing they can't afford to replace anything Shego just bought. Shego was making payments on a few things but that is to be expected. Shego heard the doorbell ring and quickly ran to the kitchen. She let Stevie in and told them to go into the kitchen, she wanted to freshen up. She goes to do so leaving the boys alone. The boys drill Stevie on his intentions with their sister. A few minutes later Shego comes in with the dress that Monique picked out for her.

" everything alright?" asks Shego.

"Everythings fine-gah?!" says Hego.

"Woah," says Wego.

"Woah…" says Stevie.

"Wow..uh sis? What are you wearing?" asks Mego.

"This? I've had it for a while you like it?" asks Shego.

They all look at each other while Stevie tries to stay silent. He wats to compliment her but don't want to get on her brother's bad side. He also doesn't want Shego to be upset they all can tell that the long pause is already upsetting her.

"You hate it…" says Shego.

"No no!" says the boys at once.

"You look beautiful," steps up Stevie.

"Really?" asks Shego, sounding hopeful.

The brothers all look at Stevie glaring at him. Even though it is true she does look beautiful they were all caught off guard.

"Yes, I really like it it suits the dinner tonight. You look comfortable as well," says Stevie.

"Yay! What about you all what do you think?" asks Shego.

They blink and tell her she looks beautiful in the dress. She smiles going over to the empty chair where Stevie gets up and pulls the chair out for her and pushes it in. The rest of the dinner goes smoothly. The next day Shego keeps her promise and takes Kim and Ron out for lunch the next day at Bueno Nacho. While Ron is distracted by making lunch his way with Rufus, Kim and Shego talk about dinner.

The End