"O-Ow! Be more gentle! Be more gentle, damn it, Giorno!" yelled Mista, turning around to face Giorno.

"I told you, I can't." he replied, "You're a gangster for crying out loud. Please stop fussing." he continued to slowly push his cock in Mista's asshole. "There's still 5 more inches to go."

Despite Giorno's attempts to calm him down, Mista still whined and cried out in pain at every moment.

This was actually the first time they ever made love, they had oral sex before but there was no penetration. They were both really excited for this moment and had waited a while for it. Mista was on all fours on Giorno's bed and Giorno stood behind, a position commonly referred to as the doggystyle.

After a few more minutes of pushing, stretching and Mista's cries, Giorno's dick was now fully inside his lover. "Ah! Ah! Is it over? Is it inside all the way?" asked Mista, when he felt Giorno stop.

"Yes." he answered, "I will now slowly take it off and put it back in, alright?" Giorno put a hand on his shoulder, slowly sliding off his cock, he was careful not to make this situation anymore painful. He took his hand off of Mista's shoulder, and placed both his hands on his hips. Sliding it back in again, he noticed a wince from Mista. It wasn't that painful anymore, and frankly it felt very great.

Again and again, he put it in and out, getting a little faster each time until they were having full on sex. With incredible speed Giorno was thrusting in and out of Mista, who was now moaning in pleasure.

Giorno bent down on Mista's back and reached his hand towards his cock. He grabbed it, startling Mista, and began stroking it furiously up and down. Because of this they were now both close.

With a grunt, Giorno shot his seed down Mista's asshole, filling it with his hot cum. Mista came at the same time.

Both panting, they fell down beside each other, trying to catch their breath. "That was amazing!" Mista managed to say in between breaths, they smiled at each other as they got a little closer until their lips made contact. They kissed for a while, exploring each other's mouths with their tongue and frequently going down to kiss each other's necks. As the makeout session got more fierce and the boys not feeling tired anymore, Mista climbed on top of his lover and they made out furiously.

Mista trailed kisses down Giorno's body, on his neck, his muscular chest and on his abs, until he reached his shaft. He grabbed it with one hand and licked the little remaining cum off his cock. He licked the head for a few seconds before putting his mouth around it, making Giorno grunted loudly in pleasure. He swallowed the cock and moved his head up and down his shaft. Giorno didn't last long under Mista's treatment. He shot another load into Mista's mouth, who without taking his head off it, swallowed all the cum and licked Giorno's cock from the bottom up. Still not satisfied, Mista got up and stood near the bed, grabbing Giorno's legs and pulling them, making him squeal in surprise.

They were now in a missionary position and without wasting a second, Mista removed the buttplug from Giorno's asshole, making him gasp, and put his own cock slowly inside.

Giorno grunted in the sensation, and before long Mista was pushing in and out. Giorno moaned with every thrust, almost masking the sound of skin slapping against skin. Giorno leaned up and seeing this Mista leaned down and captured his lips. Giorno wrapped his arms around Mista's neck as they exchanged saliva and licked each other's tongues.

A few minutes later, still making out, Mista came with a grunt. Both panting and tired from the kissing and thrusting, Giorno fell on the bed and Mista stood there, still inside him. They were both still rock hard. After catching his breath Mista, slowly slid his cock out making Giorno moan.

Giorno got up and off the bed and knelt in front Mista. Smiling up at him, Giorno grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times before taking it all in his mouth.

Mista moaned and leaned his head back in pleasure, putting his hands on Giorno's head, leading his movements. Giorno moaned at his cock.

Mista forcefully moved Giorno up and down, making him gag. Giorno didn't stop him and let him throat fuck him. He would push his cock as far as it went and pulled back and repeated.

'I'm cumming!" Mista yelled just before shooting his load down Giorno's throat. Giorno swallowed it all and gave his cock one last lick, before getting up, jumping back into the bed and pulling Mista on top of him.

They smiled at each other as they kissed and made out for the next ten minutes. Then Giorno got up and started walking towards the bathroom. "Where are you going?" Mista asked, as he watched him seductively sway his hips.

"I'm gonna take a shower." he answered, not turning around to face him. Not that Mista minded, seeing as how mesmerised he was by his lover's buttocks. Reaching the door, he leaned against the frame and turned around, "Well? Aren't you gonna come and join me?"

Mista grinned and practically leapt off of the bed, walked fast towards Giorno. Giorno smiled and went inside the bathroom with Mista following suit, closing the door behind him.

In the room, Sex Pistols were looking mortified. Number 5 was screaming, Number 6 was swaying back and forth in a fetal position, Number 3 was speechless, Number 2 was crying but they all shared the same emotion. They had seen things.