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Prompt: Flight delayed at Christmas


Son of a…

Rick Castle eyed the departure board searching for his flight. He was going to kill Gina. And he was sure Kate would help him hide the body – if she didn't enlist Lanie and kill him instead.

5-hour delay. And some people were saying that was a best-case scenario. It was already 6pm local time, so it would be at least 11 o'clock before boarding and takeoff.

His plane was coming into Seattle from Billings, Montana, where of course there was a blizzard the likes the state hadn't seen in 50 years.

Never again, he swore to himself. Never again would he agree to a signing across the country in December.

"But it's only a one-day signing on Christmas Eve, Richard," Gina had told him. "In and out. You'll be home in time for Christmas Day."

Now it was looking like if he did make it home on Christmas Eve at all, he'd be such a zombie he'd probably sleep through presents, to say nothing of helping Kate put out the Santa gifts after Lily and the twins went to bed.

Rick sighed and pressed Kate's number (1 on the speed dial, of course) and held the phone to his ear. He made his way to the airline desk to see if there were any other flights leaving sooner as he listened to the ringing in his ear.

"Hey babe, what's up?" his wife answered. "Are you getting ready to board?" Rick cringed a little at Kate's upbeat voice. She'd be so disappointed – and so would the kids. Jake and Reece in particular had been quite concerned when Daddy had to leave and would be returning on Christmas Eve.

"You have to sweep on the pwane," Jake had said seriously, Reece nodding vigorously beside him. "Because Santa won't come when you're awake."

It didn't matter that Santa wouldn't be dropping off presents to a plane in the air, the twins were so concerned about it he had to smile.

He smiled again at the memory, then grew serious as he spoke.

"You're not going to believe this, Kate," he answered her question.

"Whaaat?" She drew out the word warily.

Castle winced as if from a blow as he told her about the delay.

"5 hours? Can you switch flights?"

"Lining up at the Delta desk as we speak. I'm sorry, Kate."

"Lily and the boys are going to be so sad if you can't make it."

"Well, I'll probably make it by 8 Christmas morning if I can't get a new flight," he said.

Kate sighed.

"That'll be a great present for all of us when you walk in, but…" she trailed off.

"Maybe I can spin a story for the kids of how I saw Santa in his sleigh out the plane window."

Kate chuckled a little.

"They'd love that, though maybe you should write it down, you'll be exhausted when you get home. I know you have trouble sleeping on planes."

"Good plan," he snickered back then grew serious again. "I'm at the desk now. I'll call you back with whatever news I get."

"Crossing everything I can cross that we'll get a Christmas miracle. Love you."

"Love you too."

Rick clicked off the phone and spoke to the airline clerk.

"I have a question…"


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