"Ezra Julien, lets go!" Bella shouted up her stairwell. It was his first day of second grade, and they were going to be late. Renesmee was awake all night, crying in Bella's arms about how scared she was for school to start. She loved being at home with her mom, and she wasn't ready for things to change. Yet, she still stood by the door in a pair of rainbow leggings and a white shirt with a unicorn on it, buzzing with either anxiety or excitement.

"I'm coming!" E.J. flew down the stairs, one of his shoes untied as he ran into the kitchen.

"Woah, there!" Edward announced as he came out of the kitchen with a mug of coffee, managing to get out of his son's way and not get any coffee on his scrubs. "Slow it down, you're going to be fine."

"Daddy, I'm gonna be so sad to leave." Renesmee said sweetly from the front door, even though she looked him she was ready to run out at any second.

"I'm gonna miss you so much." Edward said, placing his coffee down as he walked across the living room so he could pick his little girl up. "But, you're gonna have such a fun day at school. And you're gonna get to learn new things and meet new people. And mommy's gonna pick you up with Auntie Ali."

"And Addy?" Renesmee inquired about her cousin, looking to her mother.

"I'm sure Addy will be there, have you ever seen Ali without her?" Bella grinned, then turned to look at Ezra as he approached them with a toaster waffle in his hand.

"Okay, lets go, mom." He said cheekily.

Bella hated the first day he called her mom. He was only seven, there was no reason that she couldn't be "mommy" still, or even "mama". But her son was growing up, and she had to accept it.

Edward helped Bella pack the kids into the car before he left for work at the Mercy General Hospital in East Sacramento. After Edward finished his second year of school, Esme and Carlisle told Edward that he needed to finish school in Sacramento. It killed Bella to leave her father, but things were going well with Sue, so he wasn't alone. He promised to make the drive for holidays and birthdays and long as they came back up every so often.

Renesmee was hesitant to let Bella go when they got to her class. However, with some convincing from her big brother, she eventually walked in and sat next to a girl with the same rainbow leggings on. Ezra was much easier to drop off. He had been going to this school since kindergarten, and he saw one of his friends immediately.

"Bye, mom, I love you." He smiled at her and gave her a hug before going to his class. Bella smiled and made sure the check in on Renesmee before she left the building.

Alice didn't tell anyone that she was pregnant at Edward and Bella's wedding. She claimed that it was their special day, and she didn't want the take the attention off of them. Either way, seven months later, Alice popped out a beautiful baby girl and named her Addilyn Tate Whitlock.

As for their old problems, Jacob got the clue with the restraining order. Even though they had moved before it expired, Jacob had yet to reach out. Bella and Edward were not ready to tell Ezra about Jacob, not only for their sake, but for his. Although he was a seven, he was far too young to understand what exactly their past was. He did seem to have an odd obsession with wolves, though. Bella chalked it up to coincidence.

The more that Carlisle was around his grandchildren, the softer he became. Instead of being a cold mob-leader, he turned into a grandfather that taught his granddaughter how to play piano. He still showed E.J. attention and made him feel loved, but it was obvious to his parents that Carlisle favored his biological granddaughter. Emmett made up for that, though. He was all boy and so was Ezra. They played sports together, ate burritos, laughed at farts. It made Rosalie desperate for a baby. She wanted nothing more than for Emmett to connect with a child of his own. However, he seemed more than content with his nephew.

There was very little for the large family to worry about. Bella had finally begun to feel safe after living in Sacramento for a year. She was very cautious when she went out, though, unsure of if she had any enemies. It helped to know that she lived within a ten minute drive of the most powerful person in the area, and that he had made it very obvious that he would do anything to ensure the safety of her and her children. Sacramento was not as awful as Bella had made it out to be, she found. The city was clean and not busy. She didn't know if she would spend the rest of her life here, but that was another thing that she chalked up to mystery. You never knew when you were a part of the mob.