Marvel Knights: Republic City

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Rain poured down heavily as the night life of the city started settling down.

"Reports of vigilante activity across Republic City can no longer be ignored, this so-called Devil of..."

The radio was turned off as a gangster snorted at the news. It was just rival gangs taking it to each other and clearly had been reading too many pulp magazines to come up with that crazy of a cover.

"Oh real scary. I'm shakin' in my boots." He said to himself as he stepped out into cool night air, sitting down outside the brothel that doubled as his gang's hideout, to begin his nightly duty of helping to keep an eye out for thieves. His gang had hundreds of cases of opium stored in this little den of depravity which were ready to be shipped across the United Republic as well as the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation as well. The building was relatively small, chosen to avoid too much undo attention, lest the police find it and decide to do some inspecting, so only the right people with the right connections could possibly find this place. Yet as with any illicit activity one could not be too careful, hence the need for a nightly guard outside the entrance. The only illumination came from a light over the door to the back entrance where the guard currently sat. Unbeknownst to him, an intruder was standing in the shadows. With a whistle coming from the darkness, the gangster leaped up, and had fire in his hand ready.

"Who's there? Lao, that you? Don't be scaring me like..." The firebending gangster was cut off as he felt a wire wrap around his neck… And he had a feeling if he moved too suddenly he wouldn't be moving again.

"Make a sound, make a move, I cut your throat. How many are inside?" A gruff sounding voice asked as he tried to turn to see who it was. Before he could, the wire tightened and he was put into a headlock, the wire loosening a bit to allow him to breathe, but he was still at the mercy of his attacker.

"What did I just say about moving? You're lucky I need you. Now. How. Many. Are. Inside?" The assailant asked, punctuating every word in a sharp tone.

"I-it's a s-slow night! J-just about twelve or thirteen guys, twenty girls?" The gangster said as he began to feel the pressure around his neck tighten.

"Was that a question?" The assailant at his back asked as he shoved the gangster down and held him to the ground with his foot, the blade still trained on his head.

"I dunno! I just watch for crazies like you! I don't keep tabs on..." The assailant stomped on the gangster's back, making him howl in pain. He turned just in time to see his attacker, who then kicked him hard in the head. Said attacker wore a black armored vest, red shoulder pads, with a red sash on the waist, the symbol for "moon" on the chest. The rest of the outfit was yellow, with a yellow hood, underneath the hood however was a face mask red mask with horns jutting from it. Retracting the cord, it zipped into a escrima stick. Turning his head slightly, he heard the humming of the fuse box to the warehouse. Going over he raised his club and smashed the box, sending the entire place into utter darkness.

"... Showtime." The masked man said to himself as he entered the building.

"Hey Tao, that you? What's goin' on with the power?" A triad member said as he held fire in his hand to see, going to the door to see…

"GAH!" He shouted as the brief image of the masked man made him stumble back before he was smacked in the face by his club. Soon the other triad members began shooting fire, some shooting ice shards at him, but in the darkness they couldn't see, the flashes of the fire only briefly illuminating things as they saw one by one… Their friends go down.

After what couldn't have been longer than a minute, there was but one Triad thug. He feebly held the fire in his hand. While indeed the amount sparked in an attempt to hit the intruder did leave a few small fires burning in the building, it wasn't enough to illuminate the area enough for him to see well.

"YOU COME OUT! COME OUT AND FIGHT!" The thug shouted as he heard a clattering sound and shot some fire in the direction of it… But saw nothing…

"WHERE ARE YOU?!" He shouted… Only to have a wire wrap around his neck.

"Everywhere." The masked assailant said as he smashed the thug's face into the floor. The masked man tilted his head slightly… A door slamming shut out the side of the place. The last of the hookers running out. Almost all of them had made a break for it when the shouting began, but some stayed behind. Likely to see who would win. The masked man then took the booze behind the makeshift bar and spilled it on the ground… Leading a trail from the bar, to an open fire on the other side of the room. The place went up in smoke in an instant.

The sun shined as a young man walked down the street. He had jet black hair, and wore a red scarf… But also had red sunglasses over his eyes, which hid scars around his eyes. They were faint, but one could see them well enough if a closer look was to be had. He was tapping away at the sidewalk with a wooden cane as well.

"Mornin' Mako!" A woman called, making him smile as he kept walking.

"Good morning Mrs. Tsung!" He called back, keeping his pace up as he headed to his office. Opening the door he sighed as he sat down at his desk. The door soon opened and…

"Chief Beifong, to what do I owe this visit?" He said, lounging in his chair as the chief of police scowled at him.

"I hate it when you do that." She said, as shrugged.

"Benefits of having good senses, what can I say?" He said as she growled slightly before sighing.

"I still have no idea why my mother decided to put you through law school." Beifong said as Mako chuckled to himself.

"Oh I think you know, just picked the smartest kid she could find, being blinded was just a bonus I guess to her… And make sure I was a lawyer who could just make your job harder." The blind man said as Beifong pinched the bridge of her nose.

"You're defending a man who's the prime suspect in a murder charge. I want to know why." The police chief asked.

"Simple. He didn't do it." Mako said as he got up and went over to the water cooler in the corner of his office.

"I know when someone is lying too Mako, and he had no idea where he was during that time, and he was drunk out of his skull." Beifong argued but the blind lawyer just chuckled.

"Yeah, you can tell to look if someone is lying… You didn't ask the right questions though." Mako said as Beifong was getting more annoyed by the second.

"And what would those be?" She asked, expecting another smart remark. Before Mako could answer however, the door opened yet again. A young man, entered, green eyes and jetblack hair slicked back, also solidly muscled, entered into the law office.

"Hey Mako, I got those… Oh company." The man said as Mako, downing his cup of water, walked back over to his desk and sat down.

"Oh good timing Bolin, go on tell me. I don't mind if Chief Beifong hears it." Mako said as Bolin inched a bit away from the police chief, having always been more than a little intimidated by the woman.

"Well uh… Yeah Mr. Rai's friends? He hasn't dropped a touch of booze in about 13 years, not since he got married." Bolin read off the notse, as Chief Beifong scoffed.

"We did ask that question, I don't see what…" She said as Mako tapped his cane down a bit, to get everyone's attention.

"Read the rest bro, if you don't mind." Mako said as Bolin cleared his throat a bit, turning back to his papers.

"And they said when he did drink… He was usually too out of it to do anything, kind of a sit and drink until he couldn't hold anymore drunks. Real sloth-monkey type, could barely get him to move." Bolin said as the Chief looked a bit… Surprised.

"So what we have here is someone who hasn't been off the wagon in years, when he was he could barely form a sentence outside of asking for more booze, and he's your prime suspect… Funny, because to me that doesn't line up much. I think my client has a solid defense." Mako gets up and walks over to his door, opening it.

"I think you know the way out Chief." Mako said, stressing the last word in a sarcastic way. Chief Beifong glared at him before leaving without a word.

"She's gonna arrest us one of these days if you keep pushing her buttons like that bro." Bolin said, his pet fire ferret Pabu, clambering out of his shirt and climbing up his shoulder

"Nah, she loves us too much for that. Can't you just feel the love bursting out of her heart when she sees us?" Mako said as he sat at his desk, turning on the radio.

"Uh huh." Bolin replied, knowing full well he was being sarcastic.

"Welp. I've had a LONG and very hard day brother… I'm gonna head back home and have a long nap. Wanna head out too? We don't really start work today."

"Hmmm…. I'll consider later. Maybe we'll have a surprise client." Mako said. Bolin just shrugged before he went back out the door, Pabu sliding back into the laid back brother's shirt.

"Home sweet home, huh buddy?" Bolin said as he opened his and Mako's shared apartment, as Pabu scampered to his pet bed. Sighing as he stretched a bit, Bolin headed over to turn on the radio but… The lights went out as he got close to it.

"Ooookay… that's not good. Pabu think you can find the breaker?" With that the fire ferret leaped out of his bed and scampered off, Bolin himself starting to look around as well. However as he did this… a figure silently opened the window in his bedroom and slinked in as if their body was some kind of snake.

Pabu eventually started yipping as he found the breaker and flipped it back on, the lights and radio coming to life soon after.

"Phew…. Thanks bud! Fifth time this month…. That's better then the 8 times last month!" He said with an optimistic tone. The figure however vanished into the rafters as Bolin went to his couch and Pabu back to the bedroom where his pet bed lay. They sighed in relief at it being only the pet and reached for a hidden pouch on their body and dropped some food crumbs. Pabu, hungry after Bolin forgot to give him a snack just seconds ago, scampered over and ate the morsels… and the drug that was laced in them began to work. Once back in his bed the figure listened closely as the animal fell asleep. Followed by Bolin turning his radio's volume up. Ensuring that none could hear them they dropped down.

The intruder wore a startling red gi, which covered her completely, yet left little doubt she was female given how it did not even begin to hide the voluptuous body underneath. Jet black hair cascaded out the back of a face mask that covered her entire head, as well as her face save for her eyes. Her hands wore almost elbow length black finger-less gloves with red arm guards on each one. Black tabi socks were on her feet to maximize stealth, with twin sai fastened to her lower back.

She eyed Bolin carefully as he was seemingly unaware on the extra visitor in the room, reading what looked like a comic book. Walking as quickly yet quietly as she could, the intruder got near bolin and readied their arm… WHAM! With one strike to his neck Bolin was out cold. The figure then pulled out some rope and two rags, one more balled up then the other.

"Glad you decided to come home first… I needed the bait."

The sun was shining as a man stepped off a ship. He wore a United Forces dress uniform, with a badge on the shoulders with the symbol for Samurai emblazoned on it in gold, Samurai being the most highly trained unit in the United Forces, comparable to the Earth Kingdom's Dai-Li or the Fire Nation's Rough Riders in terms of combat capability. The man's jet black hair was done up behind his head, as he walked off the ship he looked around for something, or someone rather. He smiled and chuckled to himself.

"Must've wanted me to head home and surprise the kids." He said to himself as he hailed a nearby taxi cab. Climbing in with his bags he told the driver his home address.

"So you on leave or something?" The driver asked, noting the man's uniform. The man smiled back at him before letting out a peaceful sigh.

"No my friend, I'm out. Finished my hitch, and I'm out. You're looking at an official retired soldier." The man said as his driver chuckled a bit.

"Ain't ya a bit young to retire? I mean yer a samurai, my nephew's one'a them. They get to be hotshot desk guys makin' a lot money." The driver said as his passenger shook his head.

"Yeah, but there's the rub. Moving all over the place, transfers, I told my wife I wouldn't do that to our kids. So those two are getting dear old dad back for good." They pulled up to the house, but surprisingly there were police cars in front of it. Paying the driver, the ex-soldier got out.

"Somethin' wrong? I mean ya said this was yer place and all, but..." The driver asked, looking at the police cars, and police pacing around outside.

"Oh probably just the Shins getting into another fight, those two go at it like..." The man began, but was cut off when an officer came up to him.

"Are you Mr. Akagi?" The officer asked.

"Captain Akagi, yes." The man replied, almost out of habit by this point to refer to his rank. The officer had a devastated look in his face, a look the man knew all too well. Bad news.

"Sir... Your family there's... Been..." The officer began... As the man's world shattered.