Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

My name is Samantha. I live in the Kanto region, but right now I was currently in the Johto region heading to the lab Professor Elm. I used to live with my big sister after our mother died. But then one day she left promising she would come back. After hearing a rumor, she was seen in Johto I left to search for her.

So, when Professor Oak found out I was leaving, when he saw me pack one night when he was in the woods during research. I lived in a cabin with my sister old Pokemon so he would come to visit me often. He said if I'm not going to take a Pokemon with me to get one from professor Elm in Newbark town.

So now I'm heading to his lab.


After 20 minutes of walking to Newbark town and then to the lab. I walked in to see a guy in a lab coat sitting at a desk.

"You must be Professor Elm, " I said.

The guy then turned around and looked at me.

"Oh, you must be Samantha Andrews, that professor Oak told me about, " Professor Elm said.

"Yes that me, " I replied.

"Well then let's get to business and let you pick a starter Pokémon, " Professor Elm said taking out three pokeballs.

1st up its Cyndaquil a fire type, " Professor Elm said sending out Cyndaquil.

"Cyn, "Cyndaquil said.

That such a cool looking pokemon.

"Next up is Totodile a water type pokemon," Professor Elm said sending out the next pokemon.

"Dile," Totodile said.

That one is cool also.

"And last is chickorita a grass type," Professor Elm said sending out Chickorita.

"Chik," Chikorita said.

They're all really cool but I think I know which one I want the most.

"I'm gonna choose... you cyndaquil," I said picking up my new cyndaquil.

"Quill! Cynda!" Cyndaquil said.

"Great and here your new Pokedex and pokeballs," Professor Elm said giving me those items.

"Thanks so much, Professor Elm," I take the items.

After grabbing those items. I left the lab to begin my journey through the Johto region.

I hope I will finally find my sister. Will she remember me now that I'm older now? What does she look like does she look different are does she look the same?

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my another one of my new Pokemon fanfiction.

Sorry if the chapter is very short. I just couldn't think of anything else to add.

Q: What do you hope to see happen throughout the story?

Q: Will Samantha find her big sister?

Q: What will Samantha do once she finds her sister?

I hope you enjoy the chapter.

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