Meeting Cody

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After passing through Florando city. I, Ash, Brock, and Misty had arrived in Cherrygrove City. Where we saw the buildings and trees covered in some kind of web.

"What with all the web over the building and trees?" Ash asked.

"I don't know some bug Pokemon must have done this," I replied.

"Ah!" Misty suddenly screamed.

We all turned to see why she screamed and saw a green spider on attached the web and trapping us in its sticky web.

"Zuko get us out of here using ember please," I commanded.

"Cynda," Zuko said using ember and burning the web.

The spider then back up one of the webs on the trees.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"I don't know what is going on here?" Brock asked.

I and the gang then headed to the police station and told Officer Jenny about what happened that green spider.

Officer Jenny sigh, "This has been happening for weeks now. You see a group of Spinarak have lately been covering everything using its web and attacking every trainer that enters Cherrygrove City." She explained.

"So it called a Spinarak," Ash said as he said I pulled out our pokedexes and searched up the Pokemon.

[Spinarak, the String spit Pokemon. Spinarak can climb any surface easily and shoot a strong web from both the front and back of its body. Its prey is caught and held right in its web.]

"Something doesn't seem right," I said.

"Your right," Brock said agreeing.

"There must be a reason why Spinarak is attacking, and stealing food, " Ash said.

"Guess we have yet and follow it," Brock said.

"How exactly?" Misty asked.

"That's easy."

We went back to the area where we first saw the Spinarak, toward the entrance of Cherrygrove City.

Brock took out an apple from his bag and place it on the ground, "We can use the sandwich as bait for Spinarak and when Spinarak does takes the apple we, can follow it and see why it's attacking people and stealing food." He explained.

We then went into the bushes to hide and they quietly waited for the Spinarak.

"Spinarak?" Spinarak arrived a few seconds later hanging down the tree, and it immediately picks up the apple using its web and then took off.

"Okay, let's follow it," Brock whispered.

"I suggest we do this quietly as possible, we don't want the Spinarak to know we're following it," I said looking at Ash since he always seems to act so recklessly.

"Got it," Ash and Misty whispered.

We carefully followed the string spit Pokemon and when we arrived it was a clearing in the woods and we saw a Pokemon in the ground, which shocked them.

On the ground lay a weak, sick, and injured Eevee.

"It's an Eevee and it looks like a young one as well," Brock said.

I pulled out my pokedexes and scanned the Pokemon.

[Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon. It's irregular configured DNA is affected by its surroundings. It evolves if it's environment changes.]

I put my put Pokedex away, "This must be the reason why Spinarak was stealing food and trapping people, so it could feed the baby Eevee and keep people from getting close to It." I said.

Brock stepped forward to help the baby Eevee condition.

"Spina," Spinarak notice Brock and was ready to fight, "Spinarak!"

Brock raised his hands in a surrender motion, "Easy Spinarak, I'm not here to harm your friend, I wish to help the baby Eevee." He said, calmly.

"Spina," Spinarak said not trusting Brock shot a purple sludge out from its mouth.

"Look out it about to attack!" Ash shouted.

"Charizard use flamethrower!" A familiar voice commanded.

A red and orange flame suddenly appeared and knocked the sludge attack away from Brock.

"Where that come from?" Ash asked.

"Nice job Charizard, "A voice said. "Spinarak relax they just want to help your friend. So, please stop attacking them," Then a familiar boy with purple hair wearing a red shirt, blue shorts, and had headphones on his head walked towards the Spinarak with a Charizard by his side.

'It my twin brother Cody.'

"Spinarak," Spinarak said moving out of Brock way.

"Thank you. I promise we help your friend," Brock said picking up the baby Eevee.

"Eeve, "Eevee said weakly.

"Let's go to the Pokemon Center," Brock said.

We ran to the Pokemon center with Spinarak and my brother Cody following.

When we arrived at the Pokemon Center, we also saw Officer Jenny there as well.

"Nurse Joy this baby Eevee needs help!" Brock called out.

Nurse Joy saw the baby Eevee's condition and gasped."Chansey!" She called out her helper.

"Chansey!Chan!" Two Chansey came from the back with a stretcher "Chsnsey!"

Brock place the baby Eevee onto the stretches bed and it was pulled away into the emergency room.

"What happened?" Officer Jenny asked us.

"We followed Spinarak and saw Spinarak giving the good to the baby Eevee. It's the reason why Spinarak was stealing food and attack people so it could feed and keep the baby Eevee safe," Brock explained.

"I see. At least it was for a good reason, "Officer Jenny said.

Nurse Joy then came out of the operation room, " Good news. Eevee is going to be just fine, I've given it some medicine and took care of paw and now all it needs is to rest," she explained.

Brock was relieved by that, as well as the rest of us.

"What is a baby Eevee doing here all by itself?" Ash asked.

"Well seven days ago a Pokemon Porcher was seen with an egg, but when I found him he didn't have the egg anymore. He complained about a wild Pokemon taking it," Officer Jenny answered.

"So then that Eevee must hatch from that egg. Spinarak must have been the Pokemon to save it and been taking care of it," Cody said.

"Spinarak!" Spinarak said agreeing with Cody.

Cody chuckled and rubbed the Spinarak head and it crawled in his arm. "How interesting your a brave Pokemon," he said.

"Oh yeah, Nurse Joy can you heal my Pokemon?"Cody asked.

"Of course," Nurse Joy said.

"Alright, thanks. Charizard return," Cody said returning Charizard and giving Nurse Joy his pokeballs.

Nurse Joy took the pokeballs and went to heal the Pokemon.

"Hey Cody it's been a while," I said.

"You know this boy Sam?" Ash asked.

"Yeah, she does. I'm Cody her twin brother," Cody said.

"So you're the Cody Jessie mentioned?" Misty and Brock said.

"You mean Jessie my big sister from Team Rocket. So you finally found her?" Cody asked.

"Yeah but no luck getting her to come back," I replied.

"If anyone can change her mind it's you," Cody said.

"Your right until then I work on achieving my dream," I said.

"Good luck with both," Cody said.

After a few hours, talking and Cody learning everyone names. Nurse Joy came back with Cody Pokemon.

Here are your Pokemon," she said giving Cody his pokeballs

"Thanks, Nurse Joy," Cody said taking them. "Well I, 'm going to continue my journey to Violent City.

"Spinarak," Spinarak said crawling on Cody's arm.

"You want to come with me?" Cody asked.

"Spina," Spinarak nodded.

"Alright then come on," Cody said taking a Pokeball out and catching the Spinarak. "Well nice meeting all," Cody said walking away.

"Hey, Cody next time we see you let's battle!" Ash exclaimed.

"We should also battle brother."

"Sounds great Ash and sister."

After Cody was gone. I felt something touching my leg and saw the injury Eevee.

"I think that Eevee wants to come with you," Ash said.

"Really why me it was Brock who carried you here not me?" I asked.

"Eevee," Eevee said nuzzling my leg.

"Oh alright you can come," I said tossing a Pokeball at the Eevee and catching it.

"Cool you now have an Eevee!" Ash shouted said suddenly hugging me.

"Yeah well we should get going," I said blushing in from the hug.

"And so finding out the reason Spinarak was stealing food and attacking people, the gang leaves Cherrygrove City and continue the journey to Violet City," The narrator said.

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