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Chapter 2: Samantha First Catch

I have now finally started my journey to find my big sister. I and Cyndaquil who I decided to call Zuko have been walking for a while now. Well, I have been walking he has been on my shoulder.

Also, I forgot to mention that I have a twin brother who on a journey to become a pokemon champion one day. He already left on a journey to earn badges when were ten. He wasn't as close as I was too big sister Jessica. So he didn't bother to keep waiting for her to come back. He recently entered the Kanto league but lost. Now he in Johto also but he left a week before me.

My dream has always been to become a member of the elite four.

I decided to take a break to eat some lunch. I grab some of my food supplies to make fire type Pokemon food for Zuko. Then grabbed a few things to make my lunch.

I gave Zuko his food once I was done making it. Then I decided to make myself a nice warm bowl of soup.

I wonder how my twin brother is doing. My brother Cody had purple hair like our mom. Well, his wasn't as dark as mom's hair. While I and my sister had red hair. His pokemon was a Charmander.

After a good couple of minutes, I was finally done making my soup. While I was eating my soup I heard a noise coming from the bushes.

What is that noise?

I turned around to see a Pokemon coming out from the bushes.

What Pokemon is that?

I took out my Pokedex and pointed it at the Pokemon.

"Sentret, the Scout Pokémon. Sentret is able to see great distances by rising up on its tail. When it spots an enemy or any kind of danger, it emits a loud, shrill cry as a warning."

This one a different color then it was in the Pokedex. That interesting maybe it a rare sentret.

"Ok Zuko let's catch a new team member, but first let's battle it, " I said.

"Cyn, " Cyndaquil cried.

"Zuko use ember, " I commanded.

"Cynda, " Cyndaquil said spitting out a small blast of fire.

The ember hit sentret but it shakes off the pain.

"Sent, " Sentret said charging at Zuko with its claws out to use a scratch attack.

"Zuko dodge it, " I commanded.

Zuko quickly jumps out of the way.

"Zuko use tackle, " I commanded.

"Cynda, " Cyndaquil cried charging at Sentret.

"Sent, " Sentret cried charging fast at Zuko with a quick attack.

Both attacks collied but Zuko attack was stronger than the Sentret attack.

Wow, this Sentret is pretty good. I wonder what other attacks it has.

"Zuko use smokescreen now, " I commanded

"Quil, " Cyndaquil cried while using smokescreen.

The smokescreen covers up the whole area where Sentret is.

"Now use tackle, " I commanded.

"Cynda, " Cyndaquil cried tackling Sentret from behind.

"Now use swift, " I commanded.

"Cynda, " Cyndaquil cried using swift.

Swift hits and causes a good amount of damage.

"Sent, " Sentret cried using quick attack.

"Zuko counter it with tackle, " I commanded.

"Cynda, " Cyndaquil cried charging at Sentret using tackle.

Sentet then collapsed n the ground.

"Alright, Pokeball go!" I exclaimed throwing a Pokeball at Sentret.

It went inside the Pokeball and it starts to shake.

Please stay in the ball Sentret.

I walked over the Pokeball and picked up.

"I caught a Sentret!" I exclaimed holding up my Pokeball in excitement.

If only big sister Jessica was here to see me catch my first Pokemon. I always wanted her to be here when I finally went on my Pokemon journey.

"Come on out Sentret, " I said sending it out.

Sentret comes out and looks at me.

"Sentret welcome to the team and family. For now, on your name is going to be Goldy. Now Goldy let's work hard together and hopefully find my big sister, " I said.

"Sent, " Sentret said happy to be on my team.

"How about some food then we continue our journey, " I said giving Sentret a bowl of Pokemon food.

I can't believe I have caught my very first Pokemon. Let's see where should we go now. Nurse Joy said the first gym is Violet city. So do I go there are looking for my sister first?

I guess I just go to the gym and hope I run into my sister on my way. After all, she would want me to focus on my dream not to search for her. Yet I just can't stop thinking about her. I miss her so much.

I decided to take a nap for a little bit. While Goldy is eating her food.

I will find you big sister, Jessica. No matter how long it takes. One day I will find you and we finally get to be together again along with Cody.

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