"DIE!" Rage infusioned shout

"Stupid Gods." Thinking something.

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Chapter 11

"Huff! Taka... Huff! are we...Huff!... there yet?" Hestia asked her children in between breathes as she lagged behind the group. Lagged behind being an understatement as the group where several yard ahead of her with only her first child for company. So despite her exhaustion she noticed how silent her child was being more interested in the sweat glisting from her brow before slowly slipping between her bouncing melons.

"Someone sees something he likes." Hestia thinks smuggly. "Enjoying the view Taka?" she smirked hoping their time seperated will finally lead to the dreams she's had for a while.

A blushed covered his cheeks as his brow raised in thought as he continued to eye the goddess. "More confused then anything."

"Oh..." she crosses her arms purposefully under her chest, pushing them up a little futher and emphasizing them even more inside her dress. "..by what?"

"The ribbon? What does it do?" Taka finally asking the question that's kept him awake since meeting the mini goddess. "I mean does it serve a practical purpose or is it just a fashion statement?"

Uncrossing her lithe arms under her bust causing them to fall back down back into place with a heathy jiggle Hestia looked like a deer caught in the headlights upon realizing where her child's mind was actually at.

Embarrassment overtook the goddess as an atomic level blush covered her face as she pressed her index fingers together.

The look on Hestia's face was all Taka needed. "Let's just forget about that for now and focus on catching up with the others."

"Give me a ride?" Hestia asked sheepishly knowing she wasn't getting up that hill on her own.

Taka with a toothy grin turned ahead before squating down offering his back.

One cheer and leap later Hestia was clinging to his back as he raced to catch up with the group.


"This is it?" Lili asked not sure what she was looking at.

The town looked run down using whatever was laying around to build up the shops and inns.

"It's a town in the middle of a dungeon what did you except?" a grinning Welf excited to explore the town.

With the Goddess still clinging to his back Taka in front of the group on the hill looking down at the town. The Town created in the dungeon. It's actually a sight to see.

Oh it's a sight to see, a sight of how supply and demand is a kick in the teeth. Everywhere Taka went there were stands run by people selling subpar equipment for over the top prices. This was shown when Lili with little options was forced to buy an overpriced bag that looked like it had seen better days.

"Not the one you first had, but you pull it off." Taka complimented knowing how upset Lili was over the purchase.

Perking up Lili looked at the pack then Taka. "You think?" Taka's nod brighted her day.

"TAKA!" the other short girl in his life shouted as she zipped though the crowd stopping before the two. "I got this new perfume down here?" striking a pose. "So what do you think?"

"Never mix your stinky sweat with perfume!" Lili shouted holding her nose.

Rushing forward Hestia pressed her forehead against Lili's. "Care to repeat that." Hestia growled not liking the tone of her second child.

"Oh nothing just your so smelly and the perfume's making it worse." Lili chuckled only to laugh harder as Taka held the Goddess up by the scruff of her neck looking like an angry cat kicking and clawing in her direction.

"Come here you! Taka let go!" Hestia struggled to free herself to no avail.

This went on for a few moments before Taka drops her as someone bumps into him from behind.

"Watch where your going!" An aggressive voice shouted behind him.

"Hey you bumped into me!" Taka shouted back turning to eye an older man brown hair and golden-brown eyes. He bears two long scars on his face, one on his left cheek, and the other across his a fur strap around his neck and chest on top of a green shirt, as well as dark brown gloves and a belt over orange fur cloth and grey leggings. Beneath this, he wears black striped chartreuse boots. His armor consists of shoulder plates that reach down to his lower arms.

The man glared down at Taka before raising a brow in confusion this lasted only a moment as realization struck him. "Wait a second I know you." he said savage grin covers his face. "Your that upstart that leveled up what was your name uhh do something." he developed a savage grin.

Taka glared at the man before him. "Funny cause I don't know you must be some nameless loser trying to act tough!"

"Why you little!"

Before the two could come to bows a hand grasped onto Mord Latro's shoulder turning around his eyes grew to the size of saucers at the sight of the Sword Princess herself Ais.

Ais said no words merely looking at him. Mord grunted turning around and walking away. "Next time there won't be someone to save you birdboy." Mord muttered as he passed.

Everyone stood there none speaking or even moving just letting the moment washing over them.

This moment was ruined as Ouka walked up to the group Chigusa in tow. "Eww what's that smell!" Ouka said recieving a glare from Hestia who pushed Taka forward without a word telling Taka one thing.


Hoping to de escalating the situation Tiona jumped forward. "There's a river nearby, we can wash up." said the ever cheerful amazon.

Hearing all the ladies there quickly rushed to the river to clean off the sweat of the last few days.

A hand grasped Taka's shoulder turning into the orange eyes of the Messenger of Gods Hermes. "Hey kid mind if we talk for a minute.


Now away from everyone Hermes led Taka through the forest.

"So I finally get to meet the infamous Taka Helmer the rogue adventurer, the young man with the tenacity to challenge a god. The very idea has been unheard of until now." Hermes said hands waving around erratically.

Taka stares at the god with an unreadable expression. "I don't even know who you are." he honestly says as his knowledge of gods and godhood were limited and Hestia never went out of her way explain all the gods in the city.

Hermes face faulted at the news sure he wasn't the most powerful familia but he assumed that his dear friend Hestia had mentioned him at least once.

"Sorry I guess we've been to busy to talk about every God or Goddess in the city." Taka apologized with a shrug of his shoulders. "So is there anything else?"
Hermes was quickly back to his feet trying to maintain the illusion of a god. "Yes I wanted to show you the sacred treasure of the dungeon." he said as he began climbing a tree.

Not seeing any harm in following the god that did brake the law coming down here to get his party Taka followed the God as he shimmied up the tree.

Atop the tree Hermes made a shushing motion with his hands as he points in a direction of some leaves. Pushing through the leaves Taka's eye bulged out, blush covering his face at the sight before him.

Girls! Beautiful Girls! Beautiful Naked Girls! Beautiful Wet Naked Girls!

This was what Taka saw through the bushes he now understood what Hermes ment by sacred treasure.

"See what I mean peaking on girls is a man's duty." Hermes giving a thumbs up with smirk. That smirk dropped as he took a more curious look.

"Speaking of men I wonder what your opinion of heros are?" he innocently asked expecting to hear a child like wonder of how much they love and want to be hero's themselves.

Due to his 'distraction' Taka was more honest then he probably should have.

"It's a fouls errand of a life choice."

"E-Excuse me?"

"Why be a hero you put your life on the line for people who will forget about you litterally the moment some new hotshot shows up to save the day."

"B-But what about the women?" Hermes questioned.

"Who will sleep with the next guy that saves her life." Taka countered. "I mean seriously that girl can have a kid and a house by that man the moment some young hero saves her life she's suddenly all over him."

"I can meet just as many woman and get paid better being an adventurer." Taka gestured to the splashing beauties.

"So you believe...?" Hermes asked not liking where this was going.

"A hero is a dead man that doesn't know it."

"So I heard there was a young adventurer named uhh what was it ah "SNAP" Bell Carnel. Where is he at."

Without taking his eyes away. (Ah when he swore to destroy the Apollo familia he tried to lock away anything that would distract him from his goal. That included sexual desire. He failed tragically but a least he tried.)

Taka answered "Oh he stayed behind, he's having an... existential crisis.?" he said clearly not sure how to answer that.

With Bell

Fraya with a small smile patted Bell on the head as he rocked back and forth in the corner muttering. "Grandpa is it true?" The rest of the familia looked on emtions ranging from annoyance, jealousy and pure anger.


"Oh Poo." Hermes said patting Taka on the back a little to hard.


Eurpting frm the water Taka sputtered and spit out water from his mouth wiping his face.

"AAAAHHHH!" a number of girlish screams eurpted surrounding him making him open his eyes.

Once opened Taka caught sight of all those naked girls now up close and personal to the left he sees the smirking face of Tiona while her sister scowled covering her own chest.

Turning to the right he sees Mikoto covering her chest as Chigusa ducked under the water.

Looking behind him Taka his stunned with silence as he caught sight of Ais, the sun shinning down on her causing a certain glow to engulf the Sword Princess.

"Master Taka!" Taka's focused was snapped drawing his attention. Lili blush on her cheeks arm over her chest with a look that seems kind of happy.

"Aren't you a naughty boy!" this all pale in comparison as Hestia burst into into the scene smile on her face, hands on her hips giving Taka a perfect view of her bountiful breasts that resembled two mountains of flesh colored pillows as they jiggled freely.

Being a happy he was waist deep in the water. Taka takes a deep breathe to trying and mostly failing to stay calm he picks to the tree he fell out of.

"Hermes did it." Faster then anyone could react rushed out with no shame of leaving the God to his fate.

"LORD HERMES!" Asfi called as she to covered her chest as she glared into the tree Taka pointed out seeing said tree shake in surprise.

Taka ignored the sounds of fighting and very unmanly screaming as he continued to run through the forest only to stop upon reaching a clearing. Once there he ducked behind a tree to see Ryuu kneeling by a stone column.

"You can come out Mr. Helmer I know your there." Ryuu calmly said.

Needing no further invention Taka got closer to see that she was actually in front of a grave marker with weapons scattered upon it. "So am I ah... sorry for interupting."

"No I was just praying for those dearly departed." Rising to her feet Ryuu turned to him. "This is were the members of my old group lay this is the final resting place of the Astraea Familia."

"So how bad was it?"

"Bad after everything was said and done I was the only survivor left in the familia."

"Where's your Goddess?"

"Gone,...I had to do something I had to avenge them I... I told her to leave it was better for her. It's been a while she's probably already restarted her familia." Ryuu explained while she kept and even tone Taka could tell this was bothering her.

It was at that moment Taka said something that would change everything.

"Join my Familia." it was mostly a whisper but they both clearly heard it.

The shock on Ryuu's face was evident jaw dropped, her eye's widened and ear on high alert. "W-What."
Ignoring the voice in his head telling him to stop he continued. "I said join my familia."


Taka didn't know what to make of it one minute he was standing before Ryuu the next he was slammed into a tree with an apologetic Ryuu helping him up. "I am sorry hearing that surprised me."

Rubbing his back Taka waved her off. "It's fine." He then took a breath. "The offer stands, your an adventurer without a familia. You said it yourself your goddess probably moved on with a new familia so you should to." He said not seeing point in not asking.

"I mean what else do you have to do?"

"I'm a waitress."

"That kick said otherwise. Besides this is the second time you've helped me so that's got to mean something." He truly ment this he knew he was hated in the city so when he finds someone willing to fight with him not to mention that person had no familia he had to throw out an offer.

Ryuu started to walk away. "We are done talking about this Mr. Helmer."

His words stopped her in her tracks. "What do you have to lose."

Froven mid-step Ryuu in the span of a minute relived her entire life as an adventurer. The triumphes the shared and the catastrophe that seperated them forever.

"More then you could ever know."


"That little bastard!" Mord shouted as he downed his mug before slamming it on the table. "If it wasn't for the Sword Princess getting in the way I'd show that runt his place!" Most of the others nodded as they downed there drinks.

This had been going on all day as Mord shifted between complaining and drinking.

"Who does he think he is?! There is an order to things you show respect to your higher ups and can't just think you cause you just leveled up you think your better then anyone else." he growled out in anger.

"We gotta show that kid his place!" Someone shouted in the background.

With that the bar eurpted everyone shouting and cheering.

"But how are we going to do that if the Sword Princess is there protecting him?" one of them asked dropping all of there momentum.

In the silence a pair of footstep walked up to them.


"You son of a Bitch!"Bete shouted as he lunged at Taka only for the Amazon sisters to hold him back pulling him away. "Why is it always him!"

"Son of a bitch? Bete wouldn't that be you?!" Taka waves at a now enraged Bete as Ais walks up to him. "We'll go up first and clear the way." she simply says before joining the rest of her familia.

Returning to his tent to prepare for the trip home, walking in he senses something wrong before seeing a letter on the table. Upon reading it's contents Taka's head fell as he walked out the tent.

This was what Ouka saw once Taka stormed through the forest as he trained.


Sometime later Taka arrived at his destination the big crystal east of the cental woods alone.

Appearing from behind one of the crystals was Mord a smug smirk covering his face. "Come with me." Taka followed his head still down.

Once on a cliff with few adventurers Mord spoke. "I didn't hurt your little girlfriend unlike you I'm not stupid enough to piss off the gods." recieving no response he drew his weapon.

"Relax we're not going to jump you or nothing I just want a fight, and how about we make it more interesting the winner can ask for anything from the loser. Like say I'll be taking everything you have on you."

For the first time since he found the letter Taka spoke. "And if I win... I want your head!"

"W-What?" Mord asked really not liking the sound of that.

Rising his head back up with a look of pure rage on his face. "You heard me if...no when I win I'm gonna take you to the middle of town chop your head off and place it in the center of town! I want everyone to know... WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TOUCH MY GODDESS!" Drawing his Hestia Sword.

Before Mord could even think Taka was upon him hacking and slashing at Mord who only by sheer luck was able to lift his sword to block but not enough to block the gut punch followed by a roundhouse sending him to the ground.

Getting to his feet Mord snarled as he glared at his opponent. Raising his sword before slamming it onto a nearby crystal creating a dust cloud. As the dust cleared Mord had disappeared before could question it something slammed into his face sending him back.

"What the hell?" Getting up Taka looks around for Mord only for a quick combo of punches knocking back down.


"Hades Head grants the user invisibility." Herme's said more to himself then his captain.

As this was going on overlooking the fight was Hermes as his captain shook her head in disappointment.

"Your sick in the head Lord Hermes do you understand what your doing?" Asfi asked as she watched Taka get sent back into the crowd who shoved him back into the brawl.

"I'm just trying to show him the true darkside of the humanity." Hermes responded as Taka was hit by an invisble uppercut.

Asfi continued to watch the fight feeling ashamed as she knew she had a hand in this. "I'm more worried that humanity should worry more about Taka's darkside."

"Sir what if this breaks him?" Asfi asked knowing this type of 'lesson' can have adverse affects on someone's soul.

Hermes shrugged in a 'what can you do' manner. "Then he didn't have what it takes to begin with." he responded never taking his eyes off the fight.

"I feel your playing a dangerous game sir." Asfi warned to deaf ears.


"Alright I think I get it." Taka thought to himself as his arm rose up to guard his head blocking an incoming assault he couldn't see.

"Not sure how your doing this. I'm guessing an item cause a skill like this would talked about." he said more to himself then anything.

Grabbing the invisble limb Taka pulls it forward as he cock his other fist back rocketing it out into what he guessed was Mord's gut. "Do you think you had me beat, that just cause I can't see you I'm gonna lose."

As the fight continued Taka smirked and closed his eyes while continuing to fight which infuriated the invisible adventurer.

Hearing a growl to his left Taka ducked down with a leg sweep making Mord trip over him. "I may not have spent the last twenty years as a level two like you clowns but I've done something none of you have ever done."

"AAARRRGGGHHH!" Mord shouted rushing in sword drawn.

"I learn, predict, analyze.." Taka said his eyes still closed drawing the Hestia Sword blocking the sword slash. "And most of all I trust my instincts!" Still feeling the weight of the opposing sword Taka reaches out grasping the blade.

Pulling it forward along with the surprised adventurer throwing an uppercut.

Once the punch connected Mord became visible as a black segmented helmet with a purple crystal in the middle fell to the ground.

The field was entirely silent only the clatting of the item hitting the ground could be heard.

"ATTACK!" a voice shouted drewing everyones attention to the small army of adventures led by Ouka rushing in engaging the army.

Just as the some of the adventurers attempted to counter attack several arrows rained down on them courtesy of Ryuu. As the rest engage others.

"Hey I said come alone!" Mord shouted.


"I did!" a combo struck Mord sending him off the cliff.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Mord screamed in fear as he fell only for a hand to reach out catching him before he could really fall.

"AAH...AAAHHHH...HUFF!...HUFF!" Mord screamed before huffing and puffing once he realized he was no longer in danger.

Oh how wrong he was.

"Hey bud think we could have a talk." Taka asked in an alarmingly sweet tone that sent a shiver up Mord's spine.

"See I noticed this little item fell off you during the fight." he continued as one hand held onto Mord the other held Hades Head. "And I just know someone like you could never afford something like this. So mind sharing?"

Gritting his teeth Mord refused to talk not knowing what would happen if he spilled the beans.

Shrugging his shoulders Taka let his hand go. Just before Mord could start screaming again Taka caught him again this time by his hair.

"Well you gonna talk cause I'm not doing this again." he threatened watching the older adventurer sweating profusely.

"I uh got it

"I feel my hand slipping."

"I won't..."

"Gonna drop you in..."

"Woah woah woah!"


"Hold on?!"


"Maybe I know!"


"HERMES! It was Lord Hermes, he came into the bar today and gave it to me!" Mord shouted clearly terrified of the rogue adventurer.

Eyes wide with shock Taka looked into Mord's eyes hoping no praying that he was lying that the world he was born in didn't have some sick joy in throwing him against the gods.

"... THAT GLORIFIED DELIVERY BOY!" Taka roared in rage already thinking very very negative things about that God. Noticing a pattern involving Gods and himself he took a few breathes hoping to calm down.

It worked...kinda.

Getting what he wanted Taka lifted him up over the cliff, slamming him onto the ground, stomping his foot onto his chest.

"What are you gauh?" Mord asked only to freeze once the end of a blade was placed against his neck. "I ahh what are you?"

"We had a deal I'm simply honoring my end of it." an eerily terrifying aura surrounded the young man as he raised his sword. "If it helps I won't enjoy this, your being made as an example for anyone else that tries this again." That said Taka brought his sword down...


Stopping just short of Mord's throat Taka looked to the voice. Standing in the back of crowd moving with a sense of purpose glowing with aura was Hestia with a look of pure determination. This was divinity a power that Gods and Goddess could emit it allowed everyone to know they were in the presence of a holy being. It was this energy that she used to part the crowd was she zeroed in on her captain.

While everyone else bowed to the authority of the Goddess Taka stared back at her not moving or blinking he just stared.

Hestia stared back a true internal battle of wills going on. She's known Taka longer then anyone in the city she's seen him at his best and worst knowing he'd confort any obstacle regardless of the race.

Deciding to finally say something Taka raised a hand and a dull tone. "Hey...Goddess Hestia coming to watch?" The dark aura faded in an instant.

Her divinity slowly receded into herself. "No Taka I don't want to watch I... I want you to let him go!" she ordered only to recieve a flat look. "I know what he did was wrong but will killing him really make you feel better."

"It might, we'll find out after right." Shrugging his shoulders reraising his hand only to stop once he felt something strange.

Just then every adventurer froze feeling a tingling sensation in the spine, the tell tale sign of...



"Well that escalated quickly." Welf said a long bundle straped to his back.

"Yeah that got out of hand." Lili added clearly not expecting the day to change the way it did.

"It's got to be at least level 5." Ryuu added clearly unnervered at the boss monster.

The entire group composing of the Hestia Party, the Takemikazuchi Familia, Hermes, Asfi and Ryuu stood from the same cliff watching as the Rivira residents prepared to battle the boss monster a Black Goliath.

"What is that thing it doesn't look it a regular Goliath?" Mikoto asked knowing that while some monsters can look different this seemed like a whole different level.

"It's probably here for the Gods that came into the dungeon." Ryuu said glancing the two.

"What do we do!?" Chigusa clearly feeling out of her element as she hid behind her captain.

Seeing the inevitable massacre Taka made a decision. "Well I seen enough, let's get out of here." Taka turns around preparing to walk away.

"Wait What!"

These words were echoed by everyone as they watched the rogue adventure move.

Not seeing a problem adventurers died all the time nor a personal stake at this Taka continued. "Yeah while they fight that thing we'll walk right past them. No problem."

Only for Hermes now blocking his path with a dramatic flair.

"Is that it your just going to run away like a scared child?!" The Messager God asked clearly trying to goad Taka. "Not very heroic."

"Not heroic. In the past...what two days I've almost died several times, was ambushed had my Goddess taken I think I past the point of giving a single fuck about heroics!"

Taka's eyes zeroed in on the God as he reached behind him pulling out a familiar item. Hermes and Asfi's eyes widened as they assumed Taka would have destoried it.

"Is this heroic, turning some randos into your flunkies to fight me." he accused as he got into the God's face. "You got something to say?!"

Hermes looked like a deer caught in the headlights quickly scurried behind Asfi who reluctantly took a defensive stance.

"Hmph. Just like a God cause some trouble then make the mortals protect you." this shocked everyone to hear a mortal speak that way about the Gods. "Goddess Hestia what's my status?" Handing the item to Lili.

"Huh?" the mini goddess asked surprised by the question.

"My stats how to they look?"

"Oh uhhh..." Hestia rubbed her chin thinking back to what she remembered yesterday. "Well before that battle you were rank A across the board."

"How much does he fight?"

Everyone who didn't know him gasped at this as Taka first level up wasn't that long ago.



"Why did we agree to fight this thing?!" Taka shouted as he and several other adventurers dove out of the way as the Black Goliath stomped down in there path.

Looking around Taka can see the Takemikazuchi Familia, and Ryuu taking pot shots at the monster along with the rest of the adventurers. As this was going on Lili and Hestia had run off as Asfi supplied the adventurers with weapons and a plan of attack.

It then threw a rough back hand strike swiping a few sneakier adventurers away, it they stomped on the ground creating tremors sending most to the ground preventing a few from avoiding an incoming giant fist.

Taka winced at the attack. "Guys how are we looking?!" Taka asked as he shot lighting at the monster to little affect.

"On it!" Welf charged forward wielding a new black with a red edge long sword only comprised of a handle and blade as a raging fire danced around him. Swiping the blade in the air a cresent of fire shot through the air the hit staggering the giant.

"EVERYONE TOGETHER!" a voice shouted as a barrage of weapons and spells collided with the boss monster.


Said monster groaned in pain as he fell back seeing this the adventurers smiled seeing a chance at victory.


That cheer only lasted a moment as the monster slammed it's feet into the ground.

"Grabblers Now!" Asfi shouted as a barrage of hooked ropes shot out the forest wrapping around the Black Goliath's arm throwing off it's balance.

"Futsunomitama!" The boss monster froze as a huge dome-shaped force field surrounded it as a gravity magic crushes into it.

"Lighting Bolt!"

Just then Welf, Ryuu, Taka and a number of adventurers took to the sky.


The Boss Monster took the attack head on as used it's superior strength tearing through the ropes binding it throwing it's fist the force of which blasting most of the airborn adventurers away as it aimed toward a distracted Welf.

Panicing Taka grabbed his red haired friend by the arm. "Welf attack now!" Taka ordered as he threw Welf over the punch straight at the monster. This act while saving his friend did nothing to protect him as he crossed his arms over his chest as the fist struck him blasting him through the forest only stopping by the grace of a massive tree blocking his path.

"TAKA!/MASTER TAKA!" Lili and Hestia together carrying a large bundle between them shouted as they ran to said tree.

"You Monster!" Doing his best to focus on the task at hand Welf roared tp the heavens Shikou Kazuki raised as magic engulfed it. "TAKE THIS!" He shouted aiming for it's head.

He came up short though as it instinctively raised one of it's arms losing it in the process but allowing it to smack the distracted Welf sending in a crater in the ground.

Seeing Welf was being healed Ryuu ran in the direction of the downed Taka who must be on deaths door.

Ouka wielding a mighty axe led the charge with a group of adventurers going for the weakened monster.

Said monster defended itself as best it could but with a missing arm it wasn't as powerful as it once was. While a few began casting spells the rest went for it's legs hoping to topple the behemoth.

As this was going on another barrage of hooked ropes shot out the forest wrapping around the Black Goliath's legs this time, combined with another Futsunomitama courtesy of Mikoto.


Following the adventures Taka came upon a large three-floored mansion with a large iron fence around it. The home also has an inner garden, corridors, and a large front garden with flowers and trees.

Taka seeing this home gives a whistle in surprise. "Nice."

"Of course it is Lord Apollo provides only the best for his childern." the red head said. "You see soon enough."she muttered sadly

"Huh?" Taka thought he heard him whispered something only to wave it away.

While making there way through the mansion Taka noticed he was getting many odd looks from every adventurers they passed. "What's up with them?" Taka thought scratching his head.

Reaching there destination a rather grandiose door opening the three walked into the if you asked Taka overly extravagant with many pictures and statues of a Red head with green laurel wreath on his head.

Sitting at the desk in the middle of the office was the exact same person from the pictures with another red haired male standing dutifully beside him.

Standing to his feet the man raised his hands high in the air. "Hello welcome to my home I am the God Apollo!" The man eyed Taka gazing at him while licking his lips for some reason. Taka looked at him strangely but he seemed friendly enough.

With a closed eye smile Taka waved to the God. "Uh hello I'm told you wanted to see me."

Nostals flares with a strange look on his face Apollo continues. "Ah straight to the point, young man it seems you are just as my childern say about you."

While he was happy to hear a God's praise of him Taka couldn't help but feel put off by the way said God kept eyeing him.


"Taka WAKE UP!"


Ryuu ignored the two shouting girls as she sat before the young man laying before her. "It's not much but it'll have to do." Ryuu said using Noah Heal healing some of his wounds.

Hestia looked determined at her child placing her hand atop his forehead. "Do what you can, as long as he can fight he'll take that thing down."

"I've seen many adventurers in life but I haven't seen any as unrelenting to defeat an opponent as Master Taka." Lili added

Any other comment were ignored as a groan came from said youth.

"Ugh that hurt." Taka groaned out as he slowly opened his eyes. "S-So what happened?"

"OH CRAP IT'S BREAKING FREE!" an adventurer shouted.

Hearing this Taka rolled over getting to his knees. Struggling to his feet Taka glares at the monster being attacked. "It's fine." falling forward he catches himself just as the three girls reached for him. "Did you get what I asked?" despite not addressing her Hestia knew who he was talking to.

Watching her barely standing child Hestia reluctantly revealed the bundle now placed on the ground.

Unwrapping the bundle reveals a sword, a massive black single edge-blade in the shape of a khyber knife, with the grip at the base of the blade. It was the very same sword that the minotaur he, Lili and Welf fought earlier.

Grabbing the sword Taka continues to glare at the monster as it tore through the makeshift army. "Alright Lili start gathering any equipment you can find, might as well make something from all this. Ryuu you're with me we're taking that bastard out." Taka ordered determination clear on his face.


"Everyone hold it down the mages are ready!" Asfi shouted as an army of mages arrived at the cliff over looking the monster. Seeing as they were ready the Hermes Captain pointed to the monster. "FIRE!"


A massive explosion erupted throughout the dungeon as every mage and long ranged adventure threw everything they had at the Boss Monster.

An enoumous cloud of dust surrounded the field preventing anyone from seeing if it was over.


With it's roar alone the Black Goliath blasted the dirt away revealing its damaged and mangled form with the arm not destroyed by Welf barely hanged on it's shoulder. Ignoring it's own pain the Goliath roar to the heavens grabbing a massive boulder hurling it into the cliff where the exhausted mages casted.


It was to late as the fist slammed into the cliff killing a few adventurers on impact they... were the lucky ones.

Aside for Asfi (who began chanting) the ones not killed by the attack quickly fell to the ground below gravity doing it's thing putting them all out of commission.

"Oh crap." Welf after seeing this is slowly losing his cool.

"Welf!" Taka shouts running right past him Ryuu right beside him. Quickly composing himself the blacksmith quickly gets up following the two the Takemikazuchi Familia close behind.

"EVERYONE TOGETHER!" a voice shouted to the heaven gathering not just the still standing adventurers but also the temporary distracted boss monster.

"Dumb Ass! How have you not died yet?!" Taka glared at the shouting adventurer. He shook his head as the monster threw another boulder crushing the random airborn adventurers.

"Whatever." Taka continued his charge taking to the air along with Welf, Ouka and Chigusa.

At the same time a clearly exhausted Ryuu, Asfi and Mikoto began casting what would most likey be there final spell.


"Luminous Wind!"

"Kalov Argol!"

While these spells weren't all the strongest the already weakened Black Goliath groaned in pain as it doubled over making it take a knee.

Taking the opportunity Chigusa drew a dropped bow releasing a volley of arrows into the monster.

Distracted the boss monster was unable to protect itself against Ouka and Welf both charged in weapons raised attacking either side of it's torso removing it entirely revealing it's magic stone.

"I BETTER LEVEL UP FOR THIS!" Taka shouted coming down on the magic stone with both swords.


Not a word was spoken as any conscious adventurer looked at the sight before them. Taka Helmer the infamous adventurer of Orario standing atop the slowly disintegrating boss monster.


This moment of silence was ruined a the sound of clapping drew all eyes from the Messanger God. "Excellent! Magnificent! Bravo! Bravo! Do you see it now Taka you didn't believe in heros but look at you rallying everyone the defeat an unbeatable monster. The looks of everyone as the gaze at you in a new light! The light of a hero to be!" Herme cheerfully exclaimed as he walked through the crowd of downed adventurers.

"Lord Hermes really now of all times!?" Asfi groaned out in pain and annoyance.

Ignoring her Hermes looked at Taka with anticipation. "Well what are you waiting for this is the part where the hero gives his dramatic speech!"

Taka deadpanned at the god before him a number of very unkind thoughts going through his head about the god waving his hands around. A moment later Taka smiled as he looked to the other adventurers.

"My fellow adventures I would like to say this is the chance for us to unit, defeat monster, level-up and together we can overcome the dungeon." He calmly said looking to all the adventurers smile gracing his lips.

That smile was quickly replaced with a smirk.

"Here it comes." thought Hestia, Lili and Welf.

"I'd like to say that but well... I don't like to lie." he said much to the shock of everyone especially Herme if his dropped jaw was any indication.

"I mean sure the mages were useful in weakening it and the rest of you made half-decent meat shields but that's about it." shrugging his shoulders clearly enjoying this.

"YOU LITTLE BASTARD!/ NO RESPECT FOR YOUR SENIORS!/ WE HELPED JUST AS MUCH AS YOU!/ YOU SUCK!" Outburst of anger and frustration erupted from the insulted.

Glaring at the whining adventurers one moment they kidnap his Goddess forcing him into a fight and now that he tells them what is what they throw a tantrum.


Smirk still on his face Taka turned and walked away flips them the bird. "Taka Helmer! The guy whose party did all the real work. Have fun riding my coattails. Thanks for being great fodder." With that the group quickly followed finally leaving both the dungeon and stunned adventueres behind.

Asfi trailed behind dragging a shocked and appalled Hermes clearly on the verge of a heart attack.

Authors Notes

There you go end of Season 1

Come at the end you kidnap someones Goddess forcing them into a fight do you really think that person will be the forgiving.

Hey Taka is going down some dark paths.