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Chapter Start

Before Apollo came and broke Taka's spirit one could accuse him of having little direction in his life. That quickly changed since then Taka would rise at dawn make his way to the dungeon and would leave late into the evening. This routine gave him two things money and experience. That experience was currently being put to use.

"Another two down." Taka said to himself as he rammed his sword into the head of a goblin while round housing another. He then grabbed that goblin throwing it into another as he charged in behind it to slab it in the throat.

Now in the zone he was able to jump out of the way of an attack before delivering a right hook to it's jaw slamming it into the dungeon wall.

After the slaughter he processed pick-up all the valis and dropped items. "Lets see that's three third goblin hoards, ten Kobold, a couple of war shadows, a few dungeon lizards, and a purple moth not bad." he said to himself as he walked down to the tenth floor.

"Eina gonna freak!... Oh well what she don't know won't hurt her. Besides I can't grow playing it safe." he reassured himself as he descended the stairs.

Things seemed to being fine as the adventure traversed the dungeon only to stop when he picked up the sound of fighting. Quickly hugging the wall Taka slowly crept until he reached the edge. Sticking his head out he saw a giant of an adventurer fighting a group of Orcs solo.

Things seemed to be going good for the man as he slaughter the orc covering his own weak spots through the use of the strength and magic respectively.

That all changed when the giant adventurer jammed his sword through the one of the last few orcs only for the sword to get stuck half way and the blood on the blades handle made him momentarily lose his grip.

That was more then enough time for one of the last orcs to avenge it's comrades sending a straight into the adventures chest sending him flying into the very same wall Taka was hiding behind dying just as he hit the ground.

Not that Taka was doing any better as he did all he could to not throw up as he shakenly reached into his coat pocket and down a low level healing potion setting his stomach.

After a few breaths he reaches out grabbing now died adventure pulled him around the corner and taking anything of value. "He won't be needing it?" he told himself

"I won't get stronger playing it safe." with this pep talk Taka quickly ran into the fray.

"So let me get this straight you ignore my warning about going to lower floors, and you fight an orc." Eina his not advisor said in a stern tone glaring at her sorta charge.

Rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "At least I won that got to count for something." he said only to flinch at the look he recieved in response. "Or maybe not."

"Taka!" she said threateningly.

Slumping his shoulders in defeat. "I'll try harder."

Sighing in defeat Eina gave the adventurer a once over noticing he's still in his old armor. "I thought you said you had gotten yourself an armor upgrade?"

Looking down at his new replacement of his old armor a chestplate, and arm guards prefering light gear both were silver with white trim. "Yeah it'll be here soon he making some changes to it to, you know make it more me plus it was a little small." he said as he took his valis. "Well I got to go see you later Eina." he said recieving a smile in return before walking off.

The Next Morning

Hestia watched in fascination as the glow off her child's back slowly faded revealing his improved stats. "Your improving." she said with a smile. "I wish I could say the same about your sword." only for it to fade when she saw that his new sword was already showing signs of wear and tear from battle.

With a massive smile on her face Hestia jumped on the couch looking down at her child. "Taka listen up I'll be heading out for a few days, so I need you to do your best in the dungeon!" she shouted before leeping at him burying him in a hug.

Walking through the streets of Orario Taka looked even more annoyed then usual at the tag a long following him. "What do you want?"

Walking behind was a familiar red head following him an ever present grin on his face. "I just wanted to see how the armor is going to work." Leaning in close he inspecting the adventure for anything that might have changed since then last met. "This could be my best work yet."

"So glad to hear that." he sarcastically said as he push the blacksmith away. Walking through the crowd the two were walking passed a familiar resturant just as a white haired kid stormed out of the resturant. "Where's he off to?"

"He's probably going to Monsterphilla."


"Monsterphilla a huge festival thrown by the Ganesha familia every year they take over the area for the entire day to break in monsters they caught in the dungeon." Welf explained.

A thoughtful expression appeared on Taka's face. "This is a public thing?"


"And anyone can go reguardless of where your from?"

"So if someone wanted a front row seat to see different monster in the lower dungeon not only to see what they're up against but also to look for weaknesses they can exploit they should go there right?" Taka asked a savage grin now on his face.

"I mean usually they only have low level stuff but sometimes they find...wait WHAT!" Welf said only just realizing what he answered but before he could do anything Taka was already gone.

"This is going to be so cool, a chance to see all the lower level monsters maybe I can get some pointers." Taka thought with glee as he walked through the crowd.

"Goddess what are you doing here?" Taka asked looking up at the smiling face of his Goddess Hestia who currently had a wrapped up bundle on her back. "Actually how was your trip?" he asked bringing Hestia back to the party she attended.


Hestia didn't know what happened one minute she was behind a table taking home some food that everyone knew would get thrown out anyway. And the next she's looking up at Freya Goddess of the highest level adventurer in Orario.

"My my Hestia it's so wonderful to see you again."

"Hiya Freya." Hestia greeted back before looking around suspisously. "Is he here?" she growled out glaring at no one in particular.

Freya cover her mouth as she giggled. "If your looking for Apollo I'm afraid he had other matters to attend to and couldn't be here tonight."

Losing the glare Hestia "To bad guess I won't be needing this." she said reaching into her cleavage pulling out a small metal pipe handing it to a wide eyed Freya.

Flashback End

Then there was the parts were she fought Loki and dropped on her hands and knee to beg Hephaestus to make a weapon but he didn't need to know that. "Oh you know the usual God and rich people stuff nothing you'd care about."

Taka's eye widen as a memory returned to him. "The Area!" he shouted much to Hestia's shock. "Oh ah Goddess the Ganesha familia is having that monster taming thing we've got to see it."

"Taka that like an hour from now." Hestia said noticing the disappointed look on her child's face. "Hey Taka lets go on a date." After finally getting the busty goddess off his kidney she quickly pulled him through the area to enjoy their date.

"This is so much better then watching an area battle!" Taka cheered as he slashed through another monster as Hestia closely followed smiling herself as she picked up the fallen magic stone.

No one knows what happened one minute the two were wandering around having a good time the next monsters were somehow released into the festival causing a mass panic. This forced all available adventures to come to arms to defend the citizens. This also gave them a chance to not only help but also make some extra money from magic stones and any dropped items.

"How is this happening, Goddess do you see anyway out of here?!" Taka asked as he slammed an Imp over his knee before raising his sword just as a Bad Bat flew overhead splitting it in half.

"The east is the closest but it's probably being swarmed with evacuees." the goddess responsed as her child threw a Hard Armored into and Orc who was to stunned to stop the blade piercing it's throat.

Returning to his goddess just as she finished picking up the last of the valis Taka could no longer ignore the strange bundle she had wrapped around her. Leaning back he noticed not only it was a decent length but didn't seem to slow her down.

A cheeky smile formed on Hestia's face once she noticed Taka's line of sight. "Taka you naughty boy now isn't the time for that." she said smile only growing at the blush on his face.

"No Goddess I mean that thing on your back."

"Oh so you weren't looking at my heavenly behind?" she asked fraying ignorance enjoying the teasing despite the situation. The blush only grew before Hestia being the kind Goddess she was finally let up as she removed the bundle from her back.

Once unwrapped revealing a black curved shortsword with light blue hieroglyphs written across the blade before fadding to grey. The blade also had five half-moon holes along the other side of the blade.

"I wanted to give it to you later but seeing as things might get worse before they get better this seems like the perfect time. It's alive and as you grow it will grow along side you. This is our weapon I call it Hestia Sword."

"You named it after yourself?"

"Were having a moment don't ruin it."

"Wow." was all Taka could say as he gaced at blade now in his hands. However this moment of awe didn't last as loud crash followed by a ferocious roar echo through the festivel grounds.

A deterimined look formed on Taka's face as he turned to the noise. "I won't get stronger playing it safe." he thought to himself. "Goddess I..."

"I know you need to fight I wish you didn't have to but in order to beat Apollo we need to both do our part and keep getting stronger." she said cutting him off before reaching for his shirt lifting it slightly. "But first let's update your status."

"I just wanted to give Syr her wallet back." a young white haired adventurer thought as he jumped just out of the way of a open palm slam courtesy of a large armor clad monster known as a Silverback.

"Do it Bell, do it." the adventure thought to himself as he eyed the monster.

Without missing a beat the Silverback swung it's arm sending the chain attached to it to thrash out into a wall as the youth dodged before charging into the ape.

"You'll never be strong enough to stand by her side if you don't get stronger!" he shouted as he jumped off the ape's knee before bring his knife down.

"KSHH!" echo through the area as his knife shattered against the Silverbacks skull so distracted by this he was unable to avoid the open palm sending him into the wall.

"Oww." Taka muttered to himself as he watched his fellow adventurer laying prone against the wall. Seeing the monster moving toward the downed adventurer Taka took off.

Just as the Silverback reached it's target a distracting pain alerted it to it's lower legs as a new grey haired youth slashed at both of it's legs before grabbing it's target and running away.

Running through one of the alley ways Taka looked over his shoulder at the person he was carrying. "Hey you alive cause I've already seen one person died this week I don't need another?" he asked recieving a groan in response.

"Great way to be a hero Taka now what?" he thought as he maneuvered through the alleys hoping to slow the ape down. Eventually the adventurer and a half made there way to a wide complex residential area known as...

"Daedalus Street." Taka said with contempt preferring not to get lost in the rumored 'second dungeon'. "Hey you."

"M-My names Bell, Bell Cranel." the now identified Bell groaned out.

"Yeah so can you walk?"

"Yeah I...Ow" Bell didn't get a chance to finish as the second he said yes Taka dropped him.

"Good so go hide somewhere while take care of this." Taka said as he looked at both of his swords wondering which would work best for this. "I don't want to be to dependant on the Hestia Sword in case in ever lose it."

Hearing this the white haired adventurer looked up at his current companion in disbelief. "I can't do that! If I run now I'll never be a true adventurer!" He shouted in rage at the comment unbeknownst to the two alerting the Silverback of there location.

"Well you won't live long enough to worry about that especially since your weapon broke." Taka debunked as he looked at the handle of the once complete knife.

Gritting his teeth in frustration Bell looked at Taka examining his weapons. "Well then let me use one of yours."

Raising a brow at the albino before him Taka merely said. "No"

"Well a knife and short sword are kind of the same."

"No." getting annoyed

"Besides you could use the help."

"No." Annoyance only growing

"You keep the magic stone." he said making Taka roll his eyes as he heard the stomping coming closer.

Without another word Taka ran off scaling a building hiding in the shadows leaving the albino behind.

STOMP STOMP STOMP that echoed the Daedalus Street area as it leaped over one of the houses ending up in the same open area as Bell.

The Silverback upon seeing it's target reached out only to grasp air as Bell was already on the move jumping off a crate. "I don't need any help or a weapon if I can't do this I'll never have the right to stand by her side." Using the balcony as a springboard he cocks his fist back. "DO YOU HEAR ME I'LL KILL YOU RGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!" he roared as he delivered a shift punch to the apes face.

Feeling no pain the monster simply punched Bell into a wall before another fist slammed him in even deeper.

Now unconscious Bell could do nothing as he slumped to the ground completely defenseless. Seeing it's finally downed target the monster reached down to finally return it to it's mistress that was before a sharp pain engulfed it's arm.

Before it could process what was going on another sharp pain hit it but this time in the leg bringing it down to it's knees.

The falcata was quickly thrown enbedding itself in the giant's hands just as it cocked it's hand back for an open palm slap.

Then in a feat of strength that surprised even himself Taka grabbed one of the ape's thick chains before running up it's opposite arm before jumping off the shoulder causing it to punch itself in the face effectively flooring it.

The last thing it saw was a small blur jamming something in it's throat.

Satisfied with his work Taka wiped down his swords as he watched the once fierce beast dissolve into nothing more then a magic stone.

"Taka that was awesome!" a voice shouted as a familiar black and white blur barreled into him. While this was goin on many onlookers slowly arrived at the scene.

"Did you see that."

"Kid took down a Silverback."

"So cool."

"Way to go."

All at once a number of people surrounded the two man familia as Hestia and Taka while still on the ground looked up speechless at the praise. This went on for a few minutes until a nameless adventurer got a good look at Taka.

"Hay wait a minute your that guy who crossed the gods."

"OH SHIT!" The two thought as they watched all the faces of admiration turn to scowls of detest. It didn't that this was were all the energy and excitment of the day finally came back to Hestia, the Goddess so falling unconscious.

Picking the Goddess bridal style Taka glared at the group of once grateful onlookers now not so much.

Walking through the crowd Taka ignore the jeers as he maneuvered through the crowd until he looked over the crowd to see a tall and muscular person with ears on top of his head pick up Bell before turning to lock eye's with him.

In the highest point in Babel sat the one and only Freya Goddess of Beauty and head of the number one familia in Orario as she thought about the events of the day. When first saw Bell Cranel more precisely his aura she just knew she had to have him so without hesitation she quickly recuited him into her familia and each day has been bliss. From watching him train to interacting with the rest of the familia she watched it all. This is what led to her problem for Bell wasn't improving fast enough while he had talent and drive it wasn't enough to get the results she desired.

No he needed motivation something that could push him to greater heights if given the opportunity. And that chance came during Monsterphilla with a little stealth and a charm here or there she was able to get a monster that could push Bell passed his limits.

So it came to an even bigger surprise that not only did Bell lose mostly due to his refused to take anything beyod his current level with some nonsense about his pride and wanting to prove he belongs in the familia. But was also saved by a rather infamous adventure that while Freya never relate herself with his predicament she could understand his thirst for vengeance. Watching his fight however she saw his potential strategic mind, skill and unrelenting drive he knew how to fight and knew how to find or simply make an opening.

This whole event brought a smile to the Goddess face at the thought of adding another adventurer to her ranks later. But for now she will watch see his progress and who knows maybe she can use him to help Bell improve only time will tell.

The moment she opened her eyes Hestia knew she wasn't at the church she called home for one it didn't look the same and had a smaller bed.

"Good to see your awake, not actually sure why you passed out I mean your a Goddess." a voice asked only to get confused as the question was asked. Turning to the voice she see's her entire Familia only he was looking worse then the last time she saw him.

"Taka what happened to you?!" she shouted getting a go look at him sporting a black eye and his clothes looked scuffed up.



"Nope." he responded get a raised brow from his goddess.

"Then who?"

"I may have gotten into a brawl between a few adventures while you were out. And it may have ended when that girl Ais showed up and kicked everyone's asses. But on a plus side I was the only one to get up for a second round." he explained as the two sat in silence.

Examining her child Hestia couldn't help reaching out and slicking the top of his hair back while few fringes hanging over his forehead. "That brings back memories." the goddess said as a smile graced her lips only matched by Taka.

However there smiles quickly faded as Taka swept his hands through his hair reverting back to its short spiky self over his olive skin. "But the past is in the past it's time to keep moving forward." getting a nod from his goddess.

This moment of comradery ended once Taka pulled out the Hestia Sword. "Hephaistos weapons aren't cheap and were not exactly rolling in it, so how much did this cost?"

Placing a hand on her chest with her eyes closed Hestia sat up straighter. "It's all been taken care of." she said proudly missing the look Taka gave her before pulling her onto his lap for a hug. "Sigh Forget it we'll worry about it later."

Hestia stiffened at the action not expecting this before melting into the embrace. "Yeah later."

Authors Note

Anyone wondering why a short sword it just seemed to fit the series style of very few people using the same type of weapon.

I want you to really tell me that Bell wouldn't do something like this.