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Chapter 9

Quick Note- For anyone wondering his name is spell Taka but pronounced Tock-uh that is why no one confuses him with the God. In fact when I start his origin story you'd be surprised by all of it.


"Familia Day?" Taka asked as he looked down at the smiling faces of Lili and Hestia.

"Yup it's a holiday for Familia's to bond and shower their Goddess with love, praise by giving her lots of tender kisses." Hestia explained as punkers her lips on her tip toes waiting for said kiss.

That was before a pair of arms wrapped around her pulling to the ground. "That's not what the holiday is about, it's about familia bonding." Lili cried out as this was an important holiday for her as every year on this day Soma would provide the familia with some of his legendary wine it was the only time were his familia actually acted like they cared.

"Yes and if I recall we are called the Hestia Familia!" Hestia countered as she rolled placing herself on top of the supporter.

Taka scratched his cheek watching as the two members of his familia wrestled on the ground shouting at each other something they've done frequently. "So should I guess I should get you two a gift then huh?"


A bruised and battered Taka was currently on his hands and knees panting furiously as a massive figure loomed over him. Rather then finsh him off the figure merely doused him with a potion.

"You've gotten stronger. At this rate you'll soon reach level 3 provide you don't die in the dungeon." Ottar commented as he watched the rouge adventurer getting up. "Is this really how my morning started?" he thought to himself.

"Not by enough." he responded leaning against a wall. "So have you heard about this familia day?" he managed to pant out.

Raising his brow in confusion. "Yes it's a very important holiday that happens once a year. Usually the members get a gift for their God or Goddess and they in turn get a huge banquet and offer thanks through one on one interaction with the familia."

"Considering the size of your familia I'd recommend you just get them both something."

"Any ideas?"

"Try the Entertainment District there are gifts there of a more intimate design and very few are judgemental enough to give you a hard time."

Seeing he had no better choice Taka nodded his head in agreement as he turned to limp away only for a massive to clasp his shoulder.

"Now for the matter of your fee."


"Mr. Taka..."

"It's just Taka, Bell I'm like a few months no more then a year older then you."

"Oh right why did you and Mr. Welf..."

"He's only year and a few months older then you relax your trying to hard."

Gulping trying to steady his resolve Bell worked up the courage to finally ask. "Why are we going to the pleasure distract. I mean I'm sure my Goddess won't like..."

Bell didn't get the chance to finish as a hand smacked him in the back of the head.

"What did I tell you about relaxing we're only here to look around as to why your here I owe your captain and he's tells me your having a hard time making friends in your familia."

Hearing this Bell rubbed his head a blush dusting his cheeks. "Yeah I don't know why but I feel like they don't like me very much." he nervously said. "I mean whenever I walk into a room they always go silent and I can't help but feel like someones glaring at me."

Taka glanced at Welf who merely shrugged with his usual cheerie grin. "It's probably all in your head. But a word of advice sleep with your door locked."

As the three proceeded to the Entertainment District seeing a number of gift ideas ranging from wine, incense, enchanted chocolates and even items of a sexual nature. Taka tried keeping to himself trying to blend in with the crowd. "So this is the Entertainment District." Taka couldn't help noticing the sights especially the scantally clad ladies as they wiggled and jiggled to the passerby.

Welf chuckled as he watched Taka try to some degree of success to blend in with his surrounding. For a second Welf couldn't help notice some random girls eyeing their group more specifically Bell who seemed oblivious to the girl more interested at the stands.

"Taka will you calm down this is the Entertainment no one is going to care about you being here." Welf reassured Taka as he pulled him along.

Pushing him away Taka continued to look uneasy. "Fine Welf." Taka said standing up straight. "Happy now?" he asked getting a thumbs up. "Great Bell did you find any...Bell Bell." Taka looking around not finding the Albino anywhere.

Welf took a step back at the look on his party leader's face eye's wide with a slight twitch of the right one. Before he could find out what was wrong Taka's hand shot out grasping onto Welf's shoulder. When Welf looked again the look of distress that was once on Taka's face was replaced with one of determination.

"Welf were finding him."

"Wow Taka." Welf said generally surprised by the passion in Taka's eyes.

"You go right I'll go left we meet at the center in two hours!" Taka ordered as he ran off.

Taking to the roof tops Taka began looking around hoping to find the missing albino. "Come on how hard is it to find Bell he has white hair for Hestia's sake." Taka ranted to himself as voice caught his attention.

"Umm please stop." a familiar voice mumbled stopping Taka dead in his tracks. Ducking behind a chimey Taka sees Bell being surrounded by a number of beatiful women who pulled him along.

"Amazons." Taka sighed in annoyance as he quitely followed on the rooftops only to hit the ground when one of the Amazon's looked in his directions. "Why amazons."

This ended as quickly as it began as the amazon having purple eyes, and long black hair that covers the right side of her face turned back to her group walking off.

"Sigh." Taka sighed to himself as he followed the group missing the ghost of a smile on the amazon's face.


"Oh your such a cutie!" One of the amazons squealed in delight as she buried Bell's head into her chest.

Quickly pushing the girl away while trying his best to avoid touching things. "Please ladies you have to let me go." Bell whimpered with blushed cheeks the dark skinned beauties completely ignoring him. "My friends are looking for me."

"Oh I'm sure they can wait for a little while." one of the amazons whispered into his ear as she wrapped her arms around his waist being sure to press her breasts into his side. "Wouldn't you'd rather spend sometime with us?"

Before Bell could responsed a couple of hands grabbed at his shirt attempting to remove his clothes.

"I think I smell some fresh meat." a voice said with a hearty laugh.

All attempts were halted as loud stomping echoed through the halls heading to the room they were in.

"Oh no."

"Shit it's her." The amazon that looked to Taka earlier growled at the voice.

Just as Bell was about to ask what was going on the doors keeping the door closed burst open and in walked something that could give a man nightmares.

"Kill it with fire!" a voice said to no one questioned.

In walked a massively huge woman of amazon descent however unlike the usual beauty of a typical amazon this woman was huge not a mountain of muscle but more puggy. The nightmare only heightened as she looked less like a woman and more of a frog.

"What are you doing here Phryne?!"

Ignoring the glares directed at her the now named Phryne stomps into the room. Just as she was about to say something her eyes locked onto Bell before a rather amorous look formed on her face. "My my whose this young thing?" she asked licking her lips hungrily.

Making her way to the now terrified Bell trying edging himself away. "Why don't you ignore Aisha, how about we spend some time together?" she asked suggestively before reaching out grabbing him by his arm preparing to take him away.

"KKKSSSSHHHH!" the group was stunned as a window shattered in the room, before the Ishtar Familia could do anyhting a voice shouted out.

"What was that?" a smaller amazon asked.

"LIGHTING BOLT!" a voice shouted a bolt of lighting soaring through the room sending everyone to the ground.

Appearing outside was none other then Taka. "Bell let's go!" he ordered. Snapping Bell out of a daze Bell quickly jumped out the window as the two took off into the night. (1)


"Did you hear the adventures Little Rookie and Dodo are running around, there is a reward for if we can find them." a woman said excitedly they to her friend as the two ran off searching missing the two finding under the windowsill.

"When did Bell level up?" Taka asked himself knowing a second name was only given to at least level two adventures. "Questions for later."

"Taka I'd I'd like to thank you." Bell said only for Taka to wave him off.

"Don't worry about it, besides can you imagine what Freya would do if something bad happened to you." he stated rubbing his shoulder in annoyance.

"Okay the plans simple Bell we stay hidden, find Welf and Run like hell out of here."Taka said as he lifted each of his fingers with each point. "Bell any ideas?"

Nodding his head in the negative. "No."

"Hey this way!" the two cringed and hugged the wall as a voice and a number of foot steps ran overhead.

Looking up the two sighed as the guards exited the area.

"Oh this not doing my heart any good." Taka said holding his chest. Regaining his breathing Taka climbed up the railing with Bell in tow. "Okay if we get to the roof we could..

"Well well a two on one deal lucky me." voice whispered seductively behind the two causing them to jump in shock. Turning around they get a solid view of the amazon Taka saw earlier. Standing at 5,9 she was dressed like an underwear like clothing of a belly dancer which did little to conceal her bountiful breasts, long legs and shapely hips along with earrings and various gold decorations around her chest and belly. Much to there surprised she walked around bare-foot.

"It seems I get to have both of you to myself, lucky me." A smile formed on her face as she walked forward hips swaying with each step. Said smile only grew as the boys eyes were glued as she jiggled with every step.

"I'm Aisha Belka how would you two like to spend some quality time with me." she flirted as the two as they regained there wits giggling as Taka mumbled something about hormones.

Without a word Taka grabbed Bell running down the street.

Call it his time training, past experiences, a skill, magic or simply instinct he seemed to know when he was outclassed and while he would still try his hand he couldn't with Bell there.

While Freya seemed to make no attempt to stop his grewth and thirst for vengeance. Taka just knew Freya would not hesitate to put him or anyone down if Bell was hurt or taken away.

As the two attempted to run they were cut off by the Amazon who jumped over the two landing on the ground again blocking her path.

Rather then stop the two turned down an alley. As the two ran Taka whispered something to Bell who nodded his head. Just as they reached the halfway point of the alley Aisha landed before them again.

"Oh boys don't you know anything about us Amazons." Aisha said her voice gaining a teasing edge to it. "We like to capture our men and devour them."

Anything else was ignored as Taka charged in without a weapon he threw a number of punches Aisha either blocked or dodged one time even flipped Taka on his back with clothsline.

"Bell!" Jumping to his feet Taka bent his knees as he dug his heels into the ground, preparing to propel himself straight at Aisha.

Much to the amazon's surprise Taka slid between her legs before jumping to his feet as he put his hands in a circular motion.



The two shouted as both fire and lighting crashed into Aisha as a blinding light engulfed the alley.

"COUGH! COUGH! COUGH! Okay I'm actually a little insulted if you two thought that would stop me." Aisha coughed out as she waved the smoke out of her face only to notice she was the only one in the alley.

The look of shock on her face was replaced with a sultry smile. "Oh this is going to be like that huh? Get ready little mice this kitty's on the prowl." with that the busty Berbera jumped to the roof in search of her prey.


"Get to the exit. Get to the exit. Get to the exit." Bell chanted over and over in his head like a mantra as he raced throughout the Pleasure Distract hoping to find a way out.

He soon turned a corner coming face to face with a dozen or so amazons.

"Hey the Little Rookie came to us, must have been more pent up then we thought." an amazon in an orange vest and a saccharine smile chirped in delight.

That smile turned more ferocious as she and the others pulled out a bundle of ropes, chains and other binding. "This time your not getting away." another amazon this time with gray hair added.

Much to the girls surprise Bell never stopped his stride.

"Firebolt!" he shouted releasing his spell as it zoned in on the amazons who dodged giving Bell the chance he needed.

Knowing he was outclassed he just continued to run dashing toward the group Bell jumped into the air landing on one of the building only to blast himself off of that one to before doing it again and again over the surprised amazons heads. Landing on his feet a decent distance away Bell quickly took off leaving the shocked amazons behind.

Quickly overcoming their shock the girl resumed the chase only to be outmaneuvered as Bell ran, jump, flipped and slid his way to freedom.

"Please stop my Goddess would not be happy about this!" Bell screamed as he continued to run.


"WELF!" a voice shouted above the Blacksmith giving him just enough time to dodge something crashing at the spot he once stood. Upon landing the surrounding patrons quickly scattered away not sure what was going on.

Looking down Welf saw none other then Taka as he currently held an amazon in a headlock. Before Welf could do anything Taka let go of the Amazon as he rolled to his feet grabbing her leg and with a mighty swing slamming her into a wall knocking her out.

Taka was currently hunched over panting and sweat poured down his brow. "O...Okay that's nine." he panted out in exhaustion.

"Taka what happened, did you find Bell?" Welf asked trying to process all that happened.

"Found...Bell...amazons...gifts...run." Taka panted out.


Finally regaining his breathing Taka looked at Welf with a serious aura surrounding him. "Welf I found Bell he's heading to the exit, were meeting him there. I'll explain the rest later." he said as looked to the roof seeing the smirking face of Aisha.

"Did you find anything worth while?" He asked never turning his gaze.

Shrugging his shoulders in defeat Welf glanced to the roof doing his best to maintain his composure.

"Fine." Taka without braking eye contact with the smirking amazon grabbed a few palm sized packages throwing some to Welf as he kept two. "Okay lets get out of here Bell is heading for the exit we'll meet him there." he said as he threw a few Valis on the table.

Eyeing the packages not sure what was in them Welf put them away. "So were not fighting that's not like you."

Slowly backing away with Welf close behind. "We have no gear and even if we fought together we can't beat that woman up there, she's at least a level 3."

"You sure Bell will be okay?"

"Yeah I don't know much about him but I do know Bell is fast. Besides he's a level 2."

Welf jerked forward at the news. "He did, must have been when he fought that minotaur." With that Welf slowly got in position to run. "So you ready?"

"On my mark." Taka waved his arms in a circular motion lighting generatoring as it happened. "Lighting Bolt!"

At the same time Welf grabbed a barrel of ale tossing it into the air just as the lighting struck the ale electrify it as it flew at the amazons.

Smirk still plastered on her face Aisha leaned just out of the way of the burning wood and shocking alcohol.

Looking down she sees that the two were currently running down the street using the crowd for cover. "Hmm smart move." Knowing they couldn't beat her in a straight fight so hiding crowd was a great way to blend in knowing it'd be bad for business if an amazon hurts anyone here.

Aisha slowly placed two fingers to her lips as she was about to whistle she stopped before a seductive smile graced her lips. "Oh where's the fun in that." the dark skinned beauty quickly took off after the two.



Hearing the shout Welf and Taka rounded the corner seeing Bell running in their direction. As the trio reformed they began running toward what they hoped was the exit. As they kept running Taka even knocked over a pile of barrels hoping to slow them down.

"Oh look another one." One of the amazon said eyeing Welf as he ran.

"Ohh and a redhead at that."

As they contined to run a smile was finally able to grace their lips as the exit came to sight only for fear to replace it as the doors welcoming them to safety was slowly closing before them.

"Bell light it up!" Taka shouted as the two prepared their spells.

This wasn't needed as the doors not only stopped closing but actually began to open.

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth the trio darted forward avoiding everyone and everything trying to stop them. By some miracle the three actually made just to the gate out of the District just as the door started to reclose.

Just as he crossed the treshold of the gate Taka felt a chill run down his spine looking back he sees the same amazon from before leaning against the wall near the mechanism controlling the gate. As they locked eyes she muttered something he would never hear.

This moment was quickly overcut when Phryne came stomping over shouted a number of sexual obscenties ones that judging by the cringed looks on their faces will haunt the trio for many moons.


"Okay let's have a toast to escaping Amazons." Taka said as he Welf and Bell clicked their glasses in a somber manner all replaying events in their heads.

"Still better then Apollo." Taka muttered under his breathe.

Trying to take his mind off of the whole experience Bell asked the question that's plagued him his they met.

"T-Taka can I ask you a question?" he asked worriedly.

Shrugging his shoulder unconcerned. "Sure man." he said as he lifted his mug to his lips.

"Why do you hate Apollo?" Bell asked causing Taka to pause before the mug touched his lips. "I mean what happened to make him your enemy. Everyone in my familia simply saids it's not my concern and I should focus on getting stronger and not worry about that Rogue."

As Bell explained he failed to notice the mug in Taka's hand was slowly starting to crack.

"Bell there is a reason I don't talk about it." his head down obscuring his eyes.

Bell being Bell didn't understand the danger he was placing himself in. "Why is that?"

"Because Bell.." he spoke in a calm tone. That is before a dark glint appeared in his eye. "..IT PUTS ME IN A MUDEROUS RAGE!" he shouted rising to his feet.

"QUITE!" Mia Grand shouted as she wielded a frying pan menacingly as a dark aura surrounded her.

After a few calming breathes Taka took a seat. "Let's just say that when Apollo wants something he'll do whatever he has to do reguardless if it hurts anybody." with that Taka took a long drink from his mug.

At the same Time

So... Goddess...why ...does...Master Ta...ka ..hate...Apollo?" Lili panted out after a particularly exhausting four hour wrestling match the two were sprawled out on the ground gasping for air.

"Goddess did you hearrrrrrrr..." Lili spoke only to freeze in place at the look that covered the Goddess usually cheerie face. In it's place was a stonic look that looked as if it were chiseled from stone.

"Liliruca listen." Hestia spoke with an air of authority to her. "Do you know why we don't go into detail over the events that involved Apollo."

"I-I thought you w-were just more focused on beating him then anything else." the little supporter stuttered out not use to this more serious goddess.

Shaking her head no Hestia looked out the window. "It's because we want to focus on the future. What Apollo did was unforgivable he ruined Taka's life, took a piece of his sanity and made it even harder for my Familia to grow. We will defeat him and the fools he calls a familia." Hestia spoke with a fire in her eye in determination.

"Wow." the Pallum stood awestruck at the Goddess proclamation.

"And after that...

"After that?"

Gone was her determined now replaced with a lovey dovey smile as she clasped her hands together. "After that Taka will proclaim his undying love for me and we'll spend every night in a lovers embrace." she said hearts replacing her eyes.

Lili glared her new Goddess. "Like that would ever happen!"


"So what's the damage?" Aisha taking her place as the true vice captain asked an amazon holding a clipboard wearing glasses.

"Not as bad as you'd think the few fires were already put out, the walls that were damaged are being replaced and all the glass is being but cleaned up. The customers were a little shaken but after we offered a few discounts everything calmed down." the amazon explain wiggling her eyebrows at said discount.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY ESCAPED!" Phryne shouted at her familia. The captian of the Ishtar familia ranted as she swung her arms nearly destorying walls in the process.

"Calm down Phryne your a captain act like it." Aisha said only for Phryne to get into her face.

"Don't you talk back to your captain I was this close to having those two tasty snacks those two leveled up faster then anyone in history." licking her lips. "Just imagine me taking those boys turning them into men worshiping me as if I were a goddess that outshines Ishtar." The captain moaned out as drool fell down her mouth.

Rolling her eyes Aisha returned to the amazon in glasses. "Get to work on repairs hopefully we can get this done before..

"What is the meaning of this!" A voice boomed causing all the familia to stand at attention. Walking through the streets was a purple haired, blue eyed, brown skinned beauty with a bust that rivaled Hestia in terms of her outfit one word described Lewd. Standing barefoot she is wearing a single red-orange piece of cloth around her neck that barely covers her breasts and a matching pareo around her waist that reaches down to her ankles. She was currently clothin golden bracelets, anklets and necklaces, along with a crown at the top of her head, with several jewels in the center.

This was Ishtar Goddess of Beauty leader of the Ishtar familiia. Ever present by her side was Tammuz a dark skinned handsome young man.

"Lady Ishtar!" all the amazons shouted in unison with a low bow.

I'm busy entertaining a few clients and when I finish I return to this." she said gesturing to the destruction around her. "So someone explain." she ordered.

One Explaination

After hearing the amazon's more 'abridged' explaintaion a smirk quickly formed on the Goddess of Beauty's face. "So Freya's child was looking for some carnel pleasure guess Freya just isn't enough and he needs a real woman to show him the ropes." She said as she slid her hand from her large bust to her shapely hips.

"Ma'am what about that Taka guy?" the orange vested amazon asked getting a raised brow from Ishtar.

"Oh we'll deal with him latter he's got plently to deal with what with Apollo not to mention being in the familia of the Virgin Goddess Hestia." she said while acknowledging his strength she had much bigger things to worry about. "How is Haruhime was she harmed?"

Aisha stepped forward. "No she was entertaining a guest...

"She passed out again didn't she?" Ishtar interupted with a roll of her eyes.

"She..She tries." Aisha shook her head knowing that girl was not ment to be a prostitute. "In any case no she's okay maybe she heard what was going on but she's safe."

"Good until the plan is complete she must remain unharmed." She ordered as the familia bowed in acknowledgement.

"Hmm the child of Freya, why him Freya only goes after powerful childern to join her familia. Oh well it'll be fun showing that little rabbit the pleasures of the flesh."


Hestia Familia

"TAKA! MASTER TAKA! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" Hestia and Lili shouted in unison.

Rather then responsed Taka merely scooped the two up pulling them into an embrace. This didn't end there as Taka leaned in kissing both Hestia and Lili on the cheek.

The matching blushes on the two had reach atomic levels as they looked at Taka who looked at the two lovingly. This didn't last long as Taka put them back to the ground before pulling out two identical wrapped boxes.

"Happy Familia Day." Handing both girls their gifts. With that Taka walked through the church to the back room where they slept.

Gifts in hand the two turned to each other with a curt nod they ripped open the boxes eagrly before freezing in shock at the contents.

"G-Goddess is tha-t w-what I think it is?" Lili stuttered.

Not trusting her own voice Hestia shook her.

Ishtar Familia: Edible Underwear

"EEEEHHHHHHH!" twin squeals echoed in the church as they eyed the gifts in surprise.

"W-Why Master Taka?"

"I know!" Hestia shouted as hearts filled Hestia's eyes. "He didn't need some silly holiday to send some quality time with his goddess." the goddess of Hearth said with a silly smile at her child increased interest in her. "Blue? What a naughty boy!"

Excuse me but Master Taka would never do something so vulgar!" Lili growled in denial although a part of her was curious considering she got the same gift. "Lemon?" she thought as she eyed her yellow pair.


Freya Familia

"Goddess Freya Bell Carnel has returned." Ottar said as he entered his goddess room small box in hand. "He seemed exhausted from his outting so I promised I'd give you his gift for him as he went to bed.

Gazing out the window Goddess Freya slowly turned toward her captain. "Oh a present, I would have preferred his presense it is a day to celebrate the familia as a whole not just the one in charge." Freya said as she finished turning to Ottar noticing the slightly damaged gift. "It seems he went through a lot of work to get this."

Grabbing the gift Freya delicately unwrapped it only slightly opening her eyes its contents.

"Oh well that's different didn't know Bell felt thought that way." she said a flirty smile covering her face.

"Vanilla? How innocent."


Hephaestus Familia

The Hephaetus familia was partying like it was the end of the world as they enjoyed Familia Day eating, drinking just showing the familia how much they cared for one another. However a room seperate from each other was tense as Hephaetus the Goddess of Smithing looked at one of the three occupants currently occupying the vacant forge.

"You want to explain this Welf?" Hephaestus said rolling her lone eye as she waved around an open package containing a red undergarment.

Down on his knees before her Welf bows to his goddess. "I'm sorry." Welf said as sweat poured down his face. "It was an accident."

As this was going on her captain Tsubaki who was loving this if the shit eatting grin on her face was anything to go by grabbed the package waving it around. "You sure Welf I mean you got her the red ones and everything. Didn't know you liked cherry so much."

"Have something you want to say Welf." The Goddess of Smithing smirked as Welf only lower his head lower.

"Damn you familia day." Welf groaned knowing this was going to be a long night.


Sorry I took so long just couldn't find an ending.

(1) To be fair Taka didn't have a lot of time so some time you just got to go for it.