Hello dear reader(s) before the story truly begins I would just like to say thank you for clicking on this fanfic and giving it a shot, it really means a lot to me since this is my first fanfiction so any and all criticisms are welcomed if this turns out to be bad, anyways I'll let you get on with reading the story and again, thank you.

In Japan, Musutafu is the prodigious U.A. highschool where young students come to train to become great heroes! one of these students has red eyes, red spiky hair, and razor sharp shark-like teeth, his name is Eijiro Kirishima and even though he doesn't know it yet, he is destined to save an entire world from the waves of disaster and calamity.

"Man, studying for this test is hard, why did Aizawa-sensei have to give us a surprise test!?" Kirishima semi-yelled as he walked towards the library, the test he was referring to was one that Shota Aizawa, class 1-A's teacher, came out of no where saying "You're training to be heroes, as such you have to be prepared for the unexpected." and immediately as soon as he left most of the students rushed to ask the smartest teenagers in class to tutor them, unfortunately Kirishima was to slow getting to them and seeing the majority of the class wanted tutoring he decided to not add to Midoriya's and Yaoyorozu's already giant workload, after all he could study by himself, it'd just be a bit harder.

As he entered the library he saw a few other students around, not many but a few, he then proceeded to look around for anything that might help with the surprise test, but then saw something that caught his interest, a dusty old looking book, he picked it up off the shelf and began reading, it was a story about the "four cardinal heroes" each wielding a different weapon, a bow, a sword, a spear, and- "A shield?" -Kirishima asked to no one in particular "Well, a shield isn't really a weapon but considering my quirk is mainly a defensive one and I use it for offence I don't really have much room to talk."

As he continued to read he found pages were empty, not a single word or illustration. "Huh? don't tell me this book isn't finished!" he said slightly upset, but then the pages of the book began to glow! "What the hell!?" kirishima exclaimed, surprised, he instinctively dropped the book and hardened his arms, putting them in front of his face as a means of defence, his entire body was engulfed by the light and when the light was gone, so was Eijiro Kirishima.

Stand strong and tall Kirishima, for you are the unbreakable shield.