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Lute village

Kirishima and Gregar grunted a bit as they lifted up some of the heavy building supplies which were going to help rebuild the village.

After the wave was over the "Shield squad" as the group started calling themselves, had rested for a few hours before they led the villagers back to the now in ruin village and they all started to make repairs to all of the damages from both the monsters and the knights who were meant to be protecting the village and, you know, NOT do more damage than the monsters themselves!

Aside from that Kirishima had unlocked many shields from absorbing monster parts from the wave monsters that the Shield squad had taken down.

And this included his new strongest shield, the [Chimera viper shield].

After a bit of the rebuilding some knights approached Kirishima and asked that he come attend the party being celebrated for the heroes as they were the ones who stopped the wave.

He was a bit hesitant and wary of this being a trap but after a bit of coercing from Raphtalia he decided to go and let his party take a load off, they have been doing of a lot of training before the wave came after all so they deserve a reprieve to reduce whatever stress they might have built up over time.

That night at the party

You know, Kirishima was kinda glad he came.

The food was good, the atmosphere was joyful, and his little rag tag band of misfits were enjoying themselves.

The other heroes were here to! Well, two of them were anyways, for some reason he couldn't find Motoyasu anywhere.

Meh, maybe he was sleeping or just hasn't arrived yet and is on his way right now.

Doesn't really matter to him though, the longer Motoyasu ain't there means the longer he doesn't have to deal with the blonde's bullshit.

Anyways, right now him and the three members of his party were situated around a table enjoying the food and conversing with each other about various topics.

From mundane stuff like what they've been doing in their free time to battle strategies and tactics to use when certain phrases are called out.

They were even working on team attacks!

Really, they were just having a real good time.

That was, until Itsuki came over to their table.

"Kirishima, I challenge you to a duel." he said while partially ruining the redhead's good mood.

'Welp, there goes the peaceful atmosphere.' he thought before turning to the bow hero.

"And why exactly are you challenging me to a duel?" Kirishima asked Itsuki with a deadpan stare.

This response, however, just seemed to make the archer mad.

"You know exactly why!" he yelled with a glare which Kirishima easily brushed off. You don't face down violent villains without picking up how to deal with killer intent.

"No, I don't." he responded calmly to the raging bowman.

After taking a few calming breaths he replied.

"You enslaved one of your party members!" Itsuki exclaimed dramatically while pointing at Kirishima "Take that!" style(1).

"Huh, I have?" Kirishima said with a look on his face which was a mix of surprise and confusion.

This reaction caused Itsuki to falter a bit but nevertheless retained his glare at the shield hero.

"Eijiro-sama, have you honestly forgotten?" Raphtalia asked him with a bland stare.

"Wait what?" Kirishima said dumbly while looking at her.

"Wow Kirishima, even I could remember that fact." Gregar said offhandedly.

"To be fair, Kirishima treats Raphtalia as a good friend instead of a slave." Fuyu added in her two cents to the conversation.

"Sigh... Ok, explain to me the exact situation to me." Itsuki said while taking a seat at their table.

After some explaining

"And that's the story of how Kirishima pretty much saved me from death." Raphtalia said to close off the explanation.

"I see..." Itsuki replied while thinking over everything he has just been told.

"I suppose Kirishima just forgot about it due to his relationship with Raphtalia being more along the lines of close friendship rather than that of master and servant." Fuyu said thinking out loud.

"I concur, as from an outsiders perspective one would simply assume they are good friends, while even those who know of the slave crest being present on Raphtalia could potentially forget about it from simply observing how they interact with one another for an extended period of time." surprisingly it was Gregar who spoke this, stunning everyone into silence and causing them to stare at him.

"Eh!? Why is everybody looking at me!?" he said completely ignoring his intellectual speech which he spoke just moments ago.

After the party

Once the situation was explained to Itsuki he promptly apologised for disturbing them due to his misunderstanding of the circumstances.

Motoyasu also showed up after about 2 hours after the encounter sporting some new armour which looked pretty stylish(look up the armour he wears in "Reprise of the spear hero").

When asked where he has been for the last few hours he simply said he was "Taking care of some business" which was a bit ominous but overall overlooked because, well, he was the spear hero.

It couldn't have been anything bad right?

Anyways, after they all got some rest they now stood in the throne room to receive their reward money for participating in the wave.

Strangely enough, Motoyasu spoke up in annoyance when the king wasn't going to pay Kirishima as much as the other heroes because of the damages to Lute, even though it was the king's knights which did the damage to the village and damaged it more than the monsters from the wave. How Motoyasu knew about that was as good a guess as anyone else but Kirishima was thankful for the blonde pointing it out.

And so Kirishima got paid in equal amount to the other heroes thanks to the surprising intervention of the spear wielder.

The next day in the streets of Melromarc

After the party the Shield squad had a damn good sleep at the local inn they were now aimlessly wondering around the kingdom, deciding today would be a training free day.

And then they were approached by a familiar shady ringleader looking man.

"Why hello there sir shield hero!" Beloukas exclaimed as they passed by the alley he was lurking in.

"Oh, it's you." Kirishima replied blandly.

"Yes it is I! The great slave trader Beloukas!" the pudgy man said to the hero while his party just watch the interaction with mild interest.

"So, what do you want?" the redhead asked the shorter man as he put on his best poker face.

"Well, I believe I have something which may interest you." Beloukas said going into his "Business mode" as some people may call it.

Now this caught Kirishima's attention and curiousity so he nodded for Beloukas to take the lead and motioned for his team to follow.

Once they arrived at the slave trader's tent, he led them to a cage containing a single small Demi-human. A young wolf boy.

"Keel!" And it also looked like Raphtalia knew them.

"Hng?..." the young boy, Keel, looked up and saw Raphtalia standing on the other side of the cage. However due to the dim lighting and how tall Raphtalia was in comparison to her child self he was unable to recognise her.

"How much?" Kirishima asked the slave trader, already knowing Raphtalia would want to save her friend from slavery.

"2 silvers and 30 coppers." Beloukas gave his price. In reality Keel was actually worth more than that. But even he, a lowly slave trader, has a heart.

Unlike that bastard Rabier, the mother fucking asshole.

"Done deal." Kirishima said handing over the right amount with an extra silver, he has gotten a decent understanding of how to read others thanks to one or two of his shield's effects.

"Pleasure doing business with you, sir Shield Hero." Beloukas said after the transaction was complete.

Oh, Kirishima decided to try his luck in a gacha style egg lottery which only cost him a single gold.


Anyways, it was about time they get out of here. He didn't like the smell of decomposing bodies the first time he was here and he still doesn't like it now.

A few hours later

It took Kirishima a while to get Keel to trust him since the young lad was badly hurt by the fat bastard that was his previous "owner".

Kirishima made a mental note to punch this "Rabier" person if he ever came across the fat fucker.

Anyways, gaining Keel's trust was simplified with Raphtalia's help and willingness to vouch for him.

Him being the Shield Hero also probably helped a bit.

Anyways, right now they were currently out of the town wrecking havoc on some monsters.

Why? So Keel could level up of course!

Keel himself wasn't fighting of course. Raphtalia was defending him and killed anything that got close to them while the other three party members went to town on the monsters.

Keel was also given the simple task of holding the monster egg Kirishima brought.

After some time, the Shield Squad decided to head over to Lute village for some more R&R.

So yeah, everything was going pretty smoothly for them right now.

Little did they know about the surprise that awaited for them in Lute.

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