"babe do we really need to do this now?" Charity huffed at Vanessa "Yes! We need to plan our wedding Charity, it's not something we can just pay someone to do!" Charity laughed "I used to be able to do that" Vanessa looked angry at Charity "Fine, go find a rich man then" Vanessa stormed out of the house. Charity threw her head back and ran after Vanessa "Vee, look I didn't mean it like that I love.." Vanessa cut her off "No, Charity. It was clear what you meant. Now please get the kids from nursery before I say something I regret" Vanessa passed Charity the car keys. Charity rolled her eyes and got into the car. Charity was speeding down the country roads when something fell between her legs. Charity took her eyes off the road for 1 minute and next thing Charity's car was flipping in the air. The last thought in Charity's mind was Vanessa. BANG.

Vanessa was waiting at home when she got a phone call from the nursery. She took the phone call and couldn't believe what she was saying. Vanessa got into her angry and starting driving down the same road Charity went down when Vanessa finally stopped dead in the road and quickly took her seatbelt off. Vanessa ran straight to Charity's car which was flipped upside down and also on fire. Vanessa kicked the door open and dragged Charity out from the burning car. Vanessa held Charity close with tears streaming down her face. Charity's face was full of blood and Vanessa ran 999. Vanessa screamed for help but no one was about. Vanessa held her fiancee close to her chest "Don't you dare leave me, I need you Charity, I love you Charity" Vanessa cried out. The ambulance turned up 5 minutes later and took Charity away from Vanessa's arms "DON'T YOU FUCKING LEAVE ME CHARITY DINGLE!" Vanessa shouted to the ambulance crew. The crew took her in the bad of the ambulance and rushed her to hospital. Vanessa got in her car and started following them. Vanessa called Tracey to pick up the boys and she will be home soon. Vanessa arrived at the hospital and was took in the waiting room. 3 hours past and a nurse came in "Hi, Charity Dingles friend?" The nurse said and Vanessa snapped "She's my fiancee and my soul mate and my fucking world!" Vanessa was pacing up and down the room "I'm so sorry, Charity has been put into a coma and she should wake up soon. She has had a massive bleed on her brain, until she wakes up, we won't know how serious it is" The nurse said and then left Vanessa to her own thoughts. Vanessa fell onto her knees and screamed "DON'T LEAVE ME CHARITY, DON'T YOU FUCKING DO THAT!"

Vanessa was sitting in the room with Charity with her head on Charity's legs. BEEP….BEEP…. BEEP… was the only sound Vanessa could hear. Charity's eyes started flicking and this made Vanessa look at her. Charity finally opened her eyes and looked at Vanessa blankly "Oh my god, you're awake, thank god. I was getting so scared you were never going to wake up. I even thought you might like this laying down and sleeping" Vanessa laughed and took Charity's hand "Don't you ever do that to me, ever!" Vanessa leaned in and gave Charity a kiss on the lips and pulled back "Whats wrong Charity? is your head hurting? The boys are fine, Tracey's got them" Vanessa smiled at Charity but Charity let go of her hand "Where is cain?" Vanessa looked at Charity confused "Look I know we had a fight but are you seriously asking for cain right now?" Vanessa was so upset now "I've got to get to Butch's funeral, where is cain and why has my hair grew so much?" Charity was playing with her long curly hair. Vanessa had tears streaming down her face "Charity, do you know who I am?" Charity was now looking at Vanessa and smiled "Sorry I don't love, now tell me where is cain?" Vanessa had even more tears coming down her face 'One thing, what date is it?" Charity rolled her eyes "God you are a little bossy ain't you? Duh its March 30th 2000" Vanessa took a step back and fell to her knees screaming and crying. Charity's eyes went wide looking at Vanessa's actions "Are you ok love?" Vanessa looked up at her fiancee "Charity it's 2020, you have no memory of 20 years, you have no memory of me. We are meant to be getting married. This can't be happening. I have to get someone." Vanessa got up and turned to the door then Charity spoke "but i'm not gay. I'm sorry if you have some obsession with me." Vanessa turned around "Charity, you are the love of my life. I am the love of your life" Vanessa walked up to Charity's bed and leaned close to her face and kissed Charity. Charity kissed Vanessa back and then pulled back "I feel nothing, sorry." Tears fell from Vanessa's eyes and she nodded and left Charity's room.

Vanessa went and got the doctor. Vanessa explained that Charity thought it was 2000 and couldn't remember who she was. Vanessa let the doctors go into the room without her. She waited outside and then the doctor came out and looked at Vanessa "It looks like Charity has the case of Amnesia" Vanessa fell down the wall and sat on the floor "I was scared you were going to say that" Tears were now pouring out of Vanessa's eyes once more. The doctor signs and pats Vanessa on the head and walks away. Vanessa stands up and looks through the window of Charity's room. Charity's laying there looking sad. Charity turns and looks at Vanessa and smiles at her. Vanessa enters the room and smiles at Charity "It looks like I have amnesia. I'm sorry I don't remember you." Vanessa sits down on the chair near Charity's bed "Tell me, how does someone so fucked up like me end up with someone like you?" Charity says winking at Vanessa. A smile creeps on Vanessa's face "That Amnesia can never take the cheeky mare out of you" Charity laughs "You said before, the boys? Did you have twins?" Vanessa snaps her head up to look at Charity. It hasn't even crossed her mind that Charity doesn't remember any of her children. "Charity, what children do you remember?" Charity looks at Vanessa blankly "Well I had a little girl at 13 but my father took her away and when I was 14..nothing..just 1" Charity looks down at her hands. Vanessa grabs Charity's hand and locks them together. Charity looks at Vanessa "I know Charity, you actually got him done. You also gained a son you thought was dead" Charity let go of Vanessa hand "My SON died, how dare you!" Charity looked angry at Vanessa. Vanessa tried to stay calm "Look, I'll prove it" Vanessa pulled out her phone and played a video. The video was Vanessa, charity and Ryan "Babe, babe come here" Charity started kissing Vanessa in the video and then video turned to Ryan's face "My mums are disgusting" Tears dropped from Charity's eyes "It's true then" Charity looks at Vanessa "Yeah and you have another 4" Charity widens her eyes "I have 5 children?" Vanessa chuckles "You have Debbie, Ryan, Noah, Moses and My son, Johnny, who calls you mummy Charity" Charity smiles "so many children, I guess I'll have to meet them all again. Thank you for everything Vanessa but would you be able to move in with someone? Everything is new to me. One day i'll get my memory back but right now I need you to move on, I'm not the same person anymore. I'm sorry. You are such a nice woman, you could make anyone fall in love with you but right now. Right now I need to get better and you need to move on" Vanessa's face drops "Please don't do this, Charity, I love you" Vanessa grabs Charity's hand and Charity pulls her hand back "It's for the best Vanessa" Tears are streaming down Vanessa face, she nods and picks up her jacket "Goodbye Charity" Vanessa says through her tears and walks out the door. Charity looks at her hands "I just wish I could remember you, Vanessa" Charity closes her eyes and falls asleep.